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Sh. Moutasem Al-Hameedy explains to us what impact the act of kindness has.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. This is my Tamil Hamidi for Rashi Today inshallah, we will talk about extending acts of kindness and the impact this has on the quality of our lives and the quality of our relationship with Allah subhana wa.

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extending an act of kindness, what does it mean? You know, a prophet sallallahu Sallam told us in endless occasions about the importance of extending acts of kindness, doing someone else a favor, being kind to others, it is at the heart of Islam is the heart and the heart of a man to be good to other people to extend acts of goodness to help them out, you know, be beneficial wherever you are. That's part of that's a part and parcel of the essence of our Deen the essence of our relationship with a loss of power to Ireland, the province of Southern said no one, no one divided, there are people are there are certain individuals among humanity that that are keys or doorways to goodness.

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And these are the ones that a lot of most, and another Hadith and other narration the person have said, have been nasty, the law and Family Nurse, the people that are dearest to Allah are the ones that are most helpful to other people, the ones that are most kind to other people. So kindness is at the heart of our religion is at the heart of our practice as Muslims. So it's strange that sometimes you find some practicing people, but they don't you don't see guys, if you don't see kindness in their behavior, you don't see that kind of spirit in the way they carry themselves. So we want to bring this back to how we relate to our religion, it's that extending acts of kindness,

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that's part and parcel of our religion, that's, that's a huge part of what it means to be a Muslim. And the process also even told us so it gave us so many examples on how to be kind to other people helping them out and everything, helping them out at times of calamity times of hardship, times of trouble, be there for the rescue, you know, extend them initiate favors to other people, even if it's be, it'd be as small as a smile, the profit or loss. And I'm so glad they're all nominal, maroof, Shea and Willow and Felker Huckabee,

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don't ever belittle an act of goodness and act of kindness, even if it be a smile, even if it'd be a smile is so huge. It's an act of goodness, and it's an act of charity. And the beautiful thing about charity, you know, let me share with you this recent research has been done on acts of kindness, a lot of research has been done. And the results are really interesting. They found out that when you extend an act or initiate an act of kindness towards someone, you actually increase their level of well being and happiness, you boost their mood, you change the perspective about life as well as you can, you can create a huge shift in the quality of their lives by just extending a simple act of

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kindness. And what's beautiful about it is that when you do it to a stranger, the impact is even doubled.

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And that's not the only thing. The one who benefits more from an act, or the one who benefits most from an act of kindness is actually yourself, the one who initiates it, the one who extends an act of Congress, he's the one who benefits most researchers have found that the level of what they call the happiness hormones or well being hormones, like dopamine,

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serotonin, okay, all these hormones and chemicals that influence and will mood influence our sense of well being and our sense of contentment, they actually increase in the one who extends the act of goodness and the one who receives it. What's most surprising to me is that, and that's actually the blessings that Allah gives, with this kind of interaction. Even the observer, a third party who observes the act of goodness, they experienced something similar, their sense of well being and happiness and hope increases just because of observing that act of kindness. So imagine how many blessings how much a goodness allies put in an act of kindness. It's, you know, the, the laws of

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math don't function here. It's not like when you give you lose, actually, when you give, you get even more, and the other person gives more, and the third party observes, is also getting more. So it's like a perfect win win situation. So that's what it's actually should should push us to do more acts of kindness, remembering that Allah loves that most, a lot of that most when we are kind to other people when we are good to other people. So let's make this practical, you know, everyday leave your home when you leave your home in the morning, or in the evening. Depends what shifts you're working. Okay? Just make a commitment that I'm going to commit probably one or two or three

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acts of kindness. I'm just determined. I'm not going I'm not coming back home until I actually extend three acts of kindness every day. Okay, so today it's going to be maybe this or that, okay? What happens you set your brain in a in a mood or in a mode will actually start scanning

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opportunities for you to extend acts of kindness. So maybe you'll just probably smile and other people, maybe you'll just hold the door for the person next to you. Or maybe you'll help an elderly crossing the street or carrying some of their bags or, which is just, you know, being so nice, maybe uplifting or other people's spirit. So you bring those out automatically searching for these opportunities. And you will actually, you know, when you do acts of kindness deliberately, the impact is so powerful. As I said, You are the one who benefits the most, the person, the receiver actually benefits so much as well. As I said, you change your perspective, you change their

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perspective, and any third person who was in the surrounding in the vicinity, or observing this kind of act of kindness, you actually change their mood, you change their perspective about life. So imagine how much goodness and love put in this. So that's a simple, practical thing to do, we just do it, everyone seems to win with that. And by doing so we can actually uplift a whole society, doing that intentionally and creating that ripple effect. And imagine you might be as a simple act of kindness as a smile, you smile at a stranger, and it changed their mood. And they go about extending, as the research actually shows that when a person receives an act of kindness, they're

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more likely to extend an act of kindness to a third person. So they've become more positive, and they want to do more of these acts of kindness to others. So use might want to one person this smile might actually reach 1000 people, 10,000 people, probably a million people you don't know. And with everyone, you've changed their life. And with everyone, you've got so much reward from Allah subhanaw taala, because you are the, you know, the root cause of that kind of kindness. Imagine how many blessings Allah has made available for us. And most of us don't really appreciate them. So simple acts of kindness, are so powerful and profound in our lives. And that these are the acts of

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good goodness, that creates so much reserved for us with a lot of antalis at times of hardship, they will come to your rescue, at times of difficulty, Allah will, you know, you know, make this, this credit that we have built with him of acts of kindness alone will make that actually work for us come to our help, other times of need, so why not just do it. And so this is my advice to you and to myself, I know when I acted, I tried to act on this as much as I could. And it has really changed so many things in my life is made clear it brought about so much positivity. And I realized you know, you don't lose when you extend active life, you don't lose when you give you don't lose. When you

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give you don't lose it just giving for yourself, you know, multiple times over. So that's from the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala. So if you find this video, inspiring, beneficial, and you feel it has really prompted you to start doing acts of kindness, press the like button, share it with the people that's an act of kindness By the way, share it with other people, share with your family, share it with your friends, let other people know about it and probably act on the advice that's in here. And don't forget to subscribe to to get more more of our free material in the form of articles, ebooks, videos and courses as well. Then inshallah you will find our goal is to make

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everything practical, all the profound meanings in our faith or the ethical principles, we try to present them in very practical ways that we can live by everyday inshallah. Until we meet with another video I leave you in peace and this is my personal Hamidi for Russia. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh