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The Quran is a miracle in every way you consider it.

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So, if you look at it linguistically, the profound language

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in terms of

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the eloquence of the Quran, the semantics of the Quran, the coherence, the interconnectedness, the consistency,

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the variety, it's beyond human capacity.

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And it has always puzzled scholars specialists.

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And this is just speaking about the linguistic side of the miraculous nature of the Quran. But if you look at the Quran, there are in any from any angle, you consider the Quran, you will see miracles. So at the legislative side, there are profound miracles, the intricate system legislation system and the Quran, the consistency, and the the depth. And if you like the legal philosophy, although this is a loose word of the Quran, is something that the minds cannot capture. There is a lot of wonders in the Quran in that sense. If you look at how the Quran treats the human society, it puzzles you. If you look at the human psychology and what the Quran says about about it, and how the

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Quran treats human emotions, human cognition, human relationships,

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it is way beyond what we humans can produce. And even if you look at the what we could call the natural hint in the Quran, you know signs about the natural world, things that are science is just beginning to discover.

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All of this is proof that the Quran has a divine origin and it cannot be the product of the human mind.

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And the more we study the Quran, the more miraculous aspects we figure and this is something that we know from the early generations some of the companions said about the Quran, Latin cobia Jaya EBO the wonders of the Quran will never cease to breed, there will always be more. And this is just a short or a small glimpse into the miraculous aspect of the Quran,

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legal jurists,

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psychologists, sociologists, historians,

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specialists in every field scientists will always be amazed by the Quran and its depth and its wonders. So there is no wonder that this is

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the speech, literal speech of Allah Almighty, the Creator of the heavens and the earth.