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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of using time for the sake of Allah Subhanababa and not wasting it. They stress the value of time in saving and finding one's true value. They also mention the importance of using it for the sake of Allah Subhanababa and not wasting it.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Nabina Muhammad, he was a big man and my bad.

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The Prophet salallahu Salam says in the authentic hadith

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that a Zulu koderma Abdullah yo multi Yama had to use Allah and Alba,

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the feed of one of you will not depart from the area of the reckoning where Allah will hold you to account except after being asked about four things, four things.

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So these four things have a special place in the accounts in the reckoning. What Allah will ask you about this, why the Prophet SAW Selim emphasize that there will be many questions, but these four standout because they are the most central in your life, and they affect or they impact everything else in your life. Two of them are about time.

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Two of them are about time.

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So time is the most important asset that we have as human beings.

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So you will be asked about your whole lifespan, your life on Earth, how did you spend it?

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How did you spend your life? How did you spend your time, the time that you spent in this world? And the second question about time is about your youth. That's the golden era in your life, the golden stage where you have optimum energy, performance,

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intelligence, etc. That's the peak of your performance is the youth in yours. So you will be questioned about this. And something a common statement that we hear usually, especially in Ramadan by Muslims, you find them getting involved in different activities and you ask them why are you doing this there's no benefit from this. They'll tell you we want to kill time. We want to kill time. Now if you kill time, it will kill you. You killing yourself and has an bacillary may Allah have mercy on him. So DM them in Nama and a yam a Yama much more for either they have a Omak they have a bug.

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Oh, son of Adam, you are a bunch of days. That's the reality of who you are. You are a bunch of days.

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You are a bunch of days.

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Every day passes, that's part of you have gone forever. That's part of you have gone forever. This is all what you are. So when you say I'm killing time, you're killing some part of yourself an integral part of yourself, because you will be questioned about that every second What did you do with it? How did you invest it? That's the reality of time. That's the reality of our lives. Ramadan is the most precious time Ramadan is the most precious time

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because that's because everything everything you do for the sake of Allah Subhanallah you getting multiple rewards for it? So every second equals many seconds or every minute equals many minutes outside Ramadan.

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And what about the night of the decree the night of other relative

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it's one night and it's worth about 83 years. You see the importance of time and Ramadan. So this statement killing time should be non existent in the life of a Muslim shouldn't be there. Actually, you should be searching for time. One of the scholars one day was walking through the through the market and he found people in that cafe sitting and talking chatting doing nothing, probably playing cards. And he said Wallah hello can you walk to start on a straight to him in habla. If time was a commodity that could be bought with money could be purchased with money, I would have given them my wealth and taken that time, if they have all this time to waste.

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One of the tablets in generation that came after the companions said to their students, they said Wallah, he, we have witnessed people that are more stingy when it comes to the time than you are with your money. They're more careful about the time than you are with your money.

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So they understood the value of time, time decides what were you going to get to end up that's what life is all about. So when you say time you're talking about life, you're talking about assets, you're talking about who you are about yourself, so you can't waste time. As a believer. You cannot waste time. You should use your time every second of your life. Use it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala if you have nothing to do just make us the fog a stuffer Allah stuff for La La Ilaha illa Allah remember Allah and Allah to Allah, every second is precious. And

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the prophets of salaam said everyone at the moment of death will feel regret. If they did well in their lives, or they did. If they did, if they didn't do well in their lives, they would regret the time they wasted.

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But if they did well in their lives, they would regret

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They didn't, or they that they didn't do better.

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SubhanAllah. So that's the value of time. So never, ever use the term killing time, or I need to waste some time, I'm waiting for these in a couple of hours to pass, and so on and so forth. Every second is precious because it means if you use it, well, you can get a higher rank in paradise. And could be one second.

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One second might save you from the hellfire. Sometimes the scale is just about them.

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And it could be one second that you did the righteous deed in it. And that it would save you from the hellfire. So don't underestimate the value of one second. And Allah Subhana Allah says in surah, to me, no one had either had to either

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at the moment of death

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every one of them will say, Oh Allah send me back. And so at some point, at the end of it, Allah says, had to Ada had to call our big own. At the moment of death, you will say, Oh, Allah sent me back to life. So I can do em and I can make amends, I can fix things in my life, send me back. In some durations, the angel of death will come to the person dying and it will say to him, that I searched the whole earth for you searching for one breath. There's no one breath for you.

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You run out of breath. You've used all the breaths that were destined for you. I search he gets you say the diapers and say to the angel of death, give me one second, one second. So I just repent to Allah, He will say to him, you have run out of seconds. I searched the whole earth and there is no second for you is done. And then he will take his soul. So time is very precious in our lives. And as I said it could mean you've been saving, being saved from the hellfire and destined to paradise. So this is the value of time according to a Muslim. We should use it we should really give it its true weight, its true value and appreciate it and always use it for that which is good. What's not

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Allah Who said I'm gonna do it