Common Mistakes During Ramadan – Gossip & Lying While Fasting

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Shaykh Waleed Basyouni

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Lesson One I have to lie here about a cat. And welcome to a new episodes of common mistakes and Ramallah.

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In this series, we point out some of the common mistakes that people do during this month relating to the fasting or tarawih prayer or decaf or anything related to the act of four ships over the social interaction that we do during this month. And today, I would like to talk to you about those people who will fast by abstaining from food and drink during the daytime, but they will not abstain from

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Libra and Amina backbiting and gossip. They will control their mouth by not allowing food to come in, but they cannot control their tongue from lying, from backbiting, from spreading rumors from using false language. All these are very

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dangerous sense. As it is haram to eat and drink while you're fasting. It is also halon to lie and to back by it and to gossip and to spread rumors and to say bad words and to insult others while you are fasting in the Bissell Allah How are you it was a lamb said manlam yetta zurriola I'm in a bay. Well Jan, Felisa de la had it on fee and yet the Alpine mahershala and Buhari reported the tender be sallallahu Sallam told us those who will not stop from saying Zoo Zoo it's any evil thing you know, and that include the things that I mentioned area lying backbiting gossip what Jen any being ignorant saying improper using improper languages insulting people, and so far there is no point

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from that person to stop themselves from eating and drinking. Obviously this is not telling you if you back by just go ahead and have a you know, a Big Mac deal. meal. No, that's not what that the point the point of the holiday is saying that you have so much

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money while you're fasting that fasting will not benefit you much because of the amount of sense that accumulating and they have severe sense so it will reduce the Agile of that person. Make sure that when you fast you make your tongue fast as well not your stomach only make sure when you fast that you not abstaining from the hell out but also abstain from the Haram as well. And if you see someone who doing that, or saying that way, tell them what the professor solemn taught us Allah Khomeini sign I am fasting, I can be engaged in such thing. May Allah subhana wa to Allah to purify, purify our hearts or tongue, our cm wa Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh subscribe to this

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