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A Forgotten Duty

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Mufti Menk

Channel: Mufti Menk

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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It is a day of rejoicing, a day of happiness, a day of goodness, my brothers, my sisters, but it is a day of realisation of the reality.

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We would not be bleeding the way we are bleeding everywhere across the globe if we cared for one another,

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if we stood by the advice of the same Nabhi that we all claim to follow, what is his instruction? He says,

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You are but brothers. In fact, it is the instruction of Allah in me, no not.

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For us. kneehole Bina kawaii come what Duncan law had come to raha moon, Allah says, indeed the believers are brothers, they are brothers. So a snake who by the way Come actually means that it is your duty as believers to make peace between two of you who are not getting along, make amends resolve the problem, when you see two believers not getting along whoever they are. It's your duty to go out of your way to make peace between them and to solve the problem. That's your duty. That's my duty.