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Friday Khutbah

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The transcript discusses the use of words in the Quran and their importance in teaching. The title "vest out" is used to teach actions taken by individuals and references a book called "Sup meme" that describes the presence of Earth and its importance. The importance of guidance and praying is emphasized, as well as the use of the holy eye and the need for people to start fasting. The transcript also touches on distraction and misguided speech in Islam, and gives advice on reading and writing the Quran.

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In Alhamdulillah nama do who want to stay in who want to study he want to still follow on although below he died I mean surely on fusina or sejahtera Molina mejor de la Fela mobile Allah or minute little fella ahead the Allah wa shadow

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Illa Illa Maha hula Sharika Why should one know Mohamed Abu Matsudo

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Johan Sutopo, Bakula? The halacha Kumi Nuptse Wahida wahala come in has au Jaha or betheme in humeri JALEN Cathy Ron one is

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what topple la la vita sir ser Aluna be one or ham in Allah haka La Cumbre peba

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Johan Levina, Amano taka la have Puttaparthi what are the Mouton Illa unto Muslim moon?

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Johan Latina Armando tapa Allah, it duck allah how abou colons Dida your

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lokomo field lecan uno bacame mejor para la hora Sula, who for cada affairs Fosun now vema for Mama Dufay nos dokkan Hadith the Kitab Allah He shall lower Allah or higher and Hadiya do Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam well in the short run more remote to her Akula modesetting Buddha or couldn't be Dotson Bala Wakulla Bala let him see now. Gianni La Jolla Camilla now Samba my bad or praise and thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa taala. And may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon His servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as follows My dear respected brothers in Islam, today's brief Hopa is going to be about a warning that Allah subhanho

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wa Taala gives in the Quran the dangers of idle, distracting speech or disease and how it distracts. We're going to explain the Nilla Hidayatullah and we're going to do this from the best of words that Allah azza wa jal revealed and that is the Quran and from the opening act of solid Look, man, so let's look at the beginning of surah. Look, man and then move into these AI that Allah subhanho wa Taala teaches us about the danger of idle distracting speech. Allah azza wa jal begins the soul of Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Ali flag, meme le flare meme Lord my God in this area le flare meme, it is made up of disjointed letters Alif Lam Meem and within this area there is a challenge for every

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disbeliever there is a challenge for everyone who rejects the Quran and opposes the Quran, as though Allah subhanho wa Taala is seeing this Quran that you have is made up of Elif lamb and meme and it's made up of girth her Yeah, I insert and it's made up of these letters that you use in your daily speech yet surprisingly until this day, no one can come with a Quran like this Quran and no one can bring a single sooner like this Quran has enough swag and no one can bring an idea like the I had that I found in this Quran. Ali flair mean there is power in this. There is certainty for the believer when he reads le flair meme letters that people use everyday in their speech. And yet until

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this day, no one can come up with the Quran like this powerful start to the solar powerful start Alif Lam Meem we hear Allah azza wa jal instilling in the believer certainty in the Word of Allah subhanahu wa taala le Fleming These are the words that made up AYATUL kursi which is the greatest AI in the Quran. These are the same letters that made up the the sewer Surah Al Baqarah, la Milan, these are the letters that Allah subhanho wa Taala would speak Surah Surah Al Anam that 70,000 angels came down with these are the letters cauliflower meme, very simple yet no one can come up with a Quran like this Quran. Allah azza wa jal is teaching us the power of what we have the

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strength and the firmness of what we have this Quran and flair meme also in this area Alif Lam Meem There is Allah azza wa jal is teaching us submission, submission in this area. Alif Lam Meem how? You know, when we read Alif Lam Meem we read these ayat desire and we seek Allah's reward for what we read cauliflower meme, we are seeking 10 100 For every letter, this is what we're seeking, we're seeking 30 Hassan, when we read cauliflower meme, we worship Allah by reciting these letters. Yet all of us don't understand what alafair mean beans, but we still worship Allah and we still expect reward from Allah. So in the same manner, Allah is training us to submit the his command when Allah

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subhanho wa Taala commands the believers, the believing woman, for example, Bill Asia up even though she doesn't understand what it is submit and expect Allah

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reward from it. We pre select the lovely three Oh God, if you don't understand why three here, fetcher? Why is it so early to like? Why is all this if you if you don't understand anything of what Allah saw as your legislated and you still worship Allah, even though you don't understand what you're doing, out of submission to Allah azza wa jal. This is what the disjointed letters in the Quran are teaching. Every time you read elaflex meme, you know that you're worshiping Allah by reading these letters, and that you want to hasard but you don't even understand what it is. And no one understands what they are only Allah azza wa jal in the same manner, you teach yourself if

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there's something in the deen you cannot understand. You cannot comprehend. You don't understand. Why did Allah azza wa jal legislate such a thing? Why is this thing for example, we're supposed to abide by it? Why do we have to keep away from a river? Why do we have to keep away from a Xena? I don't understand, I don't know you submit to Allah azza wa jal is command. In the same manner you read Le flare meme worshipping Allah by reading these letters and expecting reward from Allah azza wa jal powerful start in the Surah Al e flare meme Allah azza wa jal is teaching us how the Quran is enough for us. Then Allah azza wa jal he says, till till Kitab in Hakeem didn't care, these are that

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Allah azza wa jal referring to the Quran is seeing in this Quran, there are Earth. Al Kitab and Hakeem this Quran it collects the Earth are full of wisdom to care is a pointing word. And when you refer to something that is found in Arabic You say Tilka when you're referring to something far you say Tilka if something is close, you say her there for Allah azza wa jal refers to this Quran with a pointer that is found implying the highness of the Quran and the loftiness of this Quran. And what makes this Quran special and unique, what makes it unique and special. Al Kitab and Hakeem Allah azza wa jal described it as Hakeem it's full of wisdom, every single idea of 6236 hours, they are

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all full of wisdom. And you know, we're living in a time where we need wisdom. We are all in need of wisdom. People don't know how to give advice to each other. People don't know how to speak to each other. If you're in need of wisdom, turn to the Quran and find the wisdom that Allah azza wa jal teaches you, he will advise you and he'll teach you in the best of speech. And in the best of ways, this is the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala This is why we need to read this Quran and to teach this Quran and to preach this Quran till till Kitab you know the word Al Kitab you all know that it means book, but the word Kitab it comes from Jani Tekken double OHMYGOSH demo, GitHub means when a set of

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things are combined and placed in one place, and Allah subhanahu wa Tada is telling us, this book combines at that wisdom that all wisdom and put in one place with the care devil home is HTML. It's like when people get together an army, they get together. And if an army gets together, and they all won, and they are all on the same, on the same mind and on the same mindset and same level of thinking, and same power and seems strength. If an army is like this, and they're released on an enemy that will crush them, they'll destroy them for this neuron

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that came together. That became like an army describing strength. If it's through on a person that is affected by diseases of desire and doubt, it will destroy them it will melt them from the heart from his heart and he comes out strong with Eman and certainty in Allah subhanho wa Taala This is

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Hakeem. And of course the ayat are full of wisdom, because they came from Al Hakim subhanahu wa taala. If Allah azza wa jal is an Hakim, therefore he will only reveal that which is full of wisdom, which is full of hikma, he'll get a apple Kitab Hakeem Allah azza wa jal, then he says, who don't want Ramadan lilmar seen that this Quran is Buddha. It is guidance, guidance, and what this guidance mean. Guidance means there's stability here, there is firmness, you cannot mislead and misguide and go straight from the straight path. Who didn't end until this day we still have people confused. Can you still have Muslims confused? Should I go to the bank and take a loan and purchase a house?

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Should I wear the scarf today? Or tomorrow? Should I start praying now or later? Should I start fasting Monday is this week? Well let me start after Ramadan. Should I start reading Quran today? Hold on let me wait there's two more months left for them about why the confusion when the Quran is Buddha, Polina Huda hood Allah, Polina luda hood Allah,

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Allah azza wa jal, he says see that the guidance is the guidance of Allah course there is no other path to look for. There is no other way to look for why is the conflict

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In the people's life, why? When the Quran is described as who done and that and when they love him, this is great guidance because it's coming from Allah subhanho wa Taala who created all of us and He knows all our needs within what I met done little mercy Nene and he's a mercy, God mercy. What does it mean that the Quran is the Mercy can give you stability in life? The tranquility, peace, calmness. This is what this is Allah's mercy on the people. The day Allah azza wa jal revealed the Quran, it was the day Allah azza wa jal His mercy came down. Why wouldn't Madden lil Mycenaean but this Quran is only a guidance and it is only a mercy for the Mercy Deen. In other words, only the

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person is going to benefit from the guidance and the wisdom and the mercy of the Quran. When we're studying. Kathy you don't have Sadat, and my sin is the one who has a lot of good deeds. He's always striving and struggling to do good deeds and to amount and us and collect these good deeds. This is an wasini but almost seeming specifically specifically what kind of good deeds do they commit to Allah azza wa jal says in the next Levina up Muna Salat, we tune zakat on Bill karate whom you can and we've seen more specifically, they are those who establish the prayer. Even Heather he's always praying. Why? Because it's the most beloved detail Allah subhanahu wa taala

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the Allahu Anhu asked the Navy sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said to him, What is the best and most beloved detail Allah He said to him are solid if you work there, the prayer in its time, it's the most beloved detail Allah will tune a circuit and they are continuously giving him sadhaka you Ki Moon and your tune is a present tense, which implies continuity. It is always happening everyday it's happening. They don't give up. Whether the situation whether the financial situation is difficult, or it's easy, doesn't matter. They are continuously giving because they are giving Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah azza wa jal is accepting from them and He will reward them for that the end

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of this air welcome Bill, karate whom you can own and concerning the hereafter, they are absolutely certain. They deal with Allah with certainty.

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Every time they say Subhan Allah, they ascertain that Allah has planted for them a palm tree in the Paradise, every time they pray, 10 black God or another the opinion 12 like that, other than the fourth, which are the suelen before and after the prayers, they asserted that Allah has built for them a palace in the Paradise, humble karate whom you can own. Thank you, sir certain that when they make dua, Allah has heard them and He will answer them the way he wants. Not someone who is testing Allah and trying Allah.

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He some people they see to whatever you're going to advise me, I have already heard of it before. Give me something new that you're not dealing with Allah with certainty

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won't be known and look at this. The Quran was mentioned first, then the worships Quran plus worship, it leads a person to certainty what is going to firm your heart and make your heart steadfast upon belief and certainty in Allah and that the afterlife exists. What's going to nurture this in your heart? Oh, Quran and your worship may feel far away from the Quran far away from worship. Certainty will not change your heart, it will die you will die until you begin to have doubts. And you come up with your doubts and such people leave Islam altogether. Well, humble karate, whom you know, Allah azza wa jal, he says, when a gala houden neurobion Such people are upon

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guidance from the Lord. They are upon guidance from their Lord, not from themselves, isn't here they acknowledge Allah has fever and mercy upon them. If Allah azza wa jal wanted, he would have misguided all of mankind. And if he wanted, he could have guided all mankind. For the most sin the believer, the one who's attached to the Quran, and to his worship, he acknowledges that it is Allah has fever upon him, that he guided him to what he is upon today. And he says Alhamdulillah and he says all of Bella to zeal guru BANA Baba is had a dinner and he asks Allah azza wa jal for steadfastness and firmness upon this Deen until he meets Allah azza wa jal would like Allah who the

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mirror beam, what would a common muffler on and such people are the successful, they are the successful, they enter the paradise Bismillah Hidayatullah. Now Allah azza wa jal speaks about distracting, idle speech. You see, this introduction was important. Why? Because Allah azza wa jal is teaching us what we have and what power source of power we have, and what source of strength we have.

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But then you know what, shockingly And surprisingly, Allah azza wa jal says, What meaning

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The nurse meaning your study law, one Hadith, there are still some of mankind that purchase I do distracting speech Allahu Akbar, Allah azza wa jal give you this Quran, which is Southern Hadith, the most excellent of speech, Allah azza wa jal knew before He created anything, every single word that would be uttered, and he knew every single word that would be written, and every single speech that will be released on earth, from the time people spoke and wrote until the end of time.

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And then Allah azza wa jal when he knew all of this and revealed the Quran, he called the sun and Hadith. Yani when we compare all of the speech of mankind and we bring it all from the day the first person spoke and wrote, until the last person spoke and wrote, If we bring all these words, the best of them, that guides to the best manners and best dealings and best belief

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and best worship and best character is the Quran itself. Yet despite this enormous fact, Allah says, there are still from mankind even until this day. You know what he does? Yesterday love one Hadith he purchases. I don't speech. Notice yesterday, and Rommel hammer home Allah they see two things here. Either he purchases with his money, or he purchases with his time. He spends his hard earned money on distracting speech. And he spends his valuable time on earth which is really all capital. This is what did the only valuable thing with you is your time that you have on earth. He spends that if loved one Hadith love what? When the peace of Allah Allah he will send them he said just so

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you can understand the value of time. Imam Mohammed Rahim Allah in your body, there is a chapter it's called GitHub recaulk the chapter of heart softeners meaning if you want to soften your heart, you go there and you read the Hadith that are in that chapter. And then the first Hadith he mentioned in this chapter, which means you must understand this hadith, the first Hadith, you must understand it well, in order for your heart to begin to soften, and that first Hadith we all know now Mitanni Maha Boone and fie Mecca Filomena nurse as to how to unfurl love. He says, There are two blessings, in which the majority he watched this word, the majority, the majority of mankind are

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severely in loss or severely wasting, Maha Boone mineral heaven. Heaven is when you, you severely lose something. And I know if I had something that it's valued at $50,000 and I sold it for 48,000, I made a loss a loss of 2000. But if I had something for 50,000, and I sold it for 5000, that's called Masamune. An intense loss and incredible a severe loss. And the reason Allahu alayhi wa sallam he saying, there are two blessings that we all have, that are so incredible and valuable.

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And if you are to make the most of these two blessings, it would be enough to bring you in the highest levels of adults. Yet the majority of people are not just wasting, they are severely wasting motherboard are so hard to follow. He says the health and free time, free time you go back to the Al Amin a Nassim in your study. There are some people that are purchasing with their money and this valuable time that Allah has given them on Earth. The you know this time you're living on Earth. We are now living the wish of the disbelievers on the Day of Judgment. It is a disbeliever when he ends up in Jahannam he says yeah

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I wish we can return to this world to live and to now we're living the wish. Right now we are living the wish of a disbeliever anything you need to value your time. I told you this hadith in Sahih al Bukhari Kitab retorque, the chapter of heart softening meaning if you do not understand the first Hadith in this chapter, your heart will remain as it is. You must understand your time. Some people they spend their time and their money doing what love one Hadith. He purchases the one Hadith what is the one Hadith, distracting speech? Allah called distracting speech? When something is described as distracting, meaning you're supposed to be working on something, but this distracted you? This is

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what that whole Hadith means. And you're supposed to be working here. The thicket. We're gonna call on your support

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Working by Southern Hadith, your work was supposed to be in the best of speech,

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yet a ship on full mankind and we'll do this for free. They went out of their way. They lost their money, they lost their time running after the whole Hadith what is the whole Hadith? The whole Hadith my brothers in Islam, and it really matter hammer home Allah has two opinions. And there are two reasons for why this came down. One of them as it heard about him, Allah mentioned that a number of non Hadith who was from Croatia disbeliever from Quraysh, he used to go to Paris to poesia and he used to purchase Hadith. He used to purchase a hadith Elijah, he used to he used to purchase the fairytales the fabricated stories and the lies and the comics in the books and whatever it is of the

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non Arabs. And then he used to take it all the way to Makkah. And he used to go to polish and gather them and recite onto them. These fairy tales, these stories, and he used to say to them in the Mohammedan you had difficulty the Hadith I didn't was a mod Well, Hadith to come Anna, the barrel, akan sera waterstone and so on. He said to them, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is narrating unto you the story of a head and the moon, which is from the Quran. And I'm reading unto you, the fairy tales, and the stories and whatever it is of rubbish and garbage and misguidance of fairies of Persia. And so the people yesterday who in the Hadith who were to coolness Amir Al Quran, they used

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to find beauty in his speech, and they used to turn away from the Quran is unlockable hadith is that which number one distracts the mind, and it distracts the intellect, every book of philosophy that calls to misguidance, and *, and burn. This is the one Hadith. And we have Muslims today that are reading these books of philosophy. If you're not reading them with the intention of refuting them, you should not touch them. Lender they all full of misguidance and doubt that's all they create in the minds. And they ask why is a theme rising? Why are people leaving Islam? Because people have went to law one Hadith and have purchased with their money and if attended, seminars and whatever it

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is in university is to learn this. philosophy teaches you to ask about everything. Why some of Hadith tells you lay yourself why May Allah he's never questioned about what he does. Rather you'll be the one that's question

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yet people Ebola Ebola movie, they purchase it with their money and their time. And they read these books they might if and that is the first meaning of law one Hadith a shirk will cover that disrupts the mind and the intellect the second meaning of law Hadith as Eben Masaru Allah one who says and have been our best and others, that it is the one who purchases and one yet they purchase the singers, the DJs

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and they sing for them day and night. Kenny they are wasting their time in music. As I've been muster all the lovely Allahu Anhu he says Allah He loved he let you know Hey, Allahu Allah Filipina and he said it three times. He took an oath by Allah it's very rare that you find the venomous rude or the Allahu Anhu taking an oath for a certain opinion about an heir. This is one of the places he doesn't, he says oxido villa. This is an area that was revealed for Allah azza wa jal to teach us the distracting speech of the musicians, the singers, the music, the rappers, these DJs that people bring them, to their weddings, to their parties, to their graduations, whatever it is why? You see

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the first opinion of Lahu and Hadith, which we said is the words of gopher and misguidance. it corrupts the mind and the intellect

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and music and singers and rappers and all these it plays with the emotions of a person with the emotions. So it makes people happy, makes people sad. It moves people's desire into an haram slum, the first fitna that happened on Earth, Xena, you know, the first sinner that happened on Earth. It was because of music. They were a woman up on the mountain, and they were men down in the valley. And so these men will look at these beautiful woman up on the mountain with Shay upon came in between them, and he began to play and live is now the musical instrument.

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And he moved the hearts and the desires and they fell into fitna. This is what music does. Allah azza wa jal is saying what mean unless you mean your study, how true is this? On their iTunes they purchase the latest strap or the latest album, or they purchase with their money with their time they

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Spend they listen, and they say you've got what's worse than this. Young people have monthly subscription, monthly subscription to Netflix to whatever it is. That is all love one Hadith

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where there is something called Allahu

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Allahu Allah mbare. There is something that is permissible. But if these things distract you from your obligations, and from what you're supposed to be busy in and that is an Quran, and you've neglected and left this out for this, this becomes the whole Hadith it becomes haram. There are people like this your study, one Hadith, if Allah one Hadith distracts the mind, the intellect and the heart, the desire Subhan Allah. And so a person is filled with the one Hadith, Allah azza wa jal says Leoben LANSA vilella Lamb lamb la Kiba meaning the end the end of this path, the end of what he does, it leads him to lay of the land severely left, he'll be misguided from the Path of Allah,

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another citation, legal bill and Savini lead, he becomes misguided. And then he misguides others that you see now every Jani second person that reads something about philosophy and thinks he's got some knowledge. He wants to go and share it with others and preach it on social media. And Nah, he's understanding something that no one understood before he unlocked the secret.

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leoville, he becomes misguided and he wants to misguide others, he works for a chauffeur. Now, we are supposed to dawn he actually is convinced that he is walking upon guidance viewbid Lancer Villa and either the calamity his behavior he doesn't even realize behavior

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either who's what and all this leads him to get together who's where he takes it as a mockery. What is it severely left? Was the viola as a bit rude said Well, Paul Allen was the Crow law. The Path of Allah is Al Quran. And so this person begins to mock the words of Allah azza wa jal, what does mocking me nearly mocking meaning he rejected, he denies it. He accuses those who are implementing Quran and preaching the poor and he attacks those now. He can bring them down and rise himself with whatever knowledge he assumes he has. He will be Lance Videla. He will be there. Anyway, Hula, hula aka Hamada Maheen. For such people, there is a humiliating punishment for them. In the same manner,

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they insulted those who are upholding knowledge. He becomes humiliated on the Day of Judgment final AI and I conclude with this, but I want to give you something so you can understand an example. Let's say you sat now and you had lunch and there was 10 plates in front of you mashallah eight all templates and you're full now you cannot fit anything in your stomach anymore. That's your fault. Right?

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Then I came, and I put in front of you the best meal that you prefer. What is it a BOGO? A pizza, whatever it is, I put it in front of you. Would you even look at it. You won't look at it. You'll fall. I can't eat this now. Move it away. I cannot. No matter how much you love it, you cannot eat it if you're fall over this is what happens. Let me tell you now, what is there to Clairol a tuna one LAMP stack below calumnious Maha Khanna fue una hue Accra. Next day Allah azza wa jal says, And when Our Ayat the ayat of the Quran, or recite it on this person that has purchased the one Hadith, you know what happens? One level stuck below. He turns away in arrogance, as though he did not hear

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it. As though His ears are heavy, they are full. Why? Because he's full with the whole Hadith. Now, subtle Hadith, even though it's the best of speech, and the best of speech, it doesn't fit, there's no room for it. So he turns away. So you see people today when they turn away from the Quran, then Heather Cheban. His full Biller, what Hadith his emotions are full, his heart, his mind, his intellect is all covered with filth and garbage. Now when the Earth are given to him, how is he going to respond to that there's no more room and cry needs an empty ha for the who has been ignored Abraham Allah mentions in cabin for it that if you wanted to benefit from the Quran, you must empty

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This heart just like a cup. If you want to fill it with something beneficial for you, you need to remove what's in it and then you put what's good in there will cry and music lash to me if you help the woman, as if Nakayama hammer Allah also mentioned that music and idol speech distracting speech alongside with the Quran. They do not exist in one heart. You choose either this or this. And so then my brothers in Islam, Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, from a *hole guy there been Aleem for such a person. For such a person Allah azza wa jal condemns him to the Hellfire

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punishment in the next day in the Levina m n o Wamena. saw they had de la jolla Neto nine. Indeed those who believe believe in one, believe in the Ayat of Allah, believe in me Ayat of Allah, those who believe and know that this is the only source of wisdom and guidance that I need in my life, everything else I don't need. My brothers in Islam, this is an important matter. You need to understand and teach to your children. Because in schools today, and in subjects that are being taught, some of them have teachings of cover Ambala, which you as a parent must be aware, and you must teach your children and I heard

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and I heard must be revived in your hearts and in your life. And you begin, you begin from now be the lawyer, you cut out all distractions, remove it, I said to you, there is something called Buddha. When you do something of these entertainments of these play, as long as they're not haram and they don't call to misguidance you're allowed to enjoy yourself, play with the likes of time. Watch what you like of documentaries, something that is beneficial for you. If you're subscribing to Netflix to watch something that is beneficial no problems, then cancel the subscription. Why? Why ongoing your study the one Hadith, why cancel? Watch what you need to do that

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and teach yourself led man we have the best of speech. What happened with the people?

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We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to guide our hearts and to clean our hearts from filth and desire and sickness and doubts and misconceptions. And to replace all that with guidance and light and purity

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and mercy be the dialer whilst Allah subhanho wa Taala to forgive us and bestow his mercy and guidance upon us in the Holy vertical other Ali Akula Coda was stopped for Allah Allah Allah confess tofu in the whole of Hora Rahim

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Al hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena be about the home about my brothers in Islam. This was a problem that Allah azza wa jal mentioned and taught us in the Quran. And now the solution what is the solution that a person can take very quickly. Number one, cat photo Tilawat Quran that is the first thing in how you start read the Quran and read in abundance, you're reading the best of speech, so there's nothing to worry about. Read and keep reading and continue to read. But give the Quran from your value time. Don't give it from your spare time all I'm waiting for an appointment so I'm reading or you're reading and you're distracted with something else. That's Acciani it won't

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bring any benefit to you. When you read focus on what you're reading. Was Mr. Collins bajo Allah karate he meaning you your focus, your entire heart is focused upon reading. So the first thing is get thorough to deal with the Quran. Continue to read and read more and keep reading. Next thing is trying to understand what you're reading. And this is listening to lectures of fsid reading a deficit of Sita Saudi Masha Allah now it is printed, and it is translated the best of translations in 10 volumes, read an A or two or three everyday for yourself for your children. Have something of the Quran in your heart before you leave the house. And I said to someone of you now, brother, get

00:33:22--> 00:34:07

up what is living in your heart right this moment? From 6230 6am did nothing when only nothing, felt the need to focus read every morning something and make sure you're leaving for this could be anything Oh Allah, what? If this with your heart, say Allahu Ahad Allah is one so I'm going to make him one in my life and the priority in my life. And when you're at work was solet calls Allah then is made into you recall Allah ha ha I need to prioritize Allah I leave when I have an I go to pray and at the bottom. This is exactly what we want a relationship with a prayer and guess what to deliver the Quran, ponder over its meanings and understand what it's calling to. And number three,

00:34:08--> 00:34:53

attend, attend and massage it in where the lessons of an RN are given will be as the lead dialer tonight. Tonight, I will be giving a lesson about the consequences of abandoning the Quran with an individual abandoned with an OMA and a society abandoned Allah He would be shocked to understand what result would happen to Aluma if they abandoned the Quran, teaching, preaching it, reading it, implementing it, understanding working and being busy and occupied with the danger is coming ahead if the Quran is abandoned, and then Bismillah Hidayatullah on Saturday night, I will be taking a portion a part of the Quran to explain how it is a light and guidance for us and that there is no

00:34:53--> 00:34:59

need for any other word other than this book of Allah subhanho wa Taala We ask Allah azza wa jal to give us the

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To do so, had also lost a limb Warhammer Kumala Allah Haileybury was killed by Sharia Muhammad Abdullah he also hated how the Shiva Takamura como Allahu taala. The embedder Fe BFC earthen Abimelech it was

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a heavy como una for cosmopolitan in Allah harmala eco Musa Luna ala Nabi yeah you're Latina. menos Allah Allah He was a limo, Taslima Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad wa ala Muhammad conocer later la Brahimi earlier below him in hamidou Majid well Baddeck Allah Muhammad wa ala Muhammad Kamal Barak Tala Ibrahim On le Ibrahim in NACA, Homido Majid Allah Marina happen or sukhna Diva bella bella bella Nora's, open HD never have been at Taco Bell Mina in the Cantus Amir Ali moto Ballina in the cantata Weber Rahim Allah in the Lohit mobile ugly when certainly what he did is improper. When her Anil fascia it will Moon kariobangi Ivo comme la la quinta Kuru.