Yasir Qadhi – The Blessed Day of Arafah & Eid ul Adha

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the historical context of Islam, including the birth of Islam, the Day of Book tests, and the Day of the birth of Islam. The importance of fasting during the day of the offer is emphasized, as well as the use of animals and money for clothing. The speakers also touch on the impact of the pandemic on people of all backgrounds and the importance of showing one's talent and offering help to the OMA to benefit them. The conversation concludes with advice on using his talent for mentoring young children, teaching Sunday school, and creating a community.
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hamdulillah All praise is due to Allah subhana Horta, Allah, the majestic, the Most High. We believe in him and upon Him do we rely. He saved the Ark of Noah on Mount Judy, and he spoke to Musa on Mount Sinai. He hears the player of the one in distress and he responds to his silent cry. He revealed the Quran whose recitation with our voices we beautify, and he sent to us a prophet who sunnah we tried to exemplify He blessed us with a Shetty our that we strive to live by. And he taught us how to worship in and how our hearts to purify. May salah, attend Salah and be upon one who's prophethood no sincere person can deny as to what follows Allah subhanho wa Taala has reminded

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us to be conscious of him when he says in the Quran. Yeah, are you hola Dina Armando? Tapachula haka to otter. What are temotu illa Anta Muslim Moon dear Muslims we are currently living in and witnessing the most blessed ID time of the entire year. Many Muslims think that Ramadan is the most blessed month and it is the most blessed month. But in terms of days, these 10 days are more blessings than the days of Ramadan. And in terms of nights, the last 10 nights are the most blessed of the entire year. So we are currently witnessing and living through the single most blessing timeframe of the entire year. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reminded us that no matter

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what good deed we do, outside of these 10 days, it will never be as blessing as the good deeds of these 10 days, except for the person who gives everything for the way of Allah including his life, visa vie de la, that person outside of the 10 days is better. But within these 10 days, we can rise to the highest of ranks, even with small good deeds, and especially dear Muslims, the ninth and the 10th is the culmination of these 10 days, the ninth which is the day of Arafa the ninth and what will make us understand the blessings of that one day. It is a day as reported in Sahih Bukhari Sahih Muslim that a Jewish person came to him with no Katam during his caliphate. And he said to

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Rama, talk that Otomotiv no Hartog you have a verse in the Quran, that if we had this verse in the Torah, we would have taken that day that it was revealed as the day of celebration the day of rejoicing, remember Katara the Allahu Allah said which are you talking about? He said, Alia McMullen, Tula Kadena, come what's mem to Alikum near Mati worldly to Islam Medina today, I have perfected my favorites upon you. Today, I have perfected my favorite upon you at the moment. And I have chosen Islam as your way of life. I'm gonna go HotJobs said, well, Allah he I know when this idea came and where it came and what day it came down. It came down on the ninth of the hedger on

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the Day of Arafah, which happened to be a Jumaa, when our Prophet sallallahu either he was sending was performing the hajj, it is the day of our alpha. And the Yahoo, they did not know that, in fact, this is a day we already celebrate in our own ways. It is one of the holiest days of the year the day of our offer. And in fact, the holiness of this day is not just linked to this verse. The holiness of this day goes back to before the creation of mankind the very beginning of the creation of mankind. It is reported in a hadith in the mystery of Imam Muhammad, that even Abbas Radi Allahu Anhu said that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah subhanho wa Taala extracted

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from the loins from the backbone of Adam, from the backbone of Adam on the plains of Arafat, he extracted the entire creation. Now our scholars say this is not in the Hadith our scholars add, it wasn't just in the plains of out of fact, it was on the day of alpha. It wasn't just physically and out of it. It was the day of out off up that when Adam came down to this earth after Allah azza wa jal brought him down, he repented on the plains of alpha, Allah accepted his repentance on the plains of alpha and then on the ninth of the hedgerow, according to our historians, Allah subhanho wa Taala extracted from our father Adam from his backbone from his soul, but Allah extracted every

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single rule that was ever to be created. That includes me, that includes you. And Allah azza wa jal then spoke to them. This isn't the Hadith for Kalama, whom Kabbalah he spoke to them directly

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And He said to them, then our Prophet system recorded the Quran. He quoted the Quran Surah Al era verse 173. Wait, wait, wait for the Allahu Allah subhanaw taala says that way the Kadena when Allah azza wa jal took from us. Why the horrible company and that's not diverse sorry. The verse in Arabic translates us when we took from the from the sought from the loins of Adam, the reata, whom his progeny was headed home Allah and forced him that's the verse what Ashada whom I didn't foresee him, and Allah azza wa jal caused them to testify about themselves. And Allah said to them a lesson to be Rob bacon this isn't the Quran Am I not your Rob, although we all said Birla you are our Rob Oh

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Allah. Now this conversation is in the Quran. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam explained it, that on the day of our alpha, in the plains of alpha, Allah subhanho wa Taala essentially created us, we can say quite literally, that our birth date, understand what I'm saying here, our birth date, the day our rule was created. And the place our rule was created, is the plains of out of fat on the ninth of the ledger. That is when my role and your role was created. And it remained in the realm of Allah al Mal, Haim until our mothers gave birth to us. And the angel came with the roar that was created on the ninth of the ledger in whichever your Adam came down. And that rule was

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then put into our soul and body at that point in time, which we have right here and now. This is the day of our alpha. It is quite literally the day of the beginning of our creation. Why should it not be a blessing and holy day? It is the day that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada chose to be the most sacred days of the days of hedge. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I'll help you out of Alhaji era. I'll head you out of the hadith is two words, I'll get you out of three times he repeated those two words. What does it mean? The entire rites of hajj are essentially that one day of Arafa witches the ninth of the ledger, the entire rites of hajj are summarized in that one day, the ninth of the

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ledger, el hijo Arafa. It is on this day, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam encouraged us strongly to fast. And he said that fasting on this one day of the ninth, I expect from Allah, that the entire Sins of the previous year that you have done shall be forgiven. And on top of that, the sins that you might do for the next year. There is no other day of the year, in which one fast forgives the minor sins as for the major sins, you need to repent to Allah, the minor sins if you fast on this day with iman, expecting Allah to reward you understanding the wisdom and the reason of this fast if you do a good fast on this day, the ninth of the ledger, there is no other fast that

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comes equivalent to this. There are Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the entire previous year sins and even the year to come shall be forgiven one day ninth of the ledger. It is this day as well. There are Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the famous Hadith and did many others have followed da da Rafa, the best dua that you can ever make is the dua of our Rafa. Now, obviously, the primary interpretation of this hadith is the best dua you can ever make in your life is the audit you shall make during the hedge when you're standing in or out of out on the day of alpha. There is no question the bulk of this hadith applies to the one doing hedge. But question to

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the rest of you. What about those of us and this year as you're aware, nobody from outside came for Hajj, Allah and was that we ask Allah for next year to open up the doors and make us amongst those who do Hajj. How about the rest of us that we are not on that day? Notice our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the best dua is the dua of the day of our offer. Literally the Hadith says yo out of it doesn't say the place of our offer. And from this many of the Sahaba and Tabby everyone including US diplomatic and the famous Tabby and Hassan Al Basri. They would spend the day of out of even when they're not doing Hajj, they would spend it in vicar and DUA and worship. In fact, Anna

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Sydney Malik would leave his family and leave his business because he does. Back then they didn't have many houses, many rooms and whatnot. He wants some privacy. Where would you go? He would go to the masjid and he would sit the entire day the ninth of the ledger from morning to evening. He would sit in the masjid doing vicar and Quran and dua even though he wasn't doing Hajj. So yes, the primary meaning the best dua is though of the one doing when he goes to out of

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agreed, but for the rest of us, should we just ignore that date? No, it is still the best we can do when we're not going for Hajj. So that is a day of worship and a day of fasting and a day of vicar and a day of dua all day long as much as we can we increase our dua on that day. And your brothers and sisters, the 10th of Dhul Hijjah is of course the culmination of these 10 days. And it is according to the Quran itself. Yo mal hedgesville Akbar this is in the Quran. The day of the big hedge. That's the 10th Yo Mahajan, Akbar. And it is the greater of the tour EADS Riedel filter and aydelotte How are you doing? Aadhaar is the more blessing of the two and the greater of the two. And

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it is a day that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when he came out on that day, he said, Yo Ma Rafa William would not have what a Yom with the SRI Duna, Allah, Islam, the Day of Arafah and the day of sacrifice you will not have and the days of the sheikh, which are the two or three days afterwards, he said, These are the days listen to this hadith, or you do Na, ll Islam. This is our Eid or people have Islam. This is one of the rare phrases I love. Islam occurs in the Hadith. We are the people of Islam. And the best and holiest days are the ones we're about to face. We're living them now and then the ninth and the 10th. And of course that is one of the reasons why

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the sacrifice of the old prayer is strongly encouraged. And if some of you have not yet made the intention to sacrifice, I encourage you to make it now it's not a problem to make it right now because you need to do it on the day of no help or the next two or three days after that. So it's okay to make the new year right now and it is one of the most beloved of good deeds. In fact ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada references this good deed in multiple suitors in the Quran. According to even Abbas in Atlanta Calco Thoreau for son leader a bigger one How is the reference to sullied Salatin read one how go and sacrifice on the day of read this is what even Abbas said for Selena Rebecca 100 is a

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reference to read without her and to read and to the solid of their Eagle out to her and to the old hay of the Adel delta. And this is a common interpretation and Allah azza wa jal ventures in the Quran, one of the wisdoms of the sacrifice is the Kuru Smola. Here, Mr. czaka, who remember he admitted an arm so that they can mention the name of Allah over the blessings that Allah has given them with all of these animals with the wealth. In other words, Allah has given you wealth, one of the ways we thank Allah is to purchase from our wealth and animal and to sacrifice that animal and to feed the hungry and the poor, and ourselves and our friends and our families. So dear Muslims,

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these are the days of read these are the days of read of the people of Islam and read here is not just a time of rejoicing, no, yes, we rejoice. Yes, we are happy Yes, we were our best clothes. Yes, we were perfume, but the main concept of read which is mentioned in the Quran, the earth guru Smola here

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what do you do it Allah Allah Maha dotcom, that you may praise Allah because he has guided you while Allah competition Quran and so that you may thank Allah subhanho wa Taala the ultimate purpose of Eid is not just in wearing good and smelling good and looking good. The ultimate purpose of read is to be happy that Allah has guided us to Islam to rejoice we are I left Islam and there is no blessing that Allah has given us that is more blessing than the blessing of Islam. And the purpose of it is to remind us of that blessing and to thank Allah subhana wa Tada for that blessing may Allah subhana wa Tada guide me and you with them through the Quran. And May He make us of those who

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is versus they understand and apply his head out and help them throughout our lifespan. I ask Allah's forgiveness, you as well ask him for his liver food and the ramen.

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hamdulillah All praise is due to Allah, the One and the unique. It is He alone that we worship, and it is His blessings that we seek. He is the Lord of the oppressed and he answers the call of the week. Dear Muslims, one of the matters that many of us have noticed and it is one of the signs of the Day of Judgment is the frequent news that we receive of the death of our own Ummah and our senior respectable people of this ummah, especially during this last year, and especially during this COVID crisis. It is as if we are seeing them one by one go. And this last week as well. Multiple deaths occurred in the global Muslim community of aroma that were respected across the

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world. And in the English speaking world as well. Multiple scholars have been taken away from us in the last few weeks and months and especially in the last year. And this is something that is causing distress

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As to everybody who understands the implications of this, because they are Muslims. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the scholars are the inheritors of the prophets. Collectively the ruler ma take on the role of the prophets collectively there is no prophet amongst us. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has left back to his Lord, but collectively the ruler ma step up partially and they guide the OMA and they instruct the OMA and they inspire the OMA and they are the ones through them. Allah teaches the Quran and Sunnah through the Dhamma when the rule Emma are taken away what will be left and that is why it is a very terrifying sign dear Muslims and I remind

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myself and all of you to take advantage of Allah ma to associate with them to learn from them before they are taken away. It is so true that a person an ummah does not recognize the status of its aroma until they are taken away and it is too late. So appreciate the realm that exists in all civilizations and cultures and languages. And every language that you speak you will find people of knowledge, appreciate them make dua for them benefit from them. And in particular, dear Muslims try your best to associate as one of the great scholars of the past said I love knowledge even though I am not a scholar. So I hope Allah raises me with the people of knowledge even though I don't deserve

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that title. So be with him because he inspires you resume is the foundation that allows us to be where we are, and in particular doable slums. I wanted to mention the story of one person, he is not even an Adam in the technical sense. And yet it is something that I find very inspiring to mention his story and it is somebody who I will not claim he is a teacher of mine. He's not a teacher, but I had the opportunity to interact with him a few times and he just passed away and he was buried yesterday in Buckley elevada. In Medina, he was janazah was after southern Fajr and he was buried in Berkeley or in Medina and it is a name that most of you are aware of Dr. Mohamed Marcin Khan, he

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passed away at the age of 97 After living a century amongst us, and his story is very inspiring, because it gives hope to those who are not even realize it you don't have to have him to benefit the ummah. You don't have to have traveled, traveled and studied or even just to benefit the OMA, you can benefit the OMA no matter what your field is Dr. Mohammed Watson Han he is the person who first translated Seidel Buhari into the English language and he translated the Quran and other books into the English language when no such translation existed. But his story is very interesting. And Allah blessed me to interact with him and hear the story personally from him more than one time when I was

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a student and the blessing city of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Dr. Marcin Han was born in an Afghan family in of course, the pre partition India, and it born in the 1920s. And he was of the first batches to study abroad overseas. In the West, he studied in England, and he got his MBBS which is his degree in medicine. And then he pursued a speciality of heart and chest diseases. This is in the 1950s when hardly any Muslim was living in the West, much less studying in the West. So he became top notch in his field. And then an offer came to him from King AbdulAziz of Saudi Arabia to come and be in charge of the speciality unit of heart and chest diseases in the military hospitals.

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They're very prestigious, very well paying. He said this to me directly. He said, I was not a religious person. And I did not choose the job to go to Saudi Arabia to go to Mecca and Medina. I chose the job because it paid well he said this to me directly. I chose the job because it paid well, I left England and I went to the city of authority, which was when the military hospital was this is in the late 50s. And he stayed there and he established his credentials. Then in 1961, the Islamic University of Medina where I studied for 10 years and opened up in 1961. They needed a hospital for the students and faculty and staff and I visited that hospital a few times. So they

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needed a doctor Excuse me, but it's 1961. And back then there are no qualified Muslim doctors, you have to be a Muslim to live in Medina. So by royal decree, not that he wanted it. Dr. Morrison Han was transferred to become the chief doctor for the University of Medina as a doctor not as an item not as a chef. And he entered Medina as a doctor because of the salary how many amongst us would love to live there because of the religion and he told me this directly I went there because of the job and because the king forced me I didn't want to go to Medina because he had a good position and why but he went to Medina. And he said, within a few weeks, I saw the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam in a dream. And it's a very long dream and at the one port a portion of the dream the process and was sweating, and he Dr. Marcel Han, he took that sweat and he drank it. He woke up and he was shocked. What does this dream mean? He went to the rector of the University. His share had been basil famous, the Grand Mufti at the time. This is 1960 something he wants to Chef Ben boss, and he said, Chef, you know, I'm the Doctor of your hospital. I saw this dream. What does it mean? The chef said to him, this means

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means you're going to benefit the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Dr Marcin told us, I was shocked. I am a medical doctor. I'm not a shear canal him. I don't know anything about Islam. I'm not even that religious back in that day, but Allah had plans for him. Allah had plans for him that even he did not know. He was shocked. He goes, What can I do that can benefit the Sunnah. So he said, I began asking around because he knew that this is a dream, he asked to do something. And he discovered this is 1960 Something that these famous and important books had not been translated. Nobody spoke fluent Arabic and fluent English at the time. And he realized that he

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spoke fluent English because he's trained in England for so many years. He spoke fluent English. So he said, The idea then came to me that perhaps Allah azza wa jal was showing me to translate these books for the Ummah, but he didn't have any rain. So he wants to sharpen barsha members assigned him another great scholar, Dr. taketina Hila. He was a Moroccan scholar, who back in the 1930s went to Germany when Nazis were ruling it and he did his PhD in Islamic studies. So he spoke French and German and English and Arabic, multilingual scholar. So he was assigned Dr. Tucker, your dean and Dr. Marcin Honda, two of them in the 1960s when there was no authentic translation of the Quran done

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by Muslims back then it was done by non Muslims. And no book of Hadith had been translated by this point in time. And the two of them sat together he gave up his job and they translated mashallah Tabata color the entirety of Sahih Bukhari and a commentary of the Quran. One of them is multi volume and the other one is one volume. Now it is true to say when we look back at it, we can find errors and methodological problems, but Subhanallah Hindsight is 2020. Rather than picking a nitpicking their errors, we should look at them as paving the way for the rest of us opening the doors for the rest of us. Yes, it's not a perfect translation. But the point is, they raised the bar

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when there was no bar. And they allowed later people like us to come and say, Okay, this is incorrect, we can make it better so we can build from what they left us. Now, why am I telling you this story? Because for me, it's such an inspiring story that you can benefit the OMA in a global scale. I am positive that 95% of you know, Dr. Marcin hard, but you don't know his story. You have his translation at home, but you don't know anything about him. Do you know he's not a chef? He's not an Adam. He didn't study full time Islamic Studies. He himself was shocked. How can I help the OMA? But Allah azza wa jal had a plan for him. So with his loss under the guidance of Allah ma, and

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with sincerity, and with humility and humbleness and will lie, I met him a number of times, you would not even think that this is a medical doctor from England with prestigious degrees and money, you would not even know this such a humble and simple person, he would be lost in the crowd. You would not know Him if you didn't know who he was. And yet what he did literally impacted the English speaking world in its entirety.

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What is the takeaway message dear Muslims, very simple, you too can benefit the Ummah in your own way. Don't let barriers that you put in your head like He himself said, I haven't studied in okay, but I have something else I can do. I have another talent that Allah has given me. Every one of you sitting here without a question. Without a doubt. You have something to contribute that is unique to you, no one other than you can do what you can do. So think what can I do? And then do it and Allah will open up doors and how do you know what do you know maybe the door that opens up in front of you will be a door that will benefit the entirety of the Ummah and will leave a sadhaka Giardia the

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likes of which you cannot even imagine where did he began his journey? Where was he in the middle in England? And where did he end up being buried in Medina in the in the cover of Brooklyn, after living 50 years and the Blessed Holy city of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he did not attend it, but Allah intended it and when Allah intends good for somebody, all of these doors open up. So dear Muslims, ask yourself, what is your talent? What can you do for the Ummah, how can you benefit? Maybe it is in mentoring some young children, maybe it is in teaching Sunday school, maybe it is being operating in a charity doing something that you have a passion and a skill that nobody

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else does. And through that Allah azza wa jal might change people's hearts and bring sadaqa Giardia that will benefit you not just till the day you die, but more importantly after you are gone, and that sadaqa jariya remains. So here's my challenge to you and to me, and the question is, what can I do to benefit the OMA? That's the question that should be on your mind morning and evening and then work to do that we ask Allah subhana wa Taala for to Fiona philos Allahumma inni Darren for a mineral O Allah we ask that you not leave any sin of ours here, except that you have overlooked them and not any sick amongst us except that you have healed them and any diseased amongst us except

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Except that you have forgiven them and any misguided amongst us except that you have guided them and any debt

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of ours except that you have repaid them and any problem of ours except that you have blessed us and allowed us to overcome them ya Rahmani r Rahim O Allah we ask that you live from us display again this disease and that you bless us with a life of comfort and ease of Allah of this dunya we ask you the best and on Judgement Day we ask that we pass the test and of the era that you make us amongst the blessed for your the Rahman and Rahim Allah Allah bless the Ummah and its people and oh Allah make it safe and peaceful and protected against those who desire for it evil with your strength Jaco will you yah Aziz. Oh people know that Allah subhana wa Tada has commanded you with a command that

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he began with himself. And then he sent seconded it with the angels themselves. And then he asked you to follow it with your own actions for he said as an accordion Idema in nulla Warmerdam Calusa Luna other Nebby Yeah, you already know Amanu Sallu alayhi wa sallam with a steamer Allahumma Salli was selling robotic. Well, I love the Costa Rica Mohamed was the he was like big marine rebels Allah in Allah to Allah Yeah, mobile Adley what exactly waiter either orba were Yan herring in fact, che will Moon curry. Well basically, you are either Camilla Allah come to the Quran, or the Quran. Allah has already made the curriculum which Kuru he has. What do they call Lyta Akbar Well Tim is Salah?

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A long long long walk about Russia Do you know how long long a short one Mohammed was

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hyaena sauna Hayyan

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are the bomb at in sauna

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by the bomb that is sauna law one come

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Alhamdulillah he or have been

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in Russia and Iraq him Maliki Dean II cannot go into one Canada canister eyeing it did not set off on him was doubting sled on 2018 I'm

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wound beyond him model was awfully

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and how do I shoot my Lumads family out in alhaja

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Fuzu Kawada G Die Laughing

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why not have an omen hiding more What does I want to do funny enough I didn't

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sell phony

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laser i They come Jonah from who fell Burnham Melbourne big boom for either fell Toulmin out of Federal Court on law.

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My shout in and out on was a good ol hook I'm I had been wanting to

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know on

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a field room in Hazel FL gone NASA was still

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in law Hello fooled him for a down call going into my Nazi catacombs calm Federico ma Hakka de curriculum.

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feminine Seema el punto BANA Tina dunya one Allah hoofing here our team in

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woman whom I aponeurotic BANA Tina Fey dunya as an

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erotic has worked in Uber

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Munna Iike home no so you boom in Sabu whoa Longhorn Sadiq

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Allahu Akbar

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semi Allahu naman Hamidah

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along them

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hola hola Cubone

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along like them

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um all welcome

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hamdulillah here let me know Rahman Al Rahim Imani Kenya woman Dini yeah I can I want to do one a kind of study starting it didn't know Slayer

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was stomping mostly out on Sunday Dean and him while you did in the medical dorm more than was on me pain

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fell salon lenient on BK one how in SHINee

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semi Allahu naman Hamidah

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Oh along

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Allahu Akbar

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along like a bum

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said Mr Allen kumara long on

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Santa Maura.

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So all you got

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on your way out is donate for Masjid Shalom for Mojito Parisian also to let you know

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qurbani all the collection will be disbursed after second Joomla will start giving you all that money that being collected so if you still want to last moment donate anything is Kermani and epic majid.org Is the GL account. You can also do cash in Pandaria we have all the countries set up for donating cash inshallah we will distribute this money tonight in Shell salaam

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