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Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of loyalty and practicing Islam, as it is a fundamental aspect of Islam. They stress the need for a loyalty concept that is rare among Muslims, and the importance of showing proper Islam practices and bringing it to reality. The speakers emphasize the importance of showing proper Islam practices and finding the truth in one's life to avoid negative consequences. They also emphasize the need for people to be aware of its impact on society and finding the truth in one's life to see the truth.
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Help you brother and support him whether he's doing good, or he's doing evil. How is that? Stay tuned.

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All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him, we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evils of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, non chemists guide, and whomsoever leaves to go astray, non can guide and I bear witness that no one has the right to be worshipped except Allah alone, who has no partners and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant, and His Messenger Dear viewers, salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome to a new episode of your show, for the sake of Allah. Today, we are dealing with a beautiful subject. We have our guests with us Brother Mohammed, and brother Abdullah man, and I'm your host

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matassa Matt Hamidi. Today we have one of the characteristics of the Muslim character, one of the traits, beautiful Islamic traits, which is about loyalty and keeping one's word. Now, we know that people live in this life, they have different commitments, they have tendencies and life, people's life today is very busy. So people tend to only pay attention to their own business to mind their own business. And they have done away with some of the morality that people were born with. Because man is created as a loyal person, when someone does something good to you, will you feel that you are in debt to him until you pay it back? This is human nature. This is how Allah created us, this

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is the football. But as we proceed in this life, and we interact, and we have go through different situations, people tend to pick up certain habits, some of them are not recommended in Islam. Now, if we talk about loyalty, I mean, the sense of loyalty falls from the main principle in Islam and voila, and Al Bara, that you associate yourself with the Muslim Brothers with the believers, and you dissociate yourself from the disbelievers. This is one of the foundations of Al Islam. And the professor Lawrence and I mentioned it with apart, or along with a man when he said, three characteristics whoever has them, when he will taste the sweetness of a man, that Allah

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and His Messenger, a more beloved to him than anything else or anybody else, and that he loves his brother, or he loves the person he only loves him for the sake of Allah. So when you love a person for the sake of Allah, you associate yourself with him. And the prophet SAW Selim said, is the most firm hand holding and Islam is a word that will borrow, that you love someone for the sake of Allah and you associate yourself with him, and you hate someone or you dissociate yourself from the disbelievers on account of their disbelief. Now, when we talk about loyalty and associating oneself with the believers, there are many things that fall under that, first of all, love.

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We love that person, you love them only for the sake of Allah and love has, or it includes other things that we as we discussed in different episodes, about respect, and about help, and but support and about concern for your own brother. So all these fall under associating oneself with the believers? Do you think that Muslims today understand this principle, and their everyday life with the interactions when they deal with Muslims, and when they deal with non Muslims? Do they really observe this very foundational Islam? Or do you think

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there's maybe less less Muslims, that, that do that or that understand that concept of loyalty in Islam?

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And, like very few, actually, nowadays do that. So therefore, we need that concept again, because it unites Muslims, and it brings back the Brotherhood. It's one of the main points in the Brotherhood loyalty, and trust and love. Emma, what does the situation tells you tell you, you see a group of people who are not practicing and practicing brother passes by them, and they start mocking him?

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Because of, for example, His beard because of his implementing the son of the professor Lau It was a lamps, and he was stomach clothing. So, and he observed the sooner in his character. Some people may be mocking him if you were present at that time. How would you feel towards that? Would you really agree with these people or not at all, it's like, doing going along with the Sunnah is something to be proud of. But some people nowadays, Miss understand this, the sooner so it's not a good thing to get along with them, you have to tell them that this is the son of the Nevis ally Selim, and people should be acting upon the sooner

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actually, the thing is that loyalty

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would be rarely found away from practicing Brotherhood's you might find it somewhere, non practicing brother or something like that. But But still, it's like a very rare outside the practicing brotherhood. In the Brotherhood, you'll find it very common. It's some basic thing, you have to be loyal to your brother

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in need, in any any situation happiness, sadness, anything, you have to be loyal for him, keep up the secrets that he tells you, and things like that. Okay, we'll come and show the two aspects of loyalty and truthfulness towards your brothers. But I want to stress this point where we can see many Muslims who are not really practicing. And when they see others mocking practicing people, they take part in that they take, do you think this nullifies their loyalty towards Islam? And the principle of and well, I will borrow the Roman course? I believe, so. If he takes part of it, look in the butter, because the butter is practice practicing, and he's not practicing and he's with

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other guys smoking, the butter was practicing. Of course, it's it's been, it's not been loyal out at all. It's been the complete opposite. You know, I think now it's taking a different dimension. Also, in the media. I've seen a couple during Ramadan, there was some series shown on different TV channels. And most of them they were Muslim channels, or an Arab channels come broadcasting from Muslim countries. They had different series and films talking about are tackling the issue of practicing people. And the way they depicted the Muslims as if those practicing people were living in basements or living in caves, and preparing some kind of, or plotting against the government

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thing is against the leaders. They're preparing some kind of explosives and bombs and all that.

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And that they have certain plans to take over the country. That's how they shot they tried to show people who are practicing. And it was the case as if the society was split into two

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or two regiments. One regiment is the practicing people, and they want to wipe off anyone else they want to annihilate the rest of the people they want to kill, they want to murder they want to blow themselves up and kill others with them. And they want they plan some terrorist acts or terrorist operations. This is how they depicted these practicing people. On the other side, you see the people who are not really practicing women who go out with men, women who have no hijabs, just exposing their buddies. And I can see that from the series. The people who are not really practicing their wish shown as if they are the ones who understand Islam and who have moderation. They would speak

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about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam they would say that Adam never did that. The prophet SAW Selim was my he was this he was that. And they were showing as if these are the people following the middle course. And anyone who has a beard, anyone who seemingly is a Muslim, then this man is a terrorist. He has ulterior motives. He has some plans, hidden plans. And we have to be careful these people and there was some kind of war between the society and the practicing people and the practicing people want to kill everyone else. Well, this is not the reality. This is not the fact because there might be some individuals who have deviant understandings and they want to take over

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and we know that stem is free from these people. But if you really want to be just unfair, you should show that the majority of the practicing people are people understand the Sunnah. And they are very constructive individuals in this society. Well, some of them are doctors, some of them are engineers. Some of them are

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journalists, some of them teachers,

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that the media, they detect, for example, like the terrorists, there are

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They're really like, if we count them by number, they're not a lot. They're exceptions. They just take the exception. They work on it, they exaggerate it, and they give the image that, okay, so all Muslims are like that. This is, this is the point. So we, our media, or those who are in the field of media, most of them they have this problem of Allah Al Bara of loyalty towards the Muslims. Yeah, they don't really realize that they are helping the enemies of the Muslims, and they are helping distorting the image of Islam. So now the impression that the people had after watching this, the series is that everyone who is practicing who seemingly follows the Sunnah, then he's a potential

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terrorist. So be aware of this person, keep away from him. You see how it's very important to have the right sense of loyalty towards Islam and Muslims. And as you said, it's like coming up from Muslims to present things to the society that they are men or men just have an edge Bab white one is against the whole society, which is totally wrong. You need to make the Sona show up a little bit

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more, not in a wrong way, like women go on without hijab, and they say, Oh, it's our right. No, it's like, go back to the sun and see how women are in Islam. They are not like, breast people or something like that. No, they have a high standard in Islam. But you have to show up, like, as you said, well, to Islam, you have to show it up. Yeah. When you have this kind of Allah or loyalty towards Islam, you would appreciate your religion, and you will appreciate everyone who follows this religion. And we know the religion of Islam is about the truth, it's about an understanding the reality of this life implementing the law of the Creator of the heavens and the earth, by means of

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that we attend paradise inshallah. So, I mean, a Muslim should really understand what his religion is all about. And then he will have inshallah the right sense of loyalty. But these people, mainly who work in the field, or some of them, I say, work in the field of media, they really need to understand their religion before they start tackling sensitive issues like these. So they will be harming Islam and the Muslims more than they would be doing good. Maybe their intentions are good. We don't accuse them with regards to their intentions. But what they are doing is destructive. It destroys this nation destroys the Brotherhood should have more knowledge, especially when you start

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talking about religion, and Islam. Religion is generally something really big, no one could just come and talk about it. They have to take care. And we say to our brothers and sisters, the Muslims who are not really practicing, and will practicing is a relative thing. We say to them, you are Muslims. And these practicing people don't think that they are monsters, or they are terrorists. They are people like you, your brothers and your sisters. And if you want to talk about them and know their reality, mixed with them, and you will be surprised at the good manners they have at the very beautiful character that they really present to the people in general. I want to elaborate on

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this because it's a very important thing. Because most of our youth they have an identity problem and we want to tackle that because it's part of the loyalty we're talking about. And we will see what effects it has on brotherhood. We'll come back inshallah, in a few minutes and I say to all our viewers, stay tuned, we'll come back shortly inshallah.

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Choose whom he wins Subhana Allah for his bersih for his messenger ship, for the revelation to be revealed. This is not for the human beings to make that decision. If a person will turn to our last panel to Alison Seeley, truthfully, asking for forgiveness, a Lost Planet Allah promised to forgive. We have as Muslims a duty and that is to recite the book of Allah to ponder over the verses, the words of our last panel to Allah and to act according to the Quran, the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah encompasses everything, but it who would this mercy will be for, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was sent to all mankind. So the oma are the people of the prophets of the largest. All Mankind since

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the time of the prophets, I send them till the Day of death. Why waste our life without getting to know every verse in the Quran, what Allah subhanaw taala wants from us.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome back. So loyalty in Islam is very important and truthfulness towards the believers. Now, we discussed the issue of those who are involved in the media and they don't really understand Islam as they should do. So by means of them intending to help their religion, they do the opposite. They hurt Islam, and they had the Muslims. So we should have a sense of loyalty when we deal with such issues. So we know who the true practicing people are. And we don't oppress them by means of the things that we have in our hands. Now,

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as I said, this is in the media and on the individual level, it exists. Sometimes people, they are with non Muslims, they see that they mix with non Muslim Muslims, their close friends are non Muslims. And they talk they speak and they make fun of people who are practicing.

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Have you ever seen something like that? or How would you react if he really, and this is quite prevalent? even happened to me? Yeah. Because

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I grew up of course, in the West. And, of course, I have my strong beliefs. So I had friends in a classroom that some were believers or Muslim, some were not. So once I was done with do in the in the washroom.

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this, this friend of mine, who's not a Muslim, he made fun. He's like, why are you washing yourself? Why don't you just take a shower? But I didn't attack him or I didn't. I wasn't rude. Because I know that he doesn't know the Woodchuck, because he's not a Muslim. So I just explained him. After I explained to him, he got it, he got the idea of purification.

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So, yeah, I mean, sometimes hurts when it comes from almost. If it comes from a non Muslim, well, he doesn't know when he's just, it's just reaction reaction, or when it comes from a Muslim really hurts, because you can see he has no sense of loyalty towards Islam or truthfulness towards the believers

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is in fact, when you start to grow a beard in a Muslim country, they think of you as like being in a wrong way. Okay, you should simply refer back to the Sona and see what's a beard in the sun is like, it's as simple as that. Or you don't have to go, okay, referring back to the wrong, manage, of course,

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try to find the right manage and see what's the abilities in Asana. Yeah. So you, it really lets you down when you see a Muslim, like, being

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in a way of attacking you for going

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by the sooner it really lets you down, you still have to learn when you have like, you meet regular brothers and things like that. hamdulillah you stick around with them will be the hamdulillah. So it's like, makes you feel that it's okay. Yeah, even

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I just recall this.

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Once I was praying, I was invited out a friend who's not is not a Muslim, and I pray that his face and I had another Muslim colleague who was with me, the Muslim colleague,

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that the non Muslim friend, he told me any he likes that he respects that about me.

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So and the Muslim colleague was like, why would you go and pray you just need to pray later on. So I was kind of surprised that the one who knows my religion comes against me, and the one who doesn't even know it respects me and showed me a room where I could pray. Yeah, well, let's trace this back to or relate me related to our subject. You know, if a person has directed towards Islam, and he you can see that sometimes people are not really practicing, but when they see a practicing Brother, you can see the smile on their face, and they are so happy to see that you that you are Muslim was practicing, and the proud of you. They have the sense of loyalty and this brings that mutual love.

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You love him straightaway and he loves you anyway because you are practicing the person who has the true loyalty to Islam in his heart, but someone who is indulgent and sin and when he sees someone who's practicing someone you can see the sooner. I mean, on his lips, he will he sees that kind of person. He does love that. He doesn't really like that and you can feel or you can sense enmity from him. Straight away. You have never seen him. You don't know him the first time

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Same in your life. But well, you feel that he has enmity towards you. Why? Because you're practicing because he has the wrong sense of loyalty about Islam and about Muslims. It's like, they like to take the things that go get along with them. If they think that it's not according to their lifestyle.

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So it's not in the deen.

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But still, it's something in the deen that you have to do this. Even, maybe you're not used to it. But that's the sense of religion in and some, some people will be like, No, that was back in the days when there was still camels, horses. Now we should have a different day the misunderstand that no matter how much technology gets developed or how much does advanced in the world. That doesn't mean that you don't have belief because values regulate you and make you even develop more. Yeah, and they miss the sometimes they misunderstand that that concept here with regards to this advancement and development. It's just, it's just clear. We know the reality of this life, no matter

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how advanced we get. This life is still a test. And I mean, if there's advancement, okay, back in the days at the tumble of camels and desert and all that people used to live for 6070 years and die. Okay, if you are so advanced, why don't you live more than that? There are rules in this world that don't change. This life is a test. It's a passing moment. That's why the Quran even is a miracle. Because it came the miracle of the prophet SAW some because it came for, for the old, old times. The End of Time. Yeah. Actually, with having a belief. It reveals high and elite character. But having no belief you just, I mean, you're just copying animals because they have no belief. They just live

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to drink and eat this way. Allah said in home, Lachlan, and they're just, they're just like animals that eat drink and sleep. Some people use Yes, they deem life like this. Well, this is not technology. This is actually backwardness. Okay. Yeah. So, and with regards to people who, as I say, who said advancement, and other than that, what advancement is to serve humanity. And the main goals and objectives in this life, they are the same. Well, if you have a car, or you have a camel, it doesn't mean that you are not going to die, we're not going to see I mean other have punishment or have blessing from Allah subhanaw taala in your grave, it doesn't mean you are not going to stand

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before our last panel to Allah. So these people who whose vision has been blurred by means of this technology, but this technology is for your own welfare. It is something to use for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala also a test. It's a test as Allah sees us if we're going to use the technology that we have, for good or for bad, are we going to use the media to spread good to spread a bad image? Etc. That's it. They think that, like, maybe Muslims don't like technology or advancement? Well, they should visit Muslims country and see how we live around us the most advanced technology that is around in the world. Yeah, well, actually, if you go even to foreign countries to the west,

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you find that the doctors and hospital many of them, engineers, lawyers, teachers, professors, at universities, different places, economists, yeah, they're Muslim, wherever you go, actually. So it's not about it's an accusation that Muslims are backward, I believe it's more through films and movies, that this picture or this image has been shown to the world, which is not a true image. But Islam is more about understanding the reality of this life. And you know, what you want from this life, so you're heading towards your objective, because we can see Well, the more the world becomes advanced, the more suicide we cases we have the suicide rates are going really up.

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For example, they have the highest rate of suicide, because they don't have values. They they got everything, like the he wishes that he has all kinds of material satisfaction. Yeah, he has all kind of he did a lot of success as a business. But he hasn't. He doesn't he needs something more. And therefore cuz he doesn't, he hasn't got a belief in God, that this God even, or whatever belief he has, and he hasn't got values. He suicides. Yeah, we have to take it yet. The World Health Organization says that suicide rates have increased by 60% over the last decade, which means about what they say about the according to their statistics, every 40 seconds. Every 40 seconds a person a

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person chooses to end his own life. That's every 40

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Second in the Western Hemisphere, where there's advancement and all that, oh, they, this is what they say, yeah, that's a lack of belief. Will they? Maybe they can compare it with the Muslim woman. It's like 1 billion plus? What's the rate of suicide? there? Yes. Like, you get that you won't find it comparable to the other nations. Yeah. So advancement is advancement of your beliefs, your behavior, your character that's in the first place, if you don't develop the side of your being, which is the character, these the spiritual side, and the manners, if you don't develop that, you'll be no different to animals that are different. And the thing is the buddy, or, or us as humans,

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we were made of the buddy, and we have a soul. So we need a balance between what spiritual like beliefs, religious beliefs, and feel like advancements in technology. And some people, they just choose one side, that's therefore the even sometimes the civilization don't last that much. Because it's only based on material, we have to have a balance. Yeah. So when our message is, first, we say to those who are Muslims, and to the non Muslims as well, that open your mind, open your heart, and search for yourself. search for the truth, don't trust everything that is said to you don't trust the media. Some people they take what they find on TV for they take, they take their word for it.

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Everything you said is the truth. No, open your mind. There are plenty of things in the world that you don't know about. There's certain things that are presented to you in the wrong way. So it's for your own benefit. I mean, for your own advantage.

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Open your eyes, open your heart and your mind and search for the truth. search for the truth. And we say to the Muslims, who lack this loyalty, because they themselves, they have a beautiful identity. They have a very good character, and they have a way of life that is from the Creator of the heavens and the earth. So no man made law will ever reach that. So why do you do away with this? Because it is, as they said, it is the week follows the one who's strong, victorious. So it's not about that. Don't forget, you're here for certain for a limited time. And Allah wants to see how you behave, how you worship Him, are you thankful to him or not? If you fail in that, no matter how advanced you you

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are, you will be in the hellfire. A few of you are not grateful to Allah and what sort of advancement is that when Allah has given you everything He created you and give you all the boundaries you enjoy in this type everything is from Allah and then you turn away from Allah and you are ungrateful, what kind of advancement is this there is no manners and this kind of character, but the problem with many people is that they their ignorance, their ignorance. inshallah, hopefully in the coming episodes we will discuss these important issues and how they relate to loyalty and truthful towards truthfulness towards believers and towards Islam in general, does akmola phenom for

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being with us and for taking the pains of joining us and we say to our viewers, Jazakallah hiren, for your patience and for being with us. And I hope what we present is beneficial for all Muslims and non Muslims alike. And at the end, I say I leave you in the protection of Allah subhanho wa Taala Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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