A Gram of Stress puts You in a Mess…

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When you hold something, it actually has a weight. Not in kilograms, but something worse than kilograms. Stress grams if I can call it that.

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That's what it is. It has a weight.

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You did wrong to me. I held it against you. I didn't forgive you. So there's a weight here. Someone else did something another weight, someone else did something another way. My shoulders are tight. Everything is not you know, there are so many knots for example, on my shoulders, wherever else my back is being broken, everything is tight. The muscles are tight, everything is supine Allah. When I walk, I feel this burden. My mind I frown more than I smile, because that's it. I have something against everyone.

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Save yourself. It is proven by research that the happiest of people are those who forgive others.

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It is proven by research, that the happiest of people are those who forgive others. So do you want to be happy, will learn to forgive? What type of things should you forgive, forgive as much as you can

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Dr Mufti Ismail Menk is a leading global Islamic scholar born and raised in Zimbabwe. He studied Shariah in Madinah and holds a Doctorate of Social Guidance from Aldersgate University.

Mufti Menk’s work has gained worldwide recognition and he has been named one of “The Top 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World” since 2010.

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