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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to a new episode of your show in the light of the Quran. Now today's light we will take it from the soul of Al Islam. And sort of the site talks about the incident will Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was taken by the angel Gabriel peace be upon him to Jerusalem to better know this than he has they both ascended to the heavens.

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The verses today talk about a very beautiful subject that

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deals with one of the rights of human beings the human rights. And this actually gives us a glimpse on the human rights in Islam generally, because the first way of life to bring dignity and honor to the human soul, regardless of the background, or the color or the language, or the standard of living was Islam. And it remains with the 30 the most perfect system of human rights and other human ways of bringing dignity to the human or otherwise or other forms of human rights. Actually, they are not in total agreement with the human nature. And there is a lot of contradiction among them, especially in the application. Now let's see what the verses say to delve into their meaning and try

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and get the benefits out of that.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. We'll come back. Now these beautiful verses from sort of this law. They start with a very important Islamic statement. Allah says clearly in the Quran that we have honored the children of Adam means we have on and mankind all of them. So mankind is on it in general, the human race is honored in Islam, human life is honored in and Islam. Now this is this actually answers to the misconceptions and the lies against Islam, that the Muslims only appreciate Muslims. On the contrary, the Muslims have extended life in general is on it in Islam, all mankind are honored by Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now this takes a lot of different shapes. The first thing

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Allah subhana wa Taala made mankind among the elite of the creatures, all the creation, Ally's favorite us above so many of his creation, Allah gave us a special special position, special abilities. So many things so many merits, so many gifts are given, but the sometimes Unfortunately, this is part of the human nature. We are unaware of what we have, or at least we do not appreciate. Part of the human nature is that we always look at all

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We always Aspire what other people have, we always Aspire what we don't have. And we fail to appreciate what we have, but the human self, human beings have a lot of treasures inside them psychological, mental, intellectual, physical, so many things that Allah has given us, so many treasures inside us, and it is our duty to dig them up and try to find them and utilize them and benefit from them. Now, let me start to mention some of the honors that Allah has given mankind. The first honor Allah gave mankind is that Allah, before he created mankind, he spoke to the angels and he said to them, I will create a successor on Earth, someone, or a generation or a creation, to be

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in charge of the earth, to take care of the earth, to cultivate it, to build it, to develop it. This is the position of mankind, and they will succeed each other the the generations of human humankind, will succeed each other.

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So this is the first one I mentioned them to the angels with this description, beautiful description, with this beautiful duty to the angels. Then the second one Allah gave mankind, Allah created our father, Adam, the first human being a law created him with his own hands, illustrates clearly that he created Adam, with his own hands. So a lot create so many things. Allah created so many things in this universe by saying,

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by saying be, and it is with one word, and this thing would happen to be that's it. But as for mankind, as for Adam, a lot created him with his own hands. So this is an honor, that was not given to most of the creatures, most of the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Then

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this is why Satan was Genesis, Adam, then the second Allah Allah gave Adam is that he blew the soul in him. Allah Himself blew the soul into Adam. So Adam became alive. Now, there's another owner that Allah gave Adam, he said to the angels, prostrate yourselves before Adam, alarming Adam, the direction of the frustration of the angels, could you see the owner that Allah is giving the the human being lost on us so much, even before our creation, even at the early stages of our creation, and at the time of our father, Adam, and even until today, we are still on it. But we have to appreciate this. To maintain this honor, we have to appreciate it, we have to be thankful to it.

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The other honor Allah gave mankind Allah gave him the ability to remember and the ability to use language and to invent language, to create a new language. And this is the honor that a lot of the favorite allied gave mankind above the angels now will allow us to create Adam, the angel said, Why do you create a creation that will bring mischief and shed blood on earth? Allah said, I know what you do not love and what you do not know. And when Adam was created, Allah said to the angels, a lush showed the angels and displayed some of his creatures, and he said to the angels, tell me the names of these they could not, the angels do not have the ability to learn by themselves. Allah had

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it they, the only way they can learn is by teaching them, they cannot learn, they don't have the process of learning, they do not have the ability to learn new things, unless Allah teaches them. So the angel said, we do not know, we do not know the names of these, you are the all knowing you otherwise. So lost to Adam.

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Tell them the names of these. So Adam told him the names of these objects. So it shows that Adam has the ability to learn, and has the ability to give things names. So this is why when human beings discover new things, or manufacture new things, they have the ability to give names. This is human nature. And this is an honor that we are given the animals, they don't have the ability to speak, they don't have the language in the sense that we have as human beings, they don't have the ability to give things names. This is an honor we are given. So we have to appreciate this. Now whenever we are given that a lot of put our father Adam in Paradise and allow me to our home, our first home

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paradise, and if we do righteousness, we will shall not get back to paradise. Now the owner that we are given as human beings on this earth, is that Allah sent us the guidance Allah sent to ask the guidance of Islam. Allah another honor that we are given is that Allah sent us Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam people were living in darkness. People were killing each other were raping the women of each other. They were doing a lot of indecency, a lot of evil things a lot of

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wrong practices that destroyed the society destroyed the individual destroyed the values, destroying the shyness and the beauty of the human soul. But a must have Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu

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With the guidance of the light of the one, that was the last one that we are trying to take is a wonderful gift from Allah as a sign that Allah has honored us. Allah honored us with this plan. as Muslims, we are honored with the message of Islam, we are honored with the end, and with the example of Prophet Mohammed. So we have to be thankful to this. How can we be faithful to this is by living by this light is by understanding the status and living by it, and getting into it, and trying to digest it trying to make it part of our makeup. This is how we appreciate this honor that Allah has given us. Part of the honor that we that we are given is that the skills and the abilities and the

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capacities that Allah put in us. We are full with a lot of gifts, a lot of abilities, a lot of skills, but we need to cultivate them, we need to sharpen them. This is part of being thankful to them, you know this honor that is given to us if we are not thankful to it. Or if we're not thankful for it, it will be taken away from us. This is why the disbelievers are not thankful for the gift of the goddess of the Quran, they have rejected it. This is why this honor will be taken away from the from them on the Day of Judgment, and they will dwell in the Hellfire forever. And the Muslims, the more they apply the religion of Islam and live by the light of the Quran, Allah will give them more

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honor and dislike. But if they fail to do that, as we have failed today, then Allah would take this honor from us. So part of the preserving the another ama gave us is to cultivate ourselves and build the skills that Allah has given us all the talents that you have, sharpen them, benefit from them, and use them for the goodness of the religion of Islam. Then Allah says in this verse, and we have carried the sons of Adam, on land and on see Allah May, Allah has subjugated, Allah has subjected all everything in this universe for our own benefit. Imagine the honor that Allah has given us. So why would we be appreciative? Why did we thank Allah for all the things all the gifts that He has

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given us? This is our duty. Then Allah talks about the end of the ones who will preserve this honor, when everyone will be people will be called by their leaders by their demands on the Day of Judgment, those who take their records, their books with the right hands, these are the ones who will present the honor, and they would have more honor on the Day of Judgment.

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And everyone will read their books with and will recognize their own actions and then will face the consequences of their actions. And the ones who are blind from the lights of the court and in this world, will be blind in the day of judgment and will be humiliated, humiliated, will lose hold on the honor Allah prepared for the believers that a lot talks about the honor he gave to Prophet Muhammad, that he made him firm in the face of all the challenges and calamities that was allied with that we took two days that we are honored. We and we are imperatively honored as human beings, this preserve this honor, with delight and this magnifies with lots of people and benefit from it

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and apply it in our lives. Until we meet next time with another light from the Quran. I live in peace. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.