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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history of Malaysia, including the formation of Muslim society and the cultural shift from Islam to Islam. They also mention a former controller who gave a message to leaders of the region, suggesting they would not be the message of Islam. The speaker discusses the revelation of Islam that the Prophet has written about the day in which it takes place, as a reminder of the importance of humanizing things and recognizing the signs of Islam. They also discuss the idea of covering one's appearance and avoiding disrespect, which is a way of avoiding confusion. Finally, they discuss the creation of a culture of fear and how Allah has brought people into existence.
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salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad, while early he also he as you may know about so again today we have a late start, fortunately, but inshallah we will take some reflections on we said we move on to solid Ebersol sha Allah

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Ibiza is a verb. The word ABA is a verb. So the surah is given a name and the form of a verb and MSM means frowned. It's in the past tense, he frowned. That's what I personally means. And it refers to an incident where the Prophet sallallahu sallam was speaking to some of the leaders in Mecca. And we said, in fact, most of the sources in

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our word word were revealed before hijra, were revealed in Makkah before Hijra. So the prophecy was speaking to some of the leaders in Mecca. And it seems that the prophet has some sense some kind of leniency some sort of some sort of acceptance from them some kind of positivity. So the prophets of cinema was really engaged in speaking with them and talking to them about Islam and Allah bought a las Panatela and it seems that his hopes in that moment were high that they might actually accept what he was saying. And at this moment, a blind person approach the prophets I was seldom was up to love normally Maktoum and

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I'd love him Maktoum

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came to ask the professor professor about something he was positively accepting the message of the Prophet SAW Salem and it seems that he was a Muslim or he was about to become Muslim at that time. So he's approaching the Prophet source and I'm but most likely he was a Muslim. Already, he came to ask the professor about more guidance about more information. The professor was busy with those leaders in Mecca trying to speak with them trying to convince them his attention was completely with them. And we loved only Maktoum comes at this time. And he wants to ask the prophets of salaam about some information he wants to learn a bit more about the Quran or about Allah subhanaw taala.

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The Prophet SAW Selim at that time, he felt that I'd loved him on me if normally Maktoum was more of a distraction at this moment, as he was trying to because the Prophet SAW Salem his approach was to speak mainly with the leaders. And this by the way, very intelligent, you want to influence the people. If you get the leaders to accept the message, people will just follow their leaders. That's why when the prophets of salaam wanted to spread the message in a bar f city will die if he went any spoke to the leaders of our life. He spoke directly to the leaders because if they accept people will just follow their leaders. And by the way, in the Islamic history, we have something similar to

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that that actually happened. For example, Malaysia. How did Malaysia become a Muslim country?

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Malaysia was not a Muslim country. It was not. There were different religions, they were worshipping idols, they were worshipping different things. There was Buddhism mainly Buddhism there was there.

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So what made what transformed Malaysia into a predominantly Muslim country?

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Yes, it was Muslim businessmen and Muslim presence there. And the whole

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Malaysian peninsula

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Why was ruled by a family by a king they had a king and that King seemed to like he came in contact with the Muslims and he liked them. And when the message of Islam was offered to him, he accepted it his his family accepted the accepted Islam, and the royal family in Malaysia became Muslim. What happened? The whole country became Muslim. Before British colonialism

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almost 95% of Malaysia was Muslim. But then the British brought in

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a lot of Chinese immigrants and they brought some immigrants as well from India, some Tamil as well. So this is why the the the population of Malaysia started changing, but when the Malay was the only race in Malaysia, they were predominantly Muslim. So one what brought them into Islam? It was the king, the king embracing Islam and the whole country turned into Islam they became Muslim. So the Prophet SAW Selim was trying to speak to the leaders in McCann he senses received some kind of positive response maybe from them so some positive remarks so he was hoping that they would accept more Abdullah abnormal mushroom comes about the person I'm seeing more of a distraction at this time

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like some other time like, probably like in his mind, it was like some other time let me just deal with these guys. But I love the logo. Maktoum was a blind person, he was one of the poor person, really not a person of great value in the Moroccan society. So the Prophet some sort of gave him a frown of love. No Maktoum is a blind person, but the prophets of salaam give him a frown. Why and it was a very

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spontaneous response. It wasn't a calculated response by the Prophet SAW Salem Salas but I'll reveal to him at the Soweto Allah inja. Hola. I'm going to read the meanings here in this in the clear Quran the translation

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He frowned and turned his attention away, simply because the blind man came to him interrupting, you will never know or profit, perhaps he may be purified. Or he may be mindful, benefiting from the reminders. As for the one who has, who was indifferent, you gave him your undivided attention, even though you are not to blame, if he would not be purified. But as for the one who came to you, eager to learn, being in awe of God of in all of Allah, you were inattentive to him. But no, this revelation is truly a reminder.

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So this is some kind of a reprimand to the Prophet sallallahu from Allah subhanaw taala Why did you do this?

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That's not the best course of action. So some of the companions of the Allah one whom they said, because there were claims, there were claims by some people trying to discredit the Prophet SAW Selim claiming or Muhammad did not reveal the whole revelation, or he was changing some of the narration, etc. And until today, sometimes we hear people say something like that. So one of the companions said, if the prophets of salaam were to hide any part of the Revelation, he would hide this.

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It would I this, but he conveyed the message as it was revealed to him and it's still recited until today, still recited until today. So Allah Subhan Allah says Abba Soweto Allah and Allah Allah Allah wa you did, he cannot allow Xhaka Oh yeah, the cuttlefish and fowl vichara a minister enough and de la Jota salud. Dawa Anika Eliza cow mm and Jackie Yes, I will we actually have and on hotel Kela inherited kill. So these, these are the verses that I read their meanings just previously.

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So this was a reminder to the Prophet a reprimand to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so Allah says cologne Haddad Kira dementia the Quran. Now this is a reminder of the Quran the words of the Quran, the meanings of the Quran, our reminder there the writer, everyone, everyone has the right to them whether they are king or Lehman, rich or poor, black or white, any race, any color, any background, any status. People have equal right to it. They have equal right to hear the truth and recognize it and to listen to the signs of Allah subhanaw taala Keller enacted crawfish and sha Allah Cara, whoever wants to accept it and remember it and live by it. That's the choice that's the

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choice Allah has given. Human beings feel so healthy and more Kurama.

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This revelation of Allah

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is in sacred purified pages are parchments. So

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So Allah says hidden killer in the heart of killer but no, this revelation is truly a reminder. So let whoever will whoever wills be mindful of it. It is written on pages held in honor highly esteemed purified by the hands of the angel scribes, honorable and virtuous. So basically

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this revelation is written already was originally was written by angels, where is it written by angels, high rank ranking angels that wrote down this Quran this revelation from Allah subhanaw taala they wrote it down before it is revealed to the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam so it's written down for you so having mukarram marfo and Mata Hara. It is elevated and it's purified. It's purified. So we find the original an original copy of the Quran is written with the angels before it's given to the Prophet sallallahu when he was in them, be ad Sfakia Rahman Bella, it's with the angels who write down these who scribe you know, transcribe these writings on these this version of

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the revelation. They transcribe it with as we said,

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okay, they are honorable, these angels and they are virtuous. Then Allah subhanaw taala shifts the speech here.

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If you still have a macaron and tomato herb at sufferance in Quran Bharara otira in Sonoma. Now Allah goes back to the main theme of dessert I'm altogether and it's all about what belief on the day in the Day of Judgment, believing in the day of judgment and the fact that this life is not everything, there is a life after that, and there will be account in that life and people will

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be recompensed and will be rewarded or punished according to their actions. So Allah Subhan Allah says condemned are disbelieving humans.

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So man when he just believes this is a very bad,

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ugly disgraceful state to be in, put it in Sonoma aquafaba how desperate and here kufr Allah says how much cover he has manners? What does that mean? That means basically cover in the Arabic language means to Subhan Allah even it's called cuff Allah really literally means to cover.

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It means to cover, okay? So Kufa means to cover and suppress. So, linguistically cover a means to deny someone has been good to you, you deny their favors. This is called Khufu NEMA in Arabic cover. Someone has been good to you. They offered you help, like your parents have been extremely good to you. They looked after you they gave you everything. They didn't say you have no rights on me. What did you do for me?

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Right, you turn in denial, or you turn to them in disrespect that could be linguistic could be verbal. But it could also be in your attitude. Someone has been extremely nice and good and helpful to you. Next, next time you see them in the street, you turn away from them. That's cool for not like in disbelief. But this is the seed of disbelief. It's the same route where disbelief comes from because Allah, like we living in so much so many blessings from Allah subhanaw taala, Allah created us, designed us on it us brought us into existence, favored us over the rest of the Creation gave us the gift of choice, created this world and this universe to help us live on this earth. Give us this

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test. Give us our senses give us our bodies gave us our intellect gave us everything that we know about gave us this whole experience that we call life

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and also gave us guidance. And Allah still gives us every day signs and events and things that happen in our lives, to bring us closer to him. Yet, in the face of all of this we turn negligent to Allah Samantha will come negligent we ignore Allah will live in denial of Allah. We don't want to think about Allah, we don't want to think about the obligations or the rights Allah has upon us. And we say I want to enjoy my life. Where did this life come from in the first place? Like your default state is not that you have everything your default state is non existence. So don't take things for granted. Things have been given to you. So this is cool for an Arabic so it was used Islamically as

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because the people who disbelieve in Allah, they have to cover the fact that they owe Allah so much, that Allah has been so generous and so good to them, that Allah also put the seed of faith and that's the reality. That's where the word really cover comes from. Allah put faith in the heart of every human being. Every human being is a Muslim when they're born. Everyone knows faith. Everyone knows Allah. Everyone longs to Allah. Everyone seeks Allah naturally, that's our natural state is that's human nature.

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So when people go against this nature, when people, by the way, come face to face with Islam, and they know what it really is not they hear about it in the news. Like it's about terrorism, it's about some retarded cultures, and so on and so forth. Not about that. But we're talking about the real Islam, if they come to face to face with Islam, and they see it for what it is, then they reject it. This is, by the way, not an easy thing to do, to reject the truth, why they have to reject their own nature. They have to go against their own nature to reject Islam, truly someone who has come face to face with it, because that's the net, that's the Nate natural state of humans.

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So this is why Allah Subhana Allah calls it prefer that people cover their own hearts, they cover their own nature, that knows the truth and recognize the truth and once the truth, they cover it, they distance themselves from it, they get out of their way in order to act in disbelief to Allah subhanaw taala that's really where the word cover comes from. So Cocina in Santa Monica for a home Minegishi and halacha home.

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So from what substance did He create them? Now, Allah brings our attention to the creation you you basically it's believing in Allah and you challenging Allah and you say, I want to enjoy my life, and I live my life in my own way. I mean, where did you come from? You were created a one point in time you were nothing. You were not even here.

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She can't take your existence for granted. But did it in Santa Monica home in Asia and Hello, what do you think Allah created you from what substance? What's your fabric?

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He created them from a sperm drop.

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ordain and ordain the development reserve

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Canadian hello hello calm and Nola fit in Adaro Allah brought us from a sperm from a sperm. And then Allah subhanaw taala made us into this

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you know developing these developing stages until we reach the point of being a full human being. But didn't Cinemark Francina Hello, hello, hello, hello continent of Africa Daraa who, from Sevilla Salah who then Allah makes a way for them. Basically this refers to the fact that after we are a sperm than we are a fetus than we became this little baby in the womb, Allah gave us a way out. Allah gave us a way out that we come into this world,

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from Mr. Vela Sato

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from America who for arquata, who then Allah causes them to die, and buried.

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So Allah brought us into existence created us, He made us into He created us from the sperm, he brought, he gave us a way out into this world, and then he's gonna cause us to die and be buried

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from a Dasha onshore, and then Allah will resurrect them. So basically, you don't own anything of yourself. And you don't control anything about your life. You're just going through these motions. Allah brought you into existence, you didn't say I want to come into existence. And behold, you came Allah and decided that you come into this world, and Allah brings you into this world, he creates you into this world, you come into this world, you live into this world because Allah wants you to live through this world, and you will live and when Allah wants you to die, you're gonna die. When Allah wants you to be buried, you will be buried. And when Allah was to bring you back to life

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again, he will bring you back to life again. What should this give us as human beings, that we're not in charge? We're not in control. And when you see that you are.

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You're basically helpless in the face of this power and might of Allah you should surrender to it.

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Because Allah is going to take care of you as he took care of you. He brought you into existence without your intention. He provided for you when you were in the womb of your mother without you worrying about it. What am I going to eat today?

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Allah took care of that. When you were a child, you weren't bothered about, you know, what am I going to get the food for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow? It was all done for you. And it's going to be the same throughout your life. Oftentimes, we were worried about our provision, and we forget that the one who provided you when you were in the womb of your mother, he's going to provide for you when you are in this bigger womb of the earth.

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So you should put your trust in Allah and surrender to Allah subhanaw taala. Then he says No, Allah will not. Reza.

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Then Allah says He will resurrect them He will resurrect them. He says But no, they have failed to comply with what he ordered. From a Dasha Angela Kyla Maria Colima, Amara now people have not fulfilled their obligations towards Allah subhana wa taala.

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Allah again wants to talk about the reality of this life and to prove from the signs that we have around us how our existence was not an accident, and it's not random. And there is a plan and we're just going according to plan, and that we have to pay heed so we can actually survive the test of this life. So Allah is going to bring our attention to the creation that we have the food we eat, the things that are around us, then Allah will bring that argument into a conclusion about the Day of Judgment inshallah we will deal with this inshallah. Friday, this Friday, Inshallah, we'll carry on with this case that Allah puts forth in Surah to Abba. So Jacqueline Lafayette also loves limited

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Mohammed while he was so happy was salam and again use this time for political office.