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khabib Nurmagomedov LIVE lN USA Detroit

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What we're talking about about Habib had an impact on let's go get into this clip and I saw Kobe fight his last fight right

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and something really caught my attention

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to have a true belief in one guy as I know now was Habib no make off again Muslims nobody's perfect but religion like Islam is perfect

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the first one had me in the second part had me smiling the whole time. Oh man when I heard it, it would break it would break me and until that day, man oh

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lemmya Lee dollar Moon What a miracle loan Khufu

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Cummings Yeah, tell me what you're coming as well we got the location so Shala we're gonna accept the invitation and come down and

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this is the

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Milan hamdulillah As Salam aleikum, greetings of Peace, welcome to the deen Show. I'm your host and my next guest Shaikh Abdul Wahab was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. He commenced his studies at the age of 10 in Toronto, Canada, where he went on to memorize the entire verbatim Word of God Almighty, the Quran he completed his memorization of the Holy Quran by the tender age of 13. And then he went on to study in the seven year intensive Islamic Sharia program in Toronto, Canada. And he continued his research and studies in and up until today, where he is the co founder and instructor of myth tat Institute. Let's bring on our next guest. Mufti Abdul Wahab

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salaam aleikum wa salam ala with accountability. How are you 100 bla bla? I mean, how are you? How's it I can't complain? It's good for having us on the show. So we're going to be talking it's going to revolve around someone you know, I'll just started off with, I really went away because that's what I've been doing for some time now. You know, teaching martial arts and I went on to study, Gracie, Brazilian jujitsu. But I kind of went away from watching a lot of these, you know, a lot of this fighting and stuff like that the UFC and whatnot. But then I had some family members invited me to watch one of these fights, and they're like, you gotta check out this guy. His name is Habib, I

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didn't know who he was. But then what intrigued me was, they knew I would get excited after I saw what they already saw him doing. And that was after one of his fights, he made such a sugar, right, for those that are no, he was taking the highest port part of man and he was bowing down, you know, a lot of these fighters, they're just like, you know, you know, praising themselves on the ego, but he humbled himself, and he put his forehead on the ground. And, and then he was like raising his hand up and saying, and humbly law, pray this, like, hallelujah, all praise to the Creator of the heavens and earth. And I was like, 100 Allah, and that really got me excited, you know, to kind of,

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you know, learn more about them. And then I started sharing that some of these things with the Muslim community. And that's kind of how I got started there, yourself. I think, you know, for, for me and for us, I'm not sure if we were, if I am a fan of the martial arts community, or even, you know, watching any fights, but similar to your story, just the enthusiasm, that is this brother brings within his career through the lens of his religion. It's, it's an embodiment, that teaches us that regardless of what your career is, regardless of what you are doing, from nine to five, it can still, in so many ways, be a form of Dawa. And the beauty of that hour is that it's not always

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direct. It's not always extremely vocal and in front of you, a lot of times that was such that happens in ways are subtle, but those subtle ways of Dawa can sometimes be the strongest ways that people in people towards Allah subhanaw taala into becoming better humans. And like in every generation, there are individuals that perhaps not might not be scholars or or imams are not saying the only scholars or Imams can be frozen inspiration. But we also have people such as the likes of the great Muhammad Ali Allahu Allah, or the great the likes of Judaism shades that I know who loved who used to be a musician and he changed his life in different ways and he became an inspiration to

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many. And in our time, one of those personalities may be our brother, Camino, Magomedov, where, through the skills and talent that Allah has given him, he uses that to refer back to Allah subhanaw taala and I find it quite interesting

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Think about it and everyone that's watching that a lot of times when we're able to be given something and when we're when we reach a certain level of security or excellence in our fields, many times we refer that excellence back to our education, our families, our culture, ourselves, right? Another element in the song the Kowloon used to say that I have received that which I have received because of myself, it's not because of anyone else. But some individuals are such that when they reach that, that new height, the reference back to their Deen, that it was my religion, or this tradition that taught me this discipline. It was this tradition that taught me how to be respectful

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to my co workers. It was this tradition that taught me how to be humble, even at the moments of great success, like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he entered into the conquest of Makkah, so as to understand that this was a city that his grandfather had built, him in his companions are persecuted for years, 13 years, they are forced to leave, he comes back after eight years. And now he's coming back as the person who has been given the keys of the city, but his head is so low, not walking with the shoulders high in his and his chest broad is with, with the utmost humility that a person can, can absolutely possess in externalize. So for me, it was, I think a lot

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of us, especially the Muslim audience that's watching. And even the non Muslim audience, as watching a lot of us were attracted to him, not only because it was excellence in on the mats, it was because of his character that embodied pre imposed the fights. And you can only fake it for so long that you know, at hamdulillah or not, it has to be real, it has to be genuine. And then that genuine love becomes contagious. If it's not genuine, and if it's per se fake, though it can have an effect, and we should still try our best. The Prophet Tyler so hard to sell them that if you can't cry, then you fake it in Turkey, tobacco. So the idea is that his love, and this is his level of enthusiasm and

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his pride him prioritizing that form of life was something that is contagious. And it benefited everyone, it's sent shockwaves through believers, that if he can do it, now, if he can be 2019, no, because not all of us can be that no, not all of us will be questioned for that. But all of us can be humble. All of us can be kind, all of us can be loving, all of us can, can Repel evil with good, right to whatever level and extent that we can. So I guess perhaps it was that realm of this and that aura of is that attracted the most of us, and not saying that, you know, some of the fights that we watched, some of my friends have me recorded, you know, the recorded me while he won, those

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recordings can't get out. Because, you know, we're really into him winning in his victory was great for us. It's not, you know, it's not a butter. But it's just feels good that our believer, our brother is able to also not only receive victory in the afternoon, but also receive some form of victory and dunya though we know that it's a smaller victory, in the greater victory will be the victory of the author that we are striving for. So that's that was the inspiration behind even being introduced to Habib. It was never, I don't think it was ever a dream or a plan to be able to host him. But that's hopefully that's part of you saw the journey of everyone getting closer to Allah

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subhanaw taala

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too long, I apologize. No, not at all. So I want to get your reaction to a couple of these clips. So this is exactly what we're talking about. So the next clip, you're going to see this is a clip of somebody I'm going to show you to one and then you'll also for the audience you'll see some of the things that he discusses about Islam prayer, one God etc, etc. So we're going to get to get into these clips and just get your short reaction to it. So people can also get a feel for what we're actually talking about. So this next clip here is from a Mexican cartel member, okay? This is post him being accepting he actually accepted Islam and this what we're talking about about Habib had an

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impact on let's go get into this clip and I saw Kobe fight his last fight right

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and something really caught my attention when

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when at the end of his fight

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everything's God gave me

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he would always give glory to God you know

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I want to say thank you for God. God is number one other thing is nothing

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and I started like looking up because the only the only thought I don't think I knew about Islam was that they like what what the West showed you? What what they what they try to do

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In short, teach you about it like the terrorists

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and when I started hearing the acetate like

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recitation of the Holy Quran

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like my heart was looking for something I

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was looking for something real man when I heard it, it would break it would break me. And until that day man

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lived nearly dollar Moon while a miracle low Khufu.

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Sara Maulik who my brother Habib, hi Alexa, how are you? So hamdulillah What's the number one most important thing for you and should be for everyone Habib number one important most important for us stay connect with God Do you always have to pray you always have to stay humble and stay focused and stay connected with what happens for you Habib when Ramadan comes around? When come Ramadan this is everything from I don't think about five I have to say Ramadan I because I believe one God. This is my religion. Religion for me. Number one.

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What's your plans now? Habib?

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Keep going and make use of inshallah kabhi Do you feel that anybody can stop you? And along with you? Nobody can stop. What do you want to say hubby? What's perfect?

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Nobody in religion is like, like, Muslims. Nobody's perfect. But religion like Islam is perfect.

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What else you want to say a hobby for the deen show audience

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without God who cannot do nothing. Everything does not take you know, number one. Believe on your own God. Thank you, hubby. This was fun. Nice having you. But we looking forward to having you on the real show. The Deen show. What do you say brother? Let's do it. Send me the location. Just send me location. Thank you so much. You guys.

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Take it away.

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The first one had me in the second part had me smiling the whole time. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. Very cool. Oh, yes. And then put that together. But I've never seen that clip of that Mexican brother breaking down because of his reaction to Habib, you know, returning back to Allah for his fights and just saying Alhamdulillah you know, it is unique. Sometimes it's the smallest things that can have the biggest form of Dawa, the smallest things just saying Alhamdulillah just sing us that I'm just saying, you know, just like a level here, whatever it may be. There's a lot of power in these things. Doing such that has a lot of power. Albeit we should be careful, perhaps and when we pray,

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so making sure people don't feel uncomfortable. But praying in places that people can see us also has an effect on them. It pulls them towards it. There's a magnetic force, in the purity of prayer, there's a magnetic magnetic force and the purity of Quran is a magnetic force in the purity of Allah. Right? in Allah. Allah is pure. So whenever we have any of those pure elements within us, it doesn't attract people to us because of our personalities. We're all Dell people. It attracts people to us because of that purity. And if we lose that purity, then we have nothing left right, then the honor of a believer is dependent and contingent upon him honoring his religion. So that's the few

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thoughts on that beautiful video, I can imagine that probably so many more people who just seen his videos and felt closer towards Islam because of towards God and reminds me of Malcolm X. Line in even Muhammad Ali. People used to just pull towards Islam in different ways, in different crowds, perhaps not the crowds that we're all a part of. It's a different wavelength, right. I'll give you another example. Probably, there's so many out there, but these are just ones that I can testify to. That was one another one. This is actually one of my students, slim brothers who are listening up there. Look how important and how eloquently by the Reggie, he's mentioning this. He was going to a

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jujitsu classes run by brother Eddie and the Muslims there. And he saw the Muslims that took a break and they were praying and by the Reggie was watching them. So first and foremost, we should not be shy. When the time for prayer comes we should pray, who knows other people can be watching and get motivated.

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Number two brother Reggie, you said that you got motivated by brother coffee.

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Yes, he does not swear. When he won. Directly. He bowed down and he told me it all right. Yes, yes, yes. All the time, all the time. So it's really important. We should not be shy. It doesn't matter how high

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How low wherever that we are, we should never be shy to convey the beautiful faith of Islam. Not our words, but also by our actions. And we he got to see as the context of it was he got to see Muslims praying, he'd see us praying, you know, in my academy, we stopped over, you know, to decide, you know, we make a lot of time to praise time to pray, we got to go, we got to stop all the fun and games, it's time to connect with with your Creator. So he would see that in the academy, my, my, my Muslim brothers were or were praying. And then he would also, you know, gets asked some questions, he would meet some other Muslims and they would give him some things to read, etc, etc. But he's not

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Muslim yet. And it comes to this now check this out, was exciting.

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But the main thing that really that really brought my attention, and how much peace that one can have in their, in their in their life, and

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to have a true belief in one guy, as I know now was, um,

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brother, Habib. No, my may Golf is a UFC fighter, you know, over the coming, right? That's Yes, yes. Yes, that's, that that has brought me to where I am now.

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The Wonder Woman flick there's, there's there was something missing, you know, that there was something missing. So I guess, that I'm older now. I can go my own path. And I believe that this is the path and the journey that I should take. And, and and this is this the way that Habib carries himself, you know, he's always given Praise to Allah, and I always give praise, and and he will say, Inshallah, if, according to others will, that he'll be victorious. I'm here I've victory. And, and, and how he's humble in and in Pakistan, and, and his father, you know, teaching young kids and taking care of the community, and

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other other Muslim Brothers, you know, coming together and embracing and, and it's, it's beautiful. Gosh, I take it away. What do you think that should be my example. I'm just glad that you're able to grab these clips. I'm at first time since these clips as well. And you understand that if these clips, just confirm your thoughts that what we do, and what is seen by people around us, though it's not direct that it has an effect and enhances the responsibility that falls upon every one of us to show the purest image of our religion. And I like what the what was being said, the clip that you played, where he mentioned, is anyone perfect and no one is perfect, but the religion is perfect.

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Right. And you're coming to the convener come to LA communality or a little local Islam, Medina that this is a day that I have perfected and completed this way of life. There is no other way of life that is perfect in every level, in every, at a societal level, at a political level, at a personal level as a communal level. It's a perfect way of life. But all of us are flawed. So we may have certain defects that doesn't take away from the beauty of our religion. And someone like that has been given so much been given so much success in this world in his own career. It's very easy for that to get to your head, you know, even small forms of success can get to someone's head. And I

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think, from what we can see in most of our interactions with them and the team, like there are people who are still very humble. And because even their videos, they're still connected to Allah subhanaw taala connected to the people. And that was one of the main reasons that we even wanted to host Habib is in bringing to the status. Really, I mean, he comes you all the time. It's also because we want our audience, our youth, Muslims and non Muslims to see that this person reached Mount Rushmore of his career that he reached the top the pinnacle, the epitome of it, but he connected that level of success to Allah hamdulillah insha Allah though, you know, but you fight

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making tell you work out you do your thing, Masha, Allah, me sometimes even, you know, at our own level, it can be like, oh, man, I can do it myself. I have enough strength, I have enough energy, I have enough talent. But for him to keep referring back to Allah subhanaw taala is a great form of Dawa and now people in our communities, our circles know about him, right? So it's our job to take it from there. And moving forward. The baton has been passed on to us he, he has, he has planted the seed of doubt in people's minds and hearts. And it's our responsibility within our own circles to fertilize that seed by watering it right and let that plant grow and hopefully people turn towards

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Islam or turn towards Islam in due time but but also become better people in there.

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Always, those are my reflections on those videos. I mean, there's so much more than that can be said about. cubbies effect on society as a whole. I think I don't think there is a Muslim athlete who has a stronger impact in the world in copy, especially in regards to them embodying religion. I mean, there are many athletes that are out there that martial law affect people. But specifically in this specific in this layer or in this in this way, I don't think many people like that.

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This is actually one of the team members here. Have you?

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Here, our brother

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This is

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my brother.

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Yeah, so you mentioned team members? Yeah, actually. There's one. Yeah. You on a few met?

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Using a gym? Yeah, he was training there. He was with us for some time there in Chicago. And actually, he was supposed to, you know, I wanted to make sure because him also he's someone you don't get to see training much. But he was he was somebody this is pretty broad. No, he's like, you know, a beast himself. He was somebody. That's what we say somebody who's really tough. You know what I mean? So I trained with him personally. And I was about to I didn't want to in the beginning, but I was about to I just wanted him because for those that know about Gracie Jiu Jitsu, one part of it is self defense is so important. So I was going over, you know, much of the self defense headlock

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escape, does that know that I wanted him to, because I felt he was held back. He should, I was going to promote him to the next level, but he ended up leaving Chicago. And so that was something really interesting. But uh, so now, in that video, and the first one, Habib said, Send the location, he said, the location now. So let's talk about that, before we conclude of the location that you guys hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen, you guys, were able to go ahead and put this event together. Can you talk about that? I mean, of course, the event was his last one that allows event to take place in Sharla. With ease, the idea to bring him is to bring people to to two words, you know, good call a

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good, a good that were a good initiative. And for all of us to benefit at whatever level and in some goodness that comes from it. It's not simply to gather people, it's not simply to build hype that happens. That happens by default, it's to benefit one another, and shuttler. And that's the goal. And so like, he will be coming, this is the first time he's done something like this in North America. So Inshallah, hopefully people are able to come, they're able to enjoy, they're able to benefit, they're able to have seen you know, close up and in person and benefit benefit from his story in his career and where he is now. And throughout his career, the only variable that has not

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changed is his religion, right, other things have changed. And that's the most important common denominator that keeps you at a level of success and a level of contentment. So hopefully, inshallah the event is taking place our campus in Michigan, New Detroit, Michigan City is called Warren, it will be taking place under we have an auditorium that fits about 2000 people, it's almost sold out, I think we have a few 100 tickets left. So if you want to come on site, you can go ahead and purchase tickets on our website And we also have opened up because people were asking the online you know, viewing if they could watch the entire event online hamdulillah that's

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also been done so you can also join online just watch and just be a part of the event, I believe is something which is almost historical like to be able to host him a one of our own events in allowed allow ourselves to speak to him in a way that we can kind of get to know him at a personal level. Inshallah, we'll have other things as well the other small lectures other few, you know, grand recitations and poems recited to keep everyone emotionally and spiritually bet to benefit everyone emotionally and spiritually inshallah. So I mean, I mean, I was probably the most excited when they decided to come. I know everyone in the team is excited, everyone in Michigan is excited. Everyone

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in America is excited. But you know, personally, I'm very excited to be able to be part of this part of this event, simply because we can see him and speak to him and benefit from him. And hopefully, he's able to see what we're doing in our country in America that even in America, hopefully there are people that are trying their best to preserve their Deen. So he's able to see that in shortline we're able to have a good back and forth and inshallah it can be a relationship that continues to grow and that's the goal. I have the lighter blonde you coming to tell me what you're coming as well? Yeah, sure. I look forward to inshallah being there with you, you guys and we got to location

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so Shala we're gonna accept the invitation and come down. And so please come on campus. February 20. Tuesday, February 25. Is the day you put on your calendar. It's a Tuesday. If you from Chicago, Ohio or even New York to close Flight Center and is closed drive. Come down.

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Enjoy the event together inshallah we'll have you know hopefully a beautiful event and every aspect everyone is watching prefer the event that it goes well go smooth, don't get sick everyone stay safe, you know the things that we're also worrying about. Everyone is able to come with ease and leave with ease. Families are able to enjoy there's babysitting that's available there's food that will be there, all of it in one place. Shut up. So if you can come on site come online shortly. There's not gonna hit but Eddie for for hosting me, giving me the opportunity to speak about the event in our journey, and inshallah I'm sure that we will be seeing each other more often.

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Inshallah, Inshallah, we'll reward you. Thank you very much. Salam Alaikum Topcat Thank you, hubby. This was fun. Nice having you. But we looking forward to having you on the real show. The Deen show. What do you say brother? Let's do it. Send me the location. Just send me location. Thank you so much, guys.