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Moutasem al-Hameedy
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Hola Ahmed who want to start you know who want to stop

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him in short order on fusina was a year to Lena Mejia de la who for LA mobile Allah

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wa my ukulele follow her the Allah wa shadow Allah ilaha IL Allah wa the hula Cherie Keller wa shadow Anna Mohamed and Abdul Rasool.

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Yeah Johanna Latina am an otaku Aloha Akbar to karate he Walter Morton in LA. To Muslim on you Hannah. So tempura como la the Halacha Kumi nevsun Wahida Valhalla caminhadas Baba Thurmond hamari. Jalan Kathy era one is

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what Tapachula Hala de Luna behavioral in Allaha Khanna La Cumbre. Diva. Yeah, Johan Ladino Tapachula Hawa Kulu. Poland Salida. Your slash la comme la wildfire Lacombe Lulu back home when my up how Rasulullah who for Cardiff, as always and Halima and for in US Dackel Hadith Nikita Billa he has our job. While you're all had you had you're a beginner Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala and he was salam, or Shabbat morning to her Wakulla modesetting Bidda. What could be termed Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah.

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All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him, we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evil consequences of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can lead astray. And whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray and on can guide, I bear witness that no one has the right to be worshipped. No one has the right to our ultimate love and devotion, except Allah alone, our Creator, who has no partners. And I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was Salam is His servant, and His messenger. The best speech is the book of Allah. And the best guidance is that of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was setting

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And the worst thing in the religion are the newly invented matters and all the newly invented matters or innovation or better, and every bid is misguidance. And every misguidance takes its people to the hellfire.

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The Muslims are faced with so many difficult situations today and apply it is intensifying day in and day out. And a lot of people are theorizing about how to handle there first, a lot of people are trying to come up with solutions. Some of them are experts in the fields, and some some of them are Muslims with good intention. We're trying to fulfill the responsibility that is placed upon us. Because deep inside within every one of us we know that we are responsible, we are designed to live a meaningful life. It's a sense of responsibility. So we want to live a life of meaning, a life of significance, a life of contribution,

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every one of us is designed to make a difference in their own way. But some people are confused as to how to handle this. So sometimes people take it to the wrong or in the wrong direction. So they try to fix the affairs of the world of the world of external world before fixing their internal world. And this is not how humans are designed. And this is not what Islam tells us to do.

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If we want to change the world, if we want to offer a contribution, if we want our presence to be one of positivity, one of

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support, one of help, presence that will make a difference. You need to start with yourself. It's quite easy to get to get caught up in the current affairs around us because they're quite appealing. They're quite powerful. They're very obvious. They're physical, tangible, direct, and they have their own pulling force, so it's easy to get sucked in them. But if we are sucked into the affairs of the external world or what's happening around us, before having the proper foundation, personally within yourself, you will be lost in that chaos. You will lose your way and you will not be able to benefit others and you will only cause harm to yourself and you will bring about only damage

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unintentionally and the reason is we have not followed the right way of handling our affairs Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, What tool do you determine abueva you enter into a house or into a property through the proper gate or the doorway. This is how you enter into a property you don't jump through the windows. You don't come through. You know the back doors. You are clear

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About You should be clear about everything. You approach everything in the proper manner. And as Muslims we are supposed to build ourselves first, build our inner world based on the guidance of the Quran and the Sunnah before we start theorizing and talking about the current affairs and what's happening to the Muslims, and how things should be even if you're an expert in your field, you need a certain level of grounding in the guidance of Islam and how to deal with these affairs. Allah subhanaw taala says in Surah Nisa, what either Allah describes you the hypocrites and the believers who have weak Eman? Well either Jerome Amina me I will hold the other OB and when one of the affairs

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that concern the safety of the Muslims and the current affairs, the General Affairs these people broadcast it and they announced it and they circulated

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what either enrollment and m&e, oh well, hopefully that will be well overdue in laboratory. What ILA will remain homeless anima Hola, Deena, Istanbul and Hominem had they referred that issue or that affair to the messenger, salallahu, alayhi wasallam, or to their leaders, or to the people who are in charge, then those people who have the knowledge, these people who have the expertise, those people who are able to figure out the situation and come up with good solutions, with good advice with a good path to follow, then these people would have given proper advice. So this is a condemnation, and this is a reprimand from Allah subhanaw taala, to the people who once they hear

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something in the news, something that's happening that can concerns the general masses of the Muslims or humanity in general, they start discharging some of these solutions that will solve problems that have been building up for centuries and decades. This is not how this life works. And this is not what Islam teaches us. So a lot of people usually ask the question, What can I do to make things better? What can I do to help other Muslims? What can I help to do you know, people who are persecuted, whether they're Muslims or non Muslims, any human being? How can I how can I make my presence more meaningful and more fruitful in this life?

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And the answer is in the Quran, the answer is in the Quran.

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And today, I will share with you something that will, from the Quran that prove provides a powerful, profound prescription for a godly life, for a goodly life. And if you establish this foundation in your life, everything else will slowly fall into place. And then you will see how a lot of the things that are happening around you will not really completely be taken by panic about them, you will not be completely overwhelmed, they are quite challenging, and they are quite confusing. But you will maintain a certain level of balance and insight into things where you see Allah is in charge of everything. And everything is happening for a reason. First of all, we have to clarify

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that. And, you know, a lot of the crimes are being committed in the name of Islam today. So a lot of them are committed by Muslims. And Allah knows who's behind this. And these are Muslims, mainly ignorant Muslims, who are committing these acts, but who is behind them, who are the masterminds behind it, there's a lot of stuff that is hidden from us. But we don't have to keep searching for this mystery and coming up with certain theories about who is behind it, and what's behind it. Because the Quran tells us or the Prophet SAW, Selim said, that matter you that now you read book, LM, Allah God book, the things that you have so many doubts about it, things you can't arrive, that

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you can't arrive at the real source and their reality, these things, you have to put them on the site temporarily. And you focus on what you know, because that's good, that's gonna give you a strong grounding. And once you establish yourself there, you will see that your insight will grow, you will be more able to understand what's happening around you in a way that benefits you in this world. And in the next. So we will be going over some verses from salatu salam that actually gives a profound and almost comprehensive prescription for a goodly life for how, as Muslims today, we can be good Muslims, we can be good humans, we can contribute ourselves, our families, our communities

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and our societies in general and to humanity overall. This is a prescription from Allah subhanaw taala. And the order here of the advice that we take from Allah subhanaw taala is actually profound and systematic. So Allah Subhana Allah says Wakaba Buka turbo INLA Yeah, we've been word is the NA Sana. So ALLAH SubhanA. Allah has made it incumbent Allah has made it an obligation. That's his restriction. That's his surely are everything else that's gonna follow in these in the sequence of verses is the essence and the spirit and the reality of the Sharia that has been misinterpreted, misinterpreted today, it's been demonized in a way that is actually not going to

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be counterproductive for everyone on Earth.

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So Allah subhanaw taala, the most important foundation is that the obligation to worship Allah, Allah, that you work that you recognize your creator, you recognize his oneness. You recognize his right to be worshipped alone, to be loved, that you live your life for him, and you live your life according to His guidance. It's still hate. There is no safety, there is no way out for humanity, if they still live in denial to Allah subhanho wa Taala No way. Everything in life will just work against them. So that's the most important foundation and that's the essence of humanity, recognition of the Creator of the heavens and the earth, acknowledging his gifts, his blessings, his

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kindness, his wisdom, His mercy, and his love and his mind and his power and his right to be worshipped alone.

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His rights that we are thankful and grateful towards him that we live a life of thankfulness towards him.

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So if we establish this in our lives, and that means truthfulness, to Allah, truthfulness to our even human nature, because this love for Allah, this worship for Allah, this dedication for Allah is built within us. It's our very essence because we are created to worship Allah essentially and primarily.

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And once we establish this, listen to what Allah says, We're Bill worthy, they need Santa and that you are good, not only good, you are overly good exceedingly good towards your parents, the father and the mother,

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through whom you came.

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You recognize the rights to recognize their contribution, you recognize their sacrifice, their love, and the rights, the right to be respected. The right to your company, they need you to be close to them and Allah Subhana Allah says in surah Blockman wasa Hey boom if it dunya roofer and keep their company, good company, be good to them. Take them as companions as friends, even if they try to push you away from Islam and away from Allah maintain the company towards them.

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So gratefulness towards the parents. You see, that's what that's the spirit of Islam. That's the spirit that's behind every ruling in Islam,

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where Bill Wiley the near Santa, immeasurable of Ananda Kalki Belladonna, okay that one of them reaches old age.

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During your life, Fela Tullahoma of Finola, and Houma, so there is more emphasis when they get old, they're vulnerable. They're weak, they're not only physically vulnerable, they become more emotionally vulnerable. They become more dependent emotionally, it's easy to hurt them, it's easy to scar their hearts and break their hearts. It's easy. With one word you say just an attitude can cause them so much pain, you can traumatize them with one word on an attitude. So Allah is saying be sensitive to other people's emotions, be considerate, be a good person, especially to those beings who were the physical conduit or the physical tool for you to come into this world. So you recognize

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their favor upon you their sacrifice for you, and you have to live your life in gratitude to them.

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So that's what Islam is about. Gratitude, thankfulness, acknowledgement, and mercy and goodness.

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In May of love Ananda Kalki Bala head home at Oklahoma fella Tullahoma of don't even say a negative word in their presence and even say off, SHA don't even say this to your parents. Even if it's just a sound, one sound that symbolizes and signifies discomfort,

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disagreement, lack of disrespect. This is a sin in Islam, towards your parents, even if they are bad, even if they are evil, even if they are to push you away from Islam. Even if they are there to destroy your life. You still have to rise up to a higher moral ground and be good to them. And that's what Allah explains later. fanatical Lahoma often Wellington Hardhome I don't even ever tell them off or say a negative word to them.

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Well, and what will Lahoma Oh land Karima indeed, you should speak with them. We're using a dignified language using words that show respect words that flow with respect that are saturated with respect and dignity towards them, even if they are against you. So how come a religion like this cause people to commit crimes? No way. That's only a misrepresentation that is done by some of the ignorant Muslims and some other people who are acting behind the scenes.

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While Allahumma COVID and creates an obligation here that you have to speak to them with dignity with respect

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An honor you have to honor them. It's not an option. You have no choice there. You have to honor them. Rocco Lahoma COVID and Karina, WA fibula Houma Jana had the liminal and lower the wings of mercy for them. That means you put yourself down for them. Put yourself down for them. That's what it means. And that's not out of lack of respect for yourself. It's not out of lack of self esteem is not because you feel lack of dignity to yourself. It's not because you doubt yourself. No, you're doing it out of mercy. So it's not a position of lack. You're not lacking when you do it. You're not putting yourself down when you do it. No, you're doing it out of mercy. So you're doing it from a

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position of balance. So you don't feel that you are losing your dignity when you do it, you're actually honoring yourself. So it has to come from that position of mercy. Because some people do it out of lack of respect for themselves. Some people whip themselves hard. And this is something that is not recommended in Islam at all. And many people misinterpret a lot of the text and they think that if someone says to whip ourselves and live within the vicious cycle of guilt, that's not what Islam calls us to. Islam says you need to be balanced. You need to act from a higher moral moral ground. You might put yourself down but that's not

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putting your own dignity down. That's actually a position of mercy. Because you want to honor these people. You want to be thankful. And you know, first and foremost you are thankful to their Creator. It's a sequence. You are thankful to Allah through being thankful to your parents and that's what Allah Allah Allah said malarious Quran NAS la escuela, the one who is not thankful to the people, the one who's not thankful to human beings will not be able to be thankful to Allah.

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You can't. It's the same principle. So you any human being who has done you a favor, you have to be thankful to them. And that's part of being thankful to Allah subhanaw taala

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work for Lahoma Jana has no limit of Rachna worker Rob Durham, Houma, Kamara, biani Saphira. And you should utter the words of Allah have mercy upon them. That's your attitude. So externally, you show them mercy and humility, and you lower yourself in the presence to elevate them, to respect them and honor them. And in your heart, you're calling upon Allah day in and day out, oh, Allah, have mercy upon them, have mercy upon them, because you are aware of their sacrifice, you are aware of everything they've done for you.

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So you say Oh, Allah have mercy upon them. Because everything they've done for me when I was young, when I was just a little baby, a little child. And if you build these two principles in your life, and you live by them, love of Allah worship of Allah alone, recognizing his greatness, His love is mine, and his right to be worshipped alone. And you are thankful live a life of thankfulness to him. And you live a life of thankfulness to your parents recognizing their contribution and their sacrifice. And you always asking for mercy for them, and you put your act from that platform within yourself.

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Life is gonna change completely. So a lot of people want to fix the affairs of the Muslims, the general, some people want to fix the whole world, but look at their personal affairs, it's in a great mess. They've had everyone around them, they don't give anyone their rights and now they want to fix the whole world. That's against human nature, and that's against the very basic logic that we find in in Islam and in the rulings in Islam.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala says, the Quran, Rama Kamara Bayon is a lira Bukom Adam will be Matthew forsaken. Allah knows what's in your hearts. Allah knows us to Allah knows where you're coming from, what platform you're acting based upon.

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So even if there is a sense here, there's an insinuation that you shouldn't fake it. And there is a sense here is when you try to do this, but circumstances don't help you. Like you have to be in a different country. Or maybe your parents are so resistant, they don't want you even around them, you try your best, but you still can't give them everything you want. Still Allah Subhana Allah says Allah knows what's in your heart. So if you truly want to do this, Allah knows what's in your heart integral nosology and if I didn't know who candidate were being number four, if you are righteous and truthful to Allah subhanaw taala. Then the ones who will always come back to Allah and returned

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to him Allah is forgiving towards them will add to the total Buchalka who will Myskina openness to daily weather to benefit the era and give your relatives the people you are related to do give them their rights, give them the rights and the only physical rights not only financial rights, even personal rights, respect, dignity, oftentimes we disagree with someone and then we find that we have an open check or a permission to slander them or to put them down or to act aggressively towards just because we disagree with them. Who gave you that rights? Oftentimes, we think giving someone the right is their physical rights. What about their emotional rights? What about their moral

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What about their personal rights? What about all of this? We have oftentimes we throw that behind our backs because it's intangible, but in Islam the Prophet SAW Selim said could rule Muslim in the Muslim haram.

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The Muslim is has his own sanctity towards the other Muslim. So you cannot violate the rights of any Muslim everything about a Muslim is haram for you to violate

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is haram for you to violate.

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So the relatives have more emphasis there here

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will add to the Oba will Miskin and the poor people they have rights upon you. The poor people, the needy people, they have rights upon us we think we're doing them a favor. That's the rights. Allah Subhana Allah says Wolfie am Wiley him happen maloom Lisa, from the poor segments of society, they have a right in our money. It's not out that portion is theirs, even though it's in our possession, it's theirs. It's theirs by Allah, Allah made it theirs. So you can't claim it to yourself. And if you abuse the possession, your authority to possess it to that to possessing that money and you don't give it to the people to whom it belongs, you will be held accountable for that will have to

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back that up the euro and never squander your money in things that bring you no benefit. Things in which there is no benefit, don't squander the money because this money belongs to Allah and it's given to you as a trust, and is given to you as a tool for you to use it towards a good end. So don't waste it in things that don't bring any benefit.

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Well, I had to bet that in a moment, very innocuous one a shell cleaning what kind of shape and behavior for don't pay from those who squander the money and wasted because these people are the brothers. They are similar. They're closer to the shayateen.

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And shaytaan is ungrateful to Allah. So the way you use your wealth, your resources, whatever is within your possession is actually a sign of either gratefulness to Allah or ungratefulness. So are you grateful or not Allah?

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Then Allah subhanaw taala talks.

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In Romanian, I kind of want to share at the end, what kind of ShakeDown we're gonna be here for a while in metro Atlanta and he moved to LA at the middle of Decatur, Georgia, for Polanco, la mesa, if you need to probably turn away from certain people who have rights upon you, you're unable to fulfill the rights for some kind of reason you have a reason you have an excuse that you have a solid reason.

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Then speak with them gently with nice words. At least be gentle, be generous in your own words, if you're unable to be generous, personally, or financially, for long hola my surah Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah will pick up Sudhakar little bus the best way for them Illuma masala, and strike a balance when it comes to spending. So don't overspend and don't be miserly and stingy. So there is a balance where you spend.

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And that's basically whatever brings you benefit. So that point of balance, you see how Allah Subhana Allah is giving us advice in every aspect, and each one of them builds on the first one, and the relationship is not linear. It's dynamic. So you keep going through that cycle of growth, more and more.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala want to go a bit quickly. So we come up with the verses that Allah Subhana Allah says, and don't kill your children, because that used to be a practice among certain nations out of poverty, fear of poverty, they used to kill their children, or bury their children alive, just for the sake of avoiding financial hardship and strain. So Allah Subhan, Allah is saying, Don't do that. Because it's not you're taking the right to live to live. Life is their own right? You can't take it away from them. Allah has given it to them. It's not your right, even if you are their parents. And this actually applies today. Because we're not only killing children, we're killing

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adults as well. We're killing innocent people. And I'm not saying us I'm talking about humanity in general, there's a lot of people, criminals, a lot of cycles around killing other people, innocent people, adults and children, men and women from every race from every religion and different names and the different banners.

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We're doing this as humanity, what's going on with us? Islam pushes us away from all of this. And it's saying these people have the right to live, you can't take it away from them. It's not for you. You can't decide that's Allah's thing. You can't, you can't cross the line into that area.

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So all these are pure, beautiful advice that we can live our life through. And once we fix these issues within ourselves and the more that that are to come, then life, you will start to developing a different perspective on life. You'll see how things are falling into place, and then you will be better able to use your expertise for the overall goodness of the Muslims and humanity in general. Akula already had our staff from Mojave welcome

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Then Allah subhanaw taala is saying,

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what Atakora was Xena inna who can officiate and wasa Sevilla, don't come near fornication and adultery, don't ever come close, don't even come close to a relationship that is outside of the wedlock. Unlawful relationships. And a lot of people think, okay, that's just a personal choice. That's just a personal thing. But the problem with fornication and Zina is,

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you know,

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based on so many levels of corruption, because, first of all, there is the possibility of a child being born outside of the wedlock, and they lose the rights to their parents, or at least to a functional home, to a functional family. And this is one of the worst things you can do to a human being, that a person grows up not knowing their father or their mother or their real parents. They have a sense of loss that's profound. And this is where sometimes some of the criminals you find this is the reason behind their attitude and their crimes.

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So it's the right also there is something about violating the, this limits, which is committing fornication and Zina is that it brings about the anger of Allah subhanho wa taala. And there is no nation on earth indulged in fornication and open sexual relationships except that broad destruction upon itself because the whole universe functions against this, there's a violation of the balance that runs through the universe, which is called Amazon and the Quran, that once you do this, you have

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incurred the anchor of the anger of Allah subhanaw taala and you have caused the whole universe to work against you. And then Allah subhanaw taala warns against what I took too long enough Salah to help Ramallah who inlab will help don't kill an innocent soul. Human life is sacred in Islam, you can't kill an innocent life. It's not allowed. It's a huge crime.

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Woman, Portola mother lumen Dr. Jana Lee supine and philosopher, Catalina who Kelemen. So rather than Allah Subhanallah saying, the family of the person who was killed, they have a right

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to persecute, through the law, and through the government and through the authority to persecute the person who has killed their family member

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that Allah talks about. I'm gonna go a bit more quickly now. Well at UCLA boumalne. Let me elaborate that he is and the orphans among you, the people who don't have their parents don't even come near their wealth, or their money or their property or their possessions, except with goodness. So only in a means approach the money in a means to increase it, and allow it allow it to grow. But don't take it for yourself. Don't misuse it. That's the right you see the spirit of Islam, how is it rolling and showing through all of these rulings? Whoa, fool Kayla? Well, for me, I had to, I had to kind of miss all that and be truthful to your promise. Even this, you give a word you stick by it,

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you hold on to it. Words are binding in Islam.

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And you might feel you get away with it. But once you break your promise, a whole lot of consequences will come back at you and you will pay for it. Whoa, whoa, Kayla either kill tomasino Beautiful Stasi monster team Delica Hydrawise wader. And when you weigh goods, when you purchase, and when you exchange goods, and make transactions, give people their rights don't, you know, take any of their rights, give them back, even if it's a change, you give it back to them that sort of their rights, even the smallest, you need to give it back to the people that shows you how Islam makes the rights of other people, even if they are tiny and small. So you know, important and they

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are sanctified in Islam, they are respected and observed in Islam, you can't violate them. And once you violate the right of one person, you have violated the rights of Allah subhanaw taala that Allah says what our family says. Then Allah says the alcohol was routed away that this is better for you in the final consequences in this life and the next you see the people who cheat, there will never be a blessings in their wealth. And there will come a day when they will lose the wealth in one day.

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One day like they will lose hundreds of 1000s of millions, they will lose that because there's no blessings. There's no Baraka in it, because they have used the wrong means that violated the rights of other human beings and the rights of Allah to make that money. So this is what Allah says in the final tally and the final consequences This is better for you and we can take it also extended to the hereafter This is also better for you. So our moral principles that are found within the Sharia of Islam are actually in line with the dynamics of this universe. They're always going to bring you good consequences what our taco format Isola can be here in Assam Alba salah, well for other kulula

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like a kind of anonymous Allah and things you have no knowledge about not expertise about don't in

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To fill with them, don't start theorizing and talking about them don't give advice based on half amount of knowledge. And because oftentimes the most dangerous person is the person who has a small amount of knowledge about something, they think they know it all, they start giving wrong prescriptions and advice. And that's very problematic. So you need to recognize you're not allowed to talk about things when you're when you don't have proper experience and expertise and knowledge about that situation. You see how Islam holds us accountable. And this is not by the way, negative thing, it's positive. It's saying, focus on what you know, grow it, this is where your contribution

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is. Otherwise you're wasting your time and other people's time.

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What happens if an elderly mother hand in their calendar critical or lower in terms of algebra, Allah Tala, and don't walk with haughtiness and pride on the earth, don't puff your chest up, don't look down upon others. Be humble, you know, have humility, and treat people with dignity. That's what Allah Subhana Allah is saying. These are the, this is the spirit of Islam. This is what Allah Subhanallah is calling us to. You want a godly life. You want to help humanity. You want to help Muslim communities you want you want to help persecuted people. That's what you can do. Fix You in a world first and you will see you will be because you position yourself once you do this, in a in a

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position where you are able to help other people and you will see opportunities will flood to you where you are able to help others. And this is how the Sharia of Allah works. From here, you can't see it. You have to make it there to see how it's working. From here, you're unable to see the full story you have to get over the hill in order to see what is actually behind it. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to guide us to the truth we ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive our sins. And a lot of Muslim women I will not mean at all the Muslim ina will Muslim out here even Ahmed Ahmed Allah Machiavellian mustard wifey and Eminem meaning if you call him I can't log into my

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alarm I forgot to him didn't have my email. Hola. Hola. Hola. fildena Robina myslef and FE MD now with a bit of drama and I'm also gonna add a comment Catherine Allahumma Matthew, your heads up hello to our attic where you can Luffy here hello Marcia tickle your Murphy hemopoietic Subhanallah because it is a form of cinema and Mussolini Al Hamdulillah.

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