What is Colonization

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colonization and settler colonialism is one particular type of conquest. It is where you come in and you dispossess the people who were already living there of their land and kick them out or slaughter them or do whatever you have to do to get rid of them. This is the same process by which the Americas were conquered and settled. And it's the same exact process that the government have. And this just movement in general has been practicing upon Palestine since the second it was able to so this is the time where people like, you know, Theodore Hetzel, and Chaim, Weizmann and others would send correspondences with the British Empire, asking them for land and then the British Empire would

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come back and say, for example, you got Uganda for as an example with Jameis middle Argentina, so and they were like, No, it has to be because it has to be Palestine. It can't be Uganda, and it can't be Argentina, after the Ottoman Empire was dissolved and British took control of Palestine, and then finally the Nakba, the catastrophe, the establishment, the unilateral and the unilateral imposition on that land. If you're on social media, you should already know this by now, people who were refugees from Poland, people who are refugees from World War Two that survived the holocaust that were welcomed into the homes of Palestinians only two years later, kick their hosts out of

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their homes literally and take their land and forced them to flee and sometimes even kill them or worse, right. So this is what we mean we're talking about settler colonialism