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Habib Bobat
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of fulfilling the purpose of life and creating a law for soul searching. They stress the need for people to have a purpose in life and prioritize their energy. They also touch on the importance of finding their way to achieve their goals and prioritizing their own plans. A woman named Murli talks about her desire to see her family and wants to see her place, despite concerns about her family. She also discusses her priorities and how she wants to fulfill them.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

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when aka to deal with pain, was Salatu was Salam O Allah ashrafi ambia it will mousseline Baba yaku. Lauterbur, Potala. Filippo, Erin Madrigal for Korean Hamid altavilla humana, shaytani r rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, your you head nurse so in Nevada law he

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will call it Allah in the higher to dunya Mata. We're in Hirata here del Coronado, sakalava. La leave

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honorable orlimar respected elders and brothers.

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The purpose of life

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is a life of purpose.

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When a man puts his letter against the wrong wall,

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the quicker he climbs, the faster he gets to the wrong destination.

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And so the purpose of life is a life of purpose.

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I was sitting with my students and asked them a few questions. I asked them tell me, why do we eat?

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So they said, we get hungry. So we need to satisfy our hunger. That's why we eat. I asked him, Why do we drink?

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So they said, we get thirsty. And so we need water to quench our thirst.

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I asked him, Why do we have clothing on our body? They said to cover our body.

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I asked them, Why do we sleep at night? And they said, we get tired during the day. And so we need to rest during the night.

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I asked them why do we attend school? And why do we go to madrasa they sit to receive in education?

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And then I asked them,

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Why do you think we are in this world?

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Why do you think a law has sent us to this world?

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And no answer.

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No answer.

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And they start thinking

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and ask them. We eat for a reason. We sleep for reason. We do everything for a reason. Then why not life?

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What's the purpose of life? Why are we in this world? Where have we come from? Where are we going? What's the objective of life? These are important questions to address ourselves. And we each need to contemplate and we each need to do soul searching. And we need to remind ourselves why are we in this world?

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And the answers have been provided by the Quran.

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Where are we from? who led me to rob

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some women look for some mommy nada summer you're free to come to fly. So many who should come from malita kulu ha woman coming to our firm in Kabul. Allah says we created you from the ground from the soil, and then a drop of sperm and then a blood clot. And then we made you into a human being you came into this world as a baby as an infant. So Melinda blue should come then you made your strong you reached your prime in life, where you had the strength, the vigor the muscle, you had everything going for you. So military coup whoa and then came the downward cycle of life. You became old and then you passed away. So we know exactly where we came from.

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What is the objective of life or why is the restless also for her septum Anima. Hakuna kumada what is la nella to jamun Do you think that we have created you in vain we had no work so we just created few people. Do you think that we have created you for no reason?

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Allah addresses the issue well Mahalo to Jean Noel INSA. In LA Dr. Boone indicates to us that Allah says we have created you for a purpose and that is to recognize a law. That is the objective of life to recognize the law number one, number two in the words of the Quran and levy holla call motorworld higher Talia Blue accom eucom and Amara. Allah says we have created the system of life and death. We've created a nation then we gave them deaths and then we create another nation and we gave them death. We have given each one the opportunity for what to prepare for the year after.

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So Allah outlines number one we have been created to recognize the law. Number two, we have been created to prepare

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Pay for the final abode.

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The Quran asks one nakum Elena Allah Tucson Do you think that you are not going to return? Do you think life comes to a stop? When your eyes close?

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And Allah answers the same question sumatera Duna Illa Allah will hurry up was Shahada for you in a bit Oh combi macoun Tommy Luna, then your final abode is to stand in front of a law

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for taco Sorrell hayata dunya for internal Jehovah, he'll makwa if you have given your life for this world, then your abode is something which is not satisfying to you. And there is Jana.

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What a madman haul from Nepal Mara be nuts on in our final Jetta here.

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And if you let your life in this world with a law in front of you, then your abode is pleasing and satisfying. And that is.

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So where we came from, what's our objective in life? What's our final about a law has clearly outlined for us and this is a mercy of a law.

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This is a mercy of a law. People have spent years upon years researching where it is will come from.

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How did human beings come about?

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And they have been led astray. A law has outlined for us already where we are from what's our objective and where we are going.

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How do we achieve the objective of

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Optimus solar 32 locations?

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A famous solar zakka wakulla NASA hasna one item shipping out the morrow ha was final insert a big day here, sir. Return to him teacher of Allah addresses this how do we achieve our objective in life? This Salah This

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is fasting. This hedge is our parents. There's our neighbors, there's our community, and our relationship with others. All these form part of our package in terms of getting to our Acura and earning our final about it that is

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peace people who love a life with purpose. Love meaningful lives.

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They got objective to wake up to every morning, they know exactly what they are waking up to. They know exactly where they are going. And people who don't have a purpose in life tend to drift off.

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People who live a life of purpose set priorities.

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Then life revolves around those priorities. The energies are invested in those things which they cherish the most.

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And for a believer, there's nothing more important than his after his entire life revolves around this after all, he stuck in traffic is faced with a situation. If he continues to commute in the traffic he can Mercy's answer and Mercury

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or he can pull off in massage on 40 minutes of traffic timer in catch acid and is getting married Santa was chama in the machine.

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That's priorities.

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But if a man continues to commute, and he wants to beat the traffic, and he wants to get home, he'll get home. But he must.

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He must Maverick it become kazar that is now putting his other priorities ahead of his era. But in the first case, he's putting his ophira ahead of his dunya did whether I'm in traffic, whether I'm on a holiday, whether it's home, whether I'm traveling, my Ummah comes first, that's called priorities. When a person leads a life of purpose, then he knows exactly where to invest his energies. When the time of Salah approaches he abandons everything. Everything is in everything

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can in the view sort of law instead of TV that the early phase of karate Salah turaco Kula shame. When the Prophet of Allah sallallahu Sallam was in the home, he would engage in household activities. But the marathon was singled out for prayer. He left everything and he went to the masjid. That's called priorities in life. Where does our priorities lie?

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And so people will live a life we'll put what purpose, draw the balance. They understand that we have to live in this world. They understand they have to eat to satisfy the hunger. They understand.

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They need to drink water to quench the thirst. They understand that they have to earn a living also, but they understand at the same time that this is not the objective of life, eating, sleeping and drinking the animal kinda also to eat. Animals also eat, they also sleep, they also drink then what distinguishes us

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it's our purpose of life that distinguishes us. Allahu Akbar. He understands that he has to be in this world, but at the same time, he understands that the world cannot consume me. Yes, I will eat. Yes, I will drink Yes, I will dress Yes, I will have fun, but he understands that these are not the pleasures of life. These are not the objectives of life. These are just passing by, as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, couldn't fit dunya

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Musa Vila love in this world, live in this world, as a stranger or as a wayfarer, as a passer by as a traveler of Lahore.

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So I asked my class, if a person is traveling 500 kilometers, how much preparation will they make? The seminar will take part course they'll do everything. They make sure that they are ready for the journey. So I said if for this journey, we prepare so much. Imagine the journey of 5060 or 70 years of life. What preparations are we making for that final abode? We are strangers. We are travelers in this world. We take what is necessary for us to survive, but our actual destination is the era

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but you subrata Lala who was the disciple of manana tan Rasul Allah, He says

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bizarre Meadow lake in bizarre khattala bizarre

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bizarre megusta who live in

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Panama. He says I'm in the marketplace.

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But I'm not buying anything from the market because I don't need it. I need to make my way to my destination.

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aboral Vedado do Lodi, Allah Subhana. Allah was the leader of Damascus.

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amagno Hata was the halifa of the time.

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He paid a visit to Sam. And he came to about Aveda and he said, I want to see your place. He said, Oh ameerul momineen you'll be left disappointed. You don't want to come to my house. He insisted I want to see your place.

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And so a way that took him to his place, going through the marketplaces. And going through the pomp and the glory of the city where people's life changed completely.

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People took to the new life. People took to the new customs and horrible hubbub is observing and he's curious to see the house of the leader of Damascus and he reaches the house of aboral VEDA

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and he enters the house. He looks around and he finds nothing in the house. barely any items. He asked about our VEDA with the things in your house.

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He said oh ameerul momineen there's my masala

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there is my masala that's how I fulfill my needs.

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And then he went on top and he got dry bread. He said a lady bakes will be bread which last me for few days when it gets dry. I soak it in water and I eat on top is left to tears. He said avoid erupted dunya cola in about Aveda. The world has changed everyone except for

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the leader of this world. So have a look at his example. Murli when he Tania Murli when he tonja what do I need from this? Well, I'm just the traveler who's traveling who took shelter and arrested under a tree and then made his way to his final destination.

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The purpose of life is a life of purpose. Where are we doing? We need to ask ourselves a law needs to be priority number one in our life. Let it not be that at the end of 5060 and 70 years. That's the time we realize where we are going when it's too late.

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So let us prioritize. Let us bring us here in front of us.

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Allah has made us for him. Allah has sent us here for a purpose. There is a reason behind our creation and there is a ma subhanho wa Taala but to see rune and higher dunya was a hero to

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Allah said we have created you for us

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For an era, but you are giving preference to this worldly life

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a lot better. So in conclusion, the last few minutes I want to spend on how to pick up on our life in sha Allah. Number one,

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recognize and identify your purpose in life.

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Identify it never heard the will hire to denier but

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we're in an air filter here.

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Our purpose in life is a law that's number one. Number two, prioritize, invest your energies on those things, that serves you The purpose of this will in the year after and that is solid on its time, the car on its time had when you fasting in Ramadan, our relationship with everyone all these are means of life.

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And the next point is understand that when you work out for me, I am not saying to you leave whatever you are doing in this world.

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Understand this with this example Malala Rumi ran to lolly mentioned in order for the ship to say it requires the water

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without the water you can't see.

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But my roomie Rasul Allah says, the minute the water enters the ship, that's when you are looking for trouble. So we are in this world. We require this world. We need to fulfill our needs that our allies made it. But the minute the world gets into our heart, and the minute is dunya, and its glitter gets into our heart and consumes us. That's when trouble starts in our life. And so when we walk from here, we will still work. We will still earn a livelihood, we will do everything in life, but our priorities will be something else and there is a loss of pattern with Allah and for the protection of Satan earlier the Lord Allah, Allah dunya career to help motivate one another. Hello

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to Marbella when you couldn't live in Houma balloon for kulu minute nyla pero wala takuna mina dunya. For in Yo Mama, Allah hesa Wolverton Hassan when

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he said the dunya is leaving us and we are going further and further away from it. We are moving further and further away from it.

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And the US hero is coming closer and closer to us

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when he couldn't live in Houma by noon, and the afro has its followers and the dunya has its followers

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for two Lumina vanilla follow up the wise one and become from the followers of Sarah without the dunya and don't become from the followers of Tanya. for England Yo mama mama Hey sub for today Allah has given us the spiked to do good deeds and there is no recognition from Allah today. Wolverton Allah Allah And tomorrow people tomorrow people will be hisab will be recognition and no opportunity to do good deeds. So let us sow the seeds of Eman today. Let us come on to Salah today. Let us prioritize in our life today. When we woke up from this gathering, let us be focused and let us know exactly what's our objective in life on Marlena ingleborough

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