Moutasem al-Hameedy – Reflections On Hadeeth – Part 1

Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The importance of not rushing into recitation during a prayer is emphasized, as it is not allowed in Arabic. The recitation is quick and takes 20 minutes, and it is important to practice slowly and carefully. The importance of praying for one's spiritual health is emphasized, and the recitation of Sir Halil is discussed. The importance of not letting people know too much about oneself and others is emphasized, and the importance of being aware of one's prayer and increasing their level in Easter.
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On the topic of striving for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala, which is an Muda. And we'll go ahead and is where the word jihad comes from. It's basically striving and exerting one's effort and oneself to do good things. That's what Jihad means. That's what menjaga essentially mean.

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So, this Hadith from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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from Khalifa mulia man

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and me Abdullah Khalifa Terminalia Manuel de Allahu Anhu Omar Paul, so late to my Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at that Allah He left after half after the * buckle for call to Yoko in Delmia from Mama awful to you sir Libby Hello Catherine firmado for call to your cobia from after the honey sir I forgot to her Imran I forgot Ah, you're correct. Oh Mortara seelen either not where we are in Fiat SB one subject

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matter will be soil insert or either I'm not worried I wouldn't I went from like a federal law all Subhanallah Bill Irwin, I can I will call Horner one military from McCall. Semi Allah Holloman Hamidah Habana Lachelle Hemd from mahkamah pa Amanda Whelan. periurban Mia Malika from massage at Africa Allah Subhan Allah BL Sokka Anna suju Caribbean minty ma Wahoo Muslim.

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This hadith is from

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her de familia Mandalay Allahu Anhu collected by Imam Muslim he says one night I decided to pray with the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam and this means family. The problem is to create them late so I left many undecided to come and join the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and here we have to clarify something be Amelie. Outside Ramadan, the scholars said now use Otowa to lie

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at touto it's got to say it's impermissible to have touto on TM Lail. Outside Ramadan Tautog means an agreement or some kind of arrangement. So let's pray this night together. This kind of agreement or planning or arrangement is not from the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Allah when you send them 4pm, late outside Ramadan

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outside Ramadan.

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So this is a rule in among the fuqaha that the Yama laid

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should happen individually. But it could happen in congregation if you find someone praying Tamil and you happen to join them. Without pre arrangement that's fine. But any pre arrangement which is called touto, is not from the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Salem and many scholars considered it to be Bidda. To be bitter, that's outside Ramadan. This is why with any kind of sunnah that has not been done in congregation by the prophets of Salaam, or the Muslim did not pre arrange congregation for it, then it should not be done in congregation there should not be pre arrangement for it. So some people say, Come on this fast together this day with the intention that Allah subhanaw taala, for

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example, helps the people have such and such country, this kind of the world is not there by the prophets, I send them ones companions or the elder generations. So we have to be careful with these things. The family in Ramadan that we call Torah, we that's the only exception when it comes to Korea. So if you find someone praying am Elaine and you want to join them just like this? You happen to join them, that's fine. But if you guys say we're going to meet tonight and we're going to join a family together, okay. There is an issue with this. There is an issue with this there is an issue with this. Yes, some scholars from Arizona said well it's alright if it happens like once in a

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while, but it shouldn't become a habit.

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But the safest is that it should not be pre arranged family should not be pre arranged. So her family man said I prayed with the Prophet Solomon night. And this happened with Abdullah and Ibis also and it happened with Abdullah Mossad similar incident. They saw them they saw the proposal and praised the joint. So how they felt when the mind joined the Prophet and suddenly he says to hobble Bacala The problem started reciting Surah Al Baqarah.

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And to Emily after Fatiha started Bukhara. So I said to myself in my head, I said he's going to recite the first 100 Drucker then he will go through the first 100 verses, then he will go for record.

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But the person completed 100 verses and sort of the Bacala and he carried on, he carried on. So I said, Okay, probably he's gonna

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pray, maybe I'll Bacala completely in one block and then go full court but the promise that I'm completed Bacara and the same blocker, then he started reciting Surah Nisa, start reciting Surah Nisa, and he completed the nisa, simulacra first.

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So I said to myself, he's going to complete an ISA he's going to go for record the Rosalind did not even go for Rico. He started with solid and emmalin is done with solid, early Milan he recited it today versus Yakata Omotola sin and the Prophet SAW Selim reads We

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with ease and

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in a slow fashion matara still

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at his is he's reading an E so it's taking his time there's no rush so imagine the prompts I'm read these three sources now in most haven't Medina these three three sources are 105 pages 105 pages are on the sixth of the Quran. How long do you think it took the Prophet SAW said, reciting, you know Mortara seelen What at ease and slowly as actually Allah and I said the province on Kanika tomo first so, when he recited he would read at his ease, he will take his time. So reciting 105 pages takes such a long time if you read it quickly, by the way, it will take you that's about five juice, five juice and a quarter of juice if you recite moderately takes you 40 minutes

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medium speed

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if you recite quickly, whether it takes you 20 minutes

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if you recite a recitation of the law, which we call heaven, which is the prophet Salam prohibited to recite the Quran like this is that hola Ronaldo, Malcolm, you're gonna destiny. If you're restarted like this, you can finish the some people can restart just in 10 minutes. Some people can do this, but this is what we call help them to proceed and prohibited this. So the quickest probably that that is acceptable that you can read which is a header takes about 20 minutes with pages each page takes about a minute. And that's by the way that's really quick. That's really quick.

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So the Prophet Salam did not recite even like, medium speed he recited at ease which took such a long time. So at least Judah will take from the Prophet so I said at least at least an hour, at least an hour, so five Jews and quarter

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five hours that's not the whole story. Listen to her they for has to say you have got to Omotola sealant. So he reads reads at ease and in a slow pace. Either model will be I can see how to speak on some. If he comes across a verse whether it's the spear, he would say subhanallah.

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Well, either murder will be swollen, sad. And if there is a dua in the Hadith in the verse, He would make the DUA

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what either Mr. rabita wouldn't tie with so any kind of meaning in the verse the prophets of salaam would respond to it. So for example, another Hadith where the prophet about the Prophet and when he prayed,

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so if he mentions Paradise, he would say Allahumma in Nana said okay, Jana, every time Jana or paradise was received was mentioned the process would say Allama India's local Jana if the Hellfire was mentioned he would say aloha my need to become an NRI and this is a shift that has been indicated this is only a Tamil name. And the five daily prayers you just recite, you don't make any comments, but in Tamil Leyland in the Sunnah, you will make this kind of dua or extra in order during the recitation. So the prophets of salaam there is anything a reason to make the spear that makes the spear anything to seek protect Allah's protection from he would say I will be

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from Morocco, then for Salam went for Rocco. So we said about five hours, five hours a month for the court for Jaya Allah Subhanallah Bill Aleem. So he said Subhanallah Bill Irwin

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for Kernodle cool Ohana one minty yummy so his little core took time close very close to the time of his recitation.

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And record very close to the time and his recitation

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from my God sent me Allah holy man, how many there have been our Robina local Hemd from my farm Akiyama, but we don't cut even America. When he said to him, I loved him and how many there have been a little hint?

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He remained standing for a time that is close to his little

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close to his record. That's why sometimes the person would pray to Allah and like to record and he would close with Witcher three. Okay.

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So what did the President say some allow him and Hamidah we do DC such a long time. It's talking about hours, probably.

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Probably. There's a complete version of this of the drought here. Robina wala, can handle Hamden cathedral by uban mobiola confy mill SMRT ugly one mill Mr. Boehner, Houma omen and mushy mushy embed 20 seconds? What would the process have to do? There's another highly authentic hadith where the prophets of salaam when he said and I believe, as far as I remember, it's from Asia and the Muslims since him allowed him in Hamid de Emily.

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He would keep saying the labial hand there'll be a hand there

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Beer, beer Hammurabi, he would keep saying it, there'll be 100 beer, there'll be a lot of beer and there'll be a ham. He would obviously feel it. Then when he's done he would go for sujood. So again, very funny man says, from apama Yamato, we don't call him America. So he's standing after the court was very close to the time he spent and record from massage at the VA Karla Subhanallah being

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forced to do to handle a bill for countersued or even minty yummy. So his sujood was close to the time he spent after singing along with him and having done so you can imagine how long the process and prayed

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that was the amylase generally speaking Chromolaena of the Prophet salatu salam, some benefits we can take from this hadith first of all

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striving because remember, know what he was talking about and what you had is that you strive against because that's not easy to do something like this takes a lot of stamina takes a lot of patience, and a lot of willingness to pray for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala for such a long time, for such a long time. And obviously the the prompt, you have to remember something that we humans grow into these kinds of things.

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Now don't rush into you've never played the proof can lead in your life or you just pray to show rock as you go and try to do the same. The prophets of salaam says in the Dena mattina for over a low fee Hebrew, this religion of Islam is strong and intense. So enter into it slowly, gradually, incrementally take steps. So if you pray your tool like as in 10 minutes, start to increase it into 20 minutes and do this for a couple of weeks for a month or a couple of months. Then when you feel comfortable there start to push it a bit more. So make these two lockers let them take longer than take half an hour.

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Then once you settle into this new level, start to push yourself a little bit more so instead of praying to pray for each to take you half an hour, so two and two half an hour and half an hour that's an hour

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settled stay there for a couple of months a few months until you are very comfortable there and you get used to it then you start pushing yourself and so on and so forth. This is how you reach higher levels you build this you have to build this incrementally but if you jump straight into this kind of performance with into this kind of

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you know Salah you're not gonna you won't be able to sustain it.

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Another benefit the Prophet SAW Selim started with Solothurn Bacara then he recited solat in Nisa, then he recited sort of earlier Emraan This is not like the order in the must have the order and the must have is Bacala Ali Imran and Nisa because most of the time the prophets of salaam would now the order of the soldiers in the Messiah was taken from how the prophets of salaam would most of the time recite the sewers in these in this order. But sometimes the prophets of salaam would not observe this order sometimes, sometimes. So when we say in the Salah or in reciting you can ignore sometimes that kind of order you can go against it, no problem, no issues. So even in the same rock

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how you can finish one surah then go to another Surah that's in the order of the must have comes before it. So, for example, you can recite Surah to NAS first then recite Surah till followup can you do this? In the salah? Yes. In this Allah yes, they call this in the Arabic language or the scholars give it a name at 10 keys. 10 keys means turning something upside down.

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Especially with a cup. They say neck cancer cancer, okay, you have a cup, you turn it upside down that's called 10 keys. So the scholars call this going against the order that's in the must have 10 keys. Some of it is permissible is when you do it between the solos recited Surah then you recite Surah that comes before it in the Quran fine.

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But you shouldn't keep this as your regular practice. You can do this sometimes. But there is 10 keys within the same Surah within the same Surah So let's say I start the first Rocker I resaw I start with the end of Surah Al Baqarah, robbing Allah to Edna in nesina, our partner the last verse in Surah Baqarah then I make record and schedule then I go to the next tracker and I start reciting for example, in the middle of sorts of baccarat Oh will say I am corsi Allah Hula, hula, Hula, hula how young are you? This 10 Keys is prohibited.

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reversing the order within the same Surah of the verses within the same surah is not acceptable. is not acceptable is haram. It's called thankies Muharram. This is prohibited kind of

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order that you start with the later part of the surah then you go to an earlier part of the Surah Surah This is not acceptable, and the same Salah is not acceptable. But if you change the order of the soldiers in the Quran, that's fine sometimes to do it, but it shouldn't be the regular practice. Clear is this point clear?

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Another benefit we can take as well as Don't be Amelie and Ramadan outside of Ramadan. It was the practice of the prophets of salaam when he came across anything in the Quran he would engage with the meaning respond to the meaning. So as we said, if the punishment of Allah is mentioned, the prophet of Salem would seek Allah's protection, who Bilaam and he would seek Allah's protection from his punishment. If

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paradise was mentioned, the person would ask for Jana

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if there is the sphere for example, some business model because Allah when you recite in Tamil and even in what are some business model because Allah it's a sunnah they emulate that you say subhanallah be an ad.

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You're saying Subhan Allah, Allah so you pause for a minute and say

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Allah the Halacha so what are the Rafa that's the Sunnah of the Prophet to not in the five obligatory prayers, no, in the Sunnah, in the Sunnah, either the Sunnah, or robotic, the ones that you pray with the Salawat, also not the emulate. And that's where the practice of the prophets of salaam was.

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What else is well, another benefit is the Prophet sallahu wa salam would create a balance in his Salah. So the time of his recitation

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would be long and also the record would be close to that time. Then standing after some Allah Muhammad that will be also close to his record, and then going down for sujood that time and schedule that will be close to the time that he spent standing after recording. That's the real that's the proper balance and salah. That's the proper balance and salah.

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Does this mean if I just pray long reset long and my records do not short? Does this mean it's not acceptable? Well, it's acceptable but that's not the practice of the prophets of salaam family. That's not the practice of the prophets of Salaam and they have to pinpoint that. We Muslims also love some kind of show when it comes to completing the Quran. We love this. Muslims love this or this Masjid completed the Quran. Like if a Master does not complete the Quran, there's a stigma attached to this. There is a stigma attached to this. So what do people people sacrifice the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Salem in Prince Bramall Lane for the sake of what running away from the stigma

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and the shame associated with it.

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Allah Mustad Allah who understand ideally, and also, sometimes it's not only this, if an imam wants to do to do this, and I remember like in the UK, about

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talking about 2003 2004, about 1314 years ago, we actually did something similar to this. We did something similar to this. So I would say in block one sujood we would stay for about two minutes.

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About two minutes and that's not obviously the end goal but that asleep at least take the people one step closer to the son of the person and try it out. And you can see the complaints that came you can see the complaints that came at the beginning Subhanallah the beginning of Ramadan, you will say you don't fear Allah and things like that and so on and so forth. But slowly, slowly Subhanallah what happened, people got used to it

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people got used to it and when the that one day we had a guest Imam

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and he didn't know about this so he just prayed like most of the massages pray and according to God just spend about five minutes and record and sujood so people made a big fuss they said we don't even feel the request to do it. They said we got used to the longer ones. So that shows people are able actually to

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you know you can hook them up to the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Salem but you have to take them gradually you have to take them gradually.

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let's move on to the next Hadith I live in a Mr. O'Donnell the Allahu Anhu palace or les toma and maybe you saw Allah already he was sending them a leaflet and a pile of Yama had to hand them to be Emery su De La Muhammad to be called Imam to an address our other who Abdullah said are the Allahu Anhu said I prayed when the with a profit of seven one night and he prayed for so long that I was about to do something bad.

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So they asked him what was that thing he said I was about to leave him I was about to sit and keep him standing.

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I was about to sit he couldn't sustain, you know, standing. So he just wanted to sit during this Allah, unglamorous would call this something bad, something bad because he would not see it fit for himself to sit when the prophesize was standing.

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Again, we're talking about oh, we were within the chapter of Mujahidin striving so we're going to have different Hadith with different themes. And unassembled the Allahu Anhu and Rasulullah sallallahu idea he was setting them up on YouTube or on Miyota to know who won who, who for eligible if not, we have to

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ideology Oh who am I who I am a man who, whatever country this is reported collected collected by Bukhari and Muslim from Anna's nomadic public Allahu anhu, that Allah's Messenger Salam said, three things will follow the deceased person and a person dies, people carry him to the cemetery to the graveyard to bury him three things following

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his family,

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his money, wealth,

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and his actions, his deeds to will return his family and his money will return because it will, there will go home, whatever, like wealthy houses at home, it will be distributed, why a power had one of them will stay with him. And that is this his actions, what they have done. So that means when you go to the grave, what will stay with you is what you have done in this life, what you have done this life, and we have to stress the fact, which is very important. People reduce people reduce a man what we call a man or the deeds to the external actions. And that's against the understanding of the early generations. That's against the understanding of the early generations of a man, every

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time you find a man mentioned, or the actions that are mentioned, it includes not only the external action, but the heart of the action, which is the intention behind it, the intention behind it, which is

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the actions of the heart. So every time the early generations mentioned family, you have to see it in a holistic way, you have to see the surface part of it and you have to see the root of it as well. And the problem when we fail to see this, it's easy to fall in hypocrisy, not necessarily major hypocrisy, but in our actions, we can fall into showing off our budget, okay, I've just been doing this, I'll be praying, I'm praying, I'm fine, but I don't feel it. I'm not even doing it for the sake of Allah. I'm just going through the motions. This kind of prayer is not accepted by Allah is not there's not there's no reward for this kind of prayer. Even some scholars have argued that if

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you pray without for sure, you have some of the Shafi scholars they have argued, if you pray without contract, you have to repeat it.

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They see it doesn't count, you have to repeat it. But the handler, the gem, who all of the scholars, the majority of the scholars, they say no, you don't have to repeat it accounts. But whether you get reward of it or not. That's the question.

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Which is I mean, it's a bad position anyway.

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So when when when the actions, stay with the deceased person, that means the actions that the person has done for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. So not only any actions, like I gave out a $500 to pull people and I did that because I wanted people to see me. Is this going to go with me to the grave? Yes, it's going to go with me to the grave, but that's going to be a source of torment and pain. Why? Because it's done and showing off. It's done in the Yeah, it's a show. It wasn't a real deed. Although externally, like the hypocrites they've done everything a Muslim could do, prayed they fasted they gave from the wealth, they did everything. They even fought with the province of

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Islam in the battlefield, the jeopardize their lives. But all these actions don't count. Why? Because they're not done for Allah. They're not done for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala.

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So when when the actions they're going to stay with the person in the grave, make sure that the actions are actually done for the sake of Allah, and they are in accordance with the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam we move on to the next Hadith. Anybody in this world handle the Allahu Anhu call and be useful Allahu alayhi wa sallam algin Neto acabo either had a comment you're lucky now and he will now tell me through the lick wha hoo Bukhari everyone was although the Allahu Anhu said that the prophets of salaam said Al Jazeera to Accra Bella Hadid comin shallaki Natalie here paradise is closer to any of you than their own shoes

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than the soul of their own shoes. Jana is closer to me. And he said when not only through the attic and the Hellfire is like that. The Hellfire is like that. So that means the Paradise and the Hellfire are so close. So close to one of us and that means sometimes it's one action into the into paradise when actually takes you into the hellfire. So be careful about everything you do. And that resonates with the brother Brother, the back of the brother was reciting brother. Can you just

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please if you can just put your voice down or you can go into the library by well we don't disturb you insha Allah and you get to reset your circle ahead, Monica loving. The Prophet SAW Selim says in Nadarajah later eighth Aquila mobile Kelly my team in SatoLA Yeah, we we have a Johanna message in a hurry that a person says one word in disobedience to all

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One word that brings the anger of Allah subhana wa Tada. And he's thrown into the Hellfire deep inside, a distance that takes 70,000 years to be reached in the alpha with one word. What in other words relate to Kinder mobile Kenny multi-member One Illa, your firewall, Allah we have an agenda to metadata and the person speaks a word that pleases Allah subhanaw taala. You speak a word of truth, a word of truth. Or it could be a word of comforting someone who's going through some pain, or maybe saying a word, where you are helping support someone who has been wronged or someone who has been oppressed or someone in hardship. And you say that word and brings about justice. Any kind of word

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that pleases Allah subhanaw taala and you say it, it could raise you in paradise 100 levels up.

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To this way the person who says paradise is closer to you than the soles of your shoes, and the Hellfire is similar to that.

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So that shows Yes, you have to strive and do more for the sake of Allah Samantha we also have to be different. You have to be vigilant and careful, because sometimes one thing could either raise you up in paradise, or could drop you down in the depths of the Hellfire. So we have to be careful your actions have consequences. Your actions have consequences. Sometimes there's a you know, the prophet services and hikma toolbar and lateral movement,

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wisdom, words of wisdom or any kind of benefit by lateral movement is the lost property of a believer you know, when you lose something and you start searching for it or looking for it. They call it in Arabic Bala Bala bond attunements the last property of the believer truth and wisdom wherever it comes from even if it comes from shaytan like the hadith of Ebola or the law of animal, it's your property. regardless where it comes from, it's your right to take it because it could actually open away for you to Allah subhanaw taala oxygen

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there is a word there's a statement in Gladiator I think at the beginning of that I've been watching the movie but someone sent to me that word and it resonated with me. He says what you do in this life echoes in eternity.

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What we do in this life are things that we do in this life echo in eternity and that's true.

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This hadith is meant is talking about something similar to this. What are you doing this life could have eternal consequences. Be careful. Be careful. Sometimes you might be one line or you might be ridiculing someone, someone and this might send you into the send you into the Hellfire you might be just having fun you might have you want. Maybe you want your friends to laugh. You know? Just crack a joke about someone and you backbite a person or you slander someone we say something that's untrue. These were the prophets of salaam says we don't let the the will Ketubah legal Deaconess we don't lie we blunder Woe to the person who makes a lie to get people to laugh.

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You make a joke, and it's a lie. And you get people to laugh the processes water him walk to him walked in. Wait Don't wait.

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It's not a joke. It's not a joke. What we do could have eternal consequences. So be careful.

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Following Hadith and Abby if you're asabi attorney Cabalists let me hurt him Rasulullah sallallahu and he will send them on his sofa. Not only Allahu Anhu called contribute to my Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for it, he will do

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it he will. He will Hagerty he for selling me a call to Luca Murata kata Catherine Jana for call our ala Dalek call to whoever back

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in Ireland FC cabbie Kathy sujood our homelessness collected by Imam Muslim

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Robby bin OCAD he was one of the servants one of the people who served the prophets Eliza Lim like and it's emblematic. He was from Allah sofa, the poorer Muslims who lived in the masjid. They had no house to stay in. These people lived in the masjid.

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He said I used to sometimes spend the night with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and I used to prepare his water the water that is made for water I used to prepare it for him. I used to prepare anything else that he wanted.

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So one day I came the Prophet

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I offered the or give the profit center the water for widow and all the other things that he needed. So he looked at me and he said, asked me

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make a wish. What do you want?

00:29:46 --> 00:29:59

So I said, I ask your companionship in paradise. That's what I want. That's my wish. I wish to be with you in paradise and Jana, the prophets of salaam says our layer of Eric anything else anything other than that? He said that's it. That's all I want.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:09

foredeck, the prophet Salam said that only Allah and FC can be can flightsuit said, Then help me against yourself by doing more sujood

00:30:11 --> 00:30:13

by doing more sujood sujood that means you pray

00:30:15 --> 00:30:25

means you pray you pray more. So you want closeness to the prophets of salaam companionship of the Prophet SAW Salem in Jannah. What do you do increase in prayer,

00:30:26 --> 00:30:27

increase in prayer.

00:30:30 --> 00:30:45

And this requires a lot of Mujahid a lot of striving. It's not easy to keep praying. But as we said, at the beginning, do that gradually, incrementally build up you know your your prayer repertoire, so to speak.

00:30:46 --> 00:31:14

The following Hadith and ABI Abdillah in about a month Oban Moldau Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam ala Rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a whole and they can be castrati sujood for in Nicoline test you that Allah he says that an in law Allah who we had the Raja will have to and cabbie HA HA HA HA HA Muslim also collected by Muslim from Tel boundedly. Allah who I know. He said he also is also one of the servants of the prophets of salaam Filburn. He said, I heard Allah's Messenger Salam say,

00:31:16 --> 00:31:17

do more sujood

00:31:18 --> 00:31:41

do most do make more and more and more sujood for in NACA lintas Do the lie, he says. Because there is no one to do that you make for Allah except or any such that that you make for Allah, Allah will raise your level in paradise. And Allah will remove one of your sins with each and every stage that you make. Allah will raise your level in Paradise, and he will remove one of your cells.

00:31:44 --> 00:32:14

So when you pray, don't just go through the motions feel that feel that then when you are going through sujood Allah Allah is offering you this, this honor of raising your level in paradise and removing one of your sins. The Prophet Allah mentioned in an authentic hadith he says that's from Abdullah bin Massoud Allah mustard one day was with his friends or with his students, and he held a branch tree branch that had some dry leaves on it. So he took it and he shook it strongly. So the leaves started to fall off.

00:32:15 --> 00:32:52

Then he and that was a beautiful way of teaching alumnus says to students Alatus alonein MFL taharah once you don't you want to ask me why I did this. Like it's it's not something like people usually do. Don't you guys want to ask me? They said yes, indeed we want to ask. He said we were with the Prophet Solomon he did something similar. So he said once you don't you want to ask me. So we said yes, we want to ask you so we asked him Why did you do this? He said this is the example of the believer that when you make when you pray when you make record and you make sujood your sins will fall off your shoulders just like these leaves are falling off this branch.

00:32:54 --> 00:33:21

So with every semester, a lot of your sins are in sha Allah are being removed. So increase in usage and make it you know from your heart, from your heart for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala we'll take one more Hadith inshallah I think we have enough time and abuse of one Abdullah Hib, Noosaville Eslami on the Allahu Anhu Balcatta rasool Allah he's Allahu Allah He was seldom hailed on NASCI Manta Allah Omar who were hacer una Angelou who Raja who tell me they will call a different person hasn't had it is handsome.

00:33:23 --> 00:33:27

Abdullah Eslami only Allah and who said Allah's Messenger Salam said

00:33:28 --> 00:33:44

hi, you're on NUS. The best of people are the ones mandala OMO who was one of the ones who live longer and do good. The ones who live longer. So if Allah grants you a longer life in goodness

00:33:45 --> 00:34:00

This could make you among the best of people. Among the best of you well this is why some of the of the righteous people they used to say Allah whom much I'll name him many at all. Oh boy. Yeah, so no, no, no. Oh Allah make me from those who live long and do good.

00:34:01 --> 00:34:11

And there is the famous Hadith reported in us I believe it's a Muslim, to have the answer to people from Medina became Muslim two brothers. They came became Muslim at the same time.

00:34:12 --> 00:34:19

And then they took part in one battle, and I think it was good. So one of them was killed or was murdered was martyred in the battle.

00:34:20 --> 00:34:22

The other one survived.

00:34:24 --> 00:34:54

And he lived one year more and then he died naturally of some kind of disease. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says that the Companions I saw them both in paradise, the one who died later is above than his brother who died a year before. So the companions were puzzled, they said, but that one died as a martyr as a Shahid and that one died normally. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, imagine how much he prayed and he fasted and he did good deeds during this year. All of this raised him above his brother.

00:34:58 --> 00:34:59

So the prophets of salaam says

00:35:00 --> 00:35:04

The best among people are the ones that live longer and do good deeds

00:35:05 --> 00:35:13

subpanel that's a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala so I'm going to stop here in sha Allah because I think we have five minutes Yeah.

00:35:15 --> 00:35:30

Less than five minutes Okay, so it's time for DUA and sha Allah and get ready for this talk to talk on the federal law so I'm gonna Amina Mohammed why the US Army so tomorrow there will be no halacha after before Maghrib but it will be Wednesday. Inshallah on Thursday and Friday and Saturday

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