Waleed Basyouni – Eid ul Fitr Talk 2016

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The importance of sincerity and submitting oneself to one's Lord is crucial in Islam, as it is a fundamental driver of one's success and a fundamental act of one's responsibility. It is also essential to protect individual rights and values, as it is the responsibility of individuals to act as citizens and not just be a burden on others. The speakers emphasize the need to prioritize society, make sure everyone is aware of negative consequences of social liberalism, and be empowered to think and give their views. It is crucial to protect privacy and ensure everyone's rights, and it is essential for law enforcement to trust the community and work together to address issues like the deaths of Muslim people.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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enough, Mejia de la who find out more

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Deanna Washington

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in LA LA who

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was shadow under Mohammed Abu.

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Allahu Allah Mohammed. Mohammed. Kamara

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Ibrahim. Ibrahim.

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Allah Allahu Allahu

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Allahu Akbar. Allahu

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Allah. moto can be wrong. When him did he learn he can be wrong.

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Allahu morbihan de Nationale to Allah.

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All Praise You to Amman, his praise and blessings and peace be upon all Prophet Mohammed Salah Allahu Allah he was sent them, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment, either with this was the only one worthy of worship. And Mohammed sallallahu wasallam, his last and final messenger

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Johanna Dennard fan. And I'm Jenna. Or Lord, if we glorify you, if we think you be the one who taught us if we worship you, if we be being grateful to you, submitting ourselves to you, you the one who guided us, yeah, you know, in the corner

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from China, and if we pray for you, we praise you, we mentioned you, you're the one who honored us by such thing. So we thank you for in the beginning. And in the end, we think you're in private and in public. And we praise you and praise you in public and in private. And we praise you in the beginning and the end, and we see your forgiveness, we repent to you, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar or whatever day in

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school in affording Corinne My dear brothers and sisters, you fasted 30 days, you decided a 30 chapters of the Quran, you have prayed all the nights inshallah Tada, as we all did during the month of Ramadan, so expect nothing but great reward from your Lord, the Lord who is a grateful and thankful a lord, he's the most forgiving the Lord who's the most generous tapana what God and today we're celebrating the agent pistol has come to you, the day of happiness and joy.

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So my dear brothers and sister, enjoy your age. Thank you, Lord, celebrate with your family and friends and make those around you copy it you know, we own the cemetery

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with us photo field bathroom

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to me

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really believing

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that my dear brothers and sisters, my Muslim, my fellow Muslims, a lot prescribes the cotton paper upon every one of us. And it's a very interesting that it's prescribed upon everyone who have what is sufficient for him today. So even if you set before, but he has what is cover him today, and he has extra money or extra food should share it with someone else who don't. So the seller says that even the poor people will be giving each other and the only reason for that is to teach every member in the society to be upper hand at one point, to be a giver, to learn how to give, even when you have very little to offer. That's a spirit that Islam wants to see on us want to make our to make

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sure that we take the responsibility to work each other.

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So I'm this the castle

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That the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us it is to purify our power to purify ourselves from any indecent act or see that took place during the month of Ramadan. Regardless of

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the difference of income brackets, all of us required to give the captain foot as long as we can do.

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So my brothers and sister I hope that every one of us have given it to before to eat, and if you don't, you still can make it and you can give it after.

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Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah the day in the month of Ramadan, is the month that we practice every year to many different aspects of worship, and will never be grasped this something a lot. It means you should be improved, improving yourself. So if you practice how to speak if you practice certain things, you develop the skill. So let's ask ourselves what we have developed during the month of Ramadan, that you fasted again and again, you've been fasting 30 days, and for so many years when it comes

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to making drop. The question is, did I improve my father did improve my relationship with a mom did improve my relationship with that improved my relationship with Allah? Did I improve my relationship with the Knights prayer? These are all legit questions that we should ask ourselves in the end of

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Ramadan is a great tool that teaches so many things that I would like to share

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with you today.

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Ramadan, and fasting during the month of Ramadan taught us the importance of sincerity. It is based on sincerity. Well, not only in La Jolla, Abu Mohammed,

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you have been ordered by your Lord, to work with him sincerely in the soul.

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And in our Lord, that fasting belong to me, nobody would know yesterday if you're practicing, you're not the only one who truly knows a lot to kind of what it is something so surprises between you and your Lord. And you do it. Because you submit your well to our last kind of column, submit yourself to unlock element.

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And it's

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one of the meaning of sincerity is to submit to Allah Subhana Allah. It's interesting how you submit to Allah Subhana Allah, and he do things exactly as he ordered reading. Today, if you find your city yesterday, if you're not fasting, you have committed a sin. It's amazing how one day to eat and to drink. And two days is cut off not to eat and to drink. It shows you that you are a slave of Allah, you are a servant of Allah, you are one who submit himself to his Lord. So I hope that meaning would be carried on in other aspects of our life, as well. The month of Coronavirus teach us how to perfect our options. The concept of excellence

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is a very fundamental concept in Islam. It is the spirit of the city of Muhammad Sallallahu.

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And it should be the Muslim attitude to do things not nearly correct and exactly correct. To do things not almost good, and perfectly good. We break our Fox a specific time, you can break your past five minutes earlier or 15 minutes later, exactly the time you do it. When you found it's not about your body is not about abstain from drinking and eating. It's about your whole entire character. It's about your controlling your anger, controlling your thumb controlling your desire to build you from inside and outside. That's the perfection

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the Captain Picard, which is also a purification for our roads. So it's an act of force that cover all aspects in our mind, our spirituality, our social interaction, and our wealth to purify our wealth as well and prepared with those who need also one more lesson that we learned during the month of Ramadan, that we felt the responsibility to work if

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you remember the days when we used to fundraise every night.

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And every Institute and every organization in America, in America come to you because they know you're the one who carry them in your shoulder. It is that sense of responsibility towards Islam and Muslims and the Muslims.

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The jutes that we have in our country,

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we all have ambassadors of all religions. We are representative of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. In the 21st century, our massages belong to us, our institute belongs to us, it is our responsibility to make sure it is supported.

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function, it's absolutely good.

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I hope that this lesson will carry on after Ramadan, but not only supporting financially this organization, but also participating and being part of this organization, not to be just someone who is

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not to be someone who watched from a distance or act like a customer that act like a partner energy player.

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The month of Ramadan tells us that we are strong when we are bound together,

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how hard it is to stretch outside.

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I don't know about you, but I talk about myself

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to the outside.

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But it's so easy.

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How easy it is

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to pray every day.

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Or maybe 21

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how easy it is to adjust almost every day.

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For so many of us, it's not an easy task. But it became so achievable, so reasonable during Ramadan.

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And the reason for that is because all of us doing it together, it gives the all of us, all of us. And whenever that sense of

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collection that we collectively working together, that's the concept we call a philosophy

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that we help one another to walk into the room

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with our

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help one another and what is righteous and good. Can you imagine the best lesson carried after Ramadan, that we all help one another in what is good and righteous. And that require from us to focus on what will bring us together, unify us as a Muslim woman.

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And to ignore and eliminate and avoiding what will divide us as a community? What will break our unity as a Muslim?

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My brothers and sisters

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in the end of the month of Ramadan, remind us of the rights of the less fortunate among us.

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Again, give us a lot of Trenitalia have given you

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even the data for each one we celebrate and we happy with in order not to forget about the list for the people who are in debt, the people who are poor, the people who don't have food,

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to give them and to share with them. Some of what kind of data have blessed us with my brothers and sisters. When we think of food. Please don't only think of overseas, our country is suffering from poverty. There's a lot of people in America poor. There's a lot of kids live under the poverty. Even in our neighborhoods in our state and our cities, there is a lot of poor people need our hope as a community.

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You know, one in every five people in America, a woman, woman, every five children in America, considered a poor kid.

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One in every five kids in America, consider a poor kid. in a state of Texas, it is even interesting.

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In Texas, at 10% of 10 point almost 11% of all seniors consider who live under the line of poverty. In the state of Texas.

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There's almost 24.6% of children live under the line of poverty. The people of disability 22% of them live under the line of poverty in the state of Texas. Almost 90% of the omen of Texas live under the line of poverty. It's a scary there's the number of poverty in Texas, our state, which is considered a wealthy state. It is scary when you look at these numbers. So we as a community have responsibility for the society in general.

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My brothers and sisters, this is a lesson that I want us to walk today remembering that good deeds lead to another good deed. What a beautiful thing to see a good deed followed by another righteous deed.

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instead, what I can

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move on

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over but our duties towards our religion and our law towards Allah.

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Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, that

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Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar motocaddy in our country

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was the turn of

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Allah, all my fellow Muslims. Remember that to ever associate, Allah subhana wa tada and the worship.

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Whenever the funeral not doing the job, you can even in your shop alone would never forgive

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any form of shipping, but he's willing to forgive whatever sins Listen,

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all of us realize that the best of all guidance is the guidance of Mohammed Salah mahadi is the best example for all of us. In the room.

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Obey the prophet in the messenger, they obey a law column to the use of a law to send them out a condition Nicky, the prophet one of his last advisors, and sermons, he said, Follow my sydnor. Woman, every now has

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anyone invaded in the matter of religion, something is not part of it is not something the Prophet practice it is rejected, and it will not lead to paradise, it actually leads to horrify it isn't obligatory upon all of us, to follow the footsteps,

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to love Him, to honor him, to believe in Him, and to follow Him, some of

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them not only in the area of the worship, but in all aspects in our conduct in our morality and manners.

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My brothers and sisters,

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one goal is to build a man and to build a person, a personality that dictates what we call a purpose, to build a society to build a civilization that

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doesn't look at humans as only a body filled with desires. But a body and a soul also do not only focus on the soul,

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and to not recognize the need and the desires that we have as human. And as some does not focus on the act of worship, and forget about the importance of mannerism and character traits.

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doesn't focus on the individual, and forget about the society or focus on the rights of the society and forget the rights of the individuals and teach us to build the balance in our life, a balance in our relationship with the creator and the creation of balance in how we look at this life and the hereafter, a balance in how we protect the rights of individuals while we protecting the rights of debt collector Olga, Gemma origa community and the society involved. My brothers and sisters, we have to make sure that we raised our children and the next generations upon

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upon the principle of the beliefs of

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our centers, our massages should not only be limited to accommodate the proportion of Muslims, but it should go beyond that to be a centers and places that will contribute to the society involved. It has to be an effective centers in our society. My brothers and sisters, yes, this is important to care for our immediate family, for our own community, but it's our responsibility. As Americans and people live in America, we have a responsibility towards our country, responsibility towards our nation, our society, to make sure it's protected from what will destroy for women, to make sure that this society will save a good and clean and prosper unsafe. My brothers and sisters, look at the

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history of humanity. You will find mainly two reasons behind the fall of any civilization. two main reasons number one is interest.

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Tip number two immorality. Whenever there is immorality in the society, if you

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look at the Romans, when there is any justice in the society, it will collapse.

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That's our responsibility to make sure that our society stay clean, stay moral, is as good as security. And in the same time, it is a fail and just to everyone, my brothers and sisters, we teach today, so many form and shape of injustice, and immorality in our life growing by the day, and it is all of us responsible, collectively, as a member of this society, to ensure that this will not be the case. That's why I encourage each and every one of us to be more often encouraged, to have more good and positive impact on the people around you, in your workplace, in your neighborhood, in our city, and so forth. And one of the things that I have to mention out as an example of our role in

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spreading goodness, and justice and fairness in society, is to make sure that we elect those sort of presents us people who believe in such things. And this is one of the most powerful tools we have in this society. And people die for this right, the right to vote the right to Allah. Remember, that officials, only elected when good people don't go vote. When good people don't go back officials comes in place. My brothers and sisters, we notice in this not only the rise of immorality, but the rise of the concept of liberalism. And I don't want to complicate this, and turn into a social studies, classes talk or lecture or talk about political science, or philosophy. But liberalism is

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not a bad word in general, liberalism is a good word in general, but liberalism can carry it with a very dangerous meaning for us, as Muslims that we see, not only as Muslim society, you have the social liberalism, I mean, the classic liberalism, the classical liberalism, usually focused in Liberty, while the social liberalism focused on inequality. And in each one of them has their own philosophy, we see the rise of the social liberalism in modern days, exactly that what you see in in Europe. And that's right. Basically, the first one, the classic liberalism is always focused on liberty to liberate the individual from the control of the government. So that is less government

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control, less regulation, you know, open market, open, trade, free, and all these kind of concepts. But social liberalism

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is focused on

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issues and areas. Some of them are good, but some of them can be very dangerous. And one thing that I want to mention in this regard, which is social, always empower individuals. And that means that there is nothing it's called an ultimate truth. At ultimate, right? Everything is relevant. And because of that, when there is an environment controlled by social liberalism, you will see that this environment, we have no respect for religion.

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Because the religion have a higher authority go against the concept of equality, it makes the man and God equal, it makes everybody can think whatever they want. Why would it be controlled by someone or by teaching of some religious and that's a very dangerous, and America always stands out from that Western civilization, as a society believes in liberalism, but the classic liberals are on the rise today of this social liberalism, something requires us to pay attention, because if you notice, even our community start affected by that, where people start thinking about being liberated even from the religion itself. My brothers and sisters, I do believe as a Muslim, that we should be

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free from blind imitation. We should be free from just following people based in ignorance with no evidence and note knowledge. But it doesn't mean that we free ourselves from the principles that the Muslim Ummah agreed upon. I do believe we should be free from believing in chemicals, and to be ignorant about our act with ignorance, we should be educated doesn't mean that we free ourselves from the religion.

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I do believe that our mind and intellect should be free to think how we want and to give

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That liberty for people to think and to be free thinker. But it doesn't mean that we follow desires. And that's the problem that we see rising today. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar,

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on the rise of Islamophobia, on the rise, doctype, Muslims and Islam that is growing by the day, and mainly because of this election cycle, and for many other reasons. And I want you to remember this, when it talks about the summer, folks, I want you to understand that the work that has been done by this group is an organized, orchestrated upper is not a random attack in the media, or any divided, full efficient, organized, well funded, and well supported by so many branches, and so many areas in the society. And if this is understood, clearly, you can not count their such effort by random acts, it means we have to have as a Muslim, also a war organized, world funded world prepared to respond

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to this message in our society.

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These are few, but there are a few, but they are growing. And we should not ever rely on that concept that there are few and the majority are not because he didn't know things how it can go, we must always come closer to Allah. Because if you are with a lock, nothing can help can can harm you. If you take that means that the mechanic either order us to do in your running levena harmony. My brothers and sisters, I encourage each and every one of you to document any incidents that take place of racism are attacking Islam and Muslims go to care, go to that organization and document this because document to get make our case strong for us every legal asset, we can have to basically

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get back those views your rights or discriminate against you, or make fun of your religion, or don't allow you to practice your religion. We have to be strong, we have to raise our heads up high, we have to stand up tall, we have to have confidence in ourselves. Otherwise when you baiting people, right, you're

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on the rise,

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that act of terrorism. And the sad news that we owe and the shocking news that he all heard two days ago, a suicide bomber tried to pull himself up in the message.

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It reached that level. The message is loud and clear from this extremist group, that there is no deadline that everything possible. And we should as a society, and as a community as the Muslim community. Also remember, few points I will end my talk with when we see the rise of number of attacks and globally. That number one, that these terrorist groups and attacks and individual did not represent Islam do not represent Muslims around the world. And definitely they do not represent us as the Muslim community in America. We are a peaceful society. We're a peaceful community. We're a good community. We're a contributor community, not like what our chief police unfortunately said

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not long time ago that there are too many Muslims in Houston. And that can be a concern. Can you believe a person who would say that about a big community like us?

00:28:43 --> 00:29:00

It is a concern that we are be growing in numbers. No, we are attacked said we are an obedient citizen. We are a contributor. We are professional. We are the most highly educated community among the highest or most highly educated community in USA, when

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we proud of ourselves. We do need to apologize for the octave. Some individuals who do not represent us are

00:29:10 --> 00:29:36

also my brothers and sisters. We have to be very clear. We have zero tolerance, or tolerating any kind of act of violence, any idea that encourage or inspire violence as a means of change. We have to be very clear about that. We don't allow it we don't tolerate we don't think in any act of terrorism, regardless what it takes place. So ISIS in particular

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acutally the Prophet sallallahu

00:29:40 --> 00:30:00

anyone wants to hurt Allah Medina alone will destroy him as he dissolved the salt in the water. Attacking Medina Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, it's a sign of the end. But I don't think it is only ISIS. It's ISIS, just one name. And when we talk about ISIS, I

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want to make clear that ISIS is not the outcome of any particular ideology? It's not the outcome of the political Islam. It's not the outcome of the outcome of that one is not this group of that group. It is the outcome of the injustice that's happening around the world. It's the outcome of destroying a civil society in Iraq, and a civil society in Syria without providing alternative ISIS members of the outcome of the dictatorship of long term dictators, who ruling the Muslim world. ISIS is the outcome of so many mistakes, and Rome and injustice been done, I couldn't have done it because the outcome of the occupation of the land of the Muslim it is the outcome of the ignorance.

00:30:54 --> 00:31:29

Those individuals who lived all their life, the only thing they know, they don't know anything about the culture of life, and the celebration of life all over the soul in that early age, how their friends and their family members killed, and tortured and gone and never came back and bombed and then basically destroyed. That's what the race, what do you expect for generations to be? What do you expect a generation that they don't eat any life in the end of the tunnel, the only life maybe this is the end of the tunnel, is the train coming to kill them.

00:31:31 --> 00:31:40

That's the next the major reasons behind the existence of such extreme groups. And if we don't ignore that, recognize that we're not going to solve this problem.

00:31:42 --> 00:32:28

My brothers and sisters, I don't deny that there are certain extreme views and misunderstanding of the religion. And this is our role as a society as a community, as a leader, as a seller to counter this. And if this had been done, let me make it clear to everyone in our community members, that counter of any extreme ideas or extremist group in America, or anywhere in the world has to go by two things. The first one countered the ideology, and that's done by the scholars by the civil society, but also has to be done by that law enforcement. It has to go both. Law enforcement must trust the community, and the community must trust law enforcement as well. We have to work together

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if we want to make our place safe. My brothers and sisters, I asked the last panel with Allah to protect all of us. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to protect our community, because whenever these terrorist attack takes place, it gives us first as Muslim, many Muslim died, and most of the deaths happen to Muslim by

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then we get that backlash from the outside Muslim community. We targeted twice, I'm not crying, not whining, but I'm just stating a fact. And we will stay strong. Because in the end of the day, we know that Allah

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Allah will never bring success to the corrupt one. May Allah soprano chaotically accept our fasting to forgive our sin, Allah

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will after

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a low maintenance

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mechanism, a lot of more than a lot.

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A lot more.

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A lot more.

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When you get off when you're

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