Our Duty Toward Allahs Devoted Creation

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AI: Summary © The importance of Islam's guidance asley and the need for people to not ignore is highlighted. The speakers emphasize the need for everyone to be aware of their actions and consider their emotions, as they often forget the consequences of their actions. The speakers also stress the importance of avoiding the danger of loss and the need for everyone to be aware of their emotions.
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This week, we redo our series on the 17th chapter opening for Han Solo coup de gras.

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In this section of the chapter, Allah azza wa jal attacks, to undermine the motives, the things that make us sin, and the things that motivate us to reach out to the worship to anything other than the last time it was on a lot of us with the service that

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he laid out for me as well. That's a walkie

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talkie, there's another woman.

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This is part of the wisdom Wish Your Lord has revealed to you oh prophets, and do not set up any other account with Allah, or you will be cast into hell, blameworthy and rejected.

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Previously in this chapter, Allah some time was out other than revealed a long list of instructions. Don't worship anything except

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be good to see your parents, be good to your relatives and to the poor, be moderates in your charity. Don't come close to Zina. Don't harm or kill anyone. Don't take advantage of the vulnerable, don't cheat, be just mind your business and be humble. Now, Eliza gel is bringing this session to a close, emphasizing the importance of his guidance as Revelation and wisdom. It is significance that a loss of time without a call of all of these instructions.

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Wisdom he did, he did not call them commands. He did not call them prohibitions, he did not call them rules. When we think of rules, we think about things that we are forced to obey whether we like it or not, whether the rules make sense or not. There are all sorts of rules out there that don't make sense in our society.

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Anyone stopped a lot of red lights, in the middle of the night, with no one else around has probably at least question why he didn't have to stop in the first place.

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Back in April, a young man in Minnesota by the name of Dante rains, was shot and killed during the traffic stop.

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The initial cause of the traffic stop was because he had an air freshener hanging from his beard you error.

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Up until then, not many people realize that this law is actually off the books in many states, including the State of New York. It is actually illegal to hang objects from your rearview mirror, even if the rule is not to enforce. We might look at polls like this and question the wisdom behind them. We might think

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but they are nonsensical that they are arbitrary and even oppressive.

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There's a reason why we have this saying in English Rules are made to be broken. But Allah subhana was out at this time called his destructions rules. He calls them rather revelation, and he calls them wisdom.

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When we think of wisdom, we think of observations that are true and time tested. We think of sound advice, that if we don't follow this, one thing we're gonna find out if you look back and wish that we had, this is a very appropriate choice of words, because the intent behind a lot of those instructions isn't simply to test our obedience. Allah isn't trying to make us jump through hoops for no reason. The substance of Allah's guidance is actually in our best interest, it will actually improve the quality of our lives. And if we don't listen, one day, we will look back and admit with regrets that we should have listened.

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Allah Allah

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is not just looking for outskirt conformity, he's undermining the motivation to sell in the first place. No one convinced any of these sin that Allah azza wa jal mentioned in that long list accepts that they think that doing that sin is going to make their lives better in some sort of way. People only cheat, for example, because they want to increase their bottom line. Allah azza wa jal is telling us, oh no, these things will actually lead to our ruin. If only we wouldn't listen.

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Then in the same verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala connects the mentality of sin to the mentality of idolatry. People do not worship other gods, except that they think it will benefit them somehow. We want the job we want the spouse, we want, whatever we want, and we are so convinced that it is rightfully ours, that we will actually resort to a BIOS to magicians to superstition to get what we want. Instead of being content with what the laws of Humboldt, Donna has degree for us.

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Now a little complete the circle and ends right where he began, do not worship anything other than the loss not externally, with your gallery and prostrating internally with your hopes and your fears.

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He says that it will lead to the exact opposite of what you wanted.

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You worshipped something else to come out on top, but worshiping anything else other than Allah azza wa jal will only end up with you being blameworthy and rejected.

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In the next few verses, Allah azza wa jal addresses two of the theological claims made by the the idolaters Allah demonstrates the hypotheses, the irrationality and the wishful thinking behind these claims he says, of the US fat or the book of defense defending our channel, let me know

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in the comments

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how's your faith are you idolaters with sons and hip taken angels for his donors, you are truly making an outrageous claim. Here Allah subhana wa Tada is addressing a belief that was widely held among pre Islamic Eric said that angels are a loss daughters. Notice how close the disability resembles the Christian attitudes about profit based on a set of we can easily observe how one of the devils time and tested tricks is to get us to overstate and to exaggerate the natural reverence we have for a loss of excellent servants. The devil would have us believe that these racist servants of Allah are themselves to God.

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On four parts of the law or directly descended from Allah, the pre Hispanic attitudes towards gender expose this belief as a tip of critical invention. Before this man, the people of Arabia were very prejudiced against their women and girls, they only wanted sons, and they would be upset and displeased if a loss of time was to Allah granted them daughters. But despite their clear preference for sons or daughters, that you separate that Allah azza wa jal have daughters,

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and that these donors were not other than the angels, they would claim that ALLAH SubhanA Hoysala had something that none of them would have wanted for themselves. So little regard and respect they have for a loss of political data and oneness.

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Let's imagine what this would be like. Imagine you have a guest come over to your house, you want to serve them some food. And as you look through your fridge or your cupboards, you feel a little bit stingy, you feel a little bit reluctant to give them the things that you love. Until you find something finally, that you really don't like very much at all. The light goes off in your neck. Ah, this is perfect. I'll give them this.

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Does such a person really care very much about their guests? And what their guests wants? Or are they simply determining this moment of hospitality into something that is really only self serving?

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For the pre Hispanic parents, no doubt, they knew better, no doubt that deep down, they felt guilty about their oppression of women. So to go to ease their unconscious and ease their guilds, they attempted to offload the daughters on to Allah azza wa jal himself. And the loss of hospital data is free from all of that, that Allah says, whatever the top block that we have, for me, Leah TEDCO. What many people only love Google, we have surely battery the size of this floor and so perhaps they may be fine. But low Alas, it only drives them further away. Meaning that the corporation and the Arabs at the time of the prophets of Allah while he was one of them, who rejected the format and

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reject his faith. Words, simply unconvinced. It's not that Allah azza wa jal did not explain this correctly. It's not that he did not use the right method, or didn't show the right types of miracles. It's that this type of person, meaning the people who would claim it Eliza gel, have daughters, when they were confronted by beforehand, and its appeal to the intellect, its multitude of miracles is a very intimate samples. Such a person has two choices. They can face the facts and admits that what they do deep down is true that they were wrong. Or they can run away and keep trying to avoid that happening.

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Many people chose the latter, as a lot of those points out in this verse, than the last time without a footnote cannot who

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can I help you with one that either whoever says oh, the inanimate objects that say to them, oh, Prophet, have there been other gods besides Allah, as they claim, and they would have certainly sought a way to challenge the Lord of the thrones. Allah subhanho wa Taala is using logic and using reasoning reasoning to expose the delusion and the wishful thinking of the idolaters. Let's suppose that there were multiple gods, as they find multiple gods would mean multiple perspective that it would be multiple wills, each God would have a different take on how to get things done. If this were true, then we were seeing the results of that conflict playing out in the creation, we would

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see disjoint templates, we would see conflicts in the very fabric of the universe. Of course, that is the opposite of what

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We find we find instead of organization we find a balance we find that harmony all of which points back to a single creative will.

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Last time, let's let's have a hand I'm always

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gonna have your

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Glorified and Exalted is He above what they claim

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the idea that there are multiple gods or that Allah has daughters or that the angels are divine

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these are all self serving claims made by people who are subconsciously attempting to avoid ultimate accountability. Apolo probably was something a lot of

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this stuff will give them a clue

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have an accent, or something that allowed to give anyone

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a long walk was actually kind of deep and he sent me was there and then at the end I was taken and what happened in Auckland for someone who attacked me about providing a lot more a lot of housing for Sunday for the season and

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after a loss of power for Donna exposes and undermines the motivation behind her Lola Street and the sin as specifically rejects the proposition that there could be multiple competing bouts. Allah subhanho wa Taala points out the harmony and unity of his magnificent creation. He says, To some people, it was an hour after seven, Otto was speaking. What can you say it is a Sunday when we have the whatever the last taboo that we have in Ghana, how do you remember

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the seven heavens and earth and all of those that are in water by a loss of time without us there is not a single thing that does not glorify along with his praises, but you people simply cannot understand or comprehend their glorification, end is most towards entering, all forgiving.

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due to the influence of other traditions, outside of our own tradition, we often forget that the entire creation is a lot of art. And worshiping Allah.

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What we casually referred to as non living things, or as inanimate objects might not lead to a clinical scientific definition of life. But in our tradition, in Islam,

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they not only have life,

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or a type of life, they worship philosophy

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and glorify Him. Typically, most of the time was gonna tell us

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in all

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honesty, I was blown

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away that I was not on that it was handled within seven

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minutes. And indeed, we've altered the trust and the most time to honor according to these scholarships, so you're talking about the trust of 3d Will we offer this to the earth and the heavens and the mountains but all of them keep in mind, isn't there this responsibility, being fearful of it, but humanity took on the responsibility, for they are truly wrong to themselves and ignorance of the consequences? How was the panel bizarre that tells us that the heavens and earth and the mountains have desires, they make decisions and can even become afraid that the last time was out to save them and sell them for an

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hour? She does not do that, because of you that are taken advantage of by the National effect. You have the centrality score man upon Allison, you will have seen amounts and humbled and torn apart for fear of loss.

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We set forth such comparisons for people so perhaps vaguely reflects,

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remember the famous Hadith of the prophets of Allah.

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When he climbed this mountain, with an energy man and not the ocean it began to shake.

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Also, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, what was

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the sale of a fever during the night?

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Because of the number of questions

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Unfortunately, the first public apology was only the prophets

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and two martyrs. beforehand and Susan, are full of examples of the prophets interacting with adults, with trees with mountains and the earth. Who then has the audacity to claim that these things are dead or without flight, they are alive. And as the first year of course on this call tells us they are worshipping Allah subhana, WA Tada they are glorifying the law, that there is not a single thing in existence that was not glorified. What's the point? I wouldn't either but we, we are the ones that don't understand. We are the ones that do not comprehend that we are the ones who cannot hear, therefore application and their worship, and what I lost the common words that Allah does not expect

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us to observe or understand the reality of their existence and worship, as he hits us in the earth by reminding us how forbearing and forgiving he is, he does face lifting us expects this reality, to give us a sense of duty, toward the creation to cherish it, and to protect it of authority. batteries that the prophets of Allah embodies was stopped in a place and someone sort of birds eggs from the astronaut birds flying around the head of the Prophet so a lot of audio is gonna be the This makes the process a lot easier. So the tasks, which one of you took the texts, one of the men that was present study also Allah, I have taken the eggs of prophets of Allah while he was still

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uncertain, return them out of mercy with the verb, the process full of love. It taught us that we need to be cognizant, we need to be aware of the feelings of the other creatures here on Earth. We can only be concerned about ourselves. Too often, we make decisions based on what's convenient for us. regardless of the consequences, you might not like the look or the location of a particular tree in your backyard, you might want to cut it down. But how many herbs are living there? How many animals depend on this tree to survive? And where will they go?

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As a community we have entered a little bit too far on the side of convenience. When in reality, we need to take all of those creatures into accounts. The things that we have, are meant to be shared with all of us creation. We aren't supposed to hoard things, or use them wastefully. We call the time the Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah already

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saw a magneto and he was using far more water than necessary in the process of Allah mindfulness ask him. What is all this wastefulness?

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The man was surprised he asked, Is it possible to wastewater when I'm terrifying myself? The process of a loved one a person have said yes. Even as you're purifying yourself in a river.

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Sam asks us to conserve resources. It asks us to share them with the rest of creation, to not be wasteful or destructive. To use the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala in a wasteful way, in a devious way, in a destructive way, is a sign of ingratitude towards Allah subhanaw Prasad as the lost pounds on a set of solely ragging that the minister Council does he doesn't account for any amount of fatigue. Now there really is. If you are grateful for what we have given you, we will give you even more. But if you are ungrateful, certainly my punishment is severe.

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Given what our sacred tradition give guidance helps to the Muslim community should be on the forefront of environmental conservation. And any initiative that protects the amazing and diverse bounty that Allah subhanaw taala has created. Our efforts will not go on to this or unrewarded, the prophets of Allah already said they have stopped doing it. endless amount of work, you will not get out at 1310s If

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everyone in the heavens and the earth seeks forgiveness for the person that honored the person who understands his need, even the fish in the sea.

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When explaining this hadith, many, many scholars pointed out that someone who understands Islam will protect all creatures and take all creatures into consideration. So every living thing will ask the Lord to forgive such a person, due to the protection and consideration that that person provides. We should all aspire to be such protectors. That way we will have the intercession of the entire creation and the pleasure of our free user, the Muslim the Muslim, Ottoman ordinarily cannot take upon the help of

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a particular user.

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And what

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are they going

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to do all

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of our family growing while everybody in the country would receive a lot

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less than the shift I was shooting was just 3131.

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The same time and hopefully, there will be a lot going on to establish and humiliate idolatry and the idolaters and destroy the enemies of faith and the sister believe in service and make the lamb and the Muslims say a tranquil post Sustainer of the universe. Although so they

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couldn't attend. Oh Allah says are oppressive brothers and sisters all over the world alone. Good evening, I want to but interesting enough to say that reality for my wife, yeah.

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Oh ALLAH forgive the believing men and women. Forgive the Muslim men and women. Those living those receipts. Oh, you here's every prayer. Allahu Akbar was up in the house when I was a doctor.

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Oh Allah, let us see the truth is true. And brand has the ability to follow us and let us see falsehood this falsehood penetrates us the ability to avoid is to get rid of the law in the law. And they look externally that way as I said they were pretty wealthy.

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Federal law the local or snowballing and making it difficult. Allah we ask