Moutasem al-Hameedy – In The Light Of The Quran – 06

Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The importance of the Quran in explaining history and bringing back the experience of Islam is highlighted, along with the need for people to confirm their faith and avoid breaking regulations. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of knowing the rules and not accepting words and actions during Islam. The speaker also highlights the harm that comes with actions and the importance of not accepting them. The speaker also discusses the use of "has" in religion, as it refers to completion and success in religion, and stresses the importance of not accepting new things and being proud of one's religion.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome to your show in the light of the kapan. Today we will take a new light from the Quran, a very important one, and very wonderful that should be a source of honor and dignity to every Muslim to everyone who submits to Allah, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. Today's verses are from a wonderful tool called Alma ADA, and made at the dining table. Now, this these verses are very important to every one of us, because they tell us something about our history as Muslims and they tell us something about the privilege of lucky for Muslims, it's a treasure.

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So we will try to see the wisdom there and we'll try to get the treasure and really understand it and benefit from it, utilize it in our own lives. I will start with reciting the verses as usual. Then inshallah we will carry on to

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translate their meanings and try to apply it on our life. So we can really live by the Quran just as Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam did

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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome back. We're still trying to do with one of the lights that Allah has given us in the plan. So that we can live in the light of the Quran, we can spend our lives living with this wonderful light, the divine light from the literal world word of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now these beautiful verses at the beginning of solitude in Africa, a very, very strong verses and the last task, the store by a command an injunction to the believers, say to them that stand up for your agreements for your contracts. So when you say a word, stick for it, so when you give a promise, stick for it. So when you write some kind of contracts, assign some kind of

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contract or agreement, stick to it and do not break it. This is part of the makeup of the believers. Part of our character to be

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honest, to be truthful, to be trustworthy. as Muslims, we stand for our word, we do not break it. And we fulfill our agreements and our contracts. This is the sign of belief, a sign of faith in Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and this is a command from Allah. Then a lot talks about certain regulations regarding the state of making pilgrimage to state of making Islam and making Hajj and Umrah. There are special regulations that are to be discussed in certain opening circles that talk about in the knowledge of Islam, but we are trying here to get the wisdom so I would only translate the meanings that concern us with regards to our wisdom. So the first thing Allah said, the first

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wisdom is Muslims stand up for their words. They keep their word, they keep the contracts, they fulfill their agreements. We don't break old words. We're honest. people. People have dignity, people have principles. We are not like someone who breaks his word or lies, we don't lie. We don't deceive. We don't act treacherously. No we have a religion, we have a way of life. We have faith that keeps us on track, keeps us strong upon the truth, that we hold our words, and we stick to them, and we abide by them. That's the character of the Muslim. So that's the first wisdom, the first treasure, the first light that we can take from these beautiful verses that are solidly made,

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that are lucky some regulations about the things that he made prohibited. Now the things that are made prohibited are very harmful to the body. Some of them are harmful to the soul. Some of these, some of this harm, we can recognize it physical harm anywhere we can recognize it, sometimes spiritual harm, we can still recognize it. But there are certain types of harm that we cannot recognize, but as Muslims, which means we submit ourselves to the will of Allah, even if we don't understand why something is prohibited. We trust in Allah, we know that Allah when he tells us something, it is for the rest of us. It is better for us, in this world, or in the hereafter or in

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both them. So we trust in Allah is why we take it without question, even if we don't understand the wisdom behind it. Now that this is a second, and very important wisdom to every Muslim, that because sometimes I really came across certain examples, where sometimes you say to someone, you know this thing is prohibited, they will tell you why. Why? Well, our answer was Muslims is because Allah said, so this is for the people who have faith in the hearts. But unfortunately, there are so many people among the Muslims, when you tell them that dealing with usury with rebar is how long you are putting yourself or placing yourself in a state of war with Allah, they will tell you what was

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wrong. It makes things easy for me, if I need to buy a house or a car, it makes things easier for me, this is what they say. But we say to them, you don't see them, maybe you don't see the harm, the harm is already there. But if you fail to see it, it does not mean that this thing is good. Maybe there will be some good aspects, but the evil weighs up. The oh actually weighs more or greater than the goodness that is in it. So the evils greater This is where Allah made it forbidden or harm, then Allah moves to give us a very important thing and very beautiful

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treasure that the Muslims should be proud of. And let me just tell you that this talk historically, this verse was revealed during the time of Prophet Mohammed when he was making Hajj, the pilgrimage or farewell. That's the only Hajj Prophet Mohammed did. And it was this verse was revealed from the day of Friday Juma today, Friday was the day of alpha. This is where the this is when this verse was revealed. So it was the day of alpha is considered to be a great day to them for the Muslims, and was also coincided to be the day of Juma today, Friday, which is a great day for the Muslims the holy day, for instance. Now, the prophet SAW some was making when this verse was revealed, and it

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says, today, the disbelievers have disappeared, that they would overcome you or they would take the better or they will defeat you or have authority or power over you. You religion has become so strong, so spread that you have gained your dominance and the power. Now that's a very good sign. The second thing which is the most important wisdom that we are dealing with today, is that what Allah says, and you're committed to the convener, today I have completed your religion for you and perfected my fever upon you. Now this is a treasure that we Muslims have that our religions complete and perfect. And Allah says, And Allah is pleased with Islam being a way of life. Now the only thing

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that alicyclic the only way of life allies pleased with is the religion of Islam, the religion of submission. This is the only way that a lot accepts

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From mankind to humans, so Allah has perfected his religion for us. And that's a that's a treasure. That's

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a privilege that none were given before it's done before Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. So, this wisdom that we should take it and be proud of it, that all religion is complete, we do not introduce new things or religion innovations in the religion are forbidden and lead they lead to the Hellfire, what we call data or innovation, or an invented acts of worship or act. We do not accept that because Allah completed the religion for us is complete and perfect. Now, after this verse was revealed to Prophet Mohammed 81 days after that 81 days later, Prophet Mohammed Salah Islam died and left this world. He left this, this world to meet a last panel to Allah.

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Now, it shows the importance of this verse and this wisdom that it shows that this step has been complete. And at the end of the life of Proverbs, a load give the most important injunctions the most important advice, the most important instructions. So this instruction, and this wisdom tells us that our religion is complete, we should be proud of that. And just to see the wisdom of the early generations, you know, when this verse was revealed a lot of petard made a lovely piece with him, started crying and weeping. Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam asked him, Why do you leave a law saying he has completed the religion for us? So why do we think this verse was revealed, he

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said, on messenger of Allah, nothing reaches perfection and completion, except that it will start to decrease.

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So I'm afraid in the future vision will start to decrease doesn't mean the religion itself or the way of life itself, but it's the application of the people and this is what love means, last kinson the Muslims and made it stand firm in the hustle they reached the apex of Islam. This is why the generation of the companions was the best generation ever in Islam, they will come no rival or parallel to it. So this is why almost started with him. So Prophet Muhammad said, this is true. This is true that when anything that reaches an apex will go down, reach a max point, it will go reaches the summit will go down.

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So, and this is exactly what happened. After prophet Mohammed's loss of limb, the strength of Islam started to weaken as new people entered into Islam, they introduced new things to Islam. And this, the real Muslims started to be as changes just like Prophet Muhammad said, in Islamabad, or even even Canada. Islam has started as strangers so the Muslims were really strangers. Islam has started as a stranger, and the Muslims were strangers.

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But Allah gave it dominance, Allah gave it power. And people started to know it and recognize it and live by it. But later on, at the end of time, Islam will return as a stranger and the believers will be as strangers. And this is exactly what Omar will have understood from the west. And this is what we are living in today. The real believers are like strangers. They are like the odd ones who stand out.

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But they are upon the truth. And we will try and show lots of benefit from these wisdoms. Stand for our words, keep them and there's another wisdom that we should mention quickly is that we always help each other to do what is good and don't help each other to do what is evil. And then we should be proud of being Muslims that Allah granted us with the complete religion complete way of life that is perfect and he's pleased with it. So this gives us peace of the heart and makes us pleased and content and strong. Now inshallah we'll try to benefit from this see our lives in the light of this wisdom, which is taken from the Koran. And until we meet next time, I leave you in peace. salaam

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aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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