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salaam aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakato Welcome to your show in the light of the Quran list, we're still trying to get more light on the Quran trying to live by, and shall we spend our lives in light which is the light of the Quran, that came from Allah, our Creator. So inshallah we'll try to make every action or life's every move that we make, we should make it into light, this divine light that we can find in the plan by taking the wisdoms they're benefiting from them and inshallah trying to personalize them make them part of our makeup inshallah. So we can follow the way of Mohammed for a lot It was him and his companions so we can become a wonderful generation, just the verses that

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we're dealing with today, just as they suggest, and they talk actually about the most important and very important position Allah gave the Muslims but there are conditions and there are things that we should achieve and do in order to raise up or to rise up to that high level that Allah granted and the owner that Allah granted to the Muslims. I'll start with the verses they are from Saudi Arabia Mr. very wonderful, very beautiful verses are reciting. Then after that, we will talk about the meaning and the wisdoms that we find in them

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Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Welcome back. Now today in sha Allah the light that we have is very important for Muslims as a nation, the Muslims as a whole the Muslims as one body, not as individuals

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Very great position, a very great honor that Allah granted to the Muslims. But there are conditions, there are conditions for them to maintain that position. And unfortunately, at this age, the Muslims have done away with that. But we will try to get back to the position to the honor the high position that Allah gave us, which is leadership of humanity, leadership to what is good. This is the great mission that the Muslims have been commissioned with the verses we as follows. So the translation within Allah says, and holdfast, telling the believers hold fast to the rope of Allah, and often relies upon iron, it is this trade path, it is the religion of Islam, hold faster, and do not be

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divided. Do not be divided amongst yourselves as Muslims, Allah is warning the Muslims against being divided against splitting amongst themselves, so they become groups, and sects fighting each other, having enmity towards each other, the Muslims should not be like that. And the only solution to this kind of division is to hold on to the rope of Allah to the book of Allah, there's still no prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and the way of the companions. That is the way of the righteous predecessors, the way of the earlier generations. This is the way of Islam The only way that we find in Islam, and this is the only solution to division. Then Allah says, that, remember the grace and

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the favor of Allah, when he united you after you had been split, after you had been divided?

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Then he says, and you were on the brink of a fire of the fire of the Hellfire war, right on the edge of

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the brink of the fire and Allah saved you away from it. So this is a fever that shouldn't we should maintain, by holding on to the rope of Allah Subhana which Allah then Allah says, thus Allah makes his signs clear to you, so that you may be guided, then Allah says, lit arise that arise from among you all Muslims, a group or a band of people who enjoin what is good. Tell the people about what is good, enjoying what is good, commanded people with what is righteous, and forbid what is evil.

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And those are the success the successful ones. This is the mission that we are commanded with, especially that there should be some people among those who call humanity to what it to righteousness, and forbid what is evil, determine away call them away from what is evil. This is a great honor. So these people who fulfill this mission will be the successful ones.

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This is the honor that we were given as Muslims, this is the duty that we have done away with, at this age. And this time, when we you know, we need it most at this time to remind ourselves of the truth and warn against evil. Then Allah says and beat up like those who were divided among themselves after the signs have come to them.

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And those are, those shall be the losers. On a day, on that day, they will receive the punishment. Now what is this day is the day of judgment. On that day, some faces will be blackened, and some faces will be white, it will be said to the people whose faces will be blackened. Have you just believed after the truth has come to you after you accepted faith, you had this belief and rejected the truth.

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Imagine allies telling us that if you start to split amongst yourselves, and you start to leave the rope of Allah, you will be among those whose faces will be black and after they have disbelieved in the truth as it has come to them.

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So these people will be said, taste the punishment because of your disbelief after that, as to the people whose work whose faces will be white. And then those are the believers who have held on to the rope of Allah and they are the ones who feel fulfilled the mission of spreading the good and forbidding the evil. Now this is the wisdom that we should take. And we should take Muslims as our obligation to tell the people about the truth. We should not, you know, limit our our aspirations and our goals, to just get by in this life, make a living and earn some kind of money and get by No. This life is about talking to people about the truth, championing and upholding the religion of

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Allah and making this our purpose in the world our goal, our ultimate purpose, the ultimate purpose of our existence, that Allah says For those who whose faces will be white are the ones who fulfill the mission. They will be in the mercy of Allah which is paradise, paradise lagenda. This is where the mercy of Allah will be there condensed as it is without any harm.

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without pain, without agony without suffering, that's the mercy of Allah, we will be in sha Allah there. So we should fulfill this mission and resume or position, leadership of humanity, leading them to what is good, and forbidding them from what is evil, not as today that we gave this leadership, this great position to people who do not believe in loss of the lead humanity, do indecency to evil to a lot of evils that we see spread and common in the world today.

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Then Allah says that Allah reveals His signs, and everything will return to Allah. And Allah says that he does not want to oppress people, but he just wants to make the truth, clear to everyone to follow. Then Allah says, You are the best nation almost. You see, this is the position of the Muslims, that we have forsaken, we want to get back to it. This is the wisdom of today. This is the wisdom of these verses, you are the destination ever brought forth to mankind ever raised to mankind. Why? Because you enjoy what is good, and you forbid what is evil. And you believe in Allah. You see, this is the wisdom of today. If we want to resume our position as leaders of humanity, the

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most dignified, the most honored of humanity, and to bring honor and justice to mankind, we have to fulfill this mission and this is the wisdom of today. This is the beautiful wisdom Allah gives us today. inshallah, we try to benefit from it, take it and live by it. So we start to learn our religion, and spread the good visible religion around to everyone we know. And all channels possible, all means possible. So Allah says, You are the best nation ever brought forth to mankind ever raised to mankind, you enjoy what is good, and you forget what is evil and you believe in Allah, what kind of life is better than that? If we live it, listen, if at least try to encourage

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ourselves to live it is to be determined to live by that to enjoin the good, forbid the evil, and believe in Allah had this strong belief. And this shows that the more we enjoy, enjoying good and the most, but evil, our belief in Allah will strengthen, will become stronger. And this is our goal as Muslims, that Allah says, just had the People of the Book People of the Scripture believed would have been better for them. But among them, there are the good ones, and they are the evil ones. There are the ones who reject faith, and they are the ones who accept faith and join you as Muslims. So now, we should really consider this wonderful privilege Allah has given us and if we fulfill it,

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we will be as Prophet Mohammed said, that he said, that Allah said, he said, Actually, the Prophet Muhammad said to the believers, are you happy if you are a fourth of the people of paradise? So they said, We said Allahu Akbar. Then he said, What if you become a third, a third of the people of Paradise, they said, lo Akbar, from a Mohammed said to them, I hope and I hope and shall not I wish and set an emphatic wish that inshallah you will be half of the people of paradise. And on the Day of Judgment, the Muslims will block the horizon, because of their magnitude, because of their numbers. This is the privilege we are given with try to be to have the right to really to earn it,

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and shall live by that and achieve this wonderful, cold and wonderful and high position. Until we meet next time in Sharla. With a new wisdom from the Quran a new benefit, I leave you in the care of Allah salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.