Church can’t save Will Smith – Andrew Tate – (Will Smith smacks Chris Rock over Jada Pinkett)

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The collapse of the Islamic calendar and desire for women to respect men led to a "has been before" approach to religion, where one thinks they are a Christian and another thinks they are a Muslim. The "has been before" concept used in various cultures is discussed, along with a video about the "has been before" concept used in various cultures. While some people may not want to see women, men need to believe in the church of God to stay focused on their beliefs.

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Will Smith love Yu Gi Jane too? Can't wait to see it. Alright

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Dallas i That was a nice one. Okay. I'm out here. Oh, Regina.

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Oh, wow. Wow.

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Will Smith to snap out of it

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name out your

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Wow, dude. Yeah, it was a GI Jane junkie, my wife's name

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I'm going to Okay. And some of the things that she's been through, you know with his marriage and that do you think he could have benefited from the from the system the way of this way of life we're talking about? Absolutely he could have I mean, look, look at the absolute he's become a laughingstock he was the coolest guy in the world, right? Everyone loved Will Smith before his wife completely destroyed him and wrecked him. It's, it's, it's really crazy to me. Because we live in a world now where you have to be real. I want us to correct language here, you have to be an animal's a man. And I mean, you have to be like a real top shelf top to your man to make sure that you can

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get through life in the western world without either being embarrassed by a female cheated on by a female to still enjoy the company of females to not have anyone trying to take you to court or destroy you. Like, if you're the top top 1% Like I've done fine, then you can do it. Right. But for the for the average man in the West, outside of the idea of an Islamic marriage, for example. There's basically no hope. There's no hope. Like, what are you going to do? What are you going to pull off? It's incredible. And and I know a bunch of guys who who are Christian, and they go to the church, and their Christian wives cheat on like, the church ain't gonna save you. It's this is what

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I mean. Like, there's no there's no fate. There's nothing there. And it's kind of Yeah, it's incredible. And you like you say you talk about Will Smith, I think a lot of people can benefit from the entire Islamic worldview. I think it's I think it's beneficial to society as a whole. And we look at if you want to look at countries, I'd love to actually do this study, maybe you know better than me. But if you're to look at countries in terms of police expenditure to crime, I would I would guarantee that the Islamic countries, the ones we just talked about, the first world ones are some of the safest countries on earth per capita for the amount of money they spend trying to police

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crime, whereas in other countries, we're just spending unlimited money trying to stop crime, we can't stop. Women don't respect many more men don't really want the women besides, for one night stand. No one's having children, no one's having families, no one's satisfied or fulfilled, which is why they want to take drugs and do stupid things and degenerate themselves. And everything spirals into the other, right? Humans need higher purpose. And and this is the thing, I'll be completely honest with you, my friend, I was an atheist for a long time. I really was I was an atheist for a long time. And I didn't truly really believe in God until about maybe seven, eight years ago, I

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thought I was a smart ass and thought I you know, atheist, bla, bla, bla, and then God start showing Himself to me in many ways, whichever religion he's from, but then I realized that people need something to believe in all these people who are atheist. They're they believe in climate change, and abortion, law and COVID more than anybody else, they have their beliefs, they have their religions, liberalism, and their religion is a religion of absolute degeneracy. You know, like, look at the things they purport look at how hard they tried to convince the world that it's a good idea that we eat the bugs and climate change, and that people change gender and all this other garbage.

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So everyone needs something higher to believe it. And I think that these

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I mean, I correct me if I'm wrong is Islam is not even as old as Christianity, right? It's not even that old is it? Well, it goes a little deeper, if I can just take a second and kind of run it down to you see, what we believe is that you have the first man Adam, and he was told to submit his will, to the crater alone without associates not to worship a stick of stone, a bone or anything creation. So we believe that Islam started with the first man Adam, then that concept of submission to the will of one and only one God, not worshiping your desires, not worshiping a human being. Anything in creation, was the same way of life that was preached in teached.

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With every messenger that God Almighty sent, and from Abraham, no, Moses, you name it all many of the biblical prophets, they all call their people to worship one and only one God and to submit their will like the Lord's Prayer, you hear the Lord's Prayer, our Father in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done. We say this is Islam. So just like at that time, if Abraham was asked, if he ever heard this term human, he was a human, but he never heard the human, that term human. But now, if, if he was a human he was same thing if you there's a verse in the Quran where God Almighty is saying, Abraham, Abraham, he wasn't a Jew or a Christian, but he was one

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who submitted his will

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God Almighty that's what a Muslim is because people get that's why these defining these terms is so important because you know you're sitting Muslim you think an Arab in a desert. You think Islam, it's like some religion just it's a new religion that started with Muhammad. No, no, we say it started with the first met Adam, it continued with Moses, Abraham, Jesus, peace be upon them. They all call people to Islam to submit your will to the will of God, and they were all Muslims, they were all ones who submitted their will to one and only one God. You know, it's a simple, it's very simple to understand very, very, you know, and then when you mentioned, God, that it goes with the

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innate nature, there's a beautiful verse in the Quran, where it's, that's 112 chapter it says, quote, who Allah had all along.

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Solomon lemmya Lee dollar moon, what a miracle loan Khufu

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say he is God the one and only the the unique, the eternal, he gets not noisy, begotten, meaning that he's not born of of anyone, nor does he die. He doesn't have children a DNA of zip code and area code No. And there's nothing comparable to him. Nothing, nothing. If you cannot compare anyone or anything to God. This is the pure monotheism. This is what distinguishes Islam for every other Islam is the pure monotheism.

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So I hope I answered your question. So we say it's not a new religion started with Mohammed, it just the finality, he would just define a messenger completing it with the living miracle that we have today, which is the Quran because Jesus had his time to prove he was a messenger, he did certain miracles. And but if you were to ask an atheist today, show me those miracles, you couldn't show them, but we believe in them. But today, anyone who tastes a scientific analytical approach they will see from the preservation of the Quran, to the prophecies, you know, to many of the scientific statement, there's, you know, the, the literary miracle of the Quran, you know, there's just too

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many things, that it doesn't add up that this would come from a human just a human being. So it's not blind faith in Islam, you take you use the faculties that God Almighty gave you, you look into the Quran, you look into the life of probably Muhammad, and then like myself, and many you're like, This is not possible. This can come from a human being and then you submit, do you have a lot of Christians who convert or change? Do you have that along? Because you can go and watch you know, I got hundreds I've been doing this since the early 2000s. We got hundreds and hundreds of programs with people. I have a good friend he's from Romania is Gibreel Romani, Gabriel Romani. He's somebody

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who was a Christian, and he accepted Islam, you have tons of tons of tons of stories of people, same thing who were struggling with, with many of the concepts of God that are out there. And then they looked into they looked into all the different different religions like myself, and they saw that Islam just made the most sense, like you're saying the things that it fix the problems, you know, if society gave solutions, not only how to go to the from the smallest things, how to go to the bathroom, to how to run your home, and how to run a country, everything is laid out, and it doesn't make sense that this human being could have came up with these things, you know? Yeah, it's true.

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It's absolutely it's absolutely interesting, and that's where the base of my faith comes from my respect for it all.