Mufti Menk – The Turning Point

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The importance of role models in Islam is discussed, including models for students, coaches, and athletes. The speaker emphasizes the need for personal growth and finding one's own natural tendencies, while also acknowledging the importance of learning from the Prophet sallah. The importance of regularizing behavior and not harming others is also emphasized. The speakers encourage regularization and finding one's own values, while also providing guidance on achieving their own goals.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah He was happy he will monitor the Buddha who are bad. We praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household his companions We ask Allah to bless them all, to bless every one of us and to bless our offspring those to come up to the end of time. May Allah keep them steadfast on the deen and mela keep us all steadfast as well. I mean, my brothers and sisters, it's important for us to look at Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as the ideal role model, he is the only creature of Allah subhanho wa Taala, or human being whom we can

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look at, from every aspect of his life, and say he's a role model. When it comes to the rest of us, we only take part of what the person may have succeeded in and consider them role models in that particular part alone. Let me give you an example.

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A person who excels at university for example, they would be role models for those who want to excel at university even though that person may not be

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a good Muslim. You hear my point? We don't take the part from them that they miss their Salah, or they may not be Muslim at all. We have Steve Jobs. He's a role model for a lot of people in what, that's the question just in one aspect of his life. We have for example, some of your lecturers who might be brilliant people really dedicated, selfless people. They are your role models in what in that particular aspect. You have, for example, a recital of the Quran powerful reads beautiful, he's got everything it needs to be able to render an eloquent beautiful, heart wrenching recitation, he's a role model in what in reciting the Quran, and so on and so forth. You have someone who's got a lot

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of knowledge of the deen, they are role models in what in that particular aspect. I hope you get what I'm saying. Similarly, you have, say an athlete, a trainer in the gym, whoever else it is role models, we want to be like them in what in a little aspect of their lives, but Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wasallam no aspect of his life is not or no aspect of his life is not upon the highest level, it is all upon a level that is not only worth us following but it is considered an act of worship for us to follow. So this evening, seeing that we speaking here at this beautiful University, UCT University of Capetown Alhamdulillah I would like to go through one aspect of the life of Muhammad

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Sallallahu sallam, and I want it to be a means of inspiration for us all myself included.

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It is called waiting for the turning point in others.

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What does that mean? It's something amazing. Waiting for the turning point in others is part of the sooner of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Okay, in his case, it was waiting for the turning point in others in our case because we are not prophets of Allah. It is a turning point within us as well. And for that we should not be waiting.

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But for others. We are patient. We should continue we should be dedicated. We should have hope we should pray for them. That's the Sunnah of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. What did he do when he saw Abu Jamal Abu Jihad was the biggest enemy of Islam. He continued making dua for him. He continued trying with him. He was kind to him although Abuja Hall was cruel to him, he continued having hope. He continued in so many good things regarding Abuja Hall, and he always felt that definitely this man is going to come if Allah wills to the deal, so much so the time when I might have been satara, the Allahu anhu, who was much younger than the prophet SAW Selim, 30 years younger than the Prophet

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sallallahu sallam, he was a strong man feared loud

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intolerance. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to make dua for him, as well as a Buddha. In the same sentence, he has said, Allah whom is Islam a bit ahead in Oman. Before I translate that, let me tell you something, when you see a person who's powerful in authority, who's got a lot of clouds, and they are not Muslim, or they're using their energy in a destructive way, and you keep on having hope that you know, if this energy can be used in the right direction, it will definitely do a great service to Islam and the Muslim in this person has potential. We're not looking at the evil that's coming from them. We're looking at the potential, the strength, the dedication with which they using

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these energies in a wrong way. And we are saying if it can be channeled in the correct way Subhanallah it would be amazing because this person, effortlessly goes and makes people

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Lives difficult. Imagine if they had to be effortlessly going to make people's lives easy, how brilliant it would be. That is heavenly. That is prophetic. It's amazing. He had hope. And he kept on saying, Oh Allah, and this is the translation of the grant strength to Islam, through the acceptance of Islam of one of the two aromas. One was known as a sham. That was the proper name of Abu jihad. And one was Omar Abdul hubub, the man we know the Allah and later to be known as, so he kept making this draft, and he kept asking, and he asked Allah subhanho wa Taala Do you know why he was waiting for the turning point in them, waiting for it, he knew it would come when Allah wills if

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Allah wills, but for him, he knows his duty was to convey the message, keep on being kind, be the best person continue having hope. They will come one day. And they came. One of them came amargosa Fabiola. And the day they came, they were strength granted to Islam. The man used his energy. He used his

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reputation in society. He used the authority that he had to a certain extent, in the right direction because he says as soon as he accepted Islam, Allah Allah have carried out on the straight path. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, Yes, we are indeed we are. Why should we fear people? Let's fulfill Salah in public. let's engage in our prayer in public. Why should we Why should we be worried about these people have courage that they may harm us they may do this, they may do that they can do nothing. I am their allies there.

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So they had these two rows of people. One was led by Hamza bin Abdullah Taliban. The other was led by Omar Abdullah when they marched in full view of the people of Quraysh to the harem to Mecca for the first time they did Salah in congregation. At that time, Salah was not yet compulsory, it was still a voluntary act of worship. And they went forth and they engaged in Salah, the Salah that was given in Mirage was that Salah, which was now compulsory, and that's when it became five times five times a day. That is later on but earlier it was voluntary. It was only two units and it was voluntary.

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So they got to the Kaaba, they got to the front and they read Salah, openly there is Salah, clearly they used to face Jerusalem at the time. It's something unique but the point being raised is Omar Abu Dhabi, Allah who was really a man whom Allah used in order to strengthen the deen. And from this, it teaches us never lose hope in people never ever, no matter who they are your children, your friends, the drunkard, the one in the clubs, the one on drugs, the one who has the worst qualities, keep on praying, keep on trying, keep on having hope. Keep on being kind, and keep on explaining the truth continuing to explain the truth in a beautiful manner. You don't need to become harsh. You

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don't need to become hard. Because Allah says in the Quran, Fatima

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It is because of the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala that you will lenient with them or upon them, you were kind to them, you were soft with them. Allah says that is the mercy of Allah, when you are soft with people, when you came to them, when you are lenient with them, it's a sign of the mercy of Allah upon you. And Allah says, if you are hard hearted, if you are harsh and hard hearted, they would have dispersed from around you, they wouldn't have listened to you. You have people who don't want to hear a message of doom, they want to be told, you know, with a pat on the back, don't worry, you're doing well. But you can do better.

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As a way of speaking, don't worry, you're doing well. Each one of us has a struggle. We are all trying, I said it this morning at another university and to be honest, I live by it. I know there are struggles, myself included, we are all struggling to earn the pleasure of Allah and to improve no matter what level I am upon or you are upon. Every one of us knows we are trying to become better people as the days pass. So much so that if I were to ask you today, how many of you read five Salah a day? I'm sure I would see most of the hands, I hope.

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And if I were to ask you how many of us read Salatu tahajjud. For example, I would see slightly less hands but in your heart, you know, I want to get there someday and by the mercy of Allah He sometimes inflicts you with something that makes you get up with the head you Do you know why he just wants you to taste the sweetness of it. How many of us have had a difficulty that led us to this late night prayer early morning prayer in a way that we tasted it sweetness even out

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The problem was gone, we still get up once in a while, and we love pleasing Allah in that way. The prayer that no one's watching, that's a gift of Allah. So we all have our struggles, the sisters, perhaps, with all the peer pressure, perhaps the environmental pressure, in whatever way it is, you know, everything that's happening around us the environment, sometimes it's difficult even to dress appropriately. You know your struggles, and therefore you know, that you'd like to improve this and you'd like to improve that. And perhaps I believe firmly that every one of us improves as time passes. And wherever we falter and drop, we turn back to Allah. Imagine someone coming to you and

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say, You know what, you're not worth it. You're still going to *. That's it. Can you feel it, Benny?

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Allah forgive us.

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The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him waited patiently, he kept on dedicatedly, reminding the people to say Hang on, this is the path This is Allah, this is the way and he did not lose hope. And he continued the same message over and over again, in different words, if you look at the reminder of Salah

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How many times does it appear in the Quran, anyone knows?

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where Allah says, establish your Salah, we all know it's more than once, it's more than twice, it's quite a few times. The reason is Allah is telling you hang on, there are so many different times and places in the Quran and wordings because one of them may affect you. As you read in the Quran, we are taught to read from cover to cover, say for example, and this is something unique to also taught by Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, the hearts of the people are not the same every day. And they fluctuate and change. So grab that heart when it's at a point where it is going to absorb what's coming in the direction of it in terms of spirituality in order to give it a good message.

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So I give you an example. You busy reading the Quran at the beginning of Ramadan, and Mashallah you excited and so on. And you reading the meaning of it. And Allah tells you to establish your Salah, establish your prayer, and it didn't really hit you that much. Because as it is you reading taraweeh and you're going on and on and on. And then when it comes to the second half of Ramadan, you start softening up a bit because you know with us the month of Ramadan, you climax at the end, right? At the beginning, everything is still okay, I've got 29 days, 28 days to go, hey, there's only six days to go. Let's get serious. That's how Ramadan is. It's unique. It's, you know, it's like a long race,

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long race a marathon. Near the end, everyone becomes more serious to say now we've got to Wim Hamdulillah, not to say we went running at the beginning. But to be honest, as time passes, you read it again, they may come a time of the day that will be different.

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They may come something that's happened in your day, that particular day that has made you think from a different angle, something that might have happened in your life that makes you feel this is the time for me to change. This is the time for me to turn. And when you turn, and you only turned because that message was repeated in a different wording at a different time. But it was the same message Subhanallah if you ask yourself, you know these emails who come to talk to us, these scholars who come to talk to us, perhaps the halaqaat that we have that are a reminder for us, if you ask yourself, What is the message to be honest, it's always the same message always. It's

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telling you to get closer to Allah to be become a better person to improve yourself to worry about what's to come after death and so on. All of the messages are the same, but the way they're worded different.

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The timings different. I believe that there are certain times of the day when people are more receptive to religious instruction, perhaps, I believe, perhaps like this time here, the evening, early evening. It's a very blessed time, early morning, very blessed time. You know, the early hours of the morning Subhanallah you and Allah imagine reading a book listening to a talk and suddenly it strikes a chord as they say, you changed the same way you can change you have hope in the rest of the people, the rest of them, everybody can change. That is the sin of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he always had hope. Let me give you another example. A companion we spoke about this morning by the

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name of Harley Davidson when he did the movie Allah, Allah one powerful man I'm sure we've heard his name, okay.

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After the Battle of Oxford, and after the Treaty of today via the Prophet sallallahu Sallam called his brother, who was already a Muslim and he was already in Medina and said, Where is Collins? Imagine? The man is gone. He's in Makkah. The man is not even in Medina, the man just fought us. The man is part of the enemy, but the Prophet peace be upon him is calling his brother says Where is Khalid? So the brother is answering to say okay, you know a simple answer. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, mommy through her lineage Hello, Islam.

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He says a man like Han is so intelligent, so bright. He's got such a mind. He is an expert. He's got a top brain

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He cannot be ignorant of the correctness of Islam. That's what he said. The Prophet peace be upon him is saying this man, no matter what he's done, he didn't harp on the fact that you know, there were 70 people martyred. And in. This is what happened in the other war and Harley did this and nothing of that nature. He's a leader. He has hope. He's waiting for the turning point. That's as soon as that's part of the Sierra, and it is consistent throughout the life of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam absolutely all the time right up to the end he had hoped, including his uncle Abu Talib, who was a man who did not accept the fate but the Prophet peace be upon him on the deathbed of this man

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Abu Talib. He goes to him and says, Oh, my uncle utter one statement, and I will fight your case on the Day of Judgment. What was that hope? Waiting for the turning point, hoping for a turning point, even at the last moment.

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That's a sooner

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so hardly been worried. The Prophet peace be upon him says he will not be ignorant of it because he has such a top brain he will be will definitely be thinking about it. In the meantime, Allah alone knows what's happening to Holly the millennial he's considering he says, No.

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These people are so dedicated. They're so kind. Yes, we fought them. Yes, I have the wrong perception of who they are. That's what's happening today on the globe as well. A lot of people don't know much about Islam. A lot of people look at it with skepticism, because what do they hear exactly what Khalid didn't when he did the movie? Ravi, Allah who heard before Islam, he actually went out to fight the Muslims. And what happened? Because of the hope, because of the goodness because of the kindness because of the character and the conduct of the rest of the Muslim men and so on. He continued meaning he started thinking about Islam, no way. This is a religion. It's a

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faith. But he had one problem. What was the problem? I've killed people, I've committed sin I've committed so much I've harmed I've done I don't think I'm going to be forgiven. It took him a bit of a while. He built the courage to come to Madina, munawwara and when he came in the Prophet peace be upon him knew what was happening. He knew he had a feeling this man he's coming in, he's going to declare his fake. But Holly didn't worry about the law. No, did not declare his faith immediately. He had a question. He had a question to ask, What was the question? Oh, messenger.

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I've done so much. What's going to happen to that? I've committed sin. You know what I did in Oxford and so on the details. He says, What's going to happen to that? And the prophet SAW Selim says, Yeah, Khalid in Islam, Maya boo, maka blah, oh, Khalid, Islam. The fact that you're entering the fold will delete all the bad that you've done in the past.

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Guess what? The good is carried through. So panela the bad and the evil is deleted, wiped out, gone.

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Subhan Allah He says, he asked the question again, he got the same answer. He asked the question a third time he got the same answer. When he stretches his hand he says, on that condition, I bear witness You are indeed the Messenger of Allah, none worthy of worship besides Allah and you are the Messenger of Allah subhanho wa Taala sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This was how Harley Davidson when he entered the fold of Islam, look at the beauty look at the goodness. But did the Prophet peace be upon him say no, that's an enemy lambda to Allah crush on him. He's a write off is it's over. We do that with Muslims.

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We do that with Muslims. This person is like this, that one is like that. This one is a gunner. What are you talking about?

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It just depicts the condition of our own hearts. And this is why I say Be patient. Wait for the turning point in others. And as for yourself, ask yourself, Am I going to live to see the next morning? Why should I wait to turn myself. So when it comes to others, we are lenient. When it comes to ourselves. We should not be lenient, turn now be hard on yourself. Don't be hard on others.

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You asked yourself why am I not fulfilling my daily praise? Why am I not dressing appropriately? Why do I not worship Allah alone? Why do I have weaknesses of superstitious beliefs and so on? Why, why am I engaging in this? Ask yourself those hard hitting questions. But when it comes to others, guide them slowly they will come at their pace. if Allah wills and if you take a look at the other companions of Rasulullah saw some of the same applied. Let's take a step further from Holly dignan. When he what was the next step, they had the victory of Mecca, Abu sufian, who was the leader of the mccanns he was one of the one of the enemies of Islam, who was the leader of the armies, some of the

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armies that fought the muslimeen and the victory of Mecca when the Muslim men were marching on to Mecca with their power, their might their numbers, they would have wiped out anything in their path. And the Prophet peace be upon him says

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anyone who enters the house of Abu sufian is safe. Do not harm anyone who doesn't hold a weapon.

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Do not harm the women and the children and the elderly do not harm the one who doesn't want to fight you do not harm the one who's gone into the places of worship. Take a look at what the Muslim men are doing today in the name of Islam, places of worship

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stopzilla they are harming people in the places of worship, not only non Muslim, but muslimeen. This message was about non Muslims, non Muslims in their places of worship, no matter who and what they are worshiping the fact that they are in their places of worship, they are not supposed to be harmed by the lip of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam he says, Whoever enters their place of worship is supposed to be safe.

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What are we doing?

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Take a look at how we've become so hard hearted. We've turned away from the basic teachings of Islam.

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I'm not talking about us seated here, perhaps, but I'm talking about some activity that is happening in the name of Islam. Not in my name, not in yours, not in the name of Islam. That is incorrect. It's wrong.

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So, when people talk about following the example of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam the problem we have is a lot of people think that it's only connected to one aspect or two aspects. What about all this? What about what I've said today? Did you know that when we talk of the Sierra and the son of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, every aspect of your life is connected to it? every single aspect, whatever you've done, your Salah, you're walking, you're talking your cleanliness, what we could be speaking about the Sahara and cleanliness and how to wash and how to bail. And that would be the seal of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and his Sunnah. It would be because it's part and parcel of it.

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It's unique. It's amazing. But I believe that sometimes because of our weakness, we pick and choose, and then we label others, and then we look at others and start believing that we are better muslimeen than them. And this is where we falter. Let's keep on trying. Let's keep on having hope. But my brothers and sisters, there is always a turning point. In our lives, Allah does not leave a single human being without direct reminders to him or her in his or her life. It's not possible. The minute you arrive at the age of puberty,

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it's your duty to find Allah. It's your duty to look for him, and he will reach out to you because he says clearly, men atonium she say to her Wallah, there is a beautiful Hadith where he says, Whoever comes to me enhancement, I come to him a foot, whoever comes to me walking, I come to him rushing, it's impossible for you to look for your maker, and he's not looking for you.

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You look for him a little bit, you reach out to you, but those signs need to be translated and interpreted in the correct sense. Sometimes it's in the form of a calamity. Sometimes it's in the form of prayers being answered. You know how it feels when you hear at the university, and you've just written the most important examinations and you praying what happens? You become a good Muslim for a little while don't you? Mashallah. Yes, it is Oh, Allah, I promise you, I promise you your La Jolla and then you know, you see your boyfriend after what?

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Allah forgive us. It happens, doesn't it? Because why I need to pass my exams. The minute you see your results, hey, you back again.

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Forgive us, this is reality. Striking that was Allah reaching out to you. Allah says, You called out to me here I gave I gave it to you. What happened? You appreciate you thank Allah. You know, like we say,

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you can have a guy in your life, but you just need to regularize it. That's all.

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See those who've understood what it means? It's not an easy task. You can't have a guy. You know, you can have the woman of your dreams. You need to regularize it. It reminds me of a guy who came to invite everyone with a little card to say I'm getting married, getting married. I'm getting married to a to the king's daughter, the princess Oh, you're getting you getting married to the princess. And he used to just clean the streets. Yes, I am. How How did you do it? He says no, it's almost done. 50% confirm

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our 50% but I'm extremely happy. I'm just waiting for them to accept.

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Allahu Akbar, Allah help us Allah guide us.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala open our doors. But the point I'm raising is Allah creates things in our life. Sometimes you fail after you are calling out to Allah because Allah wants you to do better. While law is sometimes failure makes you a person who is much better in character. Do you know that you have people sometimes who develop an arrogance because they pass just like this? They develop an arrogance they become people who think hey, you know that's it is me. Thank you fans. Thank you all. You know, to be honest with you, Allah will wake you up one day to say you know what, you just one human being, you're going to return to me. These degrees are all temporary. They will help you for a

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few years. What's going to help you for the entire life after death is

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Your relationship with me. We're not saying don't become whatever you want to become become, but understand that that will only help you when you serve Allah through your field over and above serving Allah through what he has made obligatory upon you. So how I start as a Muslim, if I want to follow Mohammed Salah Salaam, I will start off with my obligations, I'll be a good Muslim, I'll try my best to fulfill my Salah to dress appropriately, my social relations need to be pure and clean and so on. I need to treat people with respect and what have you over and above that, if I am, for example, a doctor, I will ensure that I am honest, trustworthy, hard working, I serve dedicatedly,

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Muslim, non Muslim, whoever it is, even if you're a veterinary.

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You could enter Paradise through that. You want to hear the evidence. People say what you mean, I just look up the dogs. And I can enter heaven? The answer is perhaps Yes, it could be if your intentions are right, and you're doing it for the right reasons. compassion, being compassionate towards these animals. It's something great and grand.

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Listen, I'm not encouraging it. I'm actually just saying is permissible. That's all. I don't want people to give up medicine and say, right, we're becoming vitznau.

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Because if you take a look at the Hadith, it's the third time I'm mentioning it in this season of my presence in Cape Town of the woman who entered Jenna because she quench the thirst of a dog. What happened, she wasn't even a vet, a vet has spent a lot of time and when they go, you know to an ailing dog that is perhaps dying.

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And they, for example, administer some medication or whatever it be to that particular dog and the dog is doing well. And you can bark properly, you don't know what would happen.

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You weren't expecting that were you.

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And I was just telling Bianca here that you know when we got to when we got to talk for youth and the university students I enjoyed because I can just be myself. The minute you see old people were like gray hairs here, you know, you got to, I couldn't do what I just did.

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But the point is you get happy because the dog is once again on his feet walking around wagging his tail, whatever, and it's gone. So if Jenna and paradise was achieved by if Jenna and paradise was achieved by the quenching of the thirst of the dog, what if something more dedicated is provided for that dog? Don't you think there's a greater chance of getting genuine common sense? So Han Allah, we ask Allah to open our doors. So let's be hopeful. Let's try let's use our field to reach out to people Let's become better. And let's remember that sometimes because of our haughtiness and arrogance, Allah subhanho wa Taala knows that it's best for us not to get exactly what we want. And

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it brings me to one very interesting point.

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None of us not a single one of us will have everything we want on earth every time. No, not one, because we will not send to the earth in order to have whatever we want. There's a special place known as paradise where that will come.

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If we had what ever we wanted on Earth, what was the point of going to a place called heaven. But Allah says, you get whatever you want. You say, Well, I've already got whatever I want. There was no point. So Allah says, You coming here, we will just test you. Because if you watch carefully, some of you will pass away early, some pass away a little bit later. Some live a long, long life, and then they pass away, everyone passes away. Where are they going? Why is it that they were here so short, they're going somewhere, I was talking a few days ago to someone, a non Muslim, and they were speaking about death and how it is and I said, You know what, I believe that when we die, and we see

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what we get later on, we're going to tell ourselves, hey, I wasted too many years back there, it was such a dump. Back then meaning Beckwith here, sorry for calling this place a dump. But to be honest,

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you wouldn't know you have to have belief, you're going to a better place. You're a Mormon, you've believed in Allah. If he could give this to me, then definitely he's got something far better in store for me if he's told me that I believe it. Really. And so when I go there, I will be so delighted. stop fearing so much that you get depressed, I'm getting old, I might die, I might die. You're not you might die, you will die.

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And we're not saying that in a dooming, wavy, saying it in a reality hitting way. So kinda like to say look, just prepare, just praise Allah wherever you faulted ask Allah forgiveness, get back on the track and walk again in the right direction.

00:29:42 --> 00:29:59

Allah didn't say you won't falter. He knows your nature. He knows you personally. He knows your struggles. He hears you. He has a link with you remember this? That's Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is the teaching of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam he made people feel the love of Allah. He made people feel the connection.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:23

with Allah because he was connected with them. And he made the people feel that he was one of them, although he was far superior in the sense that he was the Messenger of Allah, the Most Noble of all prophets, the highest of all creation. But not once did. He says, You know what? I'm better than all you guys here know, the Hadith says, the prophets are seldom when he sat with people. He said, like he was one of them.

00:30:25 --> 00:30:30

Amazing. He said, like he was one of them. He treated everyone with the utmost respect.

00:30:32 --> 00:30:39

How many of us can do that to the others? I tell you one difficulty that we have in this room at the moment.

00:30:40 --> 00:30:44

We don't greet each other. No greeting whatsoever. No Salah

00:30:45 --> 00:30:58

unless you know the person or you want something from them, or perhaps they're wealthy or authority or popular or whatever else. Otherwise, there's no greeting. No, we have these faces that are all screwed up literally. No. stavola.

00:31:00 --> 00:31:11

And what happens? You look at the other person, you look away and you're gone. But you're a Muslim. You're a Muslim. Learn to Greek. I tell you. I've seen non Muslims do better than us.

00:31:12 --> 00:31:44

Well, I'm not joking. Morning, sir. They will tell you as they pass the morning, man. Good afternoon, they will tell you Hi. How you doing fine. You hear all these words, coming from non Muslims. They greet you. But you're a Muslim. You can treat a fellow Muslim. You can even greet others no one. I'm just a I'm my own person. Dry gold. That's it. It's me. Do you know that by greeting someone you actually engaging in a huge act of worship you achieving closeness to your maker because you share the same creator? Why do we call ourselves brothers and sisters?

00:31:45 --> 00:31:51

because firstly, it's in humanity. We have the same creator, we have the same forefathers.

00:31:53 --> 00:32:28

and thereafter, if you still share the same faith, you've got even more in common what we do today, we concentrate on the differences. That's all. I've got 15 million issues in common. Five differences. You my enemy. That's it. That's it. This is not the teaching of Mohammed Salah wa sallam, he sees the opportunity to look into all his companions. He used them for what they were keen in. Some of them could read and write he used to call them and tell them write down this revelation on some occasions. Some of them were experts. For example, in learning, he told him come here. I want you to learn this language and that language. I want you to do this and that they

00:32:28 --> 00:32:33

learned they memorized. Some of them were experts, for example, in sewing or in

00:32:34 --> 00:32:47

carpentry. He told him come with like a member and they made a member in a member the pulpit of Mohamed Salah. It was made by a carpenter, the experts. They were all experts. Some of them were business people, top businessmen.

00:32:48 --> 00:33:17

And he acknowledged it and then he went out and said, attack judo. sodoku Amina man Nabina was de nos Shahada masala. Hey, you know, a businessman who is honest and trustworthy will be resurrected with the messengers and the pious and the martyrs on the Day of Judgment. Wow. And what were you doing business? Let's see, I was a businessman, but I was honest. So from this, we learn whatever your field is no problem, study it, develop in it. You know, the sky is not even the limit. It's beyond the skies.

00:33:18 --> 00:33:35

But be a good Muslim. There must be a turning point in your life. You have to turn you have to come close to Allah subhanho wa Taala. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala His goodness, and we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to open our doors akula mata sallallahu wasallam albaraka and Amina Muhammad

00:33:36 --> 00:33:38

Rasul Allah, Allah blah

The importance of considering Prophet SAW as role model in all aspects of life is highly recommended and emphasized in this particular talk in addition to being patient towards the turning point of goodness in others quoting an example of a famous powerful companion, Khalid Ibn Waleed, not to harm people in places of their worship, connection between every aspect of our life to the sunnah and seerah of Prophet SAW and steps to follow Prophet SAW.

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