Moutasem al-Hameedy – In The Light Of The Quran – 05

Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The thirteenth century is a period where individuals are created to serve the people and not to be deceived by their actions. The importance of sound judgment and being aware of the creation of the thirteenth century is discussed, as well as the need for individuals to be praised for their accomplishments and not associate with actions that don't make sense. The importance of learning from the people and making a positive impact is emphasized.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to In the light of the Quran. Today inshallah, we will take a number of verses with great wisdoms, and then with great lessons with a great light that if we really manage to absorb it inshallah, we will benefit and will shine a lot of light in our lives. Today's wisdom is mainly about using your brains is about reflecting on the creation of Allah and this kind of contemplation and reflection will lead us to the truth and will unreleased or will release the light that we should get from an and spread it around in our lives. Today's verses are about are taken from the beautiful solar of Airlie, Amman, so, we will start inshallah with reciting

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the verses. Then after that we will talk about their meaning and the wisdoms that we can take from them and the light inshallah we will try to shed in our lives and benefit from it.

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jerimiah 31 en de la jolla Rani.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome back. So these verses that we just restarted right at the end of solar le Emraan. This wonderful surah has a lot of wisdoms in it. And this is among the most beautiful verses in the Quran that when we recite them, they incite us. And they encourage us to use our minds and start thinking contemplating the reality of what we see around us. Now, the translation fees versus

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translation of their meanings, Allah says, very early in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the ultimate

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One of the night and the day, there was science, science for people of affection, people of understanding. So it means shows that the people have real understanding. The people who use their minds are the ones who contemplate the creation of the heavens and earth, this magnificent creation, the alternation of the night and the day, this great system and automation and precision is wonderful, and it has science behind it, it is sending a message that we should get, and we should read and understand and benefit from. So the people of understanding always reflect on the creation around them. They don't think take things for granted, that you know that there was a wisdom behind

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everything, there was a meaning behind every move, behind everything created, there is some purpose that it serves.

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These are the people understanding. So for the people of understanding, there are lessons in this creation. Now, a lot of scribes that people of understanding, they are the ones who remember Allah, they mentioned the name of Allah, they think about Allah, they are aware of Allah, why they are standing, but they are sitting or they are lying on their sides. Now, this shows that the true believers, and this is one of the wisdoms that we can get, this is a message to every one of us, that the people of real understanding are the ones who are aware of Allah, at all times, standing, sitting, lying on the sides. And any state we remember Allah, we think about Allah, because that's

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the reality of all life is that we remain aware of Allah, we remain in constant touch with our Creator, we remain aware of the message he wants from us for things he wants us to do things he wants us to avoid the things he wants us to say the things he wants us to think of things he wants us to be aware of. So this is the the description of the people of real understanding of sound judgment, sound minds, the pure intellect, these are the people's understanding. So now, this is the last case describing these people, what they say basically, after remember a lot they say, they contemplate the creation of the heavens and the earth. And they say, oh, Lord, not for any vain

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purpose, not for any foolish purpose, you have created all of this. So sound judgment. Logic tells us that this magnificent creation, this wonderful organization and orchestration around us, in the universe in the heavens and the earth, this great system tells us something, it conveys a message. And we should read this message. So for the believers, for the people, understanding the universe is an open book, they read it, and they take the message behind it, the messages that they created, not create all this precision, all this greatness for a foolish purpose, then they realize that there is a purpose behind it, there is an end for this world, and there is a meaning for being resurrected to

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a next life. So they say, Our Lord, save us from the chastisement of the hellfire. Save us from the punishment of the Hellfire, they know that this world is a test. This is what the universe tells us. It's a test. And there will be punishment for the wrongdoers for the people who do evil. But there will be a great reward immense reward for the people who do righteousness and who obey the Lord and are grateful and thankful to him. Then Allah goes on to say and describe what they say what is the status of these people this state of mind, the what are the things that they always say? They say, Oh Allah, the One that you will bake or you close to enter into the Hellfire, you have disgraced

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him. You have squeezed that person and the wrongdoers will have no helpers. Then they say, Oh Lord, we had someone calling the people to the truth. So they say come to the truth. So we accepted that call, because we are looking for the truth, we recognize it. Then they say Oh Allah, make us with those who are righteous and cause us to die along with them so that we will be resurrected with them. Then they say online, give us what you promised us. What you promised us through your messengers. That is paradise for the believers and the * for the disbelievers and the wrongdoers. And they will say Allah, you always keep your promise. So Allah said in these verses, the following

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verses of law accepted the call and they He granted them what they asked for. So those who strive for me for Allah, then Allah will give them a lot of us will give them their sins, and Allah will give them or make their dwelling, paradise,

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paradise, this wonderful abode, they will live there forever. And then it says the verse says that this is the most wonderful place or dwelling place, then I'm not going to open the eyes of the believers to a very important fact facts and this is an important wisdom that we need today. Ally says you'll not be dealing

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Do not be deceived by the affluence and the power that the disbelievers have and the things that they enjoy. Even you find them very affluent, they are well off, they have more wealth than the Muslims, they have more power. They have a lot of possessions. Don't be deceived or deluded by that. It means nothing because this well does the Prophet peace be upon him said that if it were to equal or to be equal to the wind of a mosquito, Allah would not have given a disbeliever of it, even if it's a sip of water. So this was swell does nothing so don't be deceived by the actions, and the pleasures that the disbelievers enjoy or the power they have. Then Allah says that this is a

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fleeting enjoyment, a short time of enjoyment, then they will dwell forever in the hellfire. That's the wisdom that opens our eyes to the reality of this world.

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So many people when they see others, especially disbelievers having more science, more technology, more power, they say, oh, why can't we be like them? Now you can't wish you can't wish to be like them. Maybe with gaining more technology, knowledge and science, that's good. But you should not be diluted by that so many Muslims take everything the disbelievers have, and are impressed with it. They admire the western, the whole the disbelievers, civilization and culture, with all his evil things as well. This should not be the attitude of the Muslim, we know the reality of his life. If we see someone very affluent, that's fine. It's a test. It's not the end of life.

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This person will not be in the same state forever, because this life has an end and it will end. And Allah says but the ones who feel their Lord, the ones who have piety and righteousness, they will have gardens beneath which rivers flow in Paradise, the wonderful abode of the Muslims, they will dwell there forever, there's no infrared, they don't fear that they will lose their money, their wealth, the pleasures that they have no, they will will there forever, constantly,

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Forever Living in that wonderful and beautiful life. And Allah says, what Allah has prepared for the believers is the best, then

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this really should open our eyes to something very important, which which are the wisdoms that we intend today from these verses, that we should use our intellect, always contemplate the creation of the heavens and earth because this keeps your heart alive. You always think you always think about the meaning of these things. When some kind of incident happens to you. You think about the reality of what's the wisdom behind it. Even if something bad comes to you, you know, there is a wisdom behind it. So you don't get diluted or deceived by the superficial understanding of events of life of anything around you. This is what gives the Muslim stability and peace, the heart, peace of the

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mind, strength and some kind of unwavering belief and faith. This is a privilege Allah has given to the Muslims. So we can strengthen that with all contemplating whatever happens, everything around us. Think about the wisdom behind it, how can it get how can this thing how can I utilize it to get nearer to my created Allah? How can I strengthen my faith with that? Then there's another potent wisdom that we can take is that imagine the people of understanding are the ones who always supplicate online they say, Oh Allah save us from each assignment of the Hellfire or Allah we have heard or we have seen someone calling us to the truth and we accepted that. So it shows that before

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you start calling upon Allah asking Allah something, always start with praising Allah. Start with mentioning the wisdom of Allah. Start to mention the great creation of Allah praise your Lord. So you are paving the way to get to the stage where you can make a supplication and then inshallah Allah will grant us application. This is a clear thing, or a clear sign that tells us how to make a supplication start with praising Allah, and the last wisdom, which is very important one, don't be deceived by the actions of some others, the ones who do wrong, maybe they will succeed and get by. But don't be deceived. Don't be short sighted below sighted as Muslims should be. Now I hope that we

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benefit from this. Apply it in our lives, we will Muslim strong Muslims with strong character and attitude. Now one thing we need this time with some other beautiful verses and light from the Quran. I leave you in the care of our last panel tonight I was Salam Alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato

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