The Power Of One Ayah #09

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Waka danika Jana

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Soto, Lita, aku Shahada,

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Subhan Allah, at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there was no numbering of the ayat.

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But later on, these numbers were added.

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And you will be amazed to know that Surat Al Baqarah. The long surah in the Quran is 286 is

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and if you divide this by two,

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so the two becomes one, the eight becomes four, and the six becomes three. This is going to be a a one for three, right in the middle of sort of Bukhara, what does the law say? waka daddy kg

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Soto, Lita kuno Shahada Allen.

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And thus, we have made you an oma in the middle.

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So that you will be the witnesses of our people, on the day of judgment, brothers and sisters, for everything in this life, there are two extremes.

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And there is halfway in the middle, there is moderation.

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So when all other people assume either extreme, the form of Islam is almost in the middle, it's the oma of maintaining the balance. Let me just take for example, like, let's analyze man, from the top to the bottom,

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we have four

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needs, one of them is right there, you have a reason you have a mind that's thirsty for knowledge.

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And there are two extremes to knowledge. Either people are completely ignorant, they don't seek knowledge. And the other extreme, some people just like they want to seek any knowledge or that is going to benefit them or not.

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They go and study philosophy, for example, and I'm not looking down upon somebody who's doing that. But I'm saying, what is the end result of that many people who started that they ended up suffering, having doubts and stuff. So let's learn, like, like our faith first, so that we have immunity. So when we study anything else, we have immunity.

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So in Islam, we seek knowledge. So we stay away from being ignorant. But also we don't go to the extreme of seeking any type of knowledge that will waste our time, and that won't be beneficial. But we seek the right knowledge and the best knowledge is the knowledge of who I am, who brought me here, what's the purpose of my life, then I need also to learn human sciences. So I can be a doctor or engineer, and contribute to the welfare and the prosperity of the community where I live with the Muslims or non Muslims. So this is knowledge. Reason number two.

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It's a heart. We love and hate. And these are emotions. Again, when people

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go to the extreme in loving

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anything that might even bring about the destruction and downfall. That's one extreme.

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And when people hate and take the other extreme,

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Muslims come and maintain the balance. We hate that which will harm us. We stay away from it. And we love that which will bring us benefit. And we hold on to it as the balance if you go down.

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The third need is the need for food. Some people have two extremes. Some people suppiler they live to eat. And some people they starve themselves almost close to death. These are two extremes. But we Muslims and hamdulillah

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we eat to live, but we don't live to eat. The last desire is the desire for sex. And again, some people go to the extreme. And they live only a life of promiscuity

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and other people. They say you know what? We're going to lead the life of celibacy. We're going to stay away from this. But Islam comes again to maintain the balance and say the process Villanova's. You know what, I marry a woman. But again, the only legal relationship in Islam, between a man and a woman is marriage. hamdulillah we love dates. We eat them as a Sunday in the morning, but we never date. So this is just an example of maintaining that balance.

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And this is why Allah subhanho wa Taala and thus we have made you an oma in the middle. And other people assume either extreme. May Allah subhana wa Taala help us maintain that balance in our life so that we end up pleasing Allah subhana wa Taala and intergender was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh