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Maryam Lemu
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. My name is Miriam LIMU. And welcome back to what I'm calling my lecture series. Like I shared with you the last time, this is just some lectures that have given over the years, that when people ask me for them, unfortunately, there's always a technical issue and so on. So I've decided to rerecord them and share them with you, I hope it will be of benefit. Now, this is the second of three episodes that I'm going to be sharing with you that I'm calling shine your light brightly. During the last episode I shared with you that whether we like it or not, people are looking up to us as role models. But what are we actually modeling? What

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are you known for in your neighborhood, or professional fields or in school, and so on? Wherever it is every walk of life? What is your reputation? Are you known to be honest and trustworthy in character and competence? What are we teaching our children? What are we teaching those that are looking up to us? that we need to stop sitting around and complaining about what's wrong in this country, or in our environment or with people around us, we need to stop comparing notes as to who has had the worst experience. Unfortunately, we seem to focus often on just the negative, we need to start doing what is right and sharing what is right. Now there's plenty of right if we look around.

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Now, we need to also change our weak batteries for some whose light is not shining as brightly as it should, for others to look up to and emulate, we may need to recharge or replace our batteries, and focus on solving problems, not compounding issues, there are two quotes that I love. And I share this with so many. The first one is if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. My mom has raised me in a world of possibilities. And whenever I come to her with problems, she always asks me to come up with a solution, then she can help and bring ideas and so on. So what are the solutions to the problems we are facing? And how are you contributing to solving them. The

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second quote that I love is you don't need a title to lead. You don't need to wait for others to take the driver's seat and take charge and make things happen. Now, as the youth are growing and hearing about the hopelessness, the apathy, the cycle will continue. Ask yourself honestly, are you making things worse? Or are you making things better? Are you part of the problem? Or are you part of the solution? The truth of the matter is the reality today, you are not looking at profit, sadly, or imaams, or spiritual leaders in society as their role models or their heroes. Unfortunately, it is musicians, athletes, sports stars, reality TV stars, and even some politicians. They think these

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are our role models, because they've got the biggest cause the biggest houses, and they also want but what about the source? Who are these role models? The trouble is they don't have enough to choose from. They don't have enough models, people modeling exemplary behavior for them to choose from. Even in movies we produce, we don't seem to care to create heroes. Look at what Hollywood has done. They've been successful in convincing their citizens and the world that America saves the world. We often see this in so many of the movies, even in their comics, they have heroes, Captain America, Wonder Woman and so on and they are wearing the flat the colors of their flag. They've

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created this sense of national pride and making a difference being a hero, unfortunately, here, Nollywood, kannywood, and so on, what are they promoting crime 419, prostitution, witchcraft, things that are eating away at the fiber of our values and culture. The youth today are lacking enough who can speak to them in the language they relate to, that they can connect with. understand them, not judge them, and redirect them and guide them. What we need to do is to inspire them. If they don't relate and connect with us, we are wasting our time, the country's future. Our Islamic identity and pride lies in our hands, we really need to believe that that we can make a difference. So we need to

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shine our light brightly and not wait for someone else to shine this for us or to shine this first. So again, I asked whose permission are you waiting for? To take that driver's seat and shine your light brightly. I always ask that people be very careful. Often we look at people who are actually making efforts, however small and we end up putting their lights out. We rant and rave about footballers, about nollywood actors and Hollywood actors and so on. Whatever small contribution somebody is doing, encourage them. Don't go with bad or start to judge them and criticize them. What are you doing yourself? It's so important. We are careful about this focus on yourself and your

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contributions. Now I want to ask you a question. Did you at any point in your life have somebody influenced you significantly in a positive

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If we guide you,

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think about it. And if you did have somebody I asked you before I go forward to please pray for them, always pray for them for what they have done to you. But now what are you two others? Since you had somebody influence you? What are you two others? Are you significant in people's lives? Are you paying forward what someone else did to you?

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whose lives are you touching? And what legacy Are you going to leave behind? And is it even worth leaving behind? We never remember those who did things only for themselves. We've never buried anybody and say, oh, we're gonna miss them, because they took good care of themselves. But often, we will always be remembered for things we did, too, and for others, so add to what you're currently doing to be more useful, to make more of a difference, to touch more lives and to influence more people. Like my father always says, improve upon it, whatever it is, you're doing, improve upon it, that when you do something that benefits others, that is a meaningful life. That is the Prophet's

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way of life, like Allah says in the Quran, is the reward for good anything other than good. Now remember these questions please? How significant Are you in the lives of others? How significant Are you in the lives of others? Is your presence felt? Will your absence be noticed? And then who will cry when you die? Who will cry when you die? And what will you be remembered for? After you are gone?

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The fact that you are watching this video means you want to be better, you want to grow, you want to learn something, however small. However, because we attend Islamic functions, because we watch inspirational videos, it doesn't mean we are better muslims for it if nothing good comes out of us from what we have learnt. Because you go to the mosque doesn't make you a good Muslim, because you faster go for aundre doesn't make you a good Muslim. Now, while all these things are good, they are so far from sufficient, if it doesn't make us better so that we can do better. If it doesn't help us become a better parent, become a better friend, a better daughter or son, a better more responsible

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employer or employee, a better husband or wife or a better citizen. Now inshallah, during the next episode, I shall be talking about solutions to some of these challenges that I've raised and the challenges we may be facing. Now that we have recharged our batteries or replaced them, what's next? I promise you inshallah, that if you can apply some of the lessons I've been sharing with you, that you will find your life is so much more fulfilling and more meaningful. Like I said before, if you enjoyed this episode, and other episodes, please forward it to others, so it can be of benefit to them as well. Please join me next time. Assalamu alaikum

We need to stop focusing on negatives and start finding solutions and being part of the solution. In this audio clip, I share a quote which I love very much that says: “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem”. I also share another quote that goes: “You don’t need a title to lead” . We don’t need to wait for others to make the first move before we start playing our role. It just takes self motivation and personal leadership.

There is a lot of good in and around us if we just look for it. Let’s forward positive inspirational quotes, messages and videos. Let’s share good images and success stories of whats working. Lets inspire and uplift one another.

Short of having enough role models to choose from, many turn to sports stars, athletes, movie stars, musicians and reality TV stars as their heroes and role models.

We need to shine our light brightly so others can look up to us and emulate us. We need to learn how to connect with them, understand them, not judge them. We need to be able to inspire them and give them alternatives to what is out there.

Please ask yourself these important questions

1. How significant are you to others?
2. Whose lives are you touching?
3. What legacy are you hoping to leave behind and is it significant?
4. What do you want to be remembered for?
5. Is your presence felt?
6. Will your absence be noticed?
7. Who will cry when you die?

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