The Motivation Honeymoon #shorts

Muhammad Alshareef


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The speaker describes a situation where someone tries to crash and releases a rock, causing damage to the person they are supposed to serve. The speaker suggests that this behavior is considered disrespectful and may lead to deadly accidents.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. This Muhammad Sharif, when we think of motivation when we're starting something new and exciting, we kind of think of it like a marriage where we live happily ever after. Sorry to wake you up sleeping beauty, but this isn't Disney motivation instead works like a honeymoon. You might be excited for one weekend, one month, maybe even one year, you're excited. But there's gonna come a time when you got to get to normal life and things aren't so rosy and they're not so sweet. Think of it like this. If you get on a motorcycle with no helmet, no guards on your legs, you're wearing sandals, you're assuming that you're never going to crash. Now

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the problem happens when you do crash. You're probably going to die. Rather than acting like that. Assume that a crash might happen and in the case of motivation, it will happen and prepare for it in advance by putting