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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh my writings in the 90s

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included my thesis I've already spoken about. it been 10 years essay on the jinn. his treatise, which I translated and commented on the thesis itself, which was very comprehensive, the first of its kind. It dealt with all of the issues concerning the jinn,

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the human soul, the other avenues by which people could become possessed. It involved research, traveling to different parts of the world, which I mentioned earlier. And the experience of exorcist from different parts of the Muslim world was included in the thesis itself. And hamdulillah in or after I graduated 1993, I decided to publish the work. And I had already moved to the UAE, where I had become the head of data or shutter printing press, English Department. And from there, I began publishing a number of works. Many of them, if not most of them were later republished by the International Islamic publishing house.

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So among them was my thesis itself. And this is the first edition, which was published in the UAE. This is a soft cover,

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which it has, but the actual book itself is a hardcover book. This is what it looks like. The acts of this tradition in Islam printed completely in the UAE from the Al Fatah press, this work

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covered the practice of exorcism in different parts of the Muslim world, identifying what was acceptable, what was not acceptable, because you have till today many people who are engaged in different forms of exorcism So it identifies what was the prophetic way. Clearly, bringing all the Hadees evidences arguments, etc. And, of course, then providing for people who wanted to follow the Quran and the Sunnah, you know, a clear direction in terms of how they should approach dealing with people who have been possessed by the jinn. Then it also looked at the practices found in different parts of those the world, identifying that which was not acceptable, which had no basis in Islamic

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tradition and Islamic authentic narrations from the Sahaba or from the Prophet Muhammad Salim himself and assessed

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exorcism in Christianity compared it to what's going on in Islam, looked briefly at exorcism and other religions like Hinduism, etc, and brought the readers to a conclusion, you know as to where possession comes from, because we looked at, in the thesis, the world of the angels, the world of human souls, and the world of the jinn, as being the three possible sources from which possession could take place. And we looked into the details about the jinn, understanding worth how they were created, where they were created from,

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their characteristics, their abilities, and their inabilities as well as their death. They die like human as human beings die, but they have the ability to choose between good and evil, just as human beings did.

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So this is my thesis. I did it to be able to put in the circles of academia, an authoritative work on the gym, and exorcism and something which would remove the

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garbled material which had been gathered by orientalists. By going to different parts of the Muslim world and gathering up their folklore, their fairy tales and all these different confused beliefs and practices.

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which is then presented as Islamic view and belief and practice. So, the book remains a means of clarifying for researchers who want to get to the bottom of the reality of the jinn from Islamic perspective. It provides that solid base of information based on authentically narrated

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guidance from the prophets of Allah salaam, and from his companions, the early generations, so I wanted it to be something that whenever researchers are searching, they're seeking knowledge about the jinn etc. It would come up in their search, and they would be able to get

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clear presentations, you know, as opposed to the garbled material, which orientalists had

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compiled and put into the textbooks in their various universities around the world. Baraka Luffy comes Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah he will back cat