The Only One Who Can Deal With Humanity

Ammar Alshukry


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To go back to that vs salted Rahim,

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ALLAH SubhanA, Allah says, will attack woman coulomb as ultimo or introduce amatola to Soha in Santa lava lumen kuffaar. So, I mean, these attributes are really powerful. Allah says He gave you from everything that you asked from everything that you asked. So part of showing gratitude is to recognize that your state right now

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is many times the result of something that you asked Allah subhanaw taala for before so if you're in a program that you hate, there was a time where you were begging ALLAH SubhanA data to be accepted into that program. That spouse that gets on your last nerve, there was a time when you were making camelid to get married to that person of your children who are driving you crazy. There was a time when you were begging Allah subhanaw taala for children. And so ALLAH SubhanA data says and he gave you from everything that you asked, and if you were to count the favors of Allah like just because you forgot it doesn't mean that it didn't happen. And if you were to count the favors of Allah you

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would not be able to do so. And then Allah says in an insane I love the lumen cafardo verily human beings are, loom their excessive in their oppression, and kuffaar. That's a that's a file which indicates repetition, so consistent in their ingratitude. But that verse repeats also, which I don't know what verse number that is, but Allah subhana Dionysus will introduce Hola, hola. Hola. Hola. Foredom Rahim, sort of the narrative I don't know the number Yeah, so ALLAH SubhanA data says and if you were to count the favours of Allah, you would not be able to do so. But the verse is exactly the same. But whereas one verse ends speaking about the nature of human beings oppressive, consistent in

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their and gratitude, the second verse And speaking about Allah subhanaw taala your LORD is forgiving and merciful, as if to say the only one who could possibly deal with a species that is so consistently ungrateful.