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The coronavirus pandemic has caused people to become immune and avoid touching their face, while the use of the symbol haven't has been there for a long time. The importance of learning the proper way to handle the virus and not touching one's face is emphasized. The segment also touches on the history of Islam, including the use of the "has" meaning everything is fine, and the "has been spoken" meaning everything is fine. The segment emphasizes the importance of helping people combat the virus and using language in their religion to describe evil people. The segment also touches on the potential risks of COVID-19 and the importance of remembering the hadith and practicing it to increase risk and prevent future pandemics.

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim

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Al hamdu lillahi Meadowhall when a star you know when a star Pharaoh when are all do bIllahi min show Rudy and phocoena woman saved the ad Dr. Molina mania the LAO Philomel the nella homing new Deville Fela handy Allahu

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wa shadow in that era in lum la Wacka who last year do you get?

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What I should do and Mohammed Abdullah who was low who saw the water why he was set down why they need swimming cathedra a my bottle in a halal Kalaam Kalaam Allah he will Halal who that who the rasool Allah is Allah Allah while he was a NEMA. We shouldn't have more mark that said to her what coulomb desert in the atma Kula be the Eitan bola Allah to Wakulla Gallatin finna last week for the hot button, do mighty, our brother,

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the chef, Abu Rayyan Mustafa, may Allah preserve and protect him talk some thing about this Coronavirus issue at the end of his quote, but he focused on how the religion of Islam came with this whole concept of cleanliness. And this whole idea of washing one's hands. And if people were doing that, it would be in shot a lot one of the many ways in which the spread of this virus can be prevented or at least reduced. I want to take these few minutes out today inshallah to shed light on

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some more aspects of the Islamic perspective as it relates to this issue of the corona virus because something that we're dealing with and it seems to be getting more serious with the passing of each day. I think most of you are like me or unlike you and that I was exposed today on social media of what was happening in Mecca, where they stopped the tawaf on the month off on the ground level of the Kava. You know, unfortunately, the new spreads, and we're in community and OMA where we

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shouldn't try to spread things that are false, but that's just how it is. Every time something happens in Mecca, we get all kinds of narrations about what happened and usually it turns out to be not true. But in actuality, what happened was, they stopped people from making Tawaf on the bottom floor, so as to sanitize the bottom floor, but people will still on the top level making Tawaf nonetheless, the Coronavirus has had an effect and impact upon pilgrims not being allowed to go to

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Mecca in order to perform Umrah. I also got some messages from people who are there right now living in Medina who said that they have been prevented as well from coming to Mecca. In order to make Umrah a few weeks ago or last week, some people were leaving from

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London Heathrow and I got some calls, asking what is the ruling of a person wants to perform Umrah? And they said the baker who Maroubra from London, something I wouldn't advise people to do. You should see that when you get to them. You can't because once you say it, you're in a ceremonial state of impure of purity, you have to remain in that state and it's tough. Anyway, what happened was people were prevented from going to make Bumrah stunning from last week. So it may have an

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impact upon the Ummah as it relates to Ramadan. And also it may have an impact upon the community as it relates to the Hijjah. We just have to wait we have to see it. So there are a few things we want to mention about this Coronavirus. First thing that I want to mention is that we definitely have to pay attention to what the medical people are saying in terms of what we should be doing. As a regards to our hygiene, wash your hands and so forth and so on being careful when you're out and

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about not touching your face. You can find all of that stuff on social media, what they're asking the people to do if the Imam got on the hotbar and the member tomorrow and Shalane this mystery level in this masjid and started advising the community about the do's and the don'ts and the do nots. As it relates to the medical Cannan. Then I think that Imams doing a good job and given the seeheim to our community. So we want to say that our community should refer back to what these

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people are saying you should do and what you shouldn't do, and you should come to read about that. One of the things that I heard was that if a person starts to get those

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symptoms that he has his virus, he should not go to his GP. She should not go to the hospital.

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because when you do that you run the risk of increasing the spread of the virus by Allah's permission. So at the top of the list, I would advise that everybody goes back and read what the medical people are saying what you should do and what you shouldn't do. The second thing is, as it relates to our religion, we have to put this issue of the corona violet virus in the scales of the Shetty of Ellis lab. And when we do that, there's a lot of information that the Muslims should know

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So that he doesn't become a victim of scare mongering the way that the media does and the way it happens when ignorant people are talking. So if the ignorant people were talking a lot, a normal person may get scared and a free that is doomsday and this is it is Black Friday, everything is over. No, the Muslim has to learn the basic aspects of his religion and he will find as we mentioned a number of times as Allah mentioned in the Quran, when zanla and they kill keytab to be on in the

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coalition. We revealed to you this book Yeah, Muhammad in this book explains everything you need to know. So as it relates to the Coronavirus, other than that our religion has dealt with this issue in detail. Allah mentioned in the Quran Subhana wa taala. Well, my father Ratna filled Kitab him in shape. We haven't left out anything as it relates to this poor on. So nothing is going to face the Muslim except that he's going to know and have a blueprint and a map how to navigate through that

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fitna that tests that drama, that whatever it happens to be

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two methods I would like to share with you before moving on to the third point in sha Allah about how the Companions used to look at this issue of Islam as explained everything that we need to know nothing is going to confront a Muslim in this life. Nothing's going to confront a Muslim in this life, where he's not going to know what to do everything that happens. The Quran and Sunnah told him how to deal with that issue. Some of the companions was sitting down with the Prophet salallahu

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Alaihe. He was setting them, according to what Sandman and Pharisee mentioned. And he said that a Jewish man wanted to put Sandman and the Muslims down, to make them feel embarrassed. Second Class Citizens apologetic about our religion, telling us everything we need to know. So the Jewish man, say your Nebby your prophet has taught you people everything even taught you want to go to the toilet. But he said that, not in the worry of saying the truth, but in the way of making it stick

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his eye like can you believe that? Your Prophet really taught you everything, even how to go to the toilet, Sandman and fantasy instead of becoming soft, a free apologetic? He said agile? You're absolutely right. He taught us everything we need to know. And he told us how to go to the toilet. And he told us if one of us has to go to the toilet to relieve himself, he shouldn't face the Qibla nor should he have his back towards the Qibla. While he's doing that. He also taught us that if

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you're going to wash and clean yourself, you should never do that with your right hand. He said he also taught us that when if we're in the desert or somewhere and there's no water and we have to clean ourselves with rocks or something like that is stitch mod. If we have to do that, then he made an impermissible for us to clean ourselves with bones. And with the dried dung of animals, camel cows, dried dung can do that. He said because that's the food of our brothers from the jinn. So the

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point here is Sandman and fantasy. He stood up strong and very clear and concise. And he wasn't apologetic about the attempt of the non Muslim to make him feel apologetic or to acquiesce about aspects of our religion. So that particular idea goes to show amongst many things, everything has been explained in our religion, from the time that the baby is born to the time that the person has his

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janazah we know what to do, how to welcome the baby, and how to say farewell to the one who has died. And everything in between that in our lives. Everything. The other companion May Allah to Allah be pleased with him is unbelievable. The fatty who said that when we used to sit with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said a bird will not fly in the sky and flap his wings and fly away. Except that the Prophet saw that happening. He is Allah while he was setting them would

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tell us some wisdom and some

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knowledge about that bird.

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Just the mere flight of the bird. He would tell the people about the flight of the bird like Allah mentioned in surah

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and milk in the Quran. I will Amuro ate a tiny photo who saw fatten Well, yeah, but my use sicko in Iraq man. Do they not look at the bird flying up in the sky? If the bird is flapping his wings and is flying, or has his wings, and it's just gliding, whatever the case is, no one holds that bird up except Allah. He would tell those people, that bird is a hawk, you can eat that person, that bird, he would tell those people, if you get a chicken and you're going to slaughter the chicken or

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whatever, then chopping your lives so that you were spared the suffering of that bird. He told the people southern Allah who it was said to them that a bird will come yomo piano and it's going to complain to Eliza gel. And it's going to say to Allah, Oh, my Lord asked this person why did he kill me? Because the person took the birth for target practice. You can't do that in Islam, just shooting killing animals for the sake of huntin. That's not permissible in our religion. So that bird will

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come and say Rob be Sal heatherly Mother Catellani ask him why did he kill me?

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So the point here is everything that Allah Allah has mentioned in that Quran. The authentic sunnah shows us that our religion it has explained everything to us. So let's take this Corona violent virus and put them in the design of the Shara and wallah, he A lot can be said. One of the greatest scholars of Islam is the great scholar Imam Ibn Hajr al Asad Kalani, he was the one who wrote the explanation of subtle body. He called them fertile Berry. And that is the best explanation of the

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most authentic book on the face of the earth after the Quran. So Eman had been who hedger is not hanging laying in this is a serious scholar in this religion. He authored many books, and from the books that he authored is a book that has called bedroom my own father, Tyrone, and it's talking about everything you need to know about these viruses, not the virus, what's the tone again?

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About these plagues, and what's the other word of plague, and what else, a virus known as the plague. So the book is given everything that the Quran and the Sunnah has said about plagues, what to do, what not to do, where they come from, what's the reality, how the Muslim should think about it. And that's a sign and the indication is 20. And the proof once again, we have to mention this, that the scholars of Islam, they have not left any stone unturned for us. So we have to be people

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who are connected to the owner of La slam, not just one or two, or three. And nor do we take a single scholar and everything that he says it is the religion, but the body of scholars past and present, the Muslim has to have a good opinion about him. And the Muslim has to see himself as being absolutely religiously responsible for being behind the scholars and under the umbrella of the protection. Never allow yourself to be out on an island by yourself to the point where if the

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question were to be asked of you, who preceded you to that statement, you said as halal. You said as haram, you said he's a careful, you said he's this he's that someone actually says who preceded you to that point of view? And you say, I don't know. That's a problem. You always have to have in front of you making judgments because we ourselves are not ready.

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So we go to the third point as it relates to the issue because there are a number of ayat and a number of a hadith that has to come to our mind as relates to this issue. And they are many, we won't be able to deal with all of that today. But they are many, many. One of the ayat from the ayat of the Quran that should be in the mind of the Muslim today is the statement that Allahu Tada commanded the believers to say and to believe in cold. Lang you see when Ilana Kitab Allah Who Lana,

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who are Mowlana well Allah Allah He fell yet the word Khalil me known say nothing is going to hit us. Nothing is going to be flawless. Nothing is going to happen to us, except that which Allah has decreed and he wrote it for us. So let us all depend on Allah. Let him all depend on Allah, those people who have al Eman so everything is fine.

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It is by the color of Allah and nothing is going to happen outside of the color of Allah, what was meant to hit you is not going to miss you. And what was meant to miss you is not going to hit you.

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So as the Muslim exists, he's not afraid. He's not afraid. This is one of the benefits of an E man in the cutter. And the man in the cutter, the que la Tatsu anima factor come with a tougher who Bhima attack home. Wala hula, you bucola mataram for hook Allah's cutter is written and one of the benefits of Quran set so that if something passes you by you don't worry about it, you don't fret, because you know, it wasn't meant to happen. It passed you by you didn't get the job. You didn't

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marry the person. You didn't come on time you missed it. But you know, what was the color of Allah, you just let it go. And then those things that happen, good or bad when they happen? You don't exalt and you don't go overboard. And you don't say this thing happened because I'm smart. This thing happened because I'm better than everybody else. No, this thing happened because Allah wrote it for you. So it had to happen. And it couldn't miss you. We mentioned that a few weeks ago, something

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concerning the color. But the point here is these issues, these texts, these muscles, these are the times when they have to come out of the Quran. And from off of the pages of those books of Hadith and become real parts of our lives. I see a number of young people in this mosque right now they come every week. But time right now almost nine o'clock. They have to go to school tomorrow. But they still come through these lessons. I want them to remember remember that hadith of Abdullah

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Abdullah the bison, may Allah be pleased with him and he was the cousin of the NABI SallAllahu, it was said that when he put up the Lagna bass on his animal with him, showing his humility, and the fact that he was easily accessible for everybody, Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu it was setting them wasn't far away from the people. He was easily assessable. He said a young boy, yeah, well done. I'm gonna teach you some words, you remember that? I'm gonna teach you these words, and you're gonna get

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some benefit. He told him remember Allah, Allah will remember you remember Allah. And Allah will remember you remember Allah during the good times, and Allah will remember you during the bad times. And then he went through all of that hadith the father, go back and deal with that whole deep Hadith with your son. But the point here is, and that hadith, he told Abdullah numbers, and I say this to all of you, especially to younger people, he told us, Allah, Allahu Allah, you will set it a verily,

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if all of the mankind and all of the jinn were to come together collectively, in order to hurt you with something that Allah didn't write against you, they're never going to be able to do it. And if all of the mankind and all of the jinn came together with the sole purpose of benefiting you with something small, they won't be able to benefit you except with that, that has been written for you. He said that the pen has been lifted, and the ink has been dried, meaning it's the cover has already

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been written. First thing that Allah created was the color of the pen. He told the pen, right? The pen said, Oh my Lord, what should I write, he said, Write down everything. That's going to happen from now until the end of time, and the pen begin to write. So the pen has been lifted, and the ink has been dried in the lower and my foot, it is going to happen. So if all of the doctors came together, all of the experts came together, all the scientists came together to help people combat

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the corona virus. They're not going to do it. They're not going to help you meet mankind, they're not going to help anyone.

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The only way that the help is going to happen is if Eliza gel he decreed it. And then there's another issue about that. And that is this issue about viruses and plagues is in our religion. It's been mentioned in the Quran. It's been mentioned in the authentic sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So if a person finds that his loved one has been afflicted or hit with the Coronavirus, we say, people were from the OD of Allah. The same thing happened to those companions, may Allah be

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pleased with them. There was a virus that took place during their time during the life of Erma. And that was the plague of em was, um, was killed over 30,000 of the people and from them

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Major companions below a robot died in that particular thing, more either blue Jebel one of the great or Allah MA from the companions of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were of the Allah and engineering, as well as Abu Zubaydah, even a Jura, one of the 10 people promised Jana, and other than him, Abu Malik and Ashanti. These companions were from the only of Allah, Allah azza wa jal didn't spare them in this particular issue. If Allah chose not to spare one of us last summer Hala,

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or one of our loved ones, then we have people preceded us who are better than us. So this is just as Jewish situation where the Muslim has to be an individual who he has to believe that that doesn't mean it will come to this Inshallah, that doesn't mean we're telling you to throw caution to the wind and not to take precautions, you have to take precautions, and we'll explain that as well. Inshallah, from those I add the honey and from those a hadith that a situation like this brings to

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our mind is a very important point. That's in the Quran. And Allah dealt with the previous people before he said in the Quran, the halal facade who Phil burry will,

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the facade and the evil doing of the people has become apparent, and the earth as well as at sea, be my castle, but at last, because of what the people have done with their own hands, Muslims, non Muslims, white black men, women, rich poor.

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There's a lot of fitment and facade in the earth from what the people have put forth. Allah Allah Allah mentioned the vehicle whom by the levy, I mean, oh, so that Allah azza wa jal, what caused the people to taste some of the results of what they did. I love me, the other gentleman, and the hopes that they will return when we get these viruses as Muslims, when things like this happen. Anytime you get a problem in your life, fitna drama masiva, it's easy to sit back and say, he did it, he did

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it, it's because of them. And maybe they do have something to do with it. Maybe, maybe, but the seller refused to say things like, I can see the results of my disobedience to Allah azza wa jal, when I start to have a bad relationship with my wife, when I start to have a bad relationship with my family members, when my animal that I ride my horse, my camels starts to get sick and it starts to act up. I believe, they will say, this is a direct result of the things that I've been doing this

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a mistake. Things I've been doing, that I should not have been doing, or things that I've should have been doing that I have not been doing. Because there are a number of if that clearly indicate to us that then we'll see what happens as a result of what your own hands put forth. So the isn I love whom your own, Allah causes this to happen, the fitment and facade, and he punishes them makes them taste the results of that what the hands put forth, and the hopes that they would come back.

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That's the position of the Muslim. So if we were to look just at the Chinese people, this Coronavirus, as they said came as a result of these people eating what Allah may haram.

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We know when our religion again, those eight and zero through nine EDA, that go into detail about all of the meat that we can eat. In addition to that, all of those are Hadith that explain in detail, all of the food that the Muslim can't eat, especially as it relates to meat, show me another religion, LinkedIn, Judaism, they have a more comprehensive religion when it comes to their dietary law than Christians, no doubt about that. But their religion is nowhere near ours in terms of the

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detail, hood remit and a common Mater to a demo like motion Ziri Well, my Oh he Lily rave Allah, he be all of those meats. Allah made it haram to eat dead flesh haram to eat animals that have friends haram to eat bats and reptiles and snakes, haram to eat rats and cats and dogs. All of that is haram in our religion. Now I'm not condemning them putting the whole Chinese community down, but in our religion, these things are not acceptable. And then we have a lot of Chinese Muslim Muslims from

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those ethnic minorities who are being oppressed.

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In China by China while the world is quiet now am I sitting here and saying this is the reason why the Coronavirus? I'm not saying that's the only reason I'm saying the Coronavirus has something to do with what everybody is doing.

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Everybody is doing there's an ayat of the Quran Allah asks the question 11 yet Nelly levena ammonoid tuckshop Palooza homely decorilla He

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has in the time come for those people believe to start having their hearts, fear Allah, and the remembrance remembrance of Allah because of the truth that has come down this aisle if you go back and you read the Tafseer of this item along with it, what many people have said about the IET isn't either cause many people have the self to make Toba. The idea is asking Benny Adam isn't the time here now to stop doing what you're doing

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before you get punished.

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So I give you an example. Our parents, our loved ones are enjoying good health right now. But there are some people who are in the hospital. They may be on their deathbed and ICU Intensive Care Unit. Their relatives are making dua to Allah with sincerity, that Allah saves the baby saves the mother saves. So whatever with sincerity, Don't be the person who waits to be in that position to start making dua.

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And like you said to Abdullah in a bass, remember Allah and the good times, Allah will remember you in the bad times. What's the good times, you can get up and pray Fudger right now, you can keep up with your Fajr with your verb with your acid. Don't be one of those people who he doesn't pray or she doesn't pray. And then something happens now the person becomes sincere and start say, Oh Allah, Allah, but you didn't remember Allah and the good times. Remember Allah and the good times Allah

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will remember you and the bad time. Bad times means the difficult times. Those times you don't have money while you have money, give sadaqa so that now when you need money, that sadaqa that financial system come to you from where you don't expect it. So the point here is the ayat of the Quran, the ayat of the Quran, is saying to the people, that Allahu Taala punishes Benny Adam, in these kinds of ways because of what their hands put forth. Nether is connected to this is the statement of Allah

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who tido Amaya? I don't know what you knew the Rebecca Illa one. No one knows the soldiers of your Lord except him. No one knows. We gave a talk here a few weeks ago about yet jus jamaa juge. And we talked about how Allah destroyed the Jews and non Jews, not a southern Romanian and the people that were with a sibling America, not at all. That's not what happened. Allah sent against yet juju, George, someone's put them in a net, and he destroyed them. Those worms are from the soldiers of

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Allah from the military, that Allah azza wa jal he has, Allah is not in need of Benny Adam to wage jihad to spread is religion. Allahu Taala can just spread his religion, how He wants to spread his religion. But the point here is the point here is

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with all of the drama, and mistakes that people have, are making. Allah says these signs to people who say Wake up, and then it's serious when you serious. No one here has the ability to know who's been exposed to the Coronavirus and who hasn't been exposed. When I'm living there in Liverpool. You know, that big ocean liner that was out in the ocean, that big, big one, they put the people in quarantine. They brought those people and they put them in the Wirral. That's like 2530 minutes from

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where we live. And Liverpool. No one really knows who's been in contact and not in contact with people who have this virus. So right now one person, Allah last summer Hala may not happen. One person could be in our legend is he's affected you affected everybody. We all go back we affect those people. So instead of a person thinking there's something that's not possible, not only is Corona virus possible, you can die like that. But other things can happen. Going home tonight, no

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one is guaranteed is making it home tonight. So the Prophet told the people salAllahu alayhi wa sallam don't live tonight as if you're going to see tomorrow and don't live during the daytime as if you're guaranteed to see the night instead instead, exist in a way in which you really believe in you really feel death is really closer to you. Then you really reach out you realize so we have to make tope we have to get people

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They're hot. But we had to say to people, I'm sorry, I didn't mean that because no one is promised that he's going to live forever. Another issue that coenie From what is on the table with this issue is that if the issue worked to hit you, may Allah vent that from happening if they want to hit you, though, we should know. Like the great scholar at him said, he said there's nothing in the dunya that is totally absolutely evil, nothing that is 100%. Evil.

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You have some things that has more evil than good, like hammock, the benefit if someone has benefit, and then has evil, but the evil outweighs the benefit. That's what Allah said in the Quran. Even Hummer has some benefit. Nothing is 100% evil, even shape on shape barn is a big problem. There is a Hadith that has some pilaf between the scholars, some said that it is has similar radii others said is not they say that the Prophet says Allah Allah when he was setting them low around the Allahu

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Allah eurosla Lemma bliss. If Allah did not want to be disobeyed, he wouldn't have ever created a bliss. So if Allah wanted everybody to be like the melodica, he wouldn't have put shaytaan on the scene to make with suas because that's all he can do. All he can do is Whisper can't grab anybody by the head and force you to do anything. All he can do is make whisk suas that's it. So if you close the door shaytaan Kancolle open a door. If you put the top of the thing on the on the whatever che

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Thorin can't come and pick it off of the thing can't do it. He can't do that. So here

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as it relates to this particular issue, if Allah didn't want to be disobeyed, he would not have created shaper. Does that mean he wants to be disobey? No, he doesn't want to be disobeyed. But he created shaytaan for a reason hikma. Some people will be in the high part of Jannah because of shaytaan because they did a good job with fighting against them.

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And some people will be in the next level because of shaytaan because the people are able to fight against them. So if Allah azza wa jal just wanted people to dis you know, no trials, tribulations, he would not have created that a bliss, you know, even say about this clock. The clock that's broke, is saying the correct time, two times every day.

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So never never beat of those people who you see someone that individual you see and you meet, you can't see any good in them. Don't be of those people. Don't be of those people. Because everybody has some good and everybody has some evil. Some people their good outweighs their evil. Other people the evil outweigh their good. And the Quran Surah Al Ashraf, Al are off. There is an ayat talking about those people who aren't the heights in the Jana. Some of them are first sitting said those are

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the people who in the dunya their good deeds and their bad deeds equaled. Some people, their good deeds are going to be heavy in the scales. Some people they have bad DS heavy in the scales, some people the scale is going to be even. Don't be one of those people who you see any one individual, all evil, because that's not being balanced. That's not being balanced, not at all. So here in this issue of this Corona, there's some benefit in it. A lot of benefit. The messenger of allah

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sallallahu it was sending them. He asked his companions one day

00:34:07--> 00:34:44

who do you people see and believe, are the Shahadat the martyrs. They said the martyr with us era Sula as the one who was defending the religion and he got killed FISA Beatty law. He said even Shuhada Almighty telling alone. If those are the only martyrs, then the martyrs of my religion are few. That he went on to tell them who's also a Shaheed he said the one that dies from a stomach ailment is a Shaheed the one that gets drowned and dies under water is a Shaheed

00:34:46--> 00:34:59

the one who was burned to death is a Shaheed the one who will fall a Wall falls on him, and he's killed like that as a shaheed. And I'm always reminded of that about those four or five

00:35:00--> 00:35:33

I have six Gambian brothers who the wall fell on them here in Birmingham. And they didn't get their Huck from the people who caused that to happen because they couldn't afford the legal representation. But may Allah azza wa jal give them the reward yomo pm and make those people show her that. He said also the woman, the woman who dies in pregnancy while delivering the baby, whether the baby lives or doesn't live, if the lady lost her life by delivering that baby as a result of

00:35:33--> 00:36:11

that, she's also Shahida and then he said in the one who dies in a plague is a Shaheed so Erma Radi Allahu Anhu doing his craft, he wrote a letter when this disease was spreading, I'm wise and he told Abu Zubaydah I want you to come to one Medina and Abu Zubaydah knew Mr. wants him to come. But he said, nah Amuro Meaning I'm not going to come. And that's because I think already the plague has hit me already. So I'm not going to leave the place. And this is what Allah azza wa jal has written for

00:36:11--> 00:36:36

me. So as it relates to this, the one who dies as a result of this type of virus, he's Shaheed does that mean he walked around trying to say hey, you got the virus? Give it to me. You got the virus Give it to me. Where can I buy the virus at it doesn't mean that but if it were to happen last summer Hola. Then that's how the Muslim puts the situation in perspective.

00:36:37--> 00:37:13

Our mother Aisha Radi Allahu Allah settleable Hottie she said I went to the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I wanted to ask him about these viruses. And there are many things he said about the virus. She said, What about the Tyrone? Yeah rasool Allah. He told her Salah what he was sending them in no who either Allah subhanho wa taala, your batho who female shall mean a baddie. What your Allahu Allahu Taala Rahmatullah macmini. This virus is a punishment from Allah, towards those who he

00:37:13--> 00:37:20

wants to punish from His servants. And Allah has made the virus or Rama for the believers.

00:37:22--> 00:37:45

And so Rama for the believers, just like the Quran, from the ayat that we should be reading, that should be coming to our head about this virus is that I will net zero mineral Qurani Mahieu Rahman, Rama to my word, she fatten Rama to me. We may this Quran, a healer and a Rama for the believers, those who believe.

00:37:47--> 00:38:14

So the person wants to protect himself. He reads the Quran. Also, like we just mentioned, this whole issue is a rattler for the believer, and that he says Allah Allahu Allah, he was sending them a Tyrone shahada to Mati that our own is the shahada of our Amina and if a person gets it, and he dies as a result of it, he dies as a shaheed.

00:38:15--> 00:38:45

Another very important issue and when he is, we can't talk enough about this issue of the DUA that the prophet is to make in the morning time in the nighttime sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they do have protection. And they have some real simple, easy to add, at the Muslim can know and learn. He doesn't feel he's sick, he doesn't have anything. But he didn't make a single dua for divine protection from Corona other than Corona

00:38:46--> 00:38:50

from the card of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he said he said

00:38:51--> 00:38:59

anyone who says in the morning, three times or in the evening three times if he says to simple easy don't

00:39:01--> 00:39:04

know evil we're hurt him harm him all that day.

00:39:05--> 00:39:07

All he has to do is say

00:39:08--> 00:39:25

Bismillah levy law your door reminds me he che wounds out of the laugh is summit will who was summit Alene three times and he knows most of the words in this dorm.

00:39:26--> 00:39:30

If and when you see the DUA if you never heard it before.

00:39:31--> 00:39:42

You will find it easy to memorize because you know everything that's been said in the DUA even if you don't know Arabic because you heard it so much. Bismillah levy

00:39:43--> 00:40:00

ly your door Roma Smee he shameful or they will laugh this summer. Well who was Samuel Eileen? Three times. Basement Bismillah LaVilla Your room is me shaking something or they will have to summer woohoo.

00:40:00--> 00:40:30

What a semula Eileen, and the name of Allah Bismillahi Bismillah Allah the law your door, Allah the one who nothing can hurt you, along with his name, nothing in the earth and nothing the heavens can hurt you. And Allah has a Samir, all here in El alim, or snowing three times in the morning, three times and then even sola said, nothing's going to hurt you. Nothing's going to happen to you in sha Allah.

00:40:31--> 00:40:51

He said about the Quran. The last two ayat from Surah, Al Baqarah, rasuluh Bhima, Uzi La La him in Roby, one Mala acre, those iron, anyone who reads those two ayat, those two iron will be enough as a protection for him.

00:40:53--> 00:40:58

So enough as a protection for him. So the point is, there are many

00:40:59--> 00:41:32

a hadith as it relates to the F con and the DUA that people can learn and should learn as a divine protection. Now you have to keep in mind 20 If a person makes the DUA and something happens to him, don't say that the Prophet didn't tell the truth. Don't say that at all. No, the DUA is going to protect you be isn't Allah just like the medicine will protect you be if Allah there's a hadith where he says something Allahu alayhi wa sallam la dua la otherwise as a means to become infected.

00:41:32--> 00:42:11

This person is sick. And now he gave you his code. This person has a virus. Now he gave you the virus. He said this is not an Islam law. I will tell you, no adware and no terror from the bird of fire. What he meant by that is what the people used to do in Jamia that people in Jamia before slam came, they used to think that the coal that you have, it had the ability to jump on you by itself. And that's not true. The only way the coal can affect you is by Allah's permission. So if a person

00:42:11--> 00:42:17

was sitting here with a coal, one person may get sick, and the rest of the people don't get sick, why didn't everybody get sick.

00:42:19--> 00:42:55

And it may be that no one got sick, maybe everybody will get sick. But it's an issue that goes to Allah is not the coal that can do that. So when people have Jaime they used to believe that that the disease itself had the power and the ability to affect others. And the other issue while I Tiara means there is no bad omens, as it relates to birds. They used to believe if you see like a white bird, a White Pigeon, a dove, then expect good. So if someone has to go to court, and when he gets

00:42:55--> 00:43:09

to the courtroom, he sees a white dove flying in the air, it makes them feel okay, this is a positive man, that white bird doesn't have anything to do with what's going to happen in that courtroom has nothing to do with that.

00:43:11--> 00:43:44

So that's what the people generally used to think. They used to feel like that if you see a crow, or black bird, then it's a bad evil sign the way we grew up. And that's how the horror movies used to show that to us, and instill in our minds that this was something that we should be believing in something we should be afraid of the number 13 is unlucky. If it's Friday, the 13th is unlucky. This is not our religion. This is not the religion of Islam. The Muslim is not shackled by this Quora

00:43:44--> 00:44:11

fact, he doesn't believe in this nonsense. He breaks a mirror, he doesn't say oh, the mirrors just broke. That's it. Black cat comes in front of them. That black cat has nothing to do with anything. They I love the cat, the foot of the cat, the foot of the rabbit, the horse show, none of that has anything to do with the cutter.

00:44:12--> 00:44:15

None of that. Absolutely nothing.

00:44:16--> 00:44:49

So I encourage you, honey, learn the laws that will protect you and protect your children. As it relates to these kids. These scientists are saying and Allah knows best that there's something about the immune system of youngsters where they're able to fight off this virus better than people who have underlying medical issues. Older people, people who have bronchitis and asthma. These kinds of people are more prone and susceptible to becoming ill. By Allah's permission, by Allah's permission,

00:44:49--> 00:45:00

and although they say it doesn't affect children as such, that shouldn't prevent a person from making Rukia over his kid. There was a baby that kept crying and doing that

00:45:00--> 00:45:16

time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam kept crying kept crying when they brought the baby to the Nibi. And he saw how the baby was crying. He told the mother of that child do Rukia on that child, somebody gave him the evil eye. They did the Rukia and the kid. So when the man is

00:45:19--> 00:45:24

when the man is going to have relationships with his wife, a chroma Kamala,

00:45:25--> 00:45:34

he makes a divine dua from the Sunnah that will protect the child from day one, from the time the kid is conceived.

00:45:35--> 00:45:42

And then lo and behold, the kid comes out and he's growing up, and he has a natural attachment to the masjid. He doesn't mind.

00:45:43--> 00:45:52

He keeps his will bull. He will pray when you tell him to pray, because the dad may do and the mother may dua when they first came together.

00:45:53--> 00:46:18

So we can't put enough emphasis this in that one. That virus is somewhere you hit us. But that's not the only threat that we have. There are a lot of threats and possibilities of getting hurt and harm things wrong with our cars. You know, every time we go to sleep, it's an accident waiting to happen. I saw a commercial about how fires happen in homes.

00:46:20--> 00:46:38

There is a malfunction in the plug like electricity. It jumps on to the curtains and the place is burning down. So many things. The candle is burning. And somehow the cat the kid knocked the camel candle over the place is burning down.

00:46:40--> 00:47:11

So many issues, so many issues. Last thing that we want to mention, and there are a lot of issues, but I think that the Imam will mention them tomorrow inshallah last thing I want to mention when he is although we're telling you about this issue of the color, you still have to tie your camel, you have to absolutely tie your camel because the Muslim who lives for a long time and he does good deeds is better than the one who lived for a short time. So you want to live your life more so that

00:47:11--> 00:47:36

your Mazon can be heavier in sha Allah. So as it relates to this Coronavirus, we have to take precautions. We told you in our class about the Messiah 11 Janelia. When looking at the majority, that doing that plague of unwise stone that plague the Hadith the Prophet told the people SallAllahu wasallam if

00:47:37--> 00:47:49

you hear about the virus and you hear about it in the land where you are, then don't come out of it. And if you're outside then don't go inside of it. That's taking precautions.

00:47:51--> 00:48:07

So the X Erma. Are you running from the cadet of Allah by not going to say yes, I'm running from the color of Allah to the color of Allah. You take precautions, he told the people sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, languor, Adana

00:48:08--> 00:48:10

mummery Dona Ana Musa

00:48:12--> 00:48:18

people who have camels. He said that if there is a sick camel,

00:48:19--> 00:48:43

you are a man who owns camels or whatever you own. You own camels. And your camel is sick. He has worms in his nose, worms in his knees, but different diseases that those camels get the NABI SallAllahu wasallam. Don't let him drink out of the same trough as the camels that are well

00:48:45--> 00:48:49

why why do you think that's the case? Why do you think why do you think for them?

00:48:50--> 00:49:32

Because inshallah Allah wills, the other camels are going to get affected by his sickness. They may or they may not. But Rasul Allah said, don't take a chance. Don't let that sick one. Drink with them. isolate him. Let him drink by himself. That's taken precautions. He says Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam to the man fair and minimum and zoom erotica, mineral acid. The person who has leprosy ran away from him. The same way you run away from a man, the same way you run away from a lion. Someone

00:49:32--> 00:49:36

comes in with leprosy. You kind of get up man, you gotta go.

00:49:37--> 00:49:46

And you can't you know, you can say apology. I'm sorry, man. I'm out. But I'm out of here. Because that leprosy is highly contagious.

00:49:48--> 00:49:59

And you know that then they'd be of Islam was a gentleman and he had Rama, Salah Allah who it was selling them, and he was not into the business of hurting people's feelings. Intentionally was

00:50:00--> 00:50:33

same city. He has sympathy and empathy. The man came and he wanted to give Rasul Allah, the bear in his hand, and that man had leprosy. And that man loved the Nabhi of Islam. Perhaps perchance, when it comes to touch the Prophet, some miracle is going to happen. The man is looking at it like that. I get a chance to hold his hand and give him the beta and lsn Prophet Muhammad said, luck and buyer Natha you Stay there. Stay right over here. We gave you the beta. You don't have to come and touch

00:50:33--> 00:50:56

us. He was teaching the people by doing that. He wasn't being nasty to that man. He was teaching the people that when we had these kinds of situations, we put people in quarantine. And that's why if one of you, one of us, Allah forbid, you came down with these symptoms. Toby trying to come to Juma tomorrow, man.

00:50:58--> 00:51:36

Don't come to Juma. You have to stop going to work. And you have to stop coming to the masjid. And you put yourself in isolation imposed on yourself by yourself until you get checked out. Well Allah he will belie what Allah He a person Joomla is not Whadjuk upon the person who was sick, for people don't have to go to Joomla the one who was sick. That lady doesn't have to go to the Joomla the one was a traveler and the Juma is now wajib upon the little kit. So if you don't feel well, don't come

00:51:36--> 00:52:08

to the Juma especially during these times as it relates to this issue. Now don't play around with the religion people shouldn't play around with the lip religion, and the people just stop going to Juma saying Coronavirus may be in there because this is a place where a lot of people are gathering the day may come with that may happen. This Coronavirus is not a joke. And 20 is having an effect and an impact on many dimensions and levels of the lives of people. They're in American

00:52:09--> 00:52:50

state Seattle, Seattle, Washington, the biggest employer in Seattle, Washington is Oracle, you heard of Oracle, one of those big companies, they employ more people than anyone else in Seattle. They told everybody shut it down. Work from your homes. I know people who work in the financial district and business sector in New York dealing with Citibank and things like this, these people are not going to work anymore. And this is why the stock market has been affected by this. These people in

00:52:50--> 00:53:21

this country in every country, they're trying to come up with a game plan, whatever, what if a big epidemic breaks out, they have to figure out what's going to happen. So we're not thinking about that. on that level. Our thing is, you know, we just live in every day. But today we started to see what people can go to camera, we may not be able to go there for Ramadan. You mean he told me this would be one of the 40 times when Haji wasn't performed 40 times previously, Hodge wasn't performed.

00:53:21--> 00:53:55

This is one of those times and 1400 years, it can be this year. If this thing keeps getting serious. In some countries, they stop people from going to school. Kids are not going to school in order to get a grip on the spread of the disease. So only Allah knows what is going to happen. But as Muslims, we have to see this as a sign a sign. We have to make Toba we have to get closer to Allah. We have to memorize these a hadith and these ayat that devoutly protect us not only from this, but

00:53:55--> 00:54:04

from these other issues. So these are some of the things we wanted to advise you brothers with go back and Shala hope the mystery GLM

00:54:05--> 00:54:39

is always ahead of the curve. I think GLM will probably put on its website if they haven't already done it, what to do in a case like this, and they'll keep you abreast as to how the mystery will continue to function be hygienic and whiny as it relates to how we are in terms of washing our hands and all of that stuff that these people asking us to do. If you brothers have any questions you could put your questions forward for five minutes Shala for the

00:54:44--> 00:54:45

say it again

00:54:50--> 00:54:59

yeah, the brothers asking about an authentic hadith that the Prophet he says some Allahu Ani, he went it was salam. Nothing changes the cutter.

00:55:00--> 00:55:42

except a DUA, nothing changes that cover except the DUA. There's similar Hadith as well, within there be mentioned sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. If you want to extend the number of years in your life, if you want to live longer, then connect your relationships, connect the Scylla to ram, connect those people who are connected to you. So if you want to increase increase your risk, how much money has been written for you. And if you want to increase the amount of time you live, then

00:55:42--> 00:56:19

visit people and connect your relationship make peace with them. So these three these two, a hadith is no conflict between them. And between what we had already mentioned in Lanza, now who fie Lena to Qatar, later to Qatar, the Quran came down. And from when the Quran came down, and later to Qatar, it was sent to the lower mouthfuls. And from there Jabril will go 23 years and bring different parts of the Quran to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, which goes to show these things were going to happen.

00:56:20--> 00:56:52

They were going to happen after the Quran was revealed. So the cousin Allah already knew these are gonna happen. aquabus minute Rebecca Lydia calop Jabril went to get that when the situation happened according to 23 years, 23 years. So everything is in the cutter, everything is written. But it's also written in the color that that person may do it. So this was given to him more. It's also written in the color that originally it was written, He will live this long, but because he did the

00:56:52--> 00:57:06

Scylla, Tara, Harmony collected, he was given more time. Because we know each and every one of you as the Hadith said, your creation is brought together in your mother's stomach for

00:57:07--> 00:57:26

60 for 40 days, as a sperm, and then for 40 days as a leech like clot. And then for 40 days as a morsel of flesh 120 days. And then the angel is sent to the womb, and commanded to write down four things.

00:57:27--> 00:57:28

And your mother's stomach.

00:57:31--> 00:57:43

Write down how long you're going to live, how much you're going to make, what your action is going to be, if you're going to be in general have the nod so already written down, and it's in a lower than my full.

00:57:44--> 00:57:53

It's in the emammal movie, but at the same time it's written in there that you mean the DUA and so forth and so on. Any more questions and 20 for the

00:57:55--> 00:57:55


00:58:07--> 00:58:07


00:58:17--> 00:58:51

concerning the food and being protected a good point, there are some prophetic fools that can protect people by Allah's permission again, like pure honey, like the habits is so that like the Zamzam water, all of those things are she fat, by Allah's permission person takes these things believing that Allah is the One who can make those things become a suburb or reason for his she fat, no problem. The Prophet told the people some law while he was sending them that anyone who eats

00:58:51--> 00:59:30

seven I joined dates of Ellen Medina, not Maccha, not beta luctus not beta lamb, seven dates from Medina, then he won't be afflicted with any poison and he won't be afflicted with any magic. So this is a good point he that there are foods that can be eaten. So if you go on your internet and you go to a tip, a nibble with a tip a number with the prophetic medicines, put that in English and see what comes back. These things can be very helpful. Good, good point. I can remind anybody else

00:59:31--> 00:59:39

somebody else or anybody else in the country. Okay, when we're going to stop here in sha Allah, may Allah make it easy for us easy for you. Hi, there was some below