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The Evils of The Eye and The Ears


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You're listening to the Calum Institute podcast series, beginning of guidance by saying Kimani

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him of hamdulillah hamdu lillahi wa kafa ceramidin Ibadan Latino stafa Susana la salle de Rosario hartville ambia Allah Allah He Alaska was handheld.

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inshallah Today we are starting from part two. On refraining from disobedience we

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know that this religion is made up of two parts. One of them is refraining from disobedience and the other is a performance of acts of obedience. So there are two things that are important in Deen. The first aspect of the one aspect of the is true freedom from disobedience. To not to do. And the other aspect of the deen is to do to engage in the acts of worship. When we talk about refraining from disobedience, you have to bear in mind that there are two types of disobedience there are those that are apparent, and then there are those that are unseen, those that cannot be seen. So for example, drinking alcohol or drinking wine is something that's apparent, it's a VA head. And then harboring

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animosity in your heart, on the other hand, is bouton, it's something that's hidden, something the eyes cannot see, for a person to be content with. refraining from one of the two is not enough, you actually need to refrain from both. You need to train yourself to stay away also from internal diseases. Many of us are very good at staying away from external diseases because you can see them, you can easily see, you know that okay, I'm not supposed to come to dinner easy. I'm not supposed to harm. Okay, that's done. I'm not supposed to do an interest. Okay, that's done. These are things that you can see if you can see your enemy. It's very easy to work. But what about those diseases

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that the eyes actually cannot see? So that's where many of us go wrong. I was speaking with a friend of mine the other day, he was telling me that sometimes he was a businessman, he was just saying he was sharing his thought. He was saying that it seems sometimes even the religious people had do not have good character. He was actually sharing his experience that what he said when I do business with practicing Muslims, quote, unquote, it seems as if they are the ones who always end up cheating me. And one of the reasons for this is because when we decide we're practicing Muslim is we always focus on the external and various focuses that very little focus of any is given on the internal

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when purifying yourself from external and internal sins are equally important. The second aspect of the deen is what we call fear the thought to do good deeds, so preventing yourself and then doing good out of these two. The question is, which one is more important? Is it more important to not to do? Or is it more important to do? You guys understand my question, which one is more important? Now someone may sitting, someone sitting here may say, What's the difference? Who cares? Why is that discussion even important? It's actually very important, because this is a very real question. If someone was not practicing Islam, okay. They were just living their life Born Muslim, culturally

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Muslim, and tomorrow they decide to practice Islam. So when they decide to practice Islam tomorrow, they need to now make a decision. Should I focus on not committing Zina first? Or should I focus on praying my five times that offers Now ideally, you would tell them to focus on everything at once. But we have to be real for them to focus on everything at once would cause them to collapse. So they have to make a choice now which 1am I going to start with? So is it more important to not to do or is it more important to do? That's the question right there. So there are many there mmm was added on to lighly has his own perspective, which we're going to read actually go ahead and read it. The

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first part is more important and more serious, because I ended up with a lot he had his perspective, obviously is that too not to do is more important than to do. So preventing yourself from evil is a lot more important. And he actually gives us reasoning. He says the reason is because everyone has the capacity to carry out acts of obedience. Anyone can do a good deed because it's just about getting up and doing it if I was telling you if I told someone to pray Salah, even anyone, even a non Muslim can get up and pray Salah anyone can get up and do it's simple. Whether you're young, whether you're old, as long as you have the ability to move your limbs you can do but the ability to

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not to do is very tough, because that's not a physical journey. It's a spiritual journey. Because you're the withhold that strength to hold yourself back from committing a sin is not physical. It's actually all internal. And that's when you realize what kind of spiritual muscle a person actually even has the ability to do. It's simple. You just have to go over the the go over the barrier of laziness, and you're already praying, Ursula, most people that don't pray a lot. What's the reason it's laziness? Most people that aren't, you know, reading put on What's the reason? It's laziness? No, they have no other reason not to because we all accept that these are good things. These are

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important things. We were taught these things from a young age. But the ability to not to do to refrain is actually very hard and the reason is because it comes from

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Within, and it's you know that sin is there, and you have to hold yourself back. You know, you want to show off, holding yourself back, you want to lie, holding yourself back. So you want to sign up for the rally. This is what he says yes. Only the truly sincere can imagine their appetites and desires, only the truly sincere can abandon their appetite and desire. The reason is because a sincere person will have internal strength,

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and therefore he will have the ability to withhold. That's why fasting, it's internal, right? Because fasting is something that's done. It's something it's an act, it's an act of refraining Salah is the act of doing. You guys understand that? What is the lion tell to do and what is fasting? To not to do? That's what the whole fasting idea is about. And that's what the Quran says, For those who train themselves to not to do they will get duck walk. Because taqwa means internal muscle, and once you build that muscle, that's when you actually have the ability to stay away from sins. And that's what fasting teaches you to do, to stay to gain the ability to not to do so what

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was it like with the like, it says here, for those people who have the ability to stay away from sin. These are actually the real, truthful people because they are sincere, and they have, they have strength from within. And there's a large discussion amongst the scholars is a lot more important or refraining from sin. More important, this is a big discussion among scholars. Some scholars say Riva is more important, but I'm in support of him because I do not have to lay out his opinion. And this is what we're gonna hold for the class because we're reading his book. Even if we even when you read the Colombo, what's the what's the calamata? We read?

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What does it start with first? La Ilaha. To not to do? And then in LA LA to do you guys understand that? What is La Ilaha amin?

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There is no God. So to not to do, no should have no go for push it out the window. Now what do I do when I'm not doing that in the law now bring Allah subhanaw taala into your life. So even from that simple statement that we read every day, we learned the support of this opinion that demand was added up with the light is giving us that this is where the struggle is. And to be honest with you, whether you feel like this is the first day of you taking Islam seriously, or whether you've been trying to practice Islam for the past 20 years of your life, this discussion is still relevant. Because when you leave any lecture, when you leave any gathering after you pray Jew masala after you

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pay your aid so that when you come out of Ramadan, that thought crosses your mind, I want to change, I want to be a better person. Now whenever the thought crosses your mind, I want to change, I want to be a better person, you have to immediately make a resolution that I will do something good, I'm going to make a change. Now when you talk about making a change, the best route to take is to immediately tell yourself, this something I'm doing and I'm not going to do this anymore, you got to understand I'm looking at HUD on my change is going to be normally looking at how long my chain is going to be. I'm not going to lie anymore, my change is going to be I'm going to clean my heart from

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impurities. So whenever you decide to make a resolution, I'm not saying don't focus on your Alibaba, but try to keep your primary resolution to not to do to cut those things out. I need to leave. Yes. Then you go to that Mr. Mr. daga, ma'am, Hakuna Matata, lolly Cortez, Mr. Brock. And then there's also the version of media that will cover the messenger of a loss of arguments and and see that you evergreen is the one who abandons evil. And the true warrior is the one who finds his passion. So there is actually an apparent side to things and then there's an internal side to things. what's hidden hegira is

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to leave everything behind, move from one country to another non city to another one locality to another and settled there. Now, as easy as that may sound to some of the young people sitting here, ask your parents to do it. And they'll tell you that it's impossible. You can't just get up, pack up and leave. And especially if you're doing it because you have a better job there. It's easier. But if you're doing it because of your deen, it's very hard just to pack up everything and move out to another country. Not everyone can do it. Right. It's a very tough decision to make them live. But the Sahaba were such that their higit was exactly that. They left everything behind in Makkah, they

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didn't have a u haul truck. Okay, the camels couldn't carry but them and food to get them to Medina. So they were leaving all of their 40 years of life behind imagine leaving 40 years of your career, and it's blowing it into the air, it's gone. And now they're moving forward to a new life. 50 years of their life, just the process of loss and how old is he?

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Anyone? migration? How old is he at the time of migration?

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53 is exactly right. He's 53 years old. So he's putting 53 years of his life, which is more or less an entire life, you know, 53 years, you're waiting for heart attack today, right? And you put in 53 years of his life, and it's gone. And now moving forward. Imagine how young he was at heart because he didn't his age didn't start stopping him from starting all over again. You know, and from a financial standpoint, I'm talking about it from you know, from that standpoint, for from a worldly standpoint, he starts all over again, even at the age of 5053 and the policies and pushes it all the way till the age of 63. So the profit so that's the external aspect of digital migration, which is

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difficult within itself, but the profit is

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Sahaba who did that hedger who did that serious motivator? He said to them, yes, that was an aspect of his era. But the real hegira is to migrate from sins and come to the town of good deeds, to leave the locality of sins and come to the crown of good deeds. So walking away from a life of sin, and walking up to a life of nobility, that's to migrate through migration. And the Prophet then talks about battle. And who has a battle who is a warrior. A warrior is someone who's in the battlefield, he's on a horse, he's swinging his sword. People are swinging at him every time he they miss him. That's a miracle from a loss of Hannah without every time they miss him. Because if that blade makes

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contact with him, he can have an injury that will stay with him as long as he lives in one of my buddies said to me, You guys have all heard the story of cotton will either right handed or leave it alone, and he was dying. It's a famous narration, when he was dying, he was lying on the bed, and he started crying. And the person that was really sad, and one of the one of those hobbies that was there, so why are you crying? So he said, I fought so many battles in my life. In every battle, I made a lot of a lot that I would die in the battlefield. But here I am dying on my bed. My desire was to die on the battlefield, but I'm dying here on my bed today. So he was sad about that. And

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then he told us a hobby, look, look at my leg, there's a woman there, I thought this one and so on. So I don't look at my back. I have a one there, this one and so on. And so battle, like everyone, he knew exactly where he had it. And it was walking this guy through a map over his body of wounds. So my friend said to me, *, I don't understand how he didn't really didn't die from some sort of infection.

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Like, how did he have so many cuts? probably wasn't in a sterile environment, probably a lot of infection and disease flying around. medical students are really ambitious, right, trying to understand everything right? So I said to my friend, there are certain things that are beyond the understanding of medical doctor, there are certain things called the father of Allah subhanho wa Taala, that any disease can't hurt you. Allah has a plan for you. You understand? That doesn't mean you stop taking your meds. By the way, I'm not advocating that. I'm just saying, I firmly believe that your loved one he was destined what he did in his life. So he battle has its own merit. But the

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purpose of the law while he was setting now is giving the definition of a true warrior who was a true warrior. Yes.

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warrior who finds his passions Yes. And the true warrior is the one who fights his passions. Why is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying the true warrior is the one who fights his passion. Why is he the true warrior? The reason is because if you don't find your own passion, you may end up becoming the enemy itself. You guys understand that? If you don't find your passion, if you don't fight your desires, you don't fight your knifes will end up happening is that your knifes will be corrupted more and more and more. And before you know it, you may become the enemy itself. You may become the opposition May Allah protect a person from ever crossing that line, but it's possible. So

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the Prophet is saying, first fight your internal desires, and then come to the outside. In one narration, the prophet said, john Nemanja had their religion has an awkward after their when they were returning back from a battle when they were coming back from and you know, the prophet said, We are returning from the small battle and going to the big battle going to the big battle. Why's that? It's because it's easier to pick up a sword and swing it around. But it's hard now to go and create fighter slot. It's hard to remain sincere it's hard to read put on that's actually harder, going too hard and performing hard going to open up the phenomenon. It's actually quite easy. But what's hard

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is coming back from Nomura and maintaining some of it. Two months later, you find out how powerful your Omen actually was. Two months later, you actually find out how powerful your Hydra actually was. That's when you find out two months and a few months later, that's when you get to realize how much effective it actually lasts with you. While you're in a hot domain. Even the animals are good there, Mashallah. To understand even the even the cats are modest, they're even the birds are modest. They're even the dogs they are, you know, what I mean? A very modest because that's just the city, it has an effect on everyone. They're okay. But it's about when you return back home, what

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kind of effect does it have on you. So now the Prophet is telling the Sahaba that the reason why a true warrior is the one who fights himself or deals with his own situation is because again, like I said, initially, it's easier to fight an enemy you can see, but very hard to fight an enemy, an enemy that you can't see. And that you can deal with yourself, you're fighting an enemy that you can't see. Now, how does a person fight this enemy? How does he find his own desires through patience, or through substituting the sin with a good deed? Remember this, whenever you're fighting yourself, there are two primary ways to fight it. Whenever you're fighting any internal disease

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generally, not whenever that's not correct, but generally, when you're fighting an internal disease, there are two ways. The first is through patience. So you just withhold, or the second is that you release yourself, but rather than doing that sin, you substitute it with a good deed. You guys following that? So for example,

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this is so for example, someone could use foul language. So there are two ways to dealing with foul language. The first way is that you stop you stop using foul language period, you're refraining or the second is that you substitute the foul language with good words. So rather than saying the F word every time you say

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Hello, that guys supine Allah interset he just changed the word right there. So you're substituting it with something better. Obviously the substitute option is a lot better. The reason is because it gives you a better route and you also build reward as you go along. Now the How do you determine the same narration the version of Timothy the Prophet says, One moja human jaha nutso and the Mujahid is the one or the true warrior is the one who fights his own internal desires and fights himself. And this fighting of himself is obviously referring to a corrupted soul or a soul that instore intersoft that instigates him to do bad in Arabic, we call this an epsilon motto, yes. Since committed with

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the link, so now, that was an introduction to this second part of the book. Before our break, we did part one, this book consists of three parts were starting part two, part one was all about all the things we need to do so because it walked us through an ideal 24 hour day, what it needs to look like, part two of the book now Mr. Rosati is telling us what not to do. And the way he categorizes all the sins that we need to stay away from. He makes it very real and very practical. He walks you through your body. That's what he does. He says, Okay, look, when you sin, what's your mode of sitting? How do you send? What do you use to set?

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Anything you commit? How do you sit? You have to use your body, right? If you're not using your body, you're not sending you have to use some aspect of your body to send samples, it says, Okay, now that we know what you use to sin, how about we divide that into different categories in different parts, and we address each limb one at a time. quite cool, right? So he's saying that you use your body to sin. So why don't we analyze each body part, right, and let's talk about them one by one and see how these are commonly used to sin. So you might have a lot YALI in the, in the next chapter, this is why he sub chapter here now is the sins committed with the limbs. And in this

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chapter, we are going to have the lolly walks us through seven major limbs that we use to commit sins with how many seven, then after the seven, those are all external limbs, then the man bizarrely says these limbs are ultimately motivated by something internal meaning the heart. So he says now, Number eight, he talks about certain things the heart does to push a person to commit sins. Okay, so we're gonna go through those now. So read the chapter again, the sins committed with the limbs, know that you disagree a lot most high with your limbs while they are a bounty from Allah and a trust to you. So you're using the bounce. So you're using the boundaries of a law to disobey Allah when Allah

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is the one who gave them to you. So Allah subhanaw that I gave you the limbs so that you can worship Him. So like, say, for example, you're going to if you came into my car and broke my front window, it would be sad if you took you know, my own ranch and broke my window. You guys understand that sad because you took my ranch and you broke my window. If you took your ranch and broke my window, it wouldn't be as bad. You guys understand that? Because it doesn't belong to me. So here a lot of gave you something. You're using what Allah gave you and now you're violating Allah subhana wa Tada. So that's a very low level. That's a very low level of in a human's life, and it's a high level of

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transgression. This woman was Alan singer. Yes. So you're using the boundaries of a lot of most high to disobeying him is the ultimate ingratitude in gratitude, in gratitude is the opposite of gratitude. So when Allah gives you a bounty, you should have gratitude to Allah and the word we use for gratitude in Arabic, anyone know what it is? Sugar, very good. Okay. We use the word sugar. So Allah gives you something you should do should have Allah Allah in Shackleton, as Allah says, If you thank me, I'll give you more. However, the opposite of gratitude is in gratitude. When in Khartoum, and if you are ungrateful to Allah, Allah says that my punishment is great, because if you're being

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ungrateful to Allah, then the punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala is there. So Allah gave us these bounties, we should be thankful to Allah subhanho wa Taala, who here believes that their heart deserves to beat? What have we done? What have we done to allow What have we done that we actually deserve to live? I was once listening to a lecture, and the chef was mentioning that the rhythm of the beat of the heart is like this.

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Right? It beats twice, then it stops, beats twice and stops. So the sheriff was saying that every time the heart beats twice, and it stops, the reason why it stops it asks Allah, can I beat again? Allah says Yes. Can I be it again? Yes. Can I be it again? No, that person is gone. It's simple as that. You know who sitting here can actually claim that the next time our heart beats, we actually deserve for it, it stops that we deserve for it to beat again. We don't. Right. And believe it or not, I'm telling you something very true. Today morning, there were so many people across the world who didn't wake up alive. Trust me, I'm being very honest with you. There are people across the

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world today morning. Their janazah read today. Their bodies are being washed. their mothers and sisters and brothers and fathers are sitting by their side and crying. Maybe they're at home right now having a meal for the first time without their family member.

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So this is a blessing from Allah subhana wa Tada. We should be using it to worship Allah, not disobeying Allah subhanho wa Taala. Yes, you're betraying the trust he has pleased with you. You're retaining the trust that Allah has placed with you glad for Sen is the ultimate authority. It's the ultimate tyranny. The reason why you're betraying the last trust is because the betrayal of trust is to use something without permission. So for example, if I gave you my car to keep in your garage, I said to someone that you know what, I'm going to park my car in your garage, I want you to keep it there for the weekend. But if you drove that car, without my permission, is that allowed or not?

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That's a betrayal of trust. So a lots of I know that I gave you the limbs for a reason. Now for you to use that limb for something else is what we call the betrayal of trust. Your Father gives you a credit card, you're going to call that he says to you, son, this credit card is for your books, and it's for your lunch. But now you use that credit card for your weed stuff at a low, you're using a credit card for your haraam stuff, you're using the credit card for your hot drinks using a credit card for all that stuff. So this is what you call betrayal of trust, because they trusted you with something and you took it away. The second thing about a betrayal of trust is that when someone

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usually trust you, the reason why a betrayal of trust is so bad is because the one who gave it to you, he actually thought you were worthy of it. And you prove to that person, I wasn't worthy of it. So when a father gave you that credit card, he actually thought my son has finally reached a level of maturity, where I can trust the guy. He's going to use the phone to call me and call his mother, not some, you know, not not some girl on campus. But now you take that phone, and you make sure you betray him. So what have you actually done? First of all, you've betrayed trust. And second of all, you've proven to that person that my dear friend, I wasn't worthy of that trust. So that's what

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makes it so much more worse. That's why it's the ultimate level of charity. Yes, indeed, the parts of your body are your subjects, so pay attention to how you govern them. Ultimately, these limbs, they belong to a central management system, which is you and you have to manage them properly. And if you don't manage them properly, you have to answer to Allah subhanho wa Taala Yes,

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each of you is a shepherd, and each of you is answerable for his flock. This is a Hadith of the Prophet salallahu narrative but remember clouded up into lyerly and aku camera in Baku Kuma Solon, Andhra. Yet each and every one of you as a shepherd of raw ochroleuca masala tea in each and every one of you will be questioned regarding his flock. Yes. Know that all your limbs will testify against you in the plains of judgment say Masami has different ways of convincing. The first Imam Hassan is like a very good interrogator. I look at him because I don't think that is a very good interrogator. He has a very good way of convincing his first approach to convincing people is very

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soft. remembers it was being nice. In the first paragraph, he was saying, brother, I'll give this to you for the good reason. Use it the right way. If you don't, it's going to be bad. You know, you're betraying the lost trust. And then if you don't listen to any members, it pulls the brass knuckles out. So you want to play rough, I'll teach you how to play rough. He says, Look, do it your way you want to use your body to sin. Go ahead. But let me tell you one thing, every limb of your body that you use to sin, it's going to speak against you on the day of judgment and it's going to humiliate you in front of all the creation now the brass knuckles come out the bat comes out my mom was out is

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getting a little brutal. Okay, very good. interrogated. He knows how to push your buttons and push you to the end to help you realize what mistake you're making. Yes.

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No, they're all your lives will testify against him in the plains of judgment with clear eloquent speech. Not they want to testify. Billy sad in value, same with eloquent speech. They're going to give a nice, you know, speech against you. Yes. As Allah will expose your fault in front of an assembly of creation, along most high says and this is a sort of loop. Yes. And that day when their tongues, their hands and their people will testify, testify against them as to what they used to do. Law says the Quran yamata shadow Allah him alsina to whom he him or Judo Academy, I'm alone. On that day, our hands, our feet, our tongues will all speak against us. They will say Oh Allah, he did this

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or LA he did this, Oh Allah, he did this. And the limbs that we use to sin or actually rat us out. Save him was it saying Why are you trusting them with your sins when they're actually going to testify against you on the day of judgment? They're not going to keep it a secret. Don't think you're a team. The limbs that you're using are actually going to come against you use them for good they testify for you use them for bad they'll testify against you. Yes, now equals diversity I see. And a lot most high says on this day we will seal their mouths and their hands will speak to us and their feet will testify as to what they have earned a Yamanaka mala a for him what to call him una

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ad him watershed origin to whom he Makana yuxi Boone. So here are saying that on that day, Allah will seal the mouth and the scholars say the mouth will become like the skin of the cheek, the lips will join together and it will be as if there was no mouth there. That Allah will say to the hand, speak in the hands will begin to speak and say to the feet speak in the field, and he'll try to stop

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He won't be able to because the mouth has been sealed off. No voice is gonna come out of there. And then finally when his mouth is released, Allah says Allah tells us on the 24th just put on that that person when his mouth is released, He will say to his limbs, we'll call only God him Lima Shaheed to Marlena. He will then speak to his limbs and say, why did you testify against me? You should we did this together. And they will say call upon Allah, Allah The anticoagulation that Allah told us to speak and we actually belong to Allah, we don't belong to you, we were just a part of you.

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So it helps you realize that your crew doesn't belong to you. There it is with you right now because Allah has ordered them to be with you. Otherwise, the these hands actually have no loyalty to you. Your feet have no loyalty to you. The reason why they're listening to you is because they will order a lot to obey you while you live in the world. But when you go to the Hereafter, that contract ends they have nothing to do with you anymore. Now they're going to go give the original pledge back to continue on the original pledge and they will then speak against you. And this is a very powerful verse because it teaches us that these limbs are not a part of your crew. They're just with you

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because they're attached to you and a lot told them to obey you otherwise in the hereafter they will openly testify against you. Yes. So guard your entire body especially seven parts of it. Okay, now was only this after this next line after one line he's gonna list the seven parts of the body yes for barely hell as seven days so remember as it says your body there are seven major parts of your body that you send with okay says that's what his analysis and the second thing he says that the Quran tells us that the fire of hell also has seven groups, seven layers, the her Saba liquidly Baba min whom

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Allah says look around the firewall has seven gates. And each of these seven gates, there will be a specific group of people that will be sent to that part of the fire of hell. Okay, so remember, is it saying that it seems like maybe these seven parts may decide what part of the firewall you end up in. Because seven and seven, however, scholars have given different interpretations to this, I try to explain it, there's a great scholar by the name in jurij. He says that the seven layers of the fire of hell they are all mentioned in the Quran, right? The top one, the least, the least punishment will be there, the name of it is jahannam. The second is law. The third is Obama. The

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fourth is sorry, the fifth is Sutton. The sixth is jakeem and the lowest and the most painful position will be in the fire of hell. How we are for who

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we are wha comma here. Now on Hermia. Now, Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran as a man was it also quotes that in the texts, he says

00:27:43--> 00:27:51

that seven gates through through each of which a particular group is destined to enter meaning there's going to be a particular group for each part of the firewall. So

00:27:52--> 00:28:27

now, which group will be set where there was a group of us that have been put on by the name of the hawk? What was the name? Anyone know what the hawk means? Someone who laughs a lot. The Muslim is smiling, the hot means to laugh. And the reason is because he was a very humorous person. And there are different reasons why they say why he's called the hot. Some scholars say the reason why he's called the Hawk is because his mother bore her in her womb for more than nine months. And it was actually she delivered him close to after a year and a half. A very the children who would, and they will, and they say that when he was born, some historians say he actually already had some teeth in

00:28:27--> 00:28:49

his mouth. So when he came out, he was smiling. And that's what they call it, the hog. This guy's a joker. The second thing is that they said regarding number hogben, he always said some scholars say that that story is a story. The real reason is because you always always making people laugh. You always have good jokes. You always make people laugh. And he said to the people, that when I die, even after I die, I'm gonna make you laugh. What did you say to them?

00:28:50--> 00:29:22

Even after this shift, you know, when you die, we're going to be sad. He said, don't worry about it. When I die, you're going to be laughing. What happened was that remember, when he passed away, his legs were extended, he was leaning against the wall, and when he passed away, no one realized it. What happens to the body after a little while is that it becomes stiff. So his body became stiff, like the L shape. So when they went to wash his body in the for the burial, when they put his head down, his legs came up. When they push his legs down, he set up like a boot. And everyone started laughing at this chick our shift told us that you know, you know that when he passes away that we're

00:29:22--> 00:29:56

gonna laugh them too. So remember Hawk famous will fuss that everyone knows if anyone said it the seedy part of them. Remember Hawk says, the seven layers of the firearm How are for seven groups of people. And this is a top layer the fire of hell are for those Muslims who disobeyed Allah and they will be sent there temporarily just for a cleaning process. So the second level are for those Masada who did not believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala. After the arrival of the prophets, a lot of them the third are for the Jews who did not believe in Allah who did not sign up believe in Allah believe in the Prophet sorry, okay. We did not have complete email after the Prophet after the arrival of the

00:29:56--> 00:30:00

Prophet. The third, he says are for the hood. The fourth he says are

00:30:00--> 00:30:02

For the savvy, the savvy or the anyone know,

00:30:04--> 00:30:40

those who worship the stars. The most used are the Zoroastrian, those who worship fire. That's number five. Number six, he says are for the mushrikeen the policies and the seventh than the lowest, he says it's for the the minority in nomina for benefit darkness, Philomena na and the Malathion are the hypocrites. So this is how he explained this. This is yes, the only ones designated to enter these gates are those who disobeyed a law most high by means of these parts. But ultimately, all of those seven categories, they only ended up in the fire of hell, because they use their limbs to disobey Allah. That's what the whole thing boils down to. Was it saying, no matter?

00:30:40--> 00:31:18

Whichever group it was, they use their limbs to disobey Allah. So if you protect your limbs, you're safe. And what are those limbs, these parts? The ear, the tongue, the stomach, the private parts, the hand and the foot. Okay, so today, we're going to cover the first two, and then we'll stop each other, we'll do two of them. And then we'll take we'll start for next week. And that's it, he has the first two very short, yes, but as for the I was created for you, but each of these, remember was on his method of explaining his point is very beautiful. He starts off by saying, my friend, Allah gave you this limb for a good reason. And he gives you a good a few reflecting points on how to use

00:31:18--> 00:31:52

the limb in a good way. So he starts off positive. And then he remembers that he says, This is how most people end up using the limb in the wrong way. He gives us guidance, that don't make these mistakes. And then some of these points he closes with giving us gives us by giving us a warning, saying, Be careful, be mindful of a law, be aware of the Day of Judgment, kind of like a general warning, and then he moves to the next point. So that's the way he constructs his arguments. Yes. As for the eye, it was created for you only so that you may be guided by it in the darkness, that you might be held by you may be guided by the darkness. What does that mean? Right? What it means is

00:31:52--> 00:32:24

that in the world, there are times where you need your eyes, you know, you need to be guided even in the darkness, you know, if you can be guided with the eyes in the darkness, and obviously you can be guided with the eyes when there's light. And the eyes Allah has made so powerful that if you give it time, it can even see in the dark, he gets accustomed to it. You know, we were, you know, usually when we fly, I fly a lot. So when you when you left, when you fly at nighttime, when you're landing in the in the hours of the night, they usually turn the cabin light off, have you guys noticed that? I once was reading an article and I was and I asked one of their crew members, what's what's next,

00:32:24--> 00:32:52

turn the lights off. What's the reason for this, there has to be some reasoning. So this is the reason is because most accidents that happen happen at takeoff and landing time. And in case anything happens and we need the passengers to make a move, we need their eyes to be accustomed. So we turn the lights off, so they're ready to see. And if there anything does happen, they're ready to make a move. Because if we if the lights are on and the lights go out during the emergency landing or something, there's going to be a big problem, they won't be able to move the won't be able to see. So it's interesting that you leave the eyes in darkness for a period of time. And before you

00:32:52--> 00:33:24

know it, the eyes can now see even at night. And the scholars they say that the eye sight and this is just a spiritual point added to this is that there are two levels, there are two layers to the eyes, there's one eye that the eye can see. And then there's a sight of the heart as well. And if you focus hard enough, the sight of your heart will also guide you in the darkest moments of your lives. You understand? That's what the Prophet told us the hobby is stuff that when you're when you're when you're stuck in something go ask your heart. Because if your heart can still see, if you just give it the time, you know how the eyes in order to see in darkness, you have to give it some

00:33:24--> 00:33:40

time. If you let your heart focus a little bit, give it a little more often, but I want to focus a little bit. It'll see in the darkest moments of your life as well. You know, there was an incident that happened this year at Ramadan. very amazing incident, hot Allah. I shared this story with some of my friends. I was phenomenal last week.

00:33:41--> 00:34:11

And when I was there, I was sitting in front of the camera one morning at the 100th time. And there was an old African man. He had a long stick in his hand he was bringing up you know, the African brothers when they come for the Oh, everything's matching the Shahar the dopey and the quota. So he was he was tapping a sticky he was trying to make it to the Kaaba. But the poor man was blind. So he was trying to go to the Kaaba. But the problem was when he went when he got close to the area where they were doing, a lot of people were walking so they pushed him in the wrong direction. So he suddenly he was going here sometimes he was going there and I was watching this guy at the poor guy

00:34:11--> 00:34:36

needs some help getting to the Kaaba. So I got up I went to him. I said, I'll go Let me help you get to the Kabak. So he got angry at me said leave me alone. He said maybe my eyes are blind but my heart can still see a law. But when he said that he kind of like just throw a brick out of my face, pick that you're proud of your eyes. My heart knows what the Kaaba is, I don't need you to guide me. I'm not looking at the club with my eyes. I'm looking at my heart. I know where the Kaaba is, just give me some time I'll find it. Now allow me to come on.

00:34:38--> 00:34:59

He many, many scholars, they say that in his life. He had never seen Madina munawwara or mahkamah karma. He had never been there. He had only heard of it. That's why his poetry about Makkah and Medina is very deep. Because it's clearly poetry. You know, the most beautiful poetry is that which is composed in a world and a realm of thought. Once you see something then you lose

00:35:00--> 00:35:22

The beauty of it, you guys understand that that's why they say the novel never matches up to the movie. Right? Because he can't they can't add up you can't paint something that you've already seen. But if you've never seen it, then it gives a different meaning altogether. That's what law says regarding gender as well. You guys have never seen it. It's something beyond you. It's something beyond the human being. Anyway, so I love it the Kabbalah he says something very beautiful regarding Medina munawwara. He said, I'm

00:35:24--> 00:35:57

besotted Kogi lake and proceeded to Sonata that maybe I haven't seen with enough my eyes I might be blind and seeing Medina. But my heart has seen Medina, Medina hominidae chi maganda de Donna Dida we've seen Medina but I've seen it without my eyes I've seen within a minute of my heart. And my shift used to say, anyone that sees how to remain with his heart will never come back from there. They'll never come back. Because once you see what your heart actually, once you tour makara, Medina with your heart, then you're lost and you forget it, then you can't come back anymore. But as long as and then even if you do come back, McCann, Medina, actually come back with you. You're always

00:35:57--> 00:36:07

there. You're just waiting for that moment to go back again, because you're so attached to that lamp. So anyway, so hearing one was already up with the lion is saying to us, that Allah subhanaw taala gave you sight so you can see in the darkness, yes.

00:36:08--> 00:36:46

That You Might be held by in respect to your needs, your eyes can help you with so many things, you know, could we perform surgery without eye? You know, no, the eyes are so important. Would we be able to know? Well, you know what colors are without eyes, we wouldn't wouldn't be able to guide ourselves but eyes, maybe not. So our eyes are a necessity for us. Thereby you might see the wonders in the dominions of the heavens and the earth and consider the signs they contain the ultimate reason why Allah gave you eyes so that you can ponder over allows creation. And so that you can find it. That's the reason. That's the ultimate reason. If you go to watch a 3d movie, and they give you

00:36:46--> 00:37:15

3d glasses, the reason why they're giving you the 3d glasses so that you can put them on and watch the movie. I'm not encouraging guys to go watch 3d movies. Disclaimer, right? The reason why they're giving it to you, so you put them on and you watch it. But let's say for example, someone puts the 3d glasses on their on their armrest and decides, you know what, I'm just going to use this to put my chewing gum on and it puts a strain on there. So that's a waste of those glasses, because that's not why you were given those glasses. Maybe it has other benefits. But that's not why it was given to you. A law gave you these eyes so you can find the last one without, you know, you won't believe

00:37:15--> 00:37:27

this just today. Just today at ICC, I dealt with the case where a young man was coming to me. And he was explaining to me that it took him 25 years to use his eyes and realize that Allah doesn't exist.

00:37:29--> 00:38:06

So Allah gave you these eyes to find his existence. But he's arguing with me and trying to explain to me that there is no proof at all that Allah exist. I send my brother, that's wishful thinking. Right? That's wishful thinking. If anyone believes that they can actually prove that Allah doesn't exist. That's foolishness. That's arrogance. And that's being blind. Because Allah gave you these eyes, honestly, clear your heart out from any bias and look at the world around you. And really say it if you really believe it, that Allah doesn't exist. How can all of this be so perfect? You know, the ultimate point he says, liquid cliche in law who is to do Allah and who Why don't. Every single

00:38:06--> 00:38:41

thing tells you a story. And every single thing you look around in the world, it's telling you a story. And the common theme of the story is that law, law law. Everything in the world is telling you what a law the birds the way they fly together, and their seasons are telling you what Allah the fish the way they're they're swimming together are telling you La ilaha illAllah. The cycle of watch fish eats which fish in which season in which water is telling you a la ilaha illa The trees are telling you where they grow, what they're growing, what environment, everything is telling you a lie, lie, lie. The only thing is that your eyes can your ears can hear them that you live a lie.

00:38:41--> 00:39:14

That's what lots of Hamas has not done. Well in Michigan. In law, you said there is not a single thing, but it glorifies Allah with his praise. Even as Ben just telling you a lie, lie lie. It has its own story. But we can't read that story. If you could sit down with his bench for a little bit and spend a little time with it. Maybe you might be able to hear that story. He can maybe tell you where it came from and what it's doing and where it might be. And at the end of that story, that summary of the story for this mic for this bench for this recorder is that you know that there's only one Allah subhana wa Tada. That's what these eyes were supposed to be used for. Now, because it

00:39:14--> 00:39:51

tells us what to not use it for. Yes. To protect your iPhone four things. One from looking at a rechargeable person, marriageable person. And marriageable person in Arabic We call this someone who is non Madame in English or later Mohammed Arabic, we would say who so the original people are those people who you can marry and if you can marry them, unless you're married to them, you shouldn't be looking at them unnecessarily. Now, it's important to know here that when we're told to lower our gaze from people from the opposite gender, it doesn't mean to not look at all that part of the glands is impermissible that is lustful. You guys understand that? a glance that is lustful is

00:39:51--> 00:40:00

impermissible. If someone is glancing at a lady and it's not lustful, and I can't tell you whether it's lustful or not only, you know because that's internal. If you can establish my

00:40:00--> 00:40:28

Land is not lustful, you can look. So for example, if you're looking at I remember once this happened in Texas, I was once giving a lecture after the lecture, I got a call. One lady, she called me she's a shift. You give the gym a hook by in our local budget. My son was there. My daughter in law was there. My grandkids were there. They all enjoyed it so much. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it because I'm on a walker, I would like for you to come visit me. I said it. Look, I got a really busy schedule, but I'll try. So I went to the measure. They follow on brother, I said, Look, there's a lady who wants to visit me, can you go meet her? She was an old nine year old lady. So we went

00:40:28--> 00:40:51

there. And we sat with an auntie. She sat there and she was just telling us her story about how beautiful she was when she was 19 years old. And she was telling us about how athletic she was. I was looking at a laughing kasana like, you know, you still remember these things when you're like, when you're when you're that when you're at that phase, like 89 years old. And she's at the end, when we were leaving. I said Andy Sokoloff here. I'm going to head out right now. So we put our shoes on, we were walking up, and then she says to me,

00:40:52--> 00:41:17

you're leaving. So I said it. I gotta go. She says no, I don't have a problem with you leaving. But didn't anyone ever teach you any other? Oh, hello. Have an auntie. She's like some cases where to market while a Bizarro career. So she's like, she's a what kind of son or you're leaving without my law. It's clear. So I went to her. She took her hand and she put on my head and she gave me a heart full of the walls. So when we left the house, the brother that was driving the lady touch you.

00:41:19--> 00:41:24

What did you say? of the sob you let a lady touch so first of all, she says my dopey, like FYI,

00:41:26--> 00:41:56

are the same. And the second thing he said, Why are you sitting there talking with her? I said, Look, what's Haram in Islam is a lustful gaze. If a person can ensure there are many incidents during the life of the Prophet along it was seldom where men and women interacted. But if it was lustful, if the Prophet realized something was wrong, if now a boss of your loved ones brother, father, but not boss, he turned his face away. He turned his face away. So he realized that I'm that boss was a young man, he was looking at a lady and he was young in the city. If something wasn't adding up there, the prophet took his face and turned it away. So that's another discussion we're

00:41:56--> 00:42:26

not here to discuss. But it's important to know that and establish this through an eye of the time that not all cases are Haram. lustful gazes are Haram. Why is that? The verse in the Quran that tells us to lower our gaze, the very common verse that's quoted all the time, it's in Surah. Allah subhana wa tada says bullyville, Mina, anyone know Yahoo, Zhu min of a Sati him and then we'll pull him up Marathi yagoona. Many of us are in some one of the most important words in that foreign is the min

00:42:27--> 00:42:33

what's the word? mean? It's not fully remote, meaning a few of us are at home.

00:42:34--> 00:42:58

Tell the believing men to lower their gaze. That's not the translation of the ayah. Anyone that translate dialect that is wrong. The eyes, meaning a boo boo, Minh beside him tell the believing men to lower from their gaze. So how does that make any sense? How does it Why does that make a difference? So if I was to tell someone in this group, read this book, what does that mean?

00:43:00--> 00:43:38

Read the book cover to cover. If I said to you read from this book, what would your response be? From where your understanding, so that means the green a part of it. So if I was to say to someone, you know, read this chat, read this, read this novel, read the full thing. If I said read from this novel, then you would immediately say From where do you want me to read? So the ayah doesn't say lower your gaze, it says lower from your gaze lower what from your grace, your gaze, not all of it lower from your gaze that which is hot on and lustful. So anytime when you find yourself in a position that you're looking at something that's hot on and there's shanwa involved, and this whole

00:43:38--> 00:44:08

argument that every gaze is lustful is also not fair. Because there are times where people can actually communicate without lustful gaze. That does happen. And if you actually seriously believe that doesn't happen, you know, I don't know what to say. I don't know what the problem is. I actually told my friends that if you can't have a conversation with anyone without a lustful gaze seriously, then maybe it's time for you to go visit a psychiatrist. You need to go sit down and maybe figure out what's happening within you get on some medicine and get off some medicine figure your diet out, because you have to be able to have a conversation with another human being because

00:44:08--> 00:44:14

they're a human being. I mean, things can't be that out of balance, not out of control that every time you see them, you're like, oh my god.

00:44:16--> 00:44:33

It can't be that bad. And if it is that bad, like serious, then all jokes aside, you should have yourself looked at inshallah. Okay, number two from looking at a beautiful form in a lustful way. Now this right here is interesting, because it just said lower your gaze. And now he's saying looking at a beautiful form. What is he talking about here?

00:44:35--> 00:44:41

No, he said beautiful form, lustful gaze. I don't think anyone has like lustful gaze towards plants and trees. I hope not.

00:44:44--> 00:44:45

Anyone else?

00:44:46--> 00:45:00

The same gender. You understand? Say mom was always saying even someone from the same gender at any point if you feel attraction, man because honestly this photo for you now to lower your gaze now. So it's interesting because the amount of Assad is addressing this issue.

00:45:00--> 00:45:34

Issue 1000 years ago, okay, he's addressing a real issue. Because this is an issue you understand. I mean, there are some people who have these these tendencies. It's not good. It's not it's not permissible, but it's real people do have these tendencies. And if they do remember those obvious thing for you as well, the ruling of lowering your gaze is still there. And it's interesting because it's not about the gender that you're lowering your gaze from. It's the lust that you're lowering your gaze from. Whether it's a man or a lady, as soon as the lust comes in, drop that gaze down. Yes. Number three, from looking at a Muslim and that's why Sorry, I have to add one thing here and

00:45:34--> 00:46:07

the hottie position for a lady to wear niqab. The Fatah is, it is not necessary for a lady to wear a niqab unless she feels unless she fears fitna then it becomes watching. If she fears that people are eyeing or people are eyeing her down, that's when she needs to wear the niqab. Otherwise, if a lady feel secure that no one is eyeing me, it's just me walking past and she doesn't fear fitna and there's no harm happening in my way knows and I happen in my direction. She actually doesn't need to wear the niqab and the fact that the scholars are saying that if there's no fitna, don't wear niqab is telling you no lustful gays, that gays, there's nothing wrong with that. And there are many women

00:46:07--> 00:46:21

during the time of the Prophet that allowed it sort of who didn't wear niqab, many women, okay. And I mean, I know this is a taboo issue, but this is a real issue. How do you prove that? You know, the famous narration Where are you that your loved one came into the Messenger of Allah? Sometimes I look at a lady accidentally What did the Prophet said to him?

00:46:23--> 00:46:28

Look once but not twice, if they were wearing niqab, he should have said look once and keep looking.

00:46:30--> 00:47:01

You guys understand my argument, if all the women in Medina were wearing niqab, once you the prophet of sexuality with your loved one, they're wearing a niqab just keep looking. The fact that he's saying look once but not twice. What is that telling you? It's for the purposes of just telling him that and that, you know, but it tells us what you can read between the lines that there were women in Madina munawwara who did not wearing the club, what we're trying to promote, I'm not telling anyone here to look, I'm trying to promote a modest society. Dinner said everyone has a different position. I like the last one was a young man dinner said and he was he was a person if you read the

00:47:01--> 00:47:32

full Hadees you'll understand that he was a person who had a lot of energy and if you read the full bodied, you'll know what I'm talking about. He had a lot of energy in him. And then he says a messenger of Allah a man with a lot of energy. He's looks accidentally What do I do? The Prophet said for you lower your gaze, you got too much energy and you said it was tailor made? It was for him because he realized this was the situation. Okay? Yes. Number three, from looking at a Muslim with an eye of this game. A man was always saying Don't look down upon anyone that happens a lot to we look down upon other people. It's very common. This is also evil of the eye. They look down upon

00:47:32--> 00:48:03

someone because they have another skin tone and because of speaking of the language, because and it's very common, by the way in our communities is very common. Many of you think I would never look down upon someone, but be real. If you are reading for example, nice Gucci shoes, and the person next to you when taking your shoes off at the shoe rack at ICC was wearing Walmart brand shoes. What would you do for a second? Sears like you're wearing Walmart shoes you look down upon that sort of person for a single second. It's very common because we were trying to run from we've actually become a target of it. You know, the whole name brand in that we live in today. That's exactly what

00:48:03--> 00:48:07

happens. You know, you have a nice iphone or android phone someone pulls out a Nokia like what

00:48:08--> 00:48:23

do you do with that junk right there? You immediately look down upon that person because you think what is this person holding in his hand? Okay, so name brands have played such a big role in our life that today we end up judging people people literally judge your whole life by what car you drive True or false?

00:48:25--> 00:48:59

It's true I'm telling you it's sad but it's true. They look at our car driving by the guy driving a Toyota they see straight right that guy driving a Toyota luxury car and Lexus they see 60 years old he's got some savings right? They literally judge people based off for cars they drive okay and then young guys want to and what color their car is and what Mark what make it is when in reality we shouldn't be judging people off these things there's so much more to a person than what car they drive what shoes they wear name brands where which restaurants to eat at there's so much more to a person that is saying Don't look down upon anyone yes for from being on the lookout for another

00:48:59--> 00:49:31

Muslims false so don't always be on the lookout for other Muslims faults sitting there waiting like a scavenger What are they going to make a mistake? When are they going to make a mistake? I'm gonna go take the remains of them. Don't look at other people's faults. He's gonna dresses up ahead by the way. Yes. As for the year protected from listening to reprehensible innovations, backbiting lewd talk, blue talk, okay? So he said, innovations, don't listen to it. You can listen to innovations. You could read innovations if you're learning them for the sake of refuting them. But if you're just learning them for the sake of entertainment, then you're not supposed to listen to no innovations.

00:49:31--> 00:49:54

Okay? backbiting. You're not supposed to listen to backbiting. If someone is backed by the backbiting thing is gonna come at the end of the chapter again. I'll address backbiting there. lewd talk. If someone sends you a text message on WhatsApp on Facebook, on Twitter, if someone sends you a meme or anything that has an inappropriate message on there, you're not supposed to give attention to that. Okay? He's supposed to delete it, get rid of it. You know, even if it's a joke, it doesn't matter until the point where

00:49:55--> 00:50:00

with lewd discussion, one thing that's very common in our in our communities will not protect it.

00:50:00--> 00:50:34

That people talk about their relationships they had with their spouse, it's hot on. The Prophet said, How can one of you talk about the relationship they had with their spouse? When that was a private relationship? you're exposing that person. So this is also not permissible in Islam, your intimate relationships supposed to remain intimate. Okay? You know, it really drives me nuts honestly makes me go crazy. When I go onto my Facebook and I see a husband and wife like sending heart messages to each other on their walls. But you know, honey, I love you. And she responds back, you know, honey, me to heart. Okay? You know why that's really the reason why I'm just sharing my

00:50:34--> 00:51:06

perspective, and it makes me work. The reason is because I think to myself, that side of your relationship is personal. It's private, it's not supposed to come out in the open, okay? that the purpose of a lot of it was some was very lovey w with eyeshadow, the Alolan, as well used to call the Irish, he's to call her home era, you know, at times, he would eat with her share food morsels back and forth. But you see those narrations of him calling her eyes? Who are the narrated by she narrates it not the next door neighbor, found her common friend on Facebook and oh, I saw that guy calling her eyes, you know, she's saying that the Prophet called me Irish. And she's saying it after

00:51:06--> 00:51:16

the Prophet passed away. So you know, that phase is gone. And she's sharing it now. So you know, your private life needs to stay private. It's not supposed to pub. That's what they call it private life. Yes.

00:51:17--> 00:51:45

Very exciting new talk, delving into falsehood, or talking about the faults of others, for nearly the year was created for you. So in the previous chapter members, it said, Don't look out for the faults of others. This one, he's saying, don't even listen to the faults of others. If someone else is talking about if you're talking to your mother on the phone and a mother's backbiting your Chachi you say mom, I can't do this anymore. You need to say it, mom is not allowed to sonically I can't even listen to it. And it goes on, he says, because both are part of the sin.

00:51:46--> 00:52:20

Or barely the ear was created for you only to listen to the speech of a law most high to the Sunnah of the messenger of a loss of an hourly to the wisdom of the Friends of a law. And so then, so that by it, you might gain access to the benefits of knowledge by which you may reach the eternal dominion and everlasting bounty. So again, remember that he told us what not to do. Now he told us what to do. So use your ears, listen to good audio, listen to Koran, listen to how to use your ears to listen to lectures, you know, feed yourself with good information, you'll learn so much more. Your ears are very powerful. You can passively learn through your ears, with your eyes, you have to

00:52:20--> 00:52:51

actively learn. You have to sit down and give attention. With your ears. You can passively learn while you're walking. You're just listening. You're learning you're learning you're learning. So use your ears in your favor. And whenever you're in your car when you're walking around, and we're just doing things. Listen, you learn so much. Yes. If you use it to listen to something disliked, then what was it in your favorite will be against you remember that is giving the donkey? No, he comes with that threat. He says if you use your ears in the wrong way, what was supposed to be for you is now against you. You made a mistake? Yes. And what was meant to be a reason for your success will

00:52:51--> 00:53:23

become a reason for your destruction. This is the ultimate loss. Also do not think that the same will be attributed only to the one who speaks it and not to the one who isn't saying here. Since we're talking about the year I just want to let you know if someone's saying something wrong. You're not allowed to listen to it. Because the next part is going to talk about the tongue. So is there anything I see in the next chapter about the tongue? If you're not supposed to say it, you're not supposed to listen to it. So because your buddy is swearing doesn't mean you don't get you're not a part of that pie because you're listening to it. You're responsible to, you should say I'm not

00:53:23--> 00:53:32

willing to listen to you. Anyone that says something haram for you to give them your ear to listen to you're also equal. The reason is because if there was no one to listen to your backbiting, would you back by?

00:53:33--> 00:54:10

No. If there's no one to give interest, would anyone take interest? No. So if you're not going to give your ear too hot on people want to have any hot on to say. So you are half of the problem by giving your ear too hot. Yes, barely decided a new region. Truly the listeners share in sin with the speaker and he is the one of the two bank buyers. If someone is backbiting, try to stop them first. Depending on your relationship, how close you are the moment try to say stop. If you can't, then try to get up and leave the gathering. Okay? If you can't get up and leave the gathering, then the least you can do is turn your attention away. You know, maybe listen to something else, talk to someone

00:54:10--> 00:54:26

else try to you know, pay attention to the other gathering there but don't actively be involved in this gathering right here. So with that we finish off the first two inshallah, for next class we'll continue on from the top. We pray that Allah Subhana Allah gives us all the trophies and ability to act upon what has been said or said along with Allah. Mohammed Ali. He was happy very

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