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In Al Hamdulillah Hina Madhu who want us to you know who want to still feel when I will do below him in short order em fusina was a year TR Medina Miyagi healer who Fela mobile Allah who was a young lady fella. The

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was shadow

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law who the whole Sherry Cara was shadow Anna Mohammed and Abdullah who Rasulullah sallallahu ala ye were early he was in

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a you Hallerin

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la haka to party he was at Morton

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tombs Limone.

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A Johanna SUTA Baku mandala, the Holika come mean Johanna SUTA or a Baku mandala the Halacha come in FC Wahida Wakanda coming has Jaha with them in Houma region Cathy wrong one is

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what topple la Hala de

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Luna be Abby he went out

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in Allaha Karna Alikum rocky Eva. Yeah, you're Latina. Hola. Hola, Kulu I will study the useless La La comme oilfield la comme dono back home. Wanna Yoda in LA Hawala Sula, who forgot if I was an AVI mama bear in US doc on Hadith he keytab Allah here as our Jen, What are y'all had you had you Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa early he was salam. Or shut one Ohmori Madatha to her Wakulla modesetting are collaborating Bala. Bala team for now.

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You're all gonna be useful Allahu Allah. He was an MF in Hadith Asahi.

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That had to be your own Santa Monica and Coppola comb had well, good that he will have the weather with the Hello Joe. Hello, Ben ladder Hello TUMO.

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Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa salam says in the authentic hadith, when he was addressing the Muslims, he says You shall follow the footsteps, you should follow the ways of those who came before you.

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With everything they do, they will you do exactly the same.

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Tit for tat, the same thing.

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Even if they were to enter the den of a lizard,

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you would exactly do the same you would follow them.

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Such a powerful and profound prediction from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam that Muslims shall follow the ways of the people who came before

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God we are rasool Allah.

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Allah who meant the hood one nasaka Femen Eden, they asked all Messenger of Allah, Who are these people who came before us, that we shall follow their ways.

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The Jews and the Christians, he said, Who else? The people of the Scripture.

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So it is inevitable that the Muslims will fall into the ways of the people who came before them, they will follow the same mistakes that fall into the same errors.

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And they will fall for the same traps.

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And the reason the Prophet SAW Selim has given this predict prediction is that those who really want Allah subhanaw taala those who want to survive the test of this life, they would be vigilant, they'll be careful not to follow the ways of the people who came before. So I'm gonna take this hadith

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and see how it applies in our state today as Muslims, what have we followed the ways of the People of the Scripture, where have we swerved from the true path

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occur couple of examples, I would address them due to their importance due to their importance for each every one of us as an individual, and as a community and as a nation as well, because these are important issues, and the issues that I will be talking about, they follow from this Hadith from this principle, that we follow the ways of the people who came before we fall into the same mistakes. The reason I'm talking about these two things is they have serious consequences on us as individuals and as as a as a community. The first example is when Allah subhanaw taala addresses some of the people some of the people of the book and he says in the Quran in surah Al Baqarah. As

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to me know, gonna be a little key

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To be what UK for Runa be about, do you believe in some of the book of the Revelation and you leave other parts you take one part and you leave another part, you take a segment and you leave another segment for mergers that only if and only come in come in life is you and Phil hieratic. Dunya yml pa maturo Dona Illa should add up. The punishment or the end of people who fall into such a practice is that they will be disgraced in this life and in the Hereafter, they will be subjected to the severest of punishments.

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So, as Muslims, we are supposed to take the religion of Allah subhanaw taala.

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The religion of Islam, we're supposed to take it in its entirety as it is,

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strive to implement the aspects of Islam to the best of our ability. But never be picky and choosey never choose only the things that seem to agree with our whims and desires and turn away from the things that don't seem to agree with our agenda. That's not the way to approach Islam.

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That's not the way that leads to Allah subhanaw taala this is the wave of the people who came before and Allah subhanaw taala blamed them he reprimanded them in the Quran, stating that the result and the consequence of this kind of practice or this kind of approach, and methodology will be disgrace in this world, and severe punishment in the hereafter.

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So where do we do this? Here are where my two examples fall into place. The first one, which is very central and very important is in the way we implement Islam and the way the way we relate to Islam. You will find among us people who stressed the importance of following the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and what a beautiful call because the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Selim is the religion of Islam. The Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Salem and the meaning of the word sunnah here doesn't mean it's voluntary. It means a pathway. It means the way of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the way he practiced Islam, in terms of beliefs, in terms of speech, and in terms of

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action, and in terms of an attitude. The whole example of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is sunnah. It doesn't mean he mean here that you have choice about sunnah. That's the full way of the prophets, Allah Salam and this is how we are supposed to implement Islam and follow Islam. So you will find among us people who would take some parts of the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Salem, the instructions of the Prophet SAW Salem and give them great importance which is good. Yes, you will see them turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to eat equally important aspects of the Prophet sunnah. And they violated day and night.

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That's when we are choosy and picky when it comes to our implementation of Islam. You will find someone who takes a Hadith

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from the Prophet sallahu wa salam

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and he kind of Hadith I don't want to single out certain issues because I don't want people to take this personally. It's not about a certain individual. It's not about a certain group. It's a whole approach to religion. And I would say there are great people among the Muslims everywhere and every time there are people who are great examples, you will find them this ummah will never be deprived of goodness. The Prophet SAW Selim says

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Almighty can matter.

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Almighty cannot allow you to draw hierarchy of what we have here. My nation is just like rain showers. You don't know exactly where the blessings are at the beginning or at the end. So, there is so much in the summer, so much goodness in the summer, and it will always remain until the day of judgment. So Hamdulillah we are optimistic in this regards, but still many among us the masses among us, you will find people falling into this era in different shapes and forms. So one of these forms is that implementing the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam I can choose 345 10 aspects of the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Salem and make them Central and revolve around them all my life. Yet

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during that I would be violating so many of the instructions of the Prophet SAW Salem violating a lot of the limits of Allah subhanho wa taala. So you will find people who would just as an example, for example, in Islam, we know that the Prophet SAW Selim says in the authentic hadith

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We already have another narration of holy hair, grow your beards, the majority of the Muslim scholars, from the time of the companions until our day, the majority of the scholars, they say that growing a beard is an obligation. Now, yes, there is a disagreement about the length of the beard. But the vast majority of the Muslim scholars deem it obligatory to grow beard, which is a great part of the life of the prophet psilocin them. So you will find people stressing that to a great extent yet. Yet, when someone disagrees with them. They have no reservation, putting that person down. They have no reservation, backbiting that person. They have no reservation, creating lies about that

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person, or slandering that person or violating any of his or his any of his or her rights. So they take one Hadith, which is signifies the obligation of growing a beard? Yes. When the Prophet of Islam for example, says Muslim, Muslim haram. All of the Muslim is haram in sanctified when it comes to the other Muslim you cannot violate anything about a Muslim Dhamma who were who were edible, his blood, his honor, his dignity

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and his property. You cannot violate this in any shape or form. So you find someone taking the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Salem and fighting for it, and calling to it, yet he would ignore another Hadith

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which is probably far more greater and more important because the Prophet SAW Sanlam when he talks about the sanctity of the Muslims, you will find a huge number of a hadith a huge number of added beyond counts beyond counts. So why do you give precedence to this one ignore this isn't that part of the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Salem? Isn't that part of our religion? No. The Sunnah is what I call sunnah, other parts of religion. I don't consider them to be sunnah. What kind of logic is this? Everything that we find in the Quran, everything that was reported authentically from the prophets, Allah, Allah and practiced by his companions and the generation of a taboo in this is part

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and parcel of the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, you have no choice about it ever taught me no one will Kitabi what tech following? Do you believe in part of the book, what you disbelieve in another part, that means you take part and you live another part.

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So if someone truly wants to be upon the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Selim, you have to observe the instructions of the of the Prophet SAW Salem in their totality, not pick and choose when you pick and choose shows that behind this is the Hella is the desire is your ego is your personal agenda. And this is a serious mistake because one of the worst things that human being could ever do is use the religion for their own agenda.

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Use the religion as a whipping stick, to start beating on other people.

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That's one of the worst things that a Muslim can ever do. Use the religion of Allah, for a personal thing. Use the deen of Allah for a worldly gain and a personal gain. What could be worse than that? What could be worse than that? So that's a great thing to pay attention to and be careful of implement the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Selim in its entirety. Allah subhanaw taala says, Yeah, you are living in an old hollow facil MC F. O you who believe inter inter Islam in its entirety, enter into Islam in its entirety, do not pick and choose. Now there is something you strive to do. But you have not been able to do yet with Allah subhanaw taala that hopefully you have an excuse, and no one

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has the right to judge you. No one has the right to judge you. I could see you doing a mistake. I could. I could see I could see you on a daily basis. Doing a wrong false practice and inappropriate practice. All what I can do is approach you in a good manner. with kindness and love and care and genuine concern for you and give you a respectful advice.

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You take it or leave it that's your business with Allah subhanaw taala it's not my business to start labeling you. It's not my business to stop putting you down and look down upon you. It's not my right because the Prophet SAW Selim says that your dignity and your honor is haram for me. I cannot violate it. It's sanctified. And if I violate it, I have automatically violated the limits of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So when we implement the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Selim, implemented in its entirety

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the prophets also love for exam

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Paul says to Buzzsumo cofell Kike sadaqa you give a smile to your brother. It's

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not so the fact that you're he's poor and you're rich. No, it means you get a reward for it. It doesn't mean he's poor. And you have the upper hand. It doesn't mean like that. It means you will be getting rewarded for it.

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The Prophet SAW Selim saw people doing sins one person used to drink alcohol. He knew it was haram.

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He knew it was haram. And he used to be brought to the Prophet SAW Selim he used to bring himself to the prophets of salaam to get the punishment for committing such a grave sin he himself

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and when he was punished, one of the companions says the Anahola might be in an abuse Arsalan

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in a conical Bahama He used to drink alcohol.

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The prophets of salaam says Latin,

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Latin and who do not curse him. Do not swear at him. For him Now you heard Billa sola. Indeed He loves Allah and His messenger.

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Isn't that part of the Sunnah of the Prophet says it is. So why is it that I'm concerned about certain aspects of the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Salem? But when someone disagrees with me, someone has some sins, someone has weaknesses, someone has mistakes, someone has serious issues. Why do I violate the right why don't I just follow the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Salem there? Because it doesn't suit my preferences. That's not the way to go about the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So for us if we anyone embraces the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu Salam, you have to embrace it in its entirety. *hole, Islamic, no Tamia came along to Allah. He says

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bow Nursey Ted you do fi NFC Schmidt zozen Meenal master Valhalla. Some people you'll find in their chest, some disgust when it comes to the open sins, because Xena was setting up will kill them, like falling into adultery and fornication, like fifths, like lying they disgusted like these are

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ugly behaviors. So you feel just such certain people feel disgusted? Well, who was the one who was on FEMA arson attack? Kabbalah minha, I will miss Lucha

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Mina in my arsenal, Berlina.

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But this person, you will find them guilty of greater sins, greater sins than these or similar or lesser sins.

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But they are unaware or they don't pay, they don't feel the same disgust. Why? Because they are not so obvious.

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Then he mentions envy and hazard

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will buckle block and hate, unjustified hates, he mentions these sins and he says these are greater. Sometimes these are greater than the sins we mentioned. And people don't have any issue with them and in reservation when it comes to these.

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So this is why there's a beautiful statement that was set by one of the righteous people he said, Do not look down upon someone because they sin or they disobey Allah in a way that is different than yours.

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When someone sins or violates the rights of Allah subhanaw taala will look down upon them. Why? Because their sin sounds disgusting. What if I'm guilty of a greater sin?

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What if I'm great, I'm guilty of a greater sin, this disgust should be turned to me. And there is one of the rules one of the Sunon Sunon Allah azza wa jal if you're one of the Sunon of Allah and His creation, one of the ways Allah deals with the creation, that when you chase people's mistakes, and people's weaknesses and people's faults, your faults will increase. Automatically. Imam Abu Dhabi stated this so many times when he was talking about about the lives of people. He even mentions one person who was called the half of it below standard. Allah half of the Senate one of the scholars of Hadith. He half of half of he memorized that Yujin. He memorized the Quran, a huge

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number of Hadith. And he said waka Ignacia Valley by my for the turkey tab, Allah azza wa jal, the end now who can I call openness he forgot most of what he memorized even the book of Allah subhanaw taala because he used to speak bad about other people.

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Listen, remember the heavy talking about half of the new Senate.

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So we want to enter into the religion of Allah subhanaw taala completely, you have a weakness fine.

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You can't there's something you can't do now, but hopefully you would grow to do it. In sha Allah. Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah hum

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stopped by to have Taqwa of Allah to the best of your ability. Now you can live Allah who would have sent it Allah. Allah does not last monitor it does not ask from from a soul from a self more than when it can handle so let's not fight against the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala Apollo cola was different

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me to help you I mean are salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad in rather early he was so happy he edged my hand. Well that the second issue or we have fallen into this spooky kind of religiosity, which is taking some parts of the revelation and leaving other parts

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which is a very sad fact about the state of marriages within Muslim communities and Muslim populations.

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There are

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people who are great spouses. There are people who are great husbands and great wives. They live their life in peace and mutual understanding, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and the lives are the houses are full of love,

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full of respects

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and they are full of problems.

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There is no marriage without a problem.

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There is no relationship without a problem.

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There is no marriage without challenges. There is no human beings without mistakes and weaknesses.

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There is no perfect child, there is no perfect parent. The challenge is not to have a problem free marriage.

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The challenge is to be able to live a peaceful, merciful compassionate life, even when there are problems.

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The challenge is not to respect your wife, when she is respectful and helpful. The challenge is that you are able to respect your wife, accommodate her help her and guide her when she acts disrespectfully. When she acts defiantly when she has issues. That's the challenge, and to a wife.

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Your greatness as a wife doesn't really show much when your husband is kind and careful and generous and available. Your generosity and your greatness and your excellence as a wife shows when there are challenges. When your husband says something wrong.

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When he is at some stage, unavailable,

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when probably he's acts disrespectfully, sometimes, when he loses his balance, that's when you can shine.

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There is no perfect home. Because there's no this is not what this life is designed for. This is not paradise.

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So the challenge is not to have no arguments in the house. The challenge is not to have

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like an argument free a relationship between husband and wife, that's not going to happen. And if this is the case, there is no marriage. There's something wrong. Someone is suffering in silence, someone is bottling up but at some stage that would blow up. And they would break down.

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When does this problem come in, when we believe in parts of the book, and leave other parts is when all what the husband cares about is my rights. I have a lot of people approaching me. And they asked me only about their rights. And they want me to preach to their wife, the rights of the husband.

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wives who approached me, and they want me to speak to the husband, about the rights of the wife, and so on and so forth. Everyone is just fighting for the rights.

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And once we have this kind of attitude to marriage, we cannot make any use of rights and obligations. Because that's not how the house is built upon.

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We're not in a court.

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We're not trying to have a legal battle

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to win because that's not going to win us a war marriage. It will just leave us on bitter terms.

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So you will find the husband fighting for his rights. There are sisters that are suffering a lot and when they speak to their husband, the only answer the husband has is that this is how I am I can't change and if you are patient with me, you will enter paradise

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That's the only answer they have. Fulfill my rights and be patient, you will enter Paradise, you have wives, who say to the husbands, well, Allah is trying you through me. And if you divorce me, I will take the children.

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And that will put you in so much trouble and so on and so forth.

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Same thing, be patient, we can, you know, keep sailing through these troubled waters, and then our children will grow in the same house, and then Allah will reward you for your suffering.

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Husband is fighting for his rights wife is fighting for her rights. And we're getting nowhere.

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We're getting nowhere.

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When Allah subhanaw taala teaches us about the rights of the husband and the rights of the wife, there is a balance, there is a context. There is a context for that Allah Subhan. Allah says in the Quran, that he built this relationship of the marriage, would you rather be in a coma with that, and voila, he builds among you love, compassion and mercy. That's what the House would that's what the household that's what the marriage is built upon. And this how can a marriage can survive? The problem is when we live this kind of life, when I approach my wife in the same way a lawyer approaches their opponents, what's gonna happen to the children?

00:26:27--> 00:26:33

How, as a man, would I accept a woman to suffer in my house and still call myself a believing man?

00:26:35--> 00:26:43

How come I don't know how people accept for themselves, that I let a human being suffer because of me, and I don't care.

00:26:44--> 00:26:54

And I don't know how someone, some women, turn the lives of their husbands and the family into hell, and still can go through life and do shopping and other things.

00:26:57--> 00:27:00

And the Arabs used to say something very profound, very profound.

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And it's about Omorosa. It's about good judgment. It's about good character, something you don't find in books, it's something you can't learn by means of a tweet, or some kind of a book. This is something you pick up as you go. It's can't some kind of wisdom you pick up as you grow through life. As you pay attention, as you try to learn the Arab say, and copy them in NIF see here, Bill isa Shahidullah, asleep dinner, Whoever accepts like bad things to come from himself, then he has witnessed that he comes from a bad origin.

00:27:41--> 00:27:42

He comes from a bad origin.

00:27:44--> 00:28:22

So when it comes to the relate to the household, to the relationship between husband and wife, the only way it can survive, the only way it can thrive, the only way our children can grow. And this is definitely a topic for another hotbar. Because this is some sort of an epidemic. As I said, we have great households, really I've seen as Wiltshire, shining examples of husbands. And I've seen some examples of sisters who are great wives. And these are beautiful examples to learn from, but still a lot of us are suffering. A lot of houses are suffering, what's going to happen to the children? How will they grow when they are in the middle of a battle between a husband and a wife.

00:28:24--> 00:29:00

And the reason is, I want my rights. She wants her rights. Everyone is just believing in that part of the book. Yet you find the Prophet sallallahu sallam, for example, He speaks to men. He says CSIS is still so beneath the hierarchy. He says, take good care of women. That's my advice to you when I leave. That's what he's saying. Take care of women. For him. No one, no one in intercom. The problem says they are sort of captives in your houses. So the person who speaks to men take care of them. Don't humiliate them. Don't make them suffer, take care of them, give them love, give them attention, give them care.

00:29:01--> 00:29:24

Be a true husband. And with a prophecy of someone who speaks to the women. He warns them that the two things that lead women could lead a woman to the Hellfire he says to kill Lana with a formula share, that you swear a lot use that language. And you live in denial to the contributions and the good things your husband has already extended to you.

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You feel entitled to all of this. So the problem advices here and vices there why? Because it's by way of balance. It's not by way of having legal battles. That's not how marriages work.

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So we I asked Allah subhanaw taala to preserve our houses and preserve all these families that we have so that we can bring up our children in the best of ways Allama Philomena would want me now to win Muslim enormous no matter what Allama fildena Goulburn away Salafi Emelina with a bit of them and also now they'll call me Catherine Aloma Fila, now Willie Wiley, Dina William and the HomeHub

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Elena. Hola everybody how to you no matter your Sop Allah artic we will have a Luma sciatic where your Manaphy Hebei kita because some Latina because Allah Allahu Allahu wa salam along McAleenan also by phenomenal minion if equally McCann, along left in Dima homeless when I had all the Home Alone Muffaletta him Dena Eman, homebuilder metacoda model I mean, TNF duniya has entered an orphan area it has. Okay now hada Bernard one thing before the Salah, just a reminder that towards the end of this year about seven we have about seven weeks and we you know that we have a payment to make in order to get the building next door. So we have a payment of 1.5 million to give and we are actually

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shocked were you below the mark. So this is an urgent call that inshallah the brothers after the Salah will be speaking with you and we will try to raise $50,000 We'll try to raise $50,000 The brothers are working day and night in sha Allah to get the funds to secure the payment. And it's a critical situation it's not easy as far as I know. And Hamdulillah this year we managed to pay off 800,000 In our cardinal Hesson people who gave us out of the Hesson interest free loan, we managed to pay that back hamdulillah and what we want from you is whatever donations you can donate in you can help and whatever God has and you can offer the masjid, if you can give them as to the loan

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without interest, a goodly loan. As the Prophet SAW Selim says that when you give a loan for one Dirham, it is as if you are you have given sadaqa for half a day, you get a 50% reward for sadaqa of whatever you give us alone and you get your money back. So we this is a call for herbal medicine, for people to extend their help to the masjid just inshallah to meet or to match that payment seven weeks away from us. So it's an urgent appeal. So I hope inshallah you will do your best and support us to meet that challenge. And Sharla is very close. We're very near to getting the building Shala we have only one payment after that and it's even less than the average payments. So does that

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matter for your constant support and mail looks at from you and us just