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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of love for neighbors and not just killing people, as it is a natural practice for everyone. They emphasize the need for a message to be delivered to those who want to judge Islam by actions and actions of others, and stress the importance of re defines words like "ro parliament" and "ro parliament" in relation to terrorism and hateful rhetoric. They also discuss the root causes of hate and the potential for unity and peace in the face of oppression, including the use of sharia laws and the upcoming holiday season. The speakers stress the importance of acknowledging the consequences of fasting and not just killing people.
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Sadiq Khan is starting to ban images of women in bikinis in public signage he's bringing in Sharia law.

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You've seen this YouTube video is he's two Muslim guys and they're basically breaking down and attacking a video I've done with info wars talking about the recent terror attacks, Sharia law, radical Islam. Here's what they had to say greetings of peace. How are you guys doing? You know, Martin Luther King said that the greatest danger for humanity

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is sincere ignorance, conscientious stupidity.

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Salam aleikum. How you guys doing? Welcome to another episode of the D show. Dr. Bo, how you been? Salaam Alaikum Alhamdulillah. All Praise be to a London good brother. How are you? Hello, we made it to another month of Ramadan. Now not too long ago, we were in a car. We were taking a little ride. And making the best out of the time, we decided to reach out to our friends over at the alex jones show. And we should call it radical Islam. That is what it is. I feel like it's a breath of fresh air that we're gonna have a president. It's quite frankly not scared to say it for Islam, except radical Islam. It's all saved together. Islamophobia machine is affecting even our good friends at

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the alex jones show.

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And can you bring people up to speed where we're kind of talking about? Do you remember? Exactly? Yes. So

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Alex Jones, he did a show about radical Islamic terrorism. And he kept on blaming Islam, not just the Muslims. And he kept on giving examples. And his reasoning is that Muslims are doing act of terrorism, Islam is responsible. And now he's using the term radical Islamic terrorism. And we should call it radical Islam. That is what it is. I feel like it's a breath of fresh air that we're gonna have a president is quite frankly, not scared to say it

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was all saved together. Islamophobia machine is affecting even our good friends at the alex jones show, he's blanketing all of the Muslims and the faith of Islam, saying that, you know, Islam is inciting violence. So what me and you what we did was we did a show, to refute his allegations, and to show his double standard and to show to him that Islam is a faith of peace, and unity and justice, that he needs to read the Koran to get the true picture of Islam in context, you need to read the Quran.

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So then what happened two days ago, three days ago, received a video clip. And that shows that they did a rebuttal to our response to his show.

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So today, inshallah God willing, we are going to provide a nice, wise, evidence based response to him, not to debate him, but just to show him that Islam is a faith of peace. It's wrong for him or anyone to attach radicalism or terrorism, with the beautiful peaceful faith of Islam. There's got to see there's a lot of that show, there was a lot of love that went into meaning that we were, we were we were coming across, not hostile, belligerent, you know, trying to offend somebody, but you know, putting facts in their place, and delivering a message sharing and giving an invitation. And now it's Ramadan. And we're putting in some more time in love. Look at that. And the alex jones show

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they had responded to that. And I don't know which one of the guys that works with him he was took this video and you don't see that same.

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That same response with the love you see someone

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I would say who's very we go back to Allah, Allah Akbar, chanting Allahu Akbar, I have been working with radical Islam protecting the mosque. Also, at the same time, we invited him to, you know, come on our program, or even you know, invite doesn't have to be me, maybe you or any, any other, you know, reputable scholar of Islam to kind of someone who's who, who's in this area of expertise, and to sit and you know, have a nice discussion. So we didn't kind of get that same thing back. But let's go ahead and cover the the response that has the alex jones show they did towards what we had put put together. So we're gonna go ahead and let the audience see this one part and then we'll come

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back to it and sharing with them that there is something one is love.

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There is no such thing as radical Islam or progressive Islam or liberal Islam. There is only one. And there you have you heard it straight from his mouth, there is only one Islam. So we should just go ahead and drop the radical part because Islam within itself, what it actually is, is radical ideology. And if you actually go look at the families, the Christian families that live in Iraq, St. Missouri right now that are being slaughtered, simply because they have a different belief, a different faith, they are being murdered by Islam, which is a radical ideology. There's no other way around it. This guy explained it so clear, there is no progressive Islam. There is no radical Islam,

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there is only one Islam. I mean, he commended you You said you You did a really great job of explaining that there's only one Islam. And you should take actually, so he agreed you should take radical out of Islam, because that was the whole point that there's no such thing as radical Islam. Islam is peace acquired by submitting to the will of God. So he's, but now he's trying to say that Islam just in itself is a radical ideology. And then he gave you saw what he would have seen as people being killed in in Iraq or whatnot, and trying to link that back to Islam. What do you say, right?

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You know, when I looked at his response, I cannot connect the dots, I cannot understand his rational. No, we gave to him with evidence that there is only one Islam, and that Islam is not radical. It's not Sunni, Shia, it's a peaceful Islam. It speaks about peace and justice. And what he did was, he just took that term Islam and he said, okay, that one Islam is radical Islam. It doesn't make sense. So our response to that person who has done the video, so his rationale is that some Muslims are committing acts of terrorism, they are doing oppression, they're converting minorities in the name of Allah, according to him.

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Now, if that is the reasoning for him to label Islam as radical, then with the same reasoning we could show to him, we can say to him with evidence that Christians have done and they are also doing now in the 21st century, acts of radicalism acts of oppression, with these children live with their parents in a fundamentalist Christian home. For the nine children. Life in paradise was anything but we cover up eight of their faces because they are the survivors, survivors of a violent form of discipline practice by their parents, Kevin and Elizabeth shots. The one face not covered is their seven year old adopted daughter Lydia. She was killed by her parents. It pleaded guilty to killing

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Lydia and seriously injuring her 11 year old sisters Araya almost died. What do you say Kevin and Elizabeth shots beat their children regularly, because they believe God wanted them to forceful conversion, and mass shootings, the vast majority of people who are doing the mass shootings in America are not Muslims at all. So exactly a young white man, I turns out that even the people who are ideologically motivated, you mentioned ideology, you are seven times more likely to be killed by a right wing extremist, a racist or an anti government nutjob seven times more likely to be killed by that person that I image that I all over the world. And here are some examples by the ad. You

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know, the army of the army of the Lord, the army of God. They are responsible in the USA for having many, many mass shootings, like in abortion clinics, in Planned Parenthood clinics, and they have killed people in the name of Jesus in the name of Christianity. How about the Lord's army in Uganda? 1000s of innocent people, especially the Muslims have been slaughtered by Christians in the name of Christianity. How about the Eastern Lightning in China?

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They believe that Jesus will come back as a woman. And now there are slaughtering men and children and people who are innocent was the name of that group, the Eastern Lightning trying to recruit new members to their Christian cult.

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One diner refused to give them her number.

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They are

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a Christian group. It's a Christian God, obviously they don't represent mainstream Christianity, but you're making this this connecting this the same way. He's trying to take this fringe, you know, element ISIS and trying to prop them up as if they're representing Islam. He usually the insane state, that's what they usually use. And yes, of course, they're always misguided people in the fall in the followers of any ideology, any faith, any culture. So what that person is doing is he's taking some minute minority of the misguided muslims for whatever agenda that they are using the name of Islam.

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killing innocent people. What we are saying is, there are Christians who have done and they are doing it now.

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Right? I mean, Andrew Berwick, he killed 78 people in Norway in the name of Christ in the name of Christianity. But we as sane people, thinking people, rational people, we're not going to blame Christianity for the acts of the Christians, the misguided Christians. So the same rationale is he or no one else should use the term radical, or the term terrorist with the beautiful word of Islam, the peaceful Islam. And that's what we kept saying during that car ride that you you can't take these fringe elements and have it like as if they represent the mainstream of for instance, you know, the drug cartel in Mexico or

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the some of the other drug cartels that heavily enforced religious values and rules that have done horrific. I mean, there's places in Mexico that you can't you cannot actually go at towns that, you know, the murder rate is it's through the roof, you know, even the police doesn't go there, I guess. Yeah. And many of many of the many of these guys are wearing crosses, you follow me, and they would consider themselves Christian if ami, but it'd be insane, to go ahead and use this as an example, to say that these people represent a mainstream Christian, that'd be insane. But this these individuals from this day, Alex Jones show, that's what they're actually doing in every continent. You know,

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besides Antarctic, I guess, they are Christian groups who are doing acts of terrorism in the name of Christ. But we are not going to say, you know, radical Christian terrorist, or radical Christianity terrorists, because that's not fair. We don't want to malign the faith of Christianity, but the acts of these misguided Christians, in the same way we want to request him, drop the word radicalism drop the word terrorism terrorists, in associating that with the word Islam,

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you know,

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that that's just double standard, because we should use it for every religion or no religion. But why stop there? Suppose if an American or a British or a Indian Pakistani commits acts of terrorism, we're not going to say, you know, radical Pakistani terrorists, radical American terrorist. That does not make sense. But why should we stop there?

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If you're a white person commits an act of terrorism, you're not going to say, you know, what, radical white race a terrorist?

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Why should we stop there? If a man commits act of terrorism? Are we going to blame all the men By the way, right? radical men, terrorist, radical women terrorists, or radical rich terrorists, radical, poor terrorists,

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it just becomes insane. So the best thing that we can do is we have to drop the term radical Islamic terrorists, and we should drop the term radical Christianity terrorists. And we should blame those individuals, may that be Muslims, Hindus, Jews, or people of no faith, we should blame them, all of us. Before we go to break, I think it's also it's very important for us. I mean, if you're trying to have good relations with your neighbors, Muslims are not going anywhere. Christians aren't going anywhere. We're here on this earth, we need to learn to live together. And especially, you know, you know, people have to understand this is very important. You don't like just go your neighbors next

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door and you start having a hostile belligerent attitude with him. And you know, how you guys going to

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live in peace and harmony is not going to work? You know what I mean? So I think that's really important is for them to drop this really belligerent hostile attitude, and open the doors of communication. But we had covered in another episode, we had a guest, a professor, Dr. Barnett, who's been on this alex jones show, and he has a connection with with them, and he's tried to reach out. But one of his theories is and many people agree with this, why they're coming after Islam like this is because it's a big payday. You get there's money to be made. Yeah, it's a business business. Bashan is in business. You know, before there used to be like 10 or 12, Islamophobic organization.

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Now they're in the 90s, close to 100 of them. And these people are multimillionaires. They get a lot of grants, a lot of support a lot of sponsors, hating Islam became a business. Yeah. And I think you know, good good hearted people, good Christians, Jews, whoever's out there even they see through this and, you know, the, the hostile type, you know, the people who have that, you know, that hate enemies. I mean, we might not be able to reach them, but we can reach those people who are following actually because this person would say he's a Christian, but in the words of Jesus, you know, one of the greatest

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commandment is to love thy neighbor, of course, is that what it is the same thing in Islam, by the way, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He said, If you eat your fall, and if your neighbors are hungry, you're not a believer, you're not a full believer. So we are supposed to look out for our neighbors, not hate them, not kill them, not terrorize them. But we are supposed to love them, we are supposed to connect with them, you're supposed to take care of them. And that is what Islam is. And that's the message we want to convey to the world. We're gonna take a break. We'll be right back with more hannity show don't go anywhere.

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Back here on the D show, I really didn't plan on doing this was kind of spontaneous. So we didn't plan I didn't plan on doing spending much time on this. Thought I wanted to just quickly

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answer some of these points. The the other points he mentioned, when you mentioned there's only one Islam submission to the will of the Creator, not the creation. He said now that there are Sunni Sufi will have just done the other and he named he said, Okay, I got you here. Now, what would you say? Well, again, I'm going to stand by and Muslim standby by the point that there is only one Islam that was signed by creator Allah in Arabic. So there is only one Islam that one Islam is based upon the source of the Quran, and through the example of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. So we have the Quran which is intact, we have the sooner the example of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon which is

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intact. Anyone who follows that we call that person is a Muslim. And the ideology that we follow, we say that that is Islam. So if anyone is going to ask me the question, you know, Sabine, who are you? Are you a Sunni Muslim, Shia Muslim, I would say that I am just a Muslim. If I'm going to ask if I'm, someone will ask me the question which Islam Do you follow? The Wahhabi, the Sufi, the Sunni, the Shia? I will say, I only follow one Islam, which is based upon the Koran and the example of Muhammad peace be upon him. And that Islam speaks about the absolute oneness of God, that Islam speaks about, there is only one Koran, one version of the Quran, for all the Muslims, that Islam

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speaks about when we pray, what direction that we follow. So all the Muslims who follow the same direction, that one Islam, all Muslims are united with that one Islam. When we say that Muhammad peace be upon he was no more than a prophet. He was just a man, he was a messenger of God. And that one Islam, that all the Muslims, we agree that we believe that this life is a short lived the life of test and trial, and there would be a day of resurrection, and heaven in *. So Muslims are united by that one Islam, the one given by Muhammad peace be upon him coming from God.

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I think the point I think this was also like a straw man argument. This is kind of diverting what we actually were, you were making a point over that it was focusing on Islam cannot be radical, because Islam is actually if you you want to really get technical, you look at the Lord's Prayer. You know, everyone knows that who's a Christian Oh, our Father, we would say Our Lord, right, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done. So submitting to the will of God. Right. That's Islam. That's what it means. It just, it's just an in if people would understand that, if you say, Oh, that's just an Aramaic. And that's the language. If you were to equate which

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language did Jesus speak? It'll be closer to Arabic, Aramaic, those are sister languages. So it just submission to the will of God. So you can't it's totally insane to say, okay, peaceful, radical submission I got you can't like it doesn't make sense. Yes. It's a contradictory term, you cannot say in a radical, peaceful terrorist. Right? It's just a contradiction. So Islam is peaceful, it teaches peace. it propagates peace. And there are so many places in the Quran. You know, obviously, this is a message for all the viewers specially that person from the alex jones show. That here is the gold standard, which is a forum and there are some misguided Muslims who are going against the

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main concept, the teachings of the Quran. So the Quran speaks and preaches that humanity should be united under worship one God, that we are all made into different nations and tribes. So the Quran says in chapter 49, verse number 13, so God is speaking and God is saying a voice saying that, oh, humanity, I have created you from one single male and one single female and made you into nations and tribes, that you get to know each other. Not that you may despise each other, you get to know each other. And the best amongst you is the one who is the most God fearing, well mannered person. Islam came to unite humanity. Muhammad peace be upon him the peaceful the anti racist teachings that

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he propagated. He said that an Arab is no superior than a non Arab. A non Arab is no superior than an Arab. And White is not superior than a black a black is not

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superior than a white, all of your children of Adam and Adam was made from dust. That doesn't sound like a radical teaching Mr. Radical, but it's not

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a teaching that this unites humanity. It's the teaching that unites humanity. It's all inclusive, it is moral, and just teachings.

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The Quran says in chapter five, verse number 32, that taking one innocent life is like taking the life of all of humanity. Saving one life is like saving the life of all of humanity. And these are the teachings of Islam, brother Eddie that the world needs to know it. So we have the gold standard, which is Islam, we have the Koran, and then there are always some misguided people. So my message, our message, the message from the Muslims is that just like, we don't want to judge Christianity by kkk, we don't want to judge Judaism by some people who are doing acts of extremism on innocent people up there. We don't want to judge Hinduism by some racist Hindus who are torturing and

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oppressing Christians and Muslims. We don't want to judge Buddhism, by some Buddhist monks who are doing genocide on the Muslims and minorities. In the same way. Do not judge Islam by the actions of some misguided people. If you want to judge what Islam is, read the Quran, pick up a copy of the Quran, we can send you a free copy of the Quran, call us 800 662 Islam, read the Koran. And then you can think of your own what the Quran is a peaceful book. So that's our message to them. Do not judge Islam or any fate, but the actions of a few misguided individuals. He doesn't want to spend too much more time on this with the other part, we'll go to it, let's not say it together. How about we take

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the advice of our friend and not offend over 1.7 billion people over the globe and pulling out the statistics. We're gonna address that now. There we go. Again, it's 2016. What are we worried about offending people when I saw you know, this is really important, you know, you know, anybody, we have a strong emphasis in Islam, it's very important. Our intention, what is our intention behind making the show? What's your intention when you pray when you're giving charity, when you're doing these things, the genuine sincere intention for us doing it is that we're going to read some hearts, and clear some misconceptions, and delivered his beautiful message to people who have gotten caught up

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in much of the confusion. Now we ask these individuals ask this individual seriously, for the Alex Jones and others, you know, if you if you're a truly practicing Christian, and you go by that, what's the greatest commandment to love thy neighbor? You know what I mean? You're trying to make that you can still critique and talk and whatnot. But when you when you It seems like there's a lot of hate filled rhetoric that comes into this. And it's not not working towards a common good, a common goal, right? So he brings up the next thing is some of these statistics and whatnot. What do you have to say about that? Well, you know, first and foremost, we have to redefine the word

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terrorism. Terrorism is anyone who incites terror in innocent people. As simple as that, when we take the definition, that means the 400 406,000 killings by gun violence in this country, every single one of them is an act of terrorism.

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And people who are doing the killing out there, you know, he's saying that

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Muslims are the only ones doing it. Muslims don't have a monopoly, we can give a long list of acts of terrorism now, and in the past, by people of different faiths, especially the Christians. You know, the Liberation Army of Tripura, in India, they're killing innocent people. And these are Christians are doing in the name of Christianity, and they're doing it now today as we speak. And he's saying that, you know, Muslims are storming the hospitals and the schools and killing butchering, you know, the Eastern Lightning group in China, in the name of Christ, they are storming the schools and killing innocent children. And they have done it for many, many years. But you and

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me, we will not blame Christianity for that. Christianity does not teach that neither does Islam that goes back if you're being sensible, reasonable. And what's your intention? If your intention is to have booster ratings, sensationalism, selective statistics and selective news reports, but that's, that's a fact that you have far more.

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But But Christians do that every single day in this country? Do they blow people up? Christians, everyday people walk into post op, I mean, people walk into post offices, they walk into schools. That's what Columbine is, I mean, I could do this all day long. There's so there are so many more examples of Christians and I happen to be a Christian. That's back to this notion of you're idealizing Christianity in my mind to my read. There's so many more examples.

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was a yard of Christians who do that, then you could ever give me examples of Muslims who have done that, inside this country where you live and work. They did also did studies, there's this poll that Muslims are at it's such a lower level of murder rates, right? Like point 00 3%, or something in the US. Yeah, I mean, so this is totally

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fabricated. It's it's like, what do you say about the statistics as you bring up, most of these things are in these war zones have been just bombed in the Stone Age, you know, right. Right. You know, but even even even if, even if Muslims if this is true, again, it's opposite to Islam. It's like, even if all I often make this example of every Muslim was drinking alcohol, right? That doesn't would mean that Islam allowed it Islam prohibited same thing, if every Muslim was was doing injustice and harming innocent people. Islam is free of it. Of course, of course, you know, so anyone can build any case, but that case would not be a fear in just case by the way. And you made a

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really good point. Just because some Muslims are using the word Sharia law or jihad or any Arabic terminology, and doing or committing acts of violence. We have to first and foremost see what does the Quran says What does Islam says about it? Islam explicitly prohibits killing of innocent people, no doubt about it. Even Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He said that even in a just war, do not kill the innocent people do not kill the women and children means non combatants. So the I also mentioned this, that even if the enemy kills all of the innocent Muslims, or civilians, even then Islam does not give them the right to even touch, harm or kill innocent people from the enemy site.

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And there's how careful Islam is.

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So we can go case by case and say, okay, no, this many Muslims have done this many killing and this many Christians, but that's not the right way. It would be an endless game to play. The best thing would be, does Islam incites violence or incites peace? Every single verse in Islam in the Quran, example of Muhammad peace be upon him? insights, unity, insights, morality, insights, justice, and the outcome of justice is peace.

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I invite him I mean, that's the thing. I like what you said, and it goes back, what's your intention? Is it towards peace? Then you'll sit with your neighbor, not throw a mic in someone's face? Or maybe you got the gun you'd get in gangster and whatnot. I mean, come and meet, sit,

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visit the mosque. I mean, sincerely, genuinely be like, Look, I don't understand this is what I heard, and sit and let let us reason together and see, to put things in their proper context. Because if you're you're going to get what you're looking for you follow me? Right. You know, it really important point we also need to touch upon is not to justify violence by some Muslims, but to understand violence by some Muslims.

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In according to the drone missile operators, they have done the interview. So in news channel, done the interview of them, two of them, and they said the drone missile operators, they said that 95% of our intended targets, we miss it. That means the drones, they are falling on innocent people, the women, the children, the non combatants. And then they said on the news channel, that now we wonder how come they are radicalism, extremism, terrorism by some Muslims? Is it because we are killing the innocent people, by airstrikes and drone missiles and supporting of the dictators, occupation, in all of these things, we need to understand that why are people angry because anger boils over,

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people take things in their own hands. And they can use the word Sharia law, jihad, and commit and commit acts. So we have to, if we are going to tackle radicalism and terrorism by anyone, we have to know the cause of it. And the cause is people are angry, their homes are being destroyed, their family are being killed. The land is being you know, sent back to the stone age, and dictators are oppressing them. And there's a reason they're angry at those foreign powers for supporting all of those things. So if you're going to tackle terrorism, we have to look at the cause we have to tackle the cause. And once we do justice, outcome would be peace, not just in the Middle East, but all over

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the world. And that's the prescription that Islam provides. do justice with people.

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And there's the way my dear friend that we need to share with him so this would be again going towards Islam doesn't justify doing such evil acts if someone would take the law into their own hands and go and kill innocent people and bombings, that's against but you're talking about now, hey, it's has to do with Islam. But this is a geo political thing, geopolitical. None of these guys, these guys when they're cutting their head or whoever

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Because there's one aspect many, because this show, the alex jones show is known for calling out

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different events as being false flags, you know, rare setups and whatnot. But it's it's interesting, it's selective now for they'll say that for many other events. But now if the guy has a name, that's somewhat Islamic, does it No, not now here, it's like, we're not going to go down a rabbit hole and explode it, we're going to just say the Muslims did it, you follow me. But it's important that, that we know that Islam is free of it. Dr. Robert Pape, and many terrorist experts that they don't bring on their mainstream media platforms. These people also come out these academics who substantiate this claim purely secular, because you see many Muslim suicide terrorist groups are also pure,

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purely secular, such as the PKK. In Turkey, the PKK in Turkey, which did numerous suicide attacks in the 1990s is again, a Marxist read anti religious suicide terrorist group, because you see Islam as sort of a radical religion, or if it were just radical Muslims doing this, then what you would expect is sort of this thin veneer of suicide attack kind of scattered all around the world, you would expect that, oh, there's 1.4 billion Muslims. You know, there's this teeny tiny fringe of Muslims kind of everywhere, who'd be willing to do suicide attack. But that's not the way the data looks. It's really concentrated. And it's really concentrated and occupations. This is has to do

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with foreign invasions. Yeah, I mean, so a sane person listening to this show, they have to think, you know, where were the acts of terrorism radicalism in the Middle East. 60 7090 100 years ago, it was a peaceful face. When oppression and the dictators and the colonial powers and the in the European powers when they came in, they occupied and oppressed and left the dictators. That's how people became angry, you know, how come you guys are oppressing us and killing our innocent people.

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It's a human problem, when whenever there is oppression on human beings, people act and take the things in their own hand. Even though Islam condemns anyone taking things in their own hand and killing innocent people, Islam condemns it. And when when you when you when you add up all the amount of bombs that have been dropped on these Muslim majority countries, they're, they're not in the hundreds, they're in the 1000s. Nobody dropped a bomb here. There's 1000s and 1000s. And now displacement, people are becoming refugees making refugees go back home, we'll stop bombing my home. You know what I mean? People I don't worry What's going on? I mean, so this is the root cause. Let's

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look at the root cause. And then we understand the problem you find, you know, a good example is in 1942, or 41. Right, the Pearl Harbor. In the 19, early 40s.

00:32:59 --> 00:33:04

us became angry, Japanese attacked the Pearl Harbor and killed the soldiers.

00:33:05 --> 00:33:49

What did we do? out of anger to reply to the cause, cause and effect is always there. The US government when when their Hiroshima Nagasaki, two bombs were dropped two to 300,000 people died innocent people, right? bombs were dropped right on the civilian center. So it's really important for us there's always a cause and effect. If we see that there is a problem, we have to understand what's the cause of the problem? The cause of the problem is not Islam, it is geopolitical. Once we take care of that, inshallah God willing, there would be justice there would be unity and there would be peace so that's our intention really to reach out to people from this alex jones show and

00:33:49 --> 00:33:50

any other

00:33:51 --> 00:34:30

networks out there people sit with the Muslims talk with them. Let's have some some civil conversations and really try to work together for a common good let's just touch upon Ramadan it is here it's it's made it and and this is part of the dour, you know, communicating this peaceful, beautiful message of submission to the Creator, not the creation, living your true purpose that was sent by the Creator. Islam is nothing esoteric, just only a few can understand. It really makes sense. And if you're asking God Almighty for guidance, you'll see that Islam provides beautiful teachings preserved authentic, and what would you comment on? as many Muslims procrastinate

00:34:30 --> 00:34:41

throughout the year even and now of, of living in communicating this beautiful message of peace? Well, what is the very first thing comes to your mind by the ad? If I say the word Ramadan?

00:34:42 --> 00:34:59

Would that be food? Or would that be fasting, fasting, fasting, right, maybe not fooled hopefully, for some people, so it's very important. Ramadan is fasting, but even before fasting was prescribed in the year 624

00:35:00 --> 00:35:14

Ramadan was the month of the Quran, it's the month of the Quran. in Ramadan the Quran was revealed in the starting in the year 610. And it says in the Quran Chapter number two verse number 185, that Koran came as a guidance for all of humanity.

00:35:15 --> 00:35:51

And who is to take that guidance, that beautiful message, the message of peace and justice to the world, we Muslims are given that assignment, we are supposed to be the ambassador's of taking the guidance. So it's really important when we are going about in fasting and waking up first of all, and doing iftaar and planning the whole day and ibadah in the in the therapy prayer, we also have to be conscious that this Quran that we have, it is meant not just for Arabs, Indian, Pakistani Africans, it is meant for all of humanity. So that means we should be actively conveying the message. So here are some of the ways we can really quickly do it.

00:35:52 --> 00:35:58

We can give them our colleagues. So we made this Ramadan cards By the way, this greeting card

00:35:59 --> 00:36:20

to be given to what non Muslim neighbors and colleagues and friends, if they open it, it has a wonderful message about what Ramadan is, number one, number two, it's really important for us, also to mention to our friends, especially the Christians and the Jewish friends, that when we are fasting or actually fasting because the previous prophets, they're also used to fast.

00:36:21 --> 00:36:33

Chapter number two verse number 183 says to God is saying that fasting is prescribed to you means to the Muslims, as it was prescribed to those before you that you may attain God consciousness.

00:36:34 --> 00:37:14

So we are fasting because Jesus and Moses and Abraham and know her peace be upon all of them, they also use too fast. You know, when he received the 10 commandments, Moses peace be upon him. It says in the book of Exodus as he was in the state of fasting, Jesus fasted Matthew chapter four verse number two, he was fasting the way he that He fasted is the way that Muslims are fasting now it's all the same. He just didn't used to refrain from orange juice or from fish burger right? He used to fast, total abstinence from food, water, drink anything else. So we are fasting because we are following the rituals of all the prophets. We are, we are also following the message of all the

00:37:14 --> 00:37:31

prophets, the message of absolute submission to one God alone, not worshiping humans and idols or the creation, but only worship the Creator. We can also have open houses, open the doors of the must mosque massages, invite people for the iftaar open houses,

00:37:32 --> 00:37:45

socialize with them, connect with them, give them the date, fruit and the samosa connect with them and introduce them the beautiful faith of Islam. invite our neighbors or homes if you can, Alec Jones and his crew come.

00:37:46 --> 00:38:29

Yeah, the likes of Moses and Vianney. Welcome. No seriously, we do want them to come by the way so they can sit down with us as brothers and sisters in humanity we want them to come. Now you know Ramadan is coming now in the month of in the season of summer. That means long days and especially the families and the kids are off. We can take this opportunity and go outside in downtown busy places and pass on the brochures. We can also have many dollar tables. You know so many carnivals and festivals are going on like recently, last weekend in Skokie. We had the Skokie festival of cultures. Gain peace had headed our booth up there along with the MCC budget. This year, many more

00:38:29 --> 00:39:12

people came compared to previous years. Because people want to learn about Islam there is so much buzz in the media about Islam and people want to know what Islam is. So these are some of the ways that we as Muslims, besides doing fasting besides reading the Koran and the long prayers at night, also we have to realize that this is the month of the Quran. Koran is meant for all of humanity. Let's take the message to humanity. That's beautiful, beautiful that you can go around there Connect. Educate yourself two ways to be fooled is by believing something that's not true. Or refusing pushing away not wanting to building up a wall to not let what is to come to you and great

00:39:12 --> 00:39:50

opportunity is to visit a mosque sit with the Muslims. Those places of worship are not bomb making factories. Come inside look inside their peacemaking factories peacemakers meet the people inside who are dedicated their life to the service of the Creator the heavens and are the same creator that created Jesus, the one that Jesus prayed to call people to worship, that's the Creator. We're worshiping the one God, worship Him alone and his creation, delivering this message to us our intention to unify to bring some love more love to you guys. We dedicated the car ride and most of this show we didn't. I didn't plan on doing the whole episode but almost over 80 90% was so I hope

00:39:50 --> 00:39:59

that this doesn't go in vain. I hope that people will really look at you know, our genuine attempt to clear message as much as much of this misinformation and hopefully the invitation will be

00:40:00 --> 00:40:13

accepted Thank you very much. Slam Allah come to that. That's that piece for greeting. We started with peace we end with peace and I'll leave them in the words of Jesus. How would he say it shambolic? Yes I shalom it come, peace be with you. Thank you very much

Muslims Respond To The Alex Jones Show Infowars | Only One Islam Drop The Radical

The Alex Jones Show Infowars responded to our message we are responding back.

We sent out a special message to the Alex Jones InfoWars show several months back clearing up with facts much of the lies and misinformation that they have spread out about Muslims and Islam while inviting Alex Jones on the show or for him to invite a credible Muslim scholar on the Alex Jones Infowars Show for a peaceful dialogue and this is what we got in return so we decided to respond again with Truth. Radical

May 26, 2017.

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