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Jumuah today in Durban, South Africa. Apologies for the sound quality.


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hyena in our

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we praise Allah subhana wa tada we asked him to bless us in every single way, we send complete blessings upon the Muslim ummah.

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And we ask Allah Subhana, Allah to grant us minister him, not only this junior or in this world, but even when we pass away.

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My brothers and sisters in Islam,

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we need to ask ourselves a very serious question.

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The serious question is, what is our aim in life? What is your aim in life? What do I want out of this life? The truth is there is only one answer for a belief there is no two answers. The answer? Well, if you were to ask those who don't believe, they will probably tell you, I need to get good results. I need to have a good salary, I want to have a beautiful spouse, I want to have children, I want to perhaps be able to afford a beautiful house go on a luxury HOLIDAY Every year one or two, perhaps I want to have a cook so I don't need to cook, I want to have so many people who work for me, I want to be driving the most luxury of cars, I want to have the latest operators. I want to

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have, you know, when we say operators, we're talking of technological advancement, we want to be up to date with it, we want to have that which is Tip Top, I want to dress in the most beautiful conspicuous weight and I want the best smell.

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And I really would like health that is going to be so beautiful. So I'm going to have perhaps a personal trainer, I will have a little gym of my own, I will be able to eat healthy and I will be able to look well and that's it My life is.

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The truth is a lot of our young children would give you a similar

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That's the truth. They would be running after phones, perfumes, clothing, items, cars, and so many other things. And that is a reality. But worse than that some of us have a similar answer. Let's face facts, we lose reality, we lose track of what is definitely going to come. So I want to today, inshallah, in the next few minutes, take myself down the path of reality, to answer that question through a whole lecture, inshallah.

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It's located. Say I achieved everything I just mentioned. Now I call it a day comes when I die. Some people don't even like the topic of death. The reason is, they say this chair this molar, he dooms us when it comes to talk, he actually tells us that which makes us feel like we already did as we leave. The two things that have been the prophets, Allah tells us to continue engaging in a reality check through the millage

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increase the mention or the remembrance of that which will destroy all those ones that I just mentioned. Now moments ago, all the desires I want to have, you know, you asked a man who's married affect that brother house like you say, I'm the happiest man, Mashallah, that's a beautiful answer. But he's looking for another wife.

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It's the truth.

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So sometimes the women intentionally keep you unhappy, so that you don't look for an hour. And that was

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the point I'm trying to raise by this is, no matter what we have, in terms of bliss, we're looking for more, if any of us from meaning any of us here now has earned so much wealth that we didn't dream in our lives that we were going to earn that much. Honestly speaking, don't you want more? Aren't you not really satisfied? You could be a millionaire, you pluck your first million before you ever tripped? Now did you stop? answer's no. So if you would have had everything we spoke about, you get the millions you went on the holidays you even with hygiene aroma, and you did whatever else you wanted. A day will come when you stand in you and Allah alone, you are standing in front of Allah.

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then what's going to happen you will be asked the question and so will I look we sent you into the dunya into the world.

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Do you even know why research? Do you even know the purpose? Do you know that all these things I mentioned moments ago, they are just the deception of the world, there are so many people who've led happier lives than those who have had everything, yet they also died. How did they achieve that contentment and happiness, my brothers and sisters, you will only achieve that contentment through the link with the one who made you in the first place and sent you on a mission.

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We existed before birth, did you know that we are alive and the souls were alive before birth in a different place all together, the only details of which we would know in the Hadith and in the Quran, the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So we existed, then the same maker who created those souls, he put the souls into these little bodies that we have today. And he said, I'm sending you on a mission. And don't lose focus. Because here's the mission. When you when your game is over, we're going to build your pack, and then we're going to see your score.

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And at the end of it, we will give you a prize, we will give you a trophy. Now I have set back and I'm sure you have. And we've seen how

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not only the little children are so enthusiastic when it comes to games, and PlayStation and so on. Some of us here who are adults are guilty of playing so many games that our wives are complaining, some of the wives, they actually are seeking divorce because they save a marriage, the man is married to the games for days playing in front of the screen. It's sad. It's embarrassing for us to say this, but it's the reality. However, we don't even learn from the game that you know what? When you play a game, how long does it last game, you're lucky you have one life two lives, perhaps a third life. And it's always this game over it flashes at you. And it makes a lot I don't think I

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play but we know when we were kids we used to play. So at that stage, if you take a careful look at it, the game is over and who's the winner, the one during the game who was able to score the most, and you move from one to the other the latest of games, you would find the lock to you the next stage, you got to open it by clocking it. And then you clock the next one. And the next one. A few days ago, my son was showing me a game where you fly airplanes. And at a certain point, you got to pay money to actually fly an aircraft of your choice. And it's just again, it's on the phone. So they make money because the child convinces that a dad you know what, this is an EKG Come on, it's

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only cost materials. Can you use your credit card or something unless you don't play Sahara Allah, the lesson I always derive from these things is that we in life are in something much more important than a game. It's a reality. It's something Allah has put us into, but some of the rules are similar. Do you know that some of the rules are similar, what kind of rules is a starting point and is a game over point and you have to score as many goals as possible. And you know what the beauty is certain things will give you a boosts you know you get a promotion. For example, you have the far right that which is compulsory, which you need to definitely do when you do that, there will be two

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things involved. One is to fulfill your duty and to Allah so you're not sinful for that. But depending on how you fulfill it, you can talk a greater mileage we have all come for prayers for Salah right? So we will see. But if we fulfill it with maximum concentration, we were enthusiastic about coming here we arrived with a clean heart We fought the hatred and jealousy that we have against whoever else it was once you will come to the mosquito that when we leave this house of Allah, we are in a pure happy state. If that is the case, we definitely deserve more as a bonus in terms of reward and the person who merely came to fill and walked out. But May Allah subhanho wa

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Taala grant us the understanding. You know, sometimes when you're playing a little computer game, you might find at a certain point, if you do so well then they give you a promotion and you go up to another point that you perhaps clocked bonus points of 20 or 50 and so on, we have bonus points. But again, it's not a game. It is something that is the most real of everything because

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on a game or even a game you can always start again and you can always say okay, let me play again. This you have one chance, but you know beautiful the chances Allah says one of the best ways of scoring points is to just say I'm sorry.

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I'm sorry, here we referring to Toba and there is a way of doing it. One of the best ways of scoring points Say for example, I passed up somewhere and I made a big mistake I committed a huge sin. Allah says hang on you still

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Like you still have a chance the game is over. So what do you do you admit that you are wrong.

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You ask for forgiveness, you regret it, and you say you won't do it again, guess what we will do for you. We deleted and we give you bonus points. So

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we deleted me give you bonuses. This is why my brothers and sisters, if any one of us feels like they've committed a sin, that will not be forgiven, then they have definitely gone into the trap of shaytan. Because that's what shaytan wants us to think and to feel, you know what, you've done something very, very bad. And this is no chance. Now when that happens, you think your game is over. So there's no more enthusiasm. But this is why when we

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came with this beam for us, one of the most important points that he drove home was never lose hope in the mercy of Allah. He had hope, even with the machete king of Mecca, a Buddha had to suffer at the time, he was not even known at that time is only a bummer. But because of that hope, because of the enthusiasm because of the constant to add to Allah. That is how we all today obviously mean by the help of Allah subhana wa Tada. So don't lose hope. Turn back to Allah. Don't worry, for as long as your game is not over in terms of death, you still have a lot of hope, you can still get to what you are supposed to be aiming for. So what is it that is my goal in life?

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You can read it in two different ways. You can either just say paradise, which is correct. So if I were to ask you, why will you make what is your goal in life? The true answer of a believer is paradise. One word. That's my goal. Because when I have achieved whatever I wanted in this life, and I did

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I know what I do know I share with you something. Some atheists sent me an email not too long ago. And he told me something that now I can use really as mo basically, against those who are atheists, he tells me Look, I do not believe in God. But once I am alive, and I've become very old now I've done what ever I desired to do in my whole life. Everything I wish to do, I've done it. I've heard it all now and I'm at the point where I am worried about

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I'm worried about him. So he says that I need help understanding what's going to happen. Immediately, I pounced on the point. And I responded to him saying you actually do believe in God just admitted.

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The reality is if you're worried about death, now, all these years, you will not worry why you had energy. You had power. You had cloud, you had eyesight you had boom, you have so much of the worldly terms. I was a solid man, I drove the best cars at 240. I paid the fines or whatever. Or I worked my way around in one phone call and it was squashed. That's the word they use a buck. Can you squash it for me? I can do it. I'm sure you've heard that. Don't worry, we'll squash it for you. Well, they've now come up with new methods that you cannot squash. But the lesson from all this is you enjoy your life now that you own your age, you become great. You standing at the point of death. Why are you so

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worried about what's to come if you really do not believe there's a God.

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So it's affect every one of us when we get old.

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But the point is, how many people around us the gains have been kept before they got old. They passed away before they were born. And then what happened? So how the law We ask Allah have mercy upon them, and to let their death be a means of lesson for us to live our lives in a way that we score as many goals as possible every single day. I've said and I repeat that life really is like the hourglass, you know, the hourglass, the stained glass. As your stand around for you. The amount of sand in your glass is determined and the grains begin to go down. They will not stop. But can I tell you what, you don't know when that hourglass is going to come to an end? Someone will just tell

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you Oh, should I say you will be told at the time right? It's over? It's gone. Let's see your score. What did you score? That's exactly what happens.

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Together the score. So now you see some kind of love. This one's got Salah. He's got a lot of Toba. Wow, what a big point, big boy. He has the love of the messenger salallahu alayhi wasallam in his heart, that's a big bonus to kind of love. That's a huge point. He has so much of silent deeds. He has the office, he helped the widows without an ulterior motive. You know, sometimes you say hey, what do you do? Brother says I have all those in the city. How do you help him? Because you don't want to know.

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Protect us. That is a disaster. But the truth is you

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Hoping for the sake of alarm clock points, you have them for some other reason, then you may achieve that reason. But when you stand at the point of death and all your scores are being gathered, you won't really have many points. In fact, it might be minus points.

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So, these points are added up at that particular stage. And this is why we say the second way of working if I were to ask you, what is your aim in life, you say the pleasure of Allah. That's also the same wording. One might say paradise, one might say the pleasure of Allah, you might take a look at it. Some might say there's a difference between the two. But the reality is, one is with the other one comes with the other. Will you get your trophy? May Allah grant us the best in terms of the trophies of the academy give us the companionship of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the area that is not impossible, my beloved brothers and sisters, not impossible. I tell you, we stand a

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better. The reason is, we have come 1400 years later, we still believe in it, we still have the passion, we still have the flame in our hearts when it comes to the love of

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And we haven't seen meaning we haven't seen him as in we are not from amongst the Sahaba in this world of companions and allies, if you stand the chance of being with him, why and alone.

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A person will be with whom he dearly passionately, correctly loves Allah grant us that in the true sense. I mean, so when when we look at what we are supposed to be achieving in life, my brothers and sisters, we need to strike a certain balance, what is the balance, the balance is

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what God has

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goodness in this world, goodness in the life

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then we've said and protect us from the

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punishment of the Fire. So now it's no longer 5050 because there was one too after the dunya there was wondering as to the meaning one for this word, and one for the next. Then there was another, also for the next you see the difference. So now there's two for the euro and one for the dunya. So I would like to think that that is a message for me. And for all of us to say you know what, you're off balance. Two thirds of everything you do must be preparation for reality that's to come. And one third because I have to live in the world Mashallah. We are not saying that because I'm a believer. I need to drive a 1960 jalopy perhaps out there. No, we're not saying because I believe I need to

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attach the clothes. I'm not allowed to use perfume. I'm not allowed to look well. No, you are but never lose focus. That's the point. That's what we started with. be focused and be determined. So do not let your little breaks that you have in between make you think that that is the real life? No, the real life is the real life is that which is to come at the point of death. Do you know there are billions of people who've died before us billions who died before us and do you know there will come a day no matter when and I have to go You have to go the other day I was talking to a youngster and he tells me you know why do I get a feeling that I can't go right now? I said well that's not only

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you sometimes we all get that feeling well you know what we know deep down a luck and take us anytime but the way we live our lives

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you know a person who's planning for example to

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protect us or we may Allah create an obstacle miraculously whenever we plan something wrong so that it's just blocked

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to be honest with you sometimes human nature makes us plan things that are perhaps not so grand let me give you an example. A person says you know what, it's time for Salah everything just now that word just now means don't worry I mean check plans plan for now let's see if I can that's what it means. If you say there's a lot of time for so I really just know I promise you that just now is the first step of intervening to say plans plan. So and we are telling ourselves I'm going to get out of it now don't get it in the first place. It's all out there let me read it and then I'll do what I was doing before because if I die in the nose

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always fortunate

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who told me that you know there was a day when

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he was thinking of missing salah and sometimes what happens we become great Julius salah and Chetan comes in make us irregular once again, erratic, you achieve so much. And because of one or two things that have happened in your life, you just go back you know people quit smoking and suddenly they go back to you and you change the heart. Why? Because Muslims were supposed to be coming closer and closer to our grave. When I stand I can tell ya I have my weaknesses. But you know, I tried so hard cut cut cuts. Just the intention will reward you upon it. If you intended that look, I

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definitely getting up with the heavy and you die before that, do you know that the reward of it is written already, even though you died before, that's the heat that will be written next to your name. Although you died before during May Allah subhanho wa Taala granted to us so the beauty of this is when Allah has blessed us with so much we must be focused, we have to really understand we are all going to go like I was saying moments ago that I was telling one youngster at the same time, so says, I don't feel like I need to go right now. I said, Okay, do me a favor.

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If you think you're going to live forever, there's two or three things you need to ask yourself.

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Everyone before you who has gone, they were perhaps healthier than you wealthier than you. They're stronger than you in one way or another. They all have to go. Okay, so you give yourself how old you would like to live up to tell yourself. So say for example, let's be THUMBS UP 100 years, I want to live for 100 years. Okay, number one, number two is tell us how do you want to die? At that point?

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Think carefully what I'm asking, how long do you want to live? And how do you want to die? Choose it? Think about it and think about it hard for the rest of today. How long do you want to live? And how do you want to die? Do you know man's true answer. I want to live forever. I don't want to die. I don't even want to think of how I'm going to go do you a favor, we'll take you in we know it's right for you to go. And we'll take you the way we know it's best for you to go.

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This is why whether it is a murder, whether it is whatever else, whether it is a car crash, whether it is a heart attack, whatever it is, that's our plan. Because if we were to be given a choice, we would not even want to go even after 200 years. Come on, it's just 200 years here. So Pamela says you know what you agreed to between 60 and 70. We will take you how we want that's why my brothers and sisters, those of us who've lost loved ones, how they went to spend a lot he knows when they went to spank a lot he knows it was the right time, the right way to go.

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Just remain gang and also going to the same place. But I've just made it clear we have no choice regarding when and how because Had we been given a choice we would have dilly dally, we wouldn't even have answered that question.

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My brothers and sisters, I want to remind myself and yourself and this was the whole aim of today's talk was focused upon what the reality is in the dunya you will have to you will have to go perhaps to get your level of qualification, your degree your job and Mashallah some will be given more others will be given less. Bottom line is not how much you have in terms of material wealth, while it is the contentment of the arts. Bottom line is how happy you are in science. Think of it. If I am a happy person, even if I am mediocre middle class living, low class living, and I'm happy inside, what more can I ask? I'm going to go when I go to millions, I'm not really going to help. I met a

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certain uncle who one day told me you know what you write. When I thought to myself when I was younger, the first million I earned, I'm going to now quit, and I will retire out I'll be safe for another 20 years. So the first millionaire guess what happened? The currency started crashing. And then he says when I earned a million I said no man, you know what, this is not enough. I need another million. And I was blaming the currency. But he says that time I have so little that to me a million was a big deal. When you get a million, it's like a dog. It's like one grand, it's no more a big amount, it becomes smaller. So if you think about what you have, and then down to says, I got to

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a stage where I earned 100 million. Wow. And he says, when people used to ask the question around, you know, I used to appease myself to answer with me to dinner and preparing for my children. They came on stage and I said I'm sitting with my grandchildren.

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And then I told him I said you know what? Forget about your grandchildren, your children, they will come with their own sustenance, worry about your own gender. What have you done for him? He says no, no, no, definitely I want to stop giving out in the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala I want to do this and I want to do that I want to become closer and this I said the way to get closer to Allah

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and take from them the goodness and excuse them for their weakness, something. If you want to get close to Allah, you get close to the uncondition that you take from them the goodness and the human weakness excuse me for it. You don't take a weakness of a man. I'm a human being. I may have false I do have false. So you think that's my man. So let's go and you'll find me doing one or two things that are not befitting perhaps a person of you know who is looked up to you have to realize

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Human Nature made the man do this.

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But the rest of the goodness that the person has come up with the man is to try. Let's take this from him. And this example is for all that

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allows you to question you, you want to be close to Allah be close to those who have studied the DEA, those who have studied

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abroad so they can give it to you because to them, but remember, they are not prophets of Allah, they will have weaknesses. So what a man does, he comes to us and says, you know, is not a single scholar in the whole country who nobody says something bad about. So just leave these guys, let's do our own thing. If that's the case, we dilly dally on the road, the GPS is there. It might take you down a different route. But at the end of the day, it's going to take you to your destination, it shows you where it is, you know, sometimes you punch in the GPS and it takes you down the road and brings you back up the road and you're wondering, but I could have just gone this way here. Why did

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he do this? But ask yourself why didn't he take you to your destination finally.

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So you make friends with the correct company, the right people, you destination each other is there by the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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perhaps you might have gone a little bit further and come back, excuse all that may Allah Subhana Allah bless us. Why am I saying this? Because that helps us focus. When your friends are wrong. You lose focus in the way that you think you're focused, but you're not. You think your focus. And you start helping yourself by saying, You know what, I listen to beats everyday, but Allah, I just heard this.

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And you know what, this drugs I'm having every day, it's okay, because I know.

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There's other guys that you can use anyway. So what's the difference?

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This whole is part of the plan of the devil. Don't get sucked in, learn. I'm gonna use the word game, learn the game. But remember, it's more important than a game. Learn what life is all about. And I end off by asking the same question my brothers and sisters, what is your purpose in this life? What is what do you want to achieve? At the point of death, you will be able to tell yourself you know what, this is what I've done. What is my last time with Allah bless us. Maybe open our doors