Moutasem al-Hameedy – Servants Of The Most Merciful 2

Moutasem al-Hameedy
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In Alhamdulillah, Allah do who want to study in who want to stop.

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What are all the villa him in Cerulean fusina was the Tiarna Lena Mejia de la HuFa la medulla who will make you believe ALLAH how the Allah wa shadow

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Illa illa huwa hola Shetty Kayla wash I don't know Mohamed and Abdul Rasul Johan Levine and octuple Allahu Akbar to RT he wala at a Morton in LA one to Muslim on

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Johan Nashotah. Docomo lady Holika comin FC Wahida wahala coming has

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one FM in Houma region and cathedra one is

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what Taku la Hala de

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Luna V Well, in Allah haka, Anna la cumbre de la. Yeah, you Hello, Dina. Hola. Hola. Hola. colons. medida use lecom Armada calm, oilfield. Lakhan dono back home when my daughter in law, our Rasulullah who forgot the first 1000 of Lima

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in Osaka Hadith he Kitab la he is our gel. What have y'all had you had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was selling them was shot while Amorim to her death in a coup attempt Bala Wakulla Bala let him finish now.

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All praise is due to Allah. We praise Him.

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We thank him and we seek His help, and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evil consequences of our own actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can lead astray and whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray, Nan can guide I bear witness that Nan has the right to be worshipped except Allah alone. None has the right to our love, our ultimate love, our devotion, except Allah subhanho wa Taala without any partners, and I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was Salam is His servant, and his messenger are you who believe fear Allah as he should be feared and die not except in a state of Islam. All mankind be dutiful to your

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Lord, Who created you from a single person and from him he created his wife. And from them both, he created many men and women and fear Allah through whom you demand your mutual rights, and observe the rights of your kids. Surely Allah is ever an all watcher over you, all you who believe. Keep your duty to Allah, fear him and speak the truth. He will direct you to righteous deeds and will forgive you your sins. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has indeed attained a great achievement. The best speech is the book of Allah. And the best guidance is the guidance of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was selling. And the worst thing in the religion or the newly

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invented matters for all the newly invented matters in religion, our innovation bidder, and every bidder and innovation is misguidance. And every misguidance ends up or takes its people to the hellfire.

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And the last hotbar we were exploring what Allah subhanaw taala or how Allah subhanaw taala describes his favorite creatures, his believing servants, that obedient servants of Allah subhanaw taala, we said he gave them the title or the description, a bad rush man, such a beautiful honor and privilege from Allah, that he calls the believing servants a bad or Rockman he calls them to the servants, or the slaves of the Most Merciful. That's a very special title. And we I believe we explained last week, some of the depth and the beauty of this beautiful description or this beautiful title, where a bad or Rockman and we mentioned previously how they carry themselves how

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they behave as described in the verses towards the end of Surah Al Furqan. So Allah subhanaw taala described them with a backdoor Rahmani Latina M Shona and RB, how guna they are the ones who carry themselves in an easygoing fashion that's so natural, they're so spontaneous. They don't have to impress anyone. They don't have to convince anyone of anything. They don't have to get any kind of approval or recognition. They just live for Allah. They live authentically. That's what we

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He said,

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So, and this shows the manner in which they walk, when they walk, when they behave, you can see simplicity in their life, you can see how natural and how authentic as human beings they are. And this draws you nearer to them. And we mentioned the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim that really shows that when a person is so authentic, and so true to Allah is so true to themselves is so true to others. They're not trying to give any kind of impression, they're not trying to create any kind of image for themselves, because they know all of this doesn't matter. All of this has no value, the real value is

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whether you are truthful to Allah or not. Whether you are living an authentic life or not, whether you are true to your own sense of humanity, which Allah has designed you according to or not. That's the, that's the question. So these people are so easy going, you don't need to win their approval, because, you know, they're not judging you. They're not placing themselves in a position where they judge others and pass judgments and make descriptions and classifications on people. That's none of their business. They know, this is like a, this is a losing deal. It's not some some some place is not something to invest my time and attention. And it's not I don't have the energy, I don't have

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the time. I don't have the the soul, even all the spirit to waste time in judging other people classifying them trying to put them certain places, certain categories, that's none of my business. Allah is the judge. Allah is the one who judges people. So that makes them quite simple. This is why the prophesy Salam described them, he said, I mean, we left for why you left, the believing servant is someone who you find it easy to get on with. And he finds it easy to get on with you, the very humble, very humble, they have this humility, deep sense of humility about them, that wins the hearts of people.

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Well, either hardtop or Homolka, here on Apollo salaam, and we said that when the people who are ignorant and not ignorant here, as we said in the Arabic language doesn't necessarily mean they are lacking in knowledge. But there are people who can't behave properly. People who choose to misbehave mistreat others, people who choose not to live an authentic life, people who who choose not to be truthful to themselves and not to be truthful to Allah subhanaw taala. So these are the people that are described as Jay Hill. And this is why they usually oppress themselves, they wrong themselves, they they wrong others as well. This is their lifestyle and the sort of stuck in this vicious cycle.

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And seemingly, they don't know what they're doing. But if they were to dig deep down, if they were to be truthful to themselves, they were to take some moments of reality, check honesty, just some some sort of clarity and transparency with themselves with Allah taking some time out, to really contemplate this, they would really realize I'm not, you know, behaving in the way I should. I'm not living my life the way I am supposed to be living as Allah subhanaw taala wants it to be. So when the believing servants are mistreated, or they are addressed by people who show arrogance, who show

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aggression, who show some kind of enmity, disrespect, et cetera, these believing servants, they don't engage in that kind of discussion and that kind of argument in that kind of competition, because they know that both parties in such situations will lose, there is no winner that it's a lose lose situation. When you engage in lying deception.

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arguments, there's no point doing this. So what they would do, they would say Salama, basically, they would just say p. So they would walk away with respect and dignity, but not getting involved. They're still making the other person feeling good about themselves. So imagine the, the, like the people who are ignorant, the people who don't carry themselves well, they want these believing servants to feel bad about themselves. They want to transgress against them, they want to launch an offense against them, yet still, the believing servants, a bad godlike man, the servants of the Most Merciful, because they know Allah is the most merciful and they want to be merciful to the creation.

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They don't even make those people feel bad about themselves. They think they still take the offense, but they don't let it in. As they say, water of duck's back, it doesn't like touch them doesn't penetrate, doesn't go into their souls into the house, they just leave it and they ignore it. But they don't respond in kind. They don't make the other person feel bad about themselves and this is how they win people over and this is the basically this is how Muslims should be. We should our actions, our responses, our whole conduct should stem and should

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you know come from our principles, not the principles of others, someone wronged you that these are these. These are his principle or their principles. But you don't have to respond in kind because you have your own set of print

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Suppose, and that that comes from what Allah subhanaw taala legislated from what we find in the Quran in the book of Allah subhanaw taala. And the example of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is why when his people were persecuting him, were physically attacking him, still, he would say, Oh ALLAH forgive my people, because they don't really know what they're doing. They don't really understand they don't appreciate the gravity of what they are engaged in. Still, he would seek forgiveness for them. That's the kind of example and that doesn't mean you are on the on a lower level of morality or authority on the country. These Islamic principles and ethics take you

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high up on the balance of morality. So you're you're acting from a higher ground, higher moral, moral ground, that gives you authority even over the other person, and they know it, but most of the time, they're too afraid, that too weak to admit, admit it. So this is the beauty of the Muslim character, as Allah subhanaw taala describes it.

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Then, now we move on to what another aspect of their life now Allah has given us a very comprehensive description of what it means to be a servant of Allah, to be a servant of the Most Merciful, one of the a bag of Ramadan. So Allah talks about how they carry themselves generally, and how they respond to offensive treatment from others. Then Allah explores another aspect of their life. So Allah Subhana Allah says, well, Medina, Joby tuna, the Arab be him sugestion, what a Allah, Allah talks more here about their private life. When Lavina Joby tuna, they spent their nights Sudan prostrating what the Yama and standing up in prayer. So Allah is talking about a private aspect of

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their life, a private affair here. So these people and by the way, everything that Allah mentions here about the believers, everything, all these things are interconnected, are intertwined together, each one leads to the other and feeds into the other. It's a complete comprehensive description, it's a system. And these are the parts of the system that are so dynamic and there is a lot of give and take. And there is a lot of dynamism between these elements and these descriptions of the believers. So Allah Samantha describes their nights, their private life, in the sense that they spend a great portion of their nights, the time in privacy. They spent that with Allah subhanho wa

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taala, prostrating themselves before Allah LTM Allah standing up in the prayer at night. And

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to show that actually, you see the

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the comprehensive and the organic nature of this description of the believers, that the external traits of being humble having this high, beautiful level of morality and hue and humility, and having this higher moral ground as they treat other people so they are so safe and secure in their own skin, that they don't have to respond, or you know,

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pay back the offense or the attack. There's so secure inside. This comes from other aspects as well of their life. And this is why Allah reveals the secrets here, their privacy with Allah subhanaw taala the time they spend with Allah, contemplating the greatness of Allah reciting the words of ALLAH standing up in the Presence of Allah at night when no one else witnesses when no one else knows, when no one else hears them. All of this gives them a lot of power and a lot of momentum in their own faith, and their personal outset personal authority that they display. And this makes them more grounded in their morality makes them more grounded in the Islamic principles, make it makes

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them more connected to Allah subhanaw taala. And that helps them to transcend whatever challenges come their way in this life.

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So Allah Samantha is revealing this aspect of them. And by the way, standing up in prayer before Allah subhanaw taala is not only a physical experience, mainly it is a spiritual experience. But it seems that unfortunately, most of us are missing out on this beautiful aspect of the prayer. Now, there is no specific percentage or, or rate that I can give to the importance of the spiritual, but I would say roughly speaking at least 70 to 80% of the prayer is a spiritual experience.

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So most of us seem only to you know, tap into the 20% which is the physical and the verbal aspect of the prayer. But what about the spiritual What about the inner experience that you are connected to Allah subhanaw taala

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What about the experience the Prophet solos that was narrated from the prophets of Allah when he was selling them like I showed him the Allahu Anhu said that the prophets of salaam like his when he prayed at night his chest he

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His throat sounded like displayed the sound of a furnace burner of a burner. It was burning and burning just because he was crying and he was emotional and he was connected to Allah subhanaw taala. He was living in a different world at the moment. And one day she described that he received some verses from Allah subhanaw taala, which are towards the end of Surah Al Imran in nephew Hulka sama what you want out of the bottle after leaving the house at noon, indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of the night and the day there are signs for people who reflect people of understanding. Towards the end of the surah the Prophet sallahu was reciting she

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said that his tears were rolling down his cheeks, his beard became wet. Then his chest his clothes became wet of his own tears, and then his lap was wet. Then he even wet the floor itself, weeping. So when Bilal came to knock on his door to notify him about Fudger time, billon saw him like obviously in that emotional state, so he said O Messenger of Allah rasool Allah.

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Limiter for New Delhi Kolkata Rafa Allahu La Mata put them in them because no matter how old messenger of ALLAH, why do you do this? Why do you push yourself so hard when ALLAH has forgiven all your sins? So the prophets of Salaam?

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It would seem to me and that's my own interpretation, it would seem to me that he was sort of shocked at the question.

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And he responded spontaneously, in a very natural fashion. That was his spontaneous response. He said, Yeah, be that fella Hakuna evidencia Cora, you have really shouldn't I be a thankful servant should I should I shouldn't I be thankful to Allah grateful to Allah. So you see where the prophet cinema was coming from that caused him to spend the nights with Allah in the company. So what we need to develop within ourselves is the ability that when we pray, we feel we are actually communicating with Allah, we are standing in the Presence of Allah at that very moment. It's not that you worried about so much about, you know how quickly you're going to finish or what after the

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prayer you're going to do. Or sometimes even people get so much obsessed with the manner or with their pronunciation, the intricacies of their pronunciation that they forget about the fact that you are standing in the Presence of Allah, the Prophet SAW, Selim said in the authentic hadith

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in Allah, Muhammad Abdul you're solely for in Allah Hi Yan, Cebu what you have developed.

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When the believing servant prays stand up, stands up in prayer, ALLAH SubhanA, WA to Allah, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah

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erect his face,

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in the direction in which the servant is praying in a way that befits Allah's majesty, we don't know we can't comprehend it with our minds. But in a way, Allah subhanaw taala you owe that person is in the Presence of Allah face to face as you are praying. So imagine you are talking to a friend, and your mind is wandering somewhere else? How would that friend feel about themselves that they know it?

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And most likely, they'd feel it? What about you talking to a friend you haven't conversation, then you're looking left and right searching for something else or for someone else, you don't show any interest? Unfortunately, this is how most of us have been treating Allah subhanaw taala for such a long time, then we say we don't have kosher. We're not experiencing the spiritual aspect of the prayer. We're not, you know, we see so many people praying, but we don't see the prayer has an impact on their conduct, on their behavior on their lifestyle. And the reason is, we only tap again to 20% of the prayer and even this, we're not doing it well. There are so many mistakes, there are

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so many faults, there are so many shortcomings in the way we pray physically and verbally the car or the prayers that we make,

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let alone the 70 or 80% that we were missing out on completely which is the spiritual aspect of the prayer. So this is something we have to tap into and the strength that you find from a true believer from a bad man. This strength comes from search inner experience. And by the way, like looking at the example of the companions of the Prophet SAW Salem, the strongest and the most studious and most powerful and most resilient among the companions of the Prophet SAW Salem were the early Muslims, the ones who embraced Islam earlier on in Medina and Mecca. And there's this beautiful secret there because in Maccha, before the Mirage when the five daily prayers were prescribed prior to that the

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Muslims were supposed to pray for most of the night as an obligation

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was an obligation. There was only the night prayer and Muslims were supposed to stand up in prayer for most of the night. And there was a reason

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because that's the way you nurture a strong generation. Because through connection to Allah you grow in your life.

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through your connection with Allah, you grow in your relationships, through good relationship with Allah subhanaw taala you grow in your own business, through good relationship with Allah subhanaw taala true relationship with Allah subhanaw taala you grow in every aspect of your life, and we don't see the connection because we have never given ourselves the chance, the opportunity to explore that territory.

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We're sort of testing Allah out, we give him a little bit and we think is gonna, we expecting him to give us more and when that more doesn't come, what we expect from Allah doesn't come, we turn away from Allah subhanaw taala. But when it comes to people, when it comes to systems, when it comes to different institutions and our societies, we tend to tend to give them the benefit of the doubt will go out of our way to do everything they want from us, without us getting anything for the expectation of getting something minor later on. But with Allah we don't follow the same pattern. So these believing servants one of the reasons they have their show this humility, this personal

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strength of strength in character and resilience, and this beauty is the fact is about how they spend their time alone with Allah Subhan Allah to Allah. So Allah describes them Superjet and waka, Yama, this is how they spent the night and this gives them a great advantage. So this was another insight into the I would say the more private life of a better man, the believing servants of Allah subhanaw taala have already had our stuff from the holly welcome.

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And hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Nabina Muhammad didn't matter. You also have the edge Maheen Robert Allah subhanaw taala further says describes these believers were Lavina Kowloon out of Venice reef and other other Jahannam in carnival Rama now Allah takes us deeper into their mindset, what is going on in their minds? What is What about there in a world, these people? What do they think about?

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What moves them what shapes their behavior, Allah spenta describes one aspect about them. And that is that they always put their trust in Allah and they seek they pray to Allah to save them from the punishment of the Hellfire or Latina Kulu. benacerraf Anna or our Lord, take away or protect us from either either. Abuja Hanim from the punishment of Jahannam, the Hellfire in other Bihar Karna haram. So for believing servant,

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there are a few aspects their first one is that they are throughout the day throughout the waking days working work, waking time waking hours, these people in the background of their minds, they know that life doesn't end with death.

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They know that death is not the end, the death is just the beginning of a new stage of their experience in this, their experience with life, it's a transition to another life. That's it. So it's not the end of life, you don't cease to exist. When you pass away when you die, you're just passing on to another stage. That's the reality of it. So these people are aware so that when they look at the timeline of their life of their existence, it extends beyond death. So they're planning their goals.

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The final line or the finish line for them is not death. There's something way beyond this, and that's the hereafter. So this is why on their minds all the time, they're asking Allah to protect them from the hellfire. And that's only one side of the drop because by means of comparison, and this is something that's very profound in the Arabic language. When something is said usually the opposite is also intended, is implied. But it's a very powerful way of communication in the Arabic language and they call it my formal Maharlika in the Arabic language, a comparison, a comparison concept. So when they the fact that they are asking Allah to protect them from the punishment of the

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Hellfire, that means they are consistently asking Allah for Paradise. That's what it means.

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So these people in the background of the minds it's always functioning this kind of notion is shaping all their thoughts and all their behaviors and all their considerations and all their plans and all their goals.

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Is that oh Allah give us success in the hereafter.

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protect us from the Hellfire protect us from the Hellfire in Bihar carnival Rama indeed it's chastisement, its punishment. is never in there is never ending. Drama means it's sticky. It never leaves you never

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leaves the person so the people who end up in the Hellfire eternally. That's it. There's no escape. There's no death. There's no hope, forever forever, can you you can't We can't even imagine it.

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It's not like even like difficult to imagine. It's way beyond like, our wildest imaginations. It's something we can't imagine someone to live in the Hellfire eternally, and they would wish for death. But death will never happen, because death is taken out of existence on the day of judgment. And oftentimes, when we think about the hellfire and the punishment of the Hellfire, oftentimes our minds are so much focused on the physical pain. And that's true. And that's true. But a lot of the Muslim scholars have pointed out taking it from the Quran that the biggest regret the biggest pain the people have the Hellfire experience, and they suffer the most from

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is their inability

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to see Allah.

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That's more painful to them than the burning fire.

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That's more burning to their souls than the burning fire to their own bodies.

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being deprived and this is why last month Allah says Can in Nahum, Allah be him Yo man, even lemma jawbone, Allah threatens, indeed, on day, on the Day of Judgment, these people will be kept away from their Lord, there will be a screen they will not be able to see Allah. So that's the biggest punishment. That's, that's the source of the most painful experience the people of the Hellfire will undergo when they enter the hellfire. And it's a never ending, never ending kind of suffering and pain. Because the soul longs for Allah. And there is nothing that quenches the soul nothing that satisfies and fulfills the soul. But Allah subhanaw taala, being able to connect to him, see him and

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converse with him.

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So Allah subhanaw taala, through this description, he's giving us the clues of how we can can become each one of us how we can become one of a bad man, one of the servants of the Most Merciful, what an honor and what dignity to be actually one of those, but it doesn't happen by way of accident, but you have to work towards it. And as you can see, it's so simple. It's not about you, you know, following a certain cults or program yourself in a certain way you're already designed to do it, you just need to connect to the Quran, connect to the Sunnah, and allow this very nature of who you are this obedient nature to Allah subhanaw taala, allow it to come out and to shape your life and you

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will see a lot of great meanings, a lot of humanity. By the way, Islam and humanity are the same. Originally anything that is claimed to be something that is like human or humane or part of our humanity that's not in line with Islam is a misconception or misunderstanding because our humanity is our human nature. And that's our fitrah that's the way Allah designed us, which is completely compatible with the book of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what I would say just leave you with a few practical things.

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Two things very simple to tap into this hopefully take some time every day for you to sit and contemplate your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala. Are you living truthful to Allah? Take five minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes that would be great. And you if you do it, well, you will see that you will see the fruits of that you will see the benefits of that it will pay off. Take some time just contemplate just contemplate your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala Are you being true to Allah? Are you really making Allah the number one number one in your life? Ask yourself and think about ways you can connect to Allah is open up to Allah speak with Allah tell

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them Oh Allah, I know that I haven't done enough. I know Allah that my heart wants to connect more with you. But I have not done that. So help me do more of this. Please help me. Open up to Allah. Open up even in your own language. Open up to Allah and ask him for help. And make sure you bring yourself to account every day, by the way, bringing yourself to account as Omar Abdullah Anna said, it's not whipping yourself.

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It's not it's not like that. It's basically it's awareness, creating awareness of where you went wrong. And where you went, right. So what you did, right, you do more of it, you enhance it, you improve it, where you went wrong, you just stopped doing it. It's not about beating yourself. It's not this painful guilt cycle that could actually you know, devour, devour even our faith. No. And the second thing is, stop praying at night, even if it's Taraka.

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Pray at night that will give you a lot of momentum that will connect you to Allah subhanaw taala and UBC, this verse that we talked about, describes the believers in that sense they spend

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A big portion of the nights prostrating and standing in the Presence of Allah subhanaw taala praying to Him, that's a profound experience. And at night you'll you'll feel more spiritual because of the distractions or less, and you are more likely to connect to Allah and experience for sure, the more you do it Inshallah, the better you get at who showed something I want to connect to what the announcement brother has made about the I believe there was an announcement by the camping and that's an opportunity for the youth from age 11 to 20. There will be there'll be a camping for a few days, and sha Allah what is meant for these companies to make it an optimal experience, where they

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will inshallah have some exposure to how to connect whatever they do to Allah Subhan Allah to Allah. So there will be activities like pm lane, there will be reminders about connecting to Allah subhanaw taala. So this activity is designed somehow to take our youth step forward, more towards the massage and more towards Allah subhanaw taala. And because oftentimes people are under the impression and sometimes rightly so under the impression that living a life for Allah subhanaw taala means that you do away with everything in life, and you just live in the masjid, you sit in one corner, and you give up everything about life and that's completely the opposite of what's what Islam commands us,

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Islam, or Allah Subhana Allah wants us through stem to live life,

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to breathe life into life, to take it to a higher level, and we engage with it and this is how Muslims who are supposed to be we are supposed to engage with it. We are supposed to connect with it, and we are supposed to improve it, not run away from it. That's not what Islam causes us to do. So ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us become from a bedrock man the true servants of the Most Merciful Allah muffle and other than Obinna why slough NFE Emelina with a bit of Domino's call me Catherine Allahumma Jiang Khurana I believe it'll be Apple will be now I know Ross will do Rena Zarina Wahab Oh Mina OMO Mina, along through me Nina wellmont Mina to a Muslim in our Muslim out

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here even humble and what Allah but Emily how the mighty emeralds dries up hello particularly with Luffy Roma so yeah, take Allah Almighty Shabaab and Muslim in Allama de Shabaab and Muslimeen warfighter Yachty Muslimeen, Aloha model down Isla de Nicaragua and Jamila Allahumma COVID, Mr. Dafina Minella macmini and a few Colima can Allah have condemned a home Allah Allah has been deemed Allah Mazoon Allah, Allah homophobia li Hindi now more Eman allah how much Allah unfollowed you unclip I mean Indic Allah Houma la cabbie I do with what I do with him along with the mid Han Allah Maha Maha the Aziz and Moqtada Subhan. Allah have become a beloved city and now your cell phone was

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salam, an animal cell in our hamdulillah Hello blinding

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