Moutasem al-Hameedy – Ramadan Deeper Insights

Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The importance of Islam's guidance and the use of technology in religious studies is emphasized. The obligations of Allah Subhana wa Tada are also emphasized, as it is designed for everyone to fulfill their own goals. The holistic nature of achieving these goals is emphasized, and protecting oneself from evil actions is emphasized. The importance of fasting and learning to be a Muslim is emphasized, along with the need to connect to Allah through a door and offer incentives to join a campaign. The importance of learning to be a Muslim is emphasized, along with the need to build up knowledge and growth. The segment emphasizes the importance of fasting to increase awareness and consciousness of Islam, and encourages viewers to sponsor and help with the month of anniversary.
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In Alhamdulillah, Hina hemudu who want to study you know who want to still feel whenever he Manchurian food fusina was

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de la hufa mobila Allahu

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Allah. Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah Allahu Allahu la sharika was shadow ana Muhammadan rasul Allah. Yeah you holiday in La hepco to party he was

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mostly mon

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Johan su tiempo de como la de cada comin FC wahida wahala caminhada them in Houma region john and Kathy

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What up in La la de

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una de Waal

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in La Cocina de como la Eva. Yeah, you holla Deena an otaku? La how aku sadita useless. Malecon we have a lacuna Lulu back home when you play Rasulullah who

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was in alima do in US double headed Nikita boo la he

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had he had to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam was or Shadwell Amorim of data to her wakulla modesetting bidda wakulla Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah,

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all praises due to Allah, we praise Him, we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge and protection in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evil consequences of our own actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can lead us astray, and whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray and none can guide I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped. None has the right to our ultimate love and devotion but Allah Subhana Allah Allah alone, and I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam is his servant and His Messenger. Indeed, the best speech are the words of Allah and the best guidance is that of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was

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sending them sallam, and the worst thing in the religion are the newly invented matters for all the God all the newly invented matters and religion are considered to be innovation and, and every bit as misguidance and it leads to the Hellfire

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as we are anxiously waiting for Ramadan, and inshallah tomorrow will be the first day of this wonderful gift from Allah subhana wa Tada. We don't want to go through the month of Ramadan unconscious of the blessings and the treasures that Allah placed in this blessed month. We want to open our eyes and open our hearts and pay more attention to the great opportunities that Allah has put abundantly in this beautiful month. And these treasures, we will uncover them by reflecting on the verses where Allah subhanaw taala talks about fasting and he talks about Ramadan because there is no speech in existence that has more meaning that has more impact that has more depth than the

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words of Allah our Creator so pana what Allah so Allah subhana wa tada says,

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oh do Billahi min ash shaytani r Rajim Yeah, you're Latina manual coup de la como si mo can katiba Allah Latina mean publikum la la contact upon all you who believe so Allah first of all, calls upon us by the one and only description that he likes the most about humans and that's a man. And that's faith. Yeah, uh, you, Levine, man Oh. So this is an exclusive call and invitation for the people who have faith and a man in the hearts or you who believe

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goodie bag Valley como si mo comm equity by Alan levy and Emil publikum. Fasting has been made or has been prescribed upon you, as an obligation as an obligation. So we know now that fasting is an obligation so we have no choice about it. But that doesn't mean coercion.

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Because the obligations that Allah subhanaw taala placed upon us, for our own benefit

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for our own future on the Day of Judgment, and are also for our own benefit in this life. So whatever Allah Subhana Allah to Allah commands, whatever Allah subhanaw taala makes obligatory, it's for us first and foremost, because Allah doesn't need it a lot doesn't need our worship. Allah stands in No need of anyone.

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And the reason

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He legislates the reason he commands. The reason he prohibits is for you. And for me, it's for our own benefits for our own welfare. That's how Allah subhana wa Taala prescribes. And because Allah knows that humans haven't have a transgression, a transgressive kind of nature. Sometimes we are defiant. Sometimes we're lazy. Sometimes we're laid back, sometimes we lose track of what is good for us. So Allah subhanho wa Taala decided not to leave certain things for us to decide upon. So he made the decision for for us.

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And this actually is on our behalf and for our own benefit. So this is how we should see the obligations of Allah subhana wa Tada. And this is why some of the scholars, they have actually criticized the widespread use of the word tech leaf, about obligations about religious duties, that they are like a burden to cleave like Chevron assembling the Tamia criticized the word to cleave and he says, eBay that release a fee has a cliff on the mantle machaca I'll be

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looking for below follow me in a lie soldier. The way we should look at the obligations is not as a burden, but as a gift from Allah as a privilege and honor from Allah subhana wa Tada. And the only ones who abide by the obligations are the ones who truly believe because Allah has given humans choice in this life, you want to obey, that's your choice, you want to disobey, that's your choice. But as we said previously, you always have to deal with the consequences of your own actions and your own choices. Could be Valerie, camassia, mocha, makuti, Bella lithium and publikum, as it was written upon the people who came before so this is not an innovation. This is not a new thing. Allah

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has sent similar legislations to previous nations to previous prophets. So this is a continuous journey, that humanity has been engaged engaging in based on the command and the guidance of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So you are not alone in this you have not been singled out with this. All the nations have been given that obligation to fast for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. Why because fasting, as we will come to see is a very profound experience is a very profound exercise. It's not just abstinence from food and drink.

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The last panel to add a conclusion summarizes In brief, why fasting has been made an obligation upon us.

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So you may attain taqwa, the whole thing behind Ramadan, the whole point behind fasting. The whole point behind everything that has to do with fasting and Ramadan is that you attain taqwa. And the reality is the reason Allah sent down revelations. The reason Allah Subhana Allah to Allah sent prophets and messengers is to help people achieve taqwa. taqwa, that's the point. It's stuck.

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And what is taqwa? Oftentimes, it's it's reduced to part of its meaning. We say what is a protection that's the literal meaning of what? you protect yourself from the punishment of Allah. That's true.

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But that's the apparent side of taqwa. And the real heart of taqwa is that you badly want Allah and love him and long for him.

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And the severest punishment.

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The criminals on the day of judgment will go through the severest punishment is that they will be denied to see Allah and meet him and get close to him. That's the worst punishment they get. It's it's more painful than whatever punished punishment they get in the Hellfire

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is what Allah subhanaw taala says and soldiers

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killed in

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a dilemma, jawbone, the most painful moments for the for the people who will end up in the Hellfire is when they get to know that they will be denied the ability to see Allah, the ability to come close to Allah, the ability to connect to Allah. Once this is made clear for them. That's the most painful moment. And that's the severest punishment. And that's why when we say tough what is about protecting yourself from the punishment of Allah is you protect yourself specifically from this, first and foremost, being denied closeness to Allah subhanaw taala because there's nothing more painful to the hearts nothing more painful to the soul than being pushed away from Allah subhana wa

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But in this life, we don't see it. We don't feel it because because we are busy with this world. But if we were to have a moment of reflection, a moment of clarity with our souls and our hearts, we would know would come to know that the most painful experience in this life and in the next is to be distinct from Allah. There's nothing more painful

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There's nothing more painful because our hearts were created to connect to Allah. And this is how our hearts find happiness to equality and peace. And without that the heart will be in agony and pain. But we medicate ourselves with desires.

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We are engaged we engaged in making more money we're engaged in getting more accolades, we're engaged in getting more degrees and buying more houses and driving better cars and getting more popularity and fame and we are really engaged in different pursuits and these take our attention away from the pain that our hearts experienced, because we are not connecting to a lot properly. But on the Day of Judgment, all of these mirages, all of these illusions will be completely annihilated and canceled. So we will come to see everything for what it is. And once a person is not connected to a lot, they will come to see the excruciating pain of not being connected to Allah, they will

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come to see that without any distraction. And this is why it is extremely painful at that moment.

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So taqwa is about being connected to Allah and protecting yourself from anything that pushes you away from Allah or denies you the right to connect to Allah and see him and be close to him. That's what's up what is. So fasting and Ramadan is all about taqwa. And as we talk about these verses, I want you to mark the ending of the verses in other scholars have always pointed that how our team or our team will edit the, the endings of verses, the sequence of them,

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is so powerful and profound. And the connection and the relevance between the last words last couple of words of the verse to the theme of the verse is very profound and powerful. There are so many secrets in memasuki wrote a book about this. And he said about the connection and about the relevance between the meaning of the verse and the ending of the verse.

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Because that's a profound aspect of the Quran we said the Quran is full of treasures, no matter how much you try, you will never reach the depths of it. And humanity will always be able to get more of the treasures of the Quran, more of the beauty of the Quran and the Quran will keep revealing itself because it's of divine nature. These are the words of Allah cunnamulla soldier.

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Then Allah Subhana Allah says a Yana do that these are just a number of days, a number of days a year that you have the whole year to eat and drink and enjoy yourself and live your natural route your normal routine, then it's only this month where you single Li single that out, and it's the apex of the year it's the best time in the year for people who reflect and people who contemplate the reality of this month. If you see Ramadan as an act of deprivation and abstinence from food and drink and desire and your daily routine, then you are not gaining anything from Ramadan. Ramadan is a perfect time for you to grow in a man and faith and as a person.

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Ramadan is the best time of the year for you to experience your heart and experience the reality of your existence and feel more the devotion to Allah subhana wa to Allah where the Buddha where the connection and the servitude you have to Allah reaches a pinnacle of loss of control that makes it easy for you because he changed the devils. He opens the gates of Paradise, he locks to the gates of the hellfire. So he creates a perfect context for you to worship him where distractions are minimized. And if you focus Allah gives you a golden opportunity to grow exponentially, and you're a man in your faith, and how many people have transformed their lives in Ramadan.

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How many people have quit bad habits in the month of Ramadan? How many people have changed their ways in life in the month of Ramadan?

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zillions of people had this kind of experience. And that's from the tofik of Allah subhana wa tada a Yemen do that.

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It's just a number of days from an ketamine Kumari upon lls a very,

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very detrimental Yemen. So the ones who are traveling are the ones who are ill, and they are experiencing some kind of disease, they can't fast, then they can make it up later on a loss of balance and is not making it hard. And we will talk again about this.

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What I learned in a Punahou video from Tommy skin, and this is a there was a there was a ruling here that was abrogated, where people who could fast with difficulty were allowed to break their fast while out to break their fast and give a video but then later on, it was made the exception was made only for people who are sick and people who are traveling.

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So the the the degree of the excuse was a little bit intensified. So these people were allowed to give video but later on, it was only six people and traveling people who were allowed

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The people who obviously could not physically fast these are the only ones who were allowed to give Vidya and give an expiation feed a poor person instead of everyday that they cannot fast then Allah subhanaw taala says we're

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gonna come in content alone and if you fast, it is better for you only a few No. If you fast, it's better for you. So Allah is saying fasting is not a simple act of worship. It's not a normal average act of worship. There is something so great about fasting that when you miss out on fasting, you'll miss out on a great opportunity.

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On a great thing, Ramadan is a School. Ramadan is a place for you to grow, for your soul to grow for your mind to grow, for your flock, and for your character to glow to grow. It's a holistic experience.

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So don't limit it to abstinence from food and drink one

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incontinent animal, and if you fast it is better for you if you know, Shahada Ramadan, the month of Ramadan, look at our last mantra starts this verse, Allah doesn't say, the month of Ramadan is this and that Allah, Allah says, shall Ramadan.

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When someone says, starts a sentence with a name, just like this channel, Ramadan, you are eager to listen to what comes next. What about it? What about Ramadan? Shahada, Ramadan, this is high level of eloquence, a high level of bellezza shadow Ramadan, a lady

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in which the Quran was revealed, and that makes it exceptional. It makes it exceptional. This is the time when the words of Allah were revealed to humanity. So it's it's such a it's a it's a historic point in history. When the Quran was sent down.

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It was sent down through the guidance of humanity who are living in darkness. That was in the month of Ramadan. So that shows that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah

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gives great importance to the month of Ramadan, Shadow Ramadan, and let the Koran houden leanness will begin at the minute. So the Quran was revealed guidance for mankind, having signs clear signs and proofs from Allah for the guidance of humanity.

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And the criterion to be to tell or to show humanity the difference between truth and falsehood.

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Good and evil.

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So the month of Ramadan, and on both of them are all about guidance, all about seeing the truth and recognizing it. So if you want to grow in a man, if you want to review your life, I would say you review your relationship with Allah subhana wa Tada. What do you need to do? That's the time for you. Don't waste don't waste it. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one day when he was mounting the member.

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He says, I mean, I mean, I mean three times, the companions had never seen the person doing this or saying this. So later on, they asked him, you said you did something you've never done before. We've never seen you do this before. You said I mean three times. He said, Yes. jabril came to me. And he made Dre three times. One of the drivers and andraka Ravana was

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a person who witnesses the month of Ramadan and they do not get the sense of a given May Allah distance them from Paradise. May Allah distance them from his mercy that shows that Ramadan is the time for you. You want to review your life you want to get closer to Allah, you want to change your ways. You want to make a change in your life from a barn is the time is the time because Allah has made everything easy for you. He paved the way for you. It's so easy. It's so easy when all the distractions have been eliminated by your Creator.

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And a lot needed a month for guidance. So the shoes There is something about your heart that grows something about your heart that unfolds and flourishes that can see so much which you don't get to see

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in other months.

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Well but unity minute with our focus on financial freedom and commercial affiliation. So whoever witnesses the month whoever lives that month, let them faster. Fast it it's an obligation. It's an obligation and it's one of the pillars of Islam fasting Ramadan, filiation woman Cana Maria Bonhoeffer invented that woman, a young man and those who are sick or are unable physically unable or they are traveling. So let them make up the days that they miss later on, when they are able to do so when they are able to do so.

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So that shows the importance even if you miss it and Ramadan. For a valid excuse, you still have to make up the days because fasting is something indispensable. You cannot miss out on this. You cannot so this shows the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that even if you are physically unable, even if you are traveling, Allah is not going to meet meet you

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missed out on the opportunity. He says you can make it up later on, I'll still preserve it for you.

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I'll still preserve it for you. Sometimes you go to a shop, and they have a discount on something, and maybe there are not they run out of it. Sometimes you can still book it, and they'll say we'll give it to you on the same at the same price. Why? Because we value you as a customer that shows attention, right? But Allah subhanaw taala is making a greater often he's saying, if you can't fast during Ramadan, due to a valid excuse, I will still give you the opportunity and keep it for you. So when you are able you'll make it up, you'll miss you don't miss out on this great opportunity. That's the mercy of Allah. Then Allah subhanaw taala says,

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you read the law who become a US Ravana you read to becoming law once is for you. allowance is for you. So if somebody thinks that fasting is difficult, Allah saying allowance is for you. And ease Here comes in different shapes. First of all, is when you are unable to fast physically or you are traveling alone, I made a concession for you, you can foster it later on, that's fine, you can make it up. No problem. But another type. Another type, or another face of this is, is that Allah Subhana Allah might give us some acts of worship where there is some hardship in them, there is some kind some level of challenge in them. But that's not intended in itself.

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alarming this level of hardship there, this bearable level of work of hardship, because it's going to make things easy for us later on.

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And that's the beautiful face of ease. You have to see the whole context. You go through exams, and they are hard. Why? Because when you get to work professionally, you have already gained the skills and the necessary knowledge. It was hard to study. It was hard to spend years of your life of your youth years studying hard and going through one exam and failing an exam and having difficulties and so on and so forth. This is hard, yes, but it makes things easier for you later on. Because if you need to learn on the field is going to be very difficult. It's going to be very challenging, there'll be distractions, there'll be limitations. So this is the type of ease another type of is

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the last one that is talking about. Yes, if you experience some hardship in any act of worship, Allah Subhana Allah is saying, This is still easy, because it will make things easier for you later on, on the day of judgment, the hardships in the grave, the hardships on the Day of Judgment, when the sun draws near the hardships of waiting for the ASAP for the reckoning. And that takes 50,000 years people are waiting, the hardship of awake of being resurrected on the Day of Judgment, the confusion alone will take that away from you, alone will relieve you of that isn't that is its ease by what? Just fasting

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when he took me to a doctor when he took him below law Hello.

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Welcome to school so that when you make up the days that you missed you complete the number of days you complete Ramadan

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when he took a build a law firm so that you glorify Allah because of the guidance he gave to you. And Allah here is making it clear that being able to know about Ramadan, being able to know about fasting and being enabled to fast, and being a Muslim and being guided to it requires you to thank Allah because this is something so valuable that most of us don't appreciate.

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We just go through fasting, we don't really appreciate the privilege that we are given to go through the month of Ramadan, recognize it, when the rest of humanity have no clue about it. They're clueless, but you know about it, and you get ready for it. They will know about fasting and they might even say it's difficult. Why do you do this because they don't see what's coming afterwards. They don't see the whole context but Allah has guided you. And Allah has shown you the blessings, they don't know the blessings, you know, because Allah told you, so Allah deserves that you thank Him and you live in gratitude for that for this great gift from Allah subhanaw taala when he took up

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your La Villa de la la come to school, so you live in thankfulness. So fasting is also an act of gratitude, and thankfulness. So remember, every day you fast, you are being grateful to Allah subhanaw taala you are being thankful you're saying thank you Allah for guiding me. Thank you for showing me the truth. Thank you for inspiring me to be a Muslim. Thank you.

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So keep that in mind that will intensify the beauty of your fasting. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala says, what you guys say I like a bad day, honey. I'm going to talk about this in the next part of the hotbar

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad, he was so happy that Allah subhanaw taala pleases this verse after talking about fasting. He says

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Worried about the need for in near coreboot? Oh gee Buddha either fell yesterday Bodie Will you amin ob La La me have children and if my servants asked you about me then I am near Allah doesn't even say tell them I am near Allah responds directly. I am near for in a hurry. Oh gee Buddha

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fell yesterday Bulli Will you mean ob la la mia sudo so I'm not saying I am near you, they asked you about me and that shows fasting raises the level of your awareness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It removes the hustla heedlessness, it's taking a week or so raises the level of your awareness. So you inquire about Allah this way the companions asked the Prophet Salam salam,

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our buena

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buena de Haan caribou Sana je

00:25:51 --> 00:26:05

the campaign is asked the prophet SAW Selim is Allah too far that we call upon Him, we scream to get him to hear us or is he so near that we just whisper the promises on him says the processor is closer to you than your jugular vein

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lies close and that shows that Ramadan is also the time for making the

00:26:13 --> 00:26:14

making up.

00:26:15 --> 00:26:20

And the process of selling mentioned that when you break or when you open your fast there is a door that is accepted.

00:26:21 --> 00:26:42

And during the day and during the night of Ramadan there will be accepted for each fasting person there is a door that will be accepted will be answered. So that shows the connection from above builds up some kind of momentum of awareness and consciousness of Allah subhanaw taala so you make sure you connect to Allah you ask about Allah you want to get closer to Allah so you want to call upon him.

00:26:44 --> 00:26:54

Then Allah says I am near that Allah is fully StG boo Li let them respond to me. Respond so I'm always calling upon you. Allah is calling upon you.

00:26:55 --> 00:27:22

To fast. Allah is calling upon you to call upon him to make dua and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says many of them, yes, many of them. Yes, Allah is Bob and he, the one who doesn't ask Allah, Allah will be angry with him. Allah wants you to ask him, allows you to call upon him. Allah wants you to express your need to him because he wants to answer you, but he wants your heart on your tongue. So when you respond to Allah,

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and when you connect to Allah, Allah subhanaw taala says in the caribou, caribou, Jeeva, Aidan, Felisa Djibouti Will you mean ob la long Yasuo, let them respond to me and let them believe in me and that means believe in Allah and believe in the wisdoms that he put in fasting and Ramadan and everything he legislated. That alarm y'all should own they may achieve a rushed, y'all should don't have rushed, rushed is the highest level of maturity, maturity in your heart and maturity in your mind. And if you look at the sequence, Allah starts with taqwa.

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Then starts with in low tail, onto some hidden locking low quantum.

00:28:07 --> 00:28:15

And quantum Tyler more than a last month Allah says, whether I'll accomplish Quran that Allah Subhana Allah says, let alone your children.

00:28:16 --> 00:28:41

So that shows that Ramadan builds up a profound journey of growth with taqwa with knowledge, with thankfulness to Allah. And then Allah subhanaw taala concludes with Russian maturity, a high level of maturity in your faith and in your mind. And then there is the last verse, which I don't have time to go over it. We'll maybe we'll do it next weekend. Connect all these dots a lot. So Montana concludes again with taqwa Allah.

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Allah, Allah connects the whole thing with taqwa. So it's all about Ramadan is all about you loving the last panel to Allah and distancing yourself from the punishment of Allah, by this profound act of worship, and this wonderful month of Ramadan.

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I want to conclude this hope by by reminding you again of the start of the inshallah,

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there will be a star every day in the masjid, and everyone is invited. And for any of the brothers or the sisters who wish to sponsor we still have slots available, so you can show or sponsor them and it's a great act of worship, you get the reward of people who are fasting once you offer them. The thought so hasten to that and I said previously, if you can't do it on your own team up with another person or another two or three people and Sharla sponsor star so you don't miss out on this opportunity. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us benefit from the month of Ramadan. allama furlanetto novena way so often I think Emily now with a bit of dominance of not only Catherine

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Allah, La vida de una allama Filipina Diwali Dina what Amanda home Hakuna Elena

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lahmacun Sabatino in Colima can Allah meconium sophina mina Mina frequently McCann alarm in the mamasan eraldo alarm I forgot him Dinamo allama material

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washed your eyes up here. Hello Patrick Duffy aluma sciatic de ba ba ba ba Tina Fey dounia Hassan Hassan Makana Habana Allah, Ramadan, aloha mobile Ramadan Lama Zopa NASA Yamaha Yamaha Yamaha e man and YT serb and Bella hermetica Alhamdulillah I mean subhana

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wa salam O Allah ma Selena hamdulillah Hara alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad

This talk was given at the Abu Huraira Center on May 26, 2017.

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