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salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad in my early you're so happy as you made

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the first apologies for the late start. We just were in janazah. And we just came from the cemetery.

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And subhanAllah like being to the graveyard, every now and then works as a reminder, when you see that pit in the ground, and you realize that one day you're going to enter that. And although it looks gloomy, but if you have lived your life in a meaningful way, in a way that is true to Allah subhanaw taala in a way that has added value to people's lives, that Dark Pit is going to be lit with light from paradise. So it's interesting how,

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really the way to make it to the hereafter the way to make your life and the grave a pleasant one is not to run away from this life, is actually to embrace it. Really to embrace it, embrace it, not for your own selfishness, not for your own ego, not for your own desires. But to do something or make something meaningful out of your life, offer something of value. Stay true to Allah subhanaw taala. Really, that's the way running away from this slide is not going to get you too far. Ray is not going to get you too far when it comes to your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala since we're talking about these sewers, and solid and AMA, they emphasize the fact that this life is temporary,

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and that we're going to end up leaving this world and moving on to the eternal life. And it's that life that really matters and we were speaking about the day of judgment where Allah Subhan Allah says

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for Imam Baba, what I thought I'd hear the dunya for immunology, Hema, he were

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a mammal, Hava Nakamura, b1 and Sunil Hawa in Ginetta, he'll Mattawa.

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Okay, so for those who transgressed, preferred fleeting life, or preferred the fleeting life of this world, the temporary life or this world, the Hellfire will certainly be their home.

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So people approach this life and I think that's all there is. Or they take this life as their end goal, the ultimate goal, it's all about this life, it's all about enjoying this life, it's all about just getting the money, and just, you know, enjoying the experiences and just getting as much as you want as much as you want to as much as you could.

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So the this life becomes an end in itself. These people, obviously if you if you approach life with this kind of mindset.

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It's easy to justify for yourself, you know, cutting corners, doing bad things, neglecting Allah subhanaw taala so Allah says, for those people that will be the Hellfire will be will be their home, it will be their abode, they will dwell there forever for in that LJ male Mela, what a mammal have to be human, and if so, anyhow as for those who were in all of standing before the Lord, and restrain themselves from evil desires, so a Muslim should really live their life in a state of all, what is the state of all?

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Or is a higher level of fear? But it's fear that comes from being very well informed, being aware of Allah subhanaw taala and it's not the kind of fear that pushes you away from Allah, but it's the kind of fear of Allah that brings you closer to Allah. We say Inderal cannot proceed I'm told us, lamb and the manager our lemon German kala earache.

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There is no protection or Allah from you except in you. There's no escape from you except with you. Interestingly, when you fear something in this world, or someone in this world, you flee, right, you run away from them, but with Allah subhanaw taala, the only escape is actually towards him. Allah says in the Quran, and salted that that yet for futile rule Illa Allah run away to Allah, run away to Allah, really your escape is with Allah subhanaw taala and that's the beauty of the relationship with Allah subhanaw taala there are people who

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maximize or emphasize the concept of fear of Allah subhanaw taala but neglect on the other side, the concept of love of Allah and hope in Allah subhanaw taala This is why in Islam we have a balance our relationship with the Los Angeles is based on love.

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This love of Allah that we have in our hearts and this is the essence of worship is the essence of a bad we love Allah was at the heart loves what is the main function of the heart, love

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and who this love should be directed to Allah subhanaw taala naturally this is what we humans do. Naturally we humans are hot search for Allah, we live our lives in in pursuit of the love of Allah.

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subhanaw taala so that's the basis that's the foundation. Along with this, you need to other things to other elements, fear of Allah, fear of his punishment, and hope in his reward.

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These three together they create a perfect state of balance. And this is why some of the early generations I believe, is probably one of the companions if I'm not mistaken, he says, an abbot, Allah will help be the Hoover who was in there. Whoever worships Allah and he is based only on love, nothing else. So there's no fear of Allah, there's no hope and Allah just love. Like a lot of we will find this in a lot of Eastern philosophies by Eastern religions, like Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, deep down in their philosophical concepts, that's what they have. And even in the new age, spirituality, these new agey, you know, spiritual works.

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who promote a universal god, god of love and so on and so forth. Okay, so when I would Allah Allah be whatever was in there, whoever worships Allah only with that concept of love, only love with that being balanced with other things for was in the if he's going to end up in a state of disbelief

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and blasphemy. Absolutely.

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This is why these people generally speaking, they say there's no religion. You just recognize there's a God, live a life of peace, and that's it. You're not a religion. That's what they say. So that's part of it. A woman Abdullah.

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Bill holds the whole for her AG.

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Whoever worships Allah only through fear. And how many of these are among us Muslims today? Whoever worships Allah, there are people that the only notion they have about Allah is fear is fear. You need to be just scared of him. To the point where there is no love. Well, there's no hope in their relationship with Allah and that's really problematic. It's extremely problematic. All they know about Allah, Allah is going to punish me Allah is if I do this, Allah will punish me if I make a mistake. Allah is gonna throw me in the hellfire. That's all they can think about. That, oh, that's all they can think about that Allah is as if well, any other Billa Allah is full of anger and anger

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is the only thing Allah knows. So when I would Allah hopefully well, I know for her he he's going to end up being like the Hawaii bridge to Hawaii. What you make a sin, you're Catholic. You lie. You're not Muslim, straight away. They got to that point, woman Abdullah Raja, he was the home for homology, whoever worships Allah subhanaw taala only through hope. So he doesn't fear Allah only hope. Only hope to the exclusion of love and to the exclusion of fear of Allah subhanaw taala is going to end up being more. The more GIA is for them. We spoke about them previously. For them. Faith is just knowing an Eman waters their faith is just acknowledging Allah is there. So for them

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shaytan is a movement because he knows Allah is their colors. He's a movement. He's a believer.

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So the Moto G for them. They say you can sin you can do whatever you want. As long as you recognize a light is the Creator of the heavens and the earth. You recognize him that he's the one who deserves to be what did you recognize this mentally? That's it, no problem. You can do whatever you want.

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So Allah Subhana Allah says why Madhava Ma Ma Obi Wan, Hanif Sangha, those who have a sense of awe towards Allah. So when we say oh, it's not that simple fear is the fear that is mixed with loving Allah and hoping him it's such a profound state.

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They live their life and know when a Hanif sanded how and that's because they have this awareness of Allah and this, these feelings towards ALLAH, when their desire their base desires, tempt them into doing something inappropriate, lying, stealing,

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adultery, deception,

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negligence of obligations, whatever it is, these base desires.

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They know how to resist that. They know how to resist that and not succumb to the temptation, not give in, in the face of temptation. By the way, this is a very powerful quality to get. And we said previously, I believe in Hotbot, a few weeks back, that Taqwa at the beginning of Ramadan spoke about taco taco. Greed element of Taqwa is self restraint, self control, being able to control yourself to discipline yourself, so that you can resist immediate gratification. You can resist these temptations, and you can see beyond, you know, that immediate temptation that you are experiencing at the moment, that's a great part of dukkha. And we mentioned that in a lot of social

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experiments, and psychological experiments. They're really found out with longitudinal studies, they studied people over 4050, sometimes 60 years. They figured out that

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younger children who have self restraint. This is a very famous experiment that was started in the 1970s, I believe is still ongoing till today. still ongoing,

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is started Harvard University has called the marshmallow experiment

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is a very famous, there's even a book written specifically about this. There's so many findings came out of it. Basically, children who were able to resist immediate, or the compelling temptation.

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They turned out to be more successful in life, generally speaking, than kids who did not have that resistance to temptation. So self control, self discipline, the ability to restrain to self restraint, is actually a very powerful thing. It's one aspect of dukkha it's one aspect of what we call techwatch. Aqua is that you do not fall to your temptations

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are the temptations of the self. So Allah says, Whoever lives their life in awe of Allah subhanaw taala and they resist the temptation and their desires, then Paradise will certainly be their home and seal. Allah says in the Ginetta, here, were the word is much more powerful than home met wha is more like a shelter is more like and

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it's like an eternal aboard. It's like, it has the sense of home but it has much more than that. So there is a sense of warmth. There's a sense of belonging. And there is a sense of settling is a very powerful word and Mattawa. Allah calls agenda agenda Tolima.

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So it's a very beautiful, cozy feeling about Jana. So it's going to be their place, the resting place where they're going to really rest and going to enjoy they're going to feel home.

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That will be their recompense.

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Then the final part of the

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of the surah. Yes, Aluna. Kind of set it a year. And I'm also they asked you on Messenger of Allah regarding the hour, when will it be? What time is going to come? So you talk about this is not the whole story, this? Well, there's not the whole story. There's more, there's in another stage, there's afterlife, there will be account, there'll be hisab people will be held accountable. There'll be paradise there'll be hellfire. If this is the case, when is this going to be? So there are two people two types of people asking the question there are people asking the question in sarcasm, and denial. So if there's the hour is there, where is it?

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When is it going to be?

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So these are the people are asking in denial, and is called anaerobic soil testing carry or soil inquiry. And the other type are asking Are people sincere? And they're really concerned about the Hereafter? And they inquire whether the Prophet SAW Salem knows if it's gonna when it's going to happen, because people want to want to get ready for it is Aluna canonicity a yen? I'm also a female and I'm in the QA but it's not for you to tell them it's time

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it's not for you to tell them it's time because the Prophet Salam doesn't know the messenger so Salim doesn't know when the Hour will be. He knows it's near. He was informed by Allah has been talking about some of its signs but he doesn't know exactly what it's going to be. This is knowledge only Allah knows about. Only Allah knows about on we. Last week we if you remember we mentioned the Hadith where the Prophet SAW Selim says

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that he saw of angels and the ain't that angel wasn't smiling. So when they asked about it,

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it said

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k for k for all the hukou aka del takamasa Hey, Boo Boo Cal book, how should I laugh when the angel that is supposed to blow in the horn on the trumpet, has already put it in his mouth.

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No one knows, is waiting for the command from Allah Subhana Allah to blow into the trumpet

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for this world to collapse, to mark the end of this worldly life. So even the Prophet SAW Salem doesn't know. So you don't know you can't tell that knowledge rests with your Lord alone.

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He said we're not going to say to animals have him and Dominica Ihlara become on Taha the real knowledge about it is with Allah subhanaw taala this is something Allah kept to himself. Your duty in demand among the Roma Yeshua Your duty is only to warn whoever is in all of it.

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So your duty on HUD is just to warn people, warn people who will benefit from this warning. Who will benefit from this warning. It will be people who are really searching for the truth. People are open to the to the truth.

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Amanda wanderweg Shark and Nami Oh my God, I want to have a meal with you last year and I will do her on the day they see it. It will be as if they had stayed in the

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World no more than one evening or one morning.

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So basically

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when people are resurrected on the Day of Judgment, they will look back at this life it will seem like a glimpse of an eye because no time and the Quran this was mentioned and many different ways.

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And Allah talks about people who will be end up in the Hellfire on the Day of Judgment, they'll have arguments that have discussions among themselves before they end up in the hellfire.

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Yeah, Allah says he to half a tuna been home in lebouf Tamila

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I hope I'm getting it right.

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Basically, they'll always argue, how long did we stay there? How long did we stay in the hereafter in the dunya. In the worldly life, it's going to be a glimpse of an AI is going to be a glimpse of an AI. So our sense of time, we have to realize this about time, that time is a creation time is not a given, by the way, time is not a given. We live in this world within a timeframe and we are bound by it, we are bound by it.

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Outside this physical world, outside this dunya there's a completely different time frame with Allah subhanaw taala, that there's a different timeframe in naomh, and ended up Becca Alfie sent it to me Mata has done a day with your Lord is like 1000 years of what you guys count in this world.

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So time is not a constant. Time is not all the same here and there, it's not the same. It's not.

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Time is different. So there's a different frame, or reference within which we see time. So we need we have to realize that in this world, we are trapped in a certain frame of time. But in the Hereafter, it's a completely different frame of time. Even the concept of past, present and future are different.

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The different, and in the world of spirit, the spiritual world. It's the same. So these two main components of existence, physical existence, time and space. And that's by the way, what relativity theory is based upon, a calculates works on the interactions between space and time. And then it's tries to explain physical phenomenon like gravity based on this. These are just the pertain to this world.

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In the world of the soul, the world of the Spirit is completely different dynamics, we don't know about it, we don't know about them. So we have to recognize

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that we're functioning within this timeframe. And we realize that we don't know when the hereafter will be, we have to live within that timeframe, we have to live according to its dynamics, but we have to make the best out of it. So this is sort of snazzy art.

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And basically, the point is on the Day of Judgment,

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things will seem or things will look like they really are. Here we live more of a delusion.

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We don't see reality, in its full context in its full length, we don't see it as it is, we just have a glimpse into it. So this is why in the hereafter we'll start to see things for the radio. Now, for someone who is 10 years old, now 20 years old, 30 years old base, they think, Oh, you have a long life ahead of you, right? You have a long life and you have a lot of future ahead of you. And it seems like a long life. But you don't realize

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that this is actually a mirage, it's mere, it's just the work of your mind. This kind of of perception is the work of your mind. In the Hereafter you will look at the whole world. And it would sound like what, like an hour

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70 years would sound like an hour, like an hour. Some scholars have to say they say no the whole life of humanity from the time of Adam, till the last man on earth to live on Earth. That's gonna sound like an hour.

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Why? Because on the day of judgment as you're waiting, we're waiting, people are waiting for Allah to come and establish the hisab

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people will be running around for how long?

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50,000 years

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50,000 years, people will be waiting for Allah. Once they the resurrected the wake up from their graves, the waiting for Allah. They weren't waiting for something to happen. They're clueless. They were waiting for something to happen. So until the point that comes where Allah subhanaw taala establishes the balance and start holding people to account. How long are people going to wait?

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In that traumatic state?

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Extreme heat the sun is so close to people that it's almost a mile away. People will be drowning in their sweat

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and people don't know what's going on.

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And the earth is not the earth they know the skies are not the skies, they know everything is just different.

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50,000 years 50,000 years, how long is the known history of humanity?

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How long is a few 1000 years?

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A few 1000 years.

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And that's what these 50,000 years are just the beginning. This is the beginning. This is the five, the first five seconds of the Day of Judgment. What about the rest of it? So the whole concept of time, the whole concept of time is going to change, it's going to change. So don't be deluded by the fact you might think, oh, life is long, I had a long life or I have a long life ahead of me. It's not like this, this life is nothing, literally nothing is like a blink of an eye. And this is something we should keep in mind. So Allah Subhana Allah and this surah is actually creating a context to remind us of death remind us of the reality of this life is not the whole thing. There is

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a sequel to this, there is life after that. That's the real life as a last one that it says unsalted Allah.

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Ronal Hayata dunya. Well, FIRA to have your own car, you actually give preference to this life. Why? Because it's immediate. You see it, you touch it, you feel it, you're in it already.

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And this is something about the human mind that it favors sometimes what is immediate, to what is

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hidden from it.

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Even if it's greater,

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even if it's greater, why because we fall for the temptation, we fall for the immediate gratification of whatever is in front of us. So if we already know this weakness in humanity, we should always when we might make all plans, keep that in mind, take that into account, that we have a tendency, human tendency to,

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I mean, give more value, to the things or to the immediate pleasures, we tend to overestimate them, we tend to over estimate them. I mean, people who worked for the first time when you're on your work for the first time, you get a summer job, and they say you get they give you like $1,500 a month. I say, Man, you can buy the whole world with $1,500 Right? When you investigate you with someone job 15 Like you never put $50 in your hand. And now, at the end of the month, you're getting 1500 You feel you can you come by the world and everything in it. You don't realize that when you have a family you have kids, man, this doesn't last you even doesn't even last you five days. Right? So

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what seemed to be like a fortune to you at that stage is actually like it's a it's a change, it's a change, it's pocket money for some people, right? It's nothing. So it's something similar. Something so on the day of don't when you look back at this life, I mean, when you're young now you can say I have a long life, I have a future bright future ahead of me. And this is nothing. This is literally nothing compared to the hereafter is going to be a glimpse of and I really has no value. So people who give preference to this world.

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As I said, Don't detach from this world. Islam doesn't call you to run away from this world. Islam says engaged in this world, Allah gave it to you, Allah gave it to us to use it for a greater purpose. So yes, money get money from Halal means and use it for a greater cause.

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Islam is not about running away from life. It's about making very good use of life.

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Making I should probably the low I know you want the Muslims he said, Man, we don't need hermits. We don't need hermit. So we're going to run away from life where other people from other

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nations and other philosophies and other beliefs. They will take control over the market and the finance, finances and they will take

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good hold over knowledge and we remain ignorant and weak and resourceless.

00:24:11--> 00:24:14

They're going to control our destiny. He said no.

00:24:15--> 00:24:22

He said you Muslims, you need to get into the market. You Muslims need to get into medicine. You need to get into the sciences you need to learn.

00:24:26--> 00:24:46

There are people whose life can only be fixed really by running away from life and living like a worshiper. Fine, maybe, but this is a handful of people. But for the rest of the Muslims you need to engage with life and it takes courage. It takes courage to engage with life and not fall for it have it in your hand but not have it in your heart.

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so again with this with this life is basically we engage with it and we see it merely as a means you

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It is from Allah subhanaw taala we put it we gain it or we, we earn it from a good source through good means Halal means and then we put it to good use for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and we take it as a springboard to the hereafter. But if you take this life worthy life as the end goal, and it becomes everything becomes an obsession, and you start doing things just to get more of it, that's when it becomes problematic because it's going to edge Allah out of your

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out of your heart and it's going to occupy your heart, that's where the problem is. So the problem with dunya is when it occupies your heart and it becomes your ultimate goal, but if it becomes a means to you use it to please Allah subhanaw taala you use it to add value to other people's lives. You use it to make a contribution. Then basically you're doing what this life was created for. This is why it was designed, this is life was designed to help us do just that inshallah. So tomorrow we will start we will move on to Surah Abba, and we'll try to see inshallah the the hidden gems and secrets that Allah Subhana Allah has put in this surah we have a couple of minutes to take one or

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two questions if there is any.

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There any questions? No questions. Everyone is fasting. Okay.

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You can take it all in the afternoon. In the morning before Maghrib one minute before Marley we can take shower no worries.

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Yeah, no worries, you can take a shower.

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Any other questions? Play

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toothpaste? What I would say miswak there's nothing wrong with the miswak toothpaste. Still I can't say that it actually nullifies your fast if you brush your teeth but rinse your mouth properly. Okay, but I personally personally I prefer to avoid it.

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I prefer to avoid it but I prefer to use the miswak in that in that case, but if someone uses it does it break their fast no and doesn't break their fast? Yeah, it's just like as the prophets of salaam says Barrier Free Mode model model to encounter Solomon you know when you do mod model when you wash your mouth and Waldo and your nose

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the person said overdo it unless you're fasting

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why? Because you want to protect your fasting even if something's doubtful it's better to leave it but does it break your fast no it doesn't break your fast but I as a personal preference I myself prefer prefer not to use it why just to be on the safe side

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the same with perfume unless you spray perfume in your mouth or right in your nose. No Yeah. Yeah, because sometimes you need you need you just need just be careful Yeah, be careful because some some sorts some types of incense before.

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So sorts of before they actually have

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ashes flying ashes. They have flying ashes. And they could get into this way in the past it was very common. They would say be careful for with incense, you will find a lot of Fatah especially from the past they say they break your fast. Why? Because there is actually they have small ashes that fly in the air and

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you know, I'm not sure how it is in other cultures. But you know, in some of the Arab cultures, they have the hole on the bring it right under their nose, right. And they put it in their in their clothes. It could actually get into your throat and you could swallow some stuff. So these are doubtful things. It's good to avoid. But generally speaking perfume there's nothing wrong with it. Most of the incense that we have around and air fresheners really it's not a big deal. No worries. Place which is going to fail on was a loss limits in them. Hamid William Samuelson. Again, it's reminder it's time for dua, make a lot of dry there's a strong connection between fasting and dua.

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So don't miss out on these types of coffee.