Moutasem al-Hameedy – Gems From Juz Amma #3

Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of the shabliha on the Hellfire and the physical beauty of Paradise, including the influence of the shabbiha on people's behavior. The "immature experience" that is described as a "immature experience" is also discussed, along with the importance of speaking for the sake of speaking and avoiding confusion and mistakes. The importance of having a clear mindset and being mindful of one's actions is emphasized, as it is a reward for one's actions. The shaking of the universe and the potential for people to live in fear are also discussed, along with the importance of the death of the Prophet Muhammad Jana and the shaking of the world.
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salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali also have you here in order to do so, we have the last part of slots another last point and this is how to be diamond ship on little gem in 13 Am I had a powwow Okay, where are you?

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Okay Cindy Harper is number one, if you have a loved one when I can

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just miserables became apple and he says,

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Allah subhanaw taala. Now, after we said the context and salt and never was challenging the disbelievers and the people have arranged for denying the day of judgment for disputing whether it was real or not. And then demonstrating to them from the signs and the creation around them, that it's inevitable.

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And then talking about the Day of Judgment itself about the horrors of the Day of Judgment, then moving on to talk about the people who will end up being the losers. And now it's time to talk about the ones who will actually attain salvation on the day with judgment. So Allah says in the remember a few years back there was a talk show in in the UK, on BBC channel four.

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And they were talking about the hereafter talk show on this brought Muslims, they brought Christians they brought different religions. And they started talking about hereafter discussing it, whether it's real or not. And I mean, the moderator or the TV, the show presenter was very smart guy. And he had some Muslims, there was one of the Imams there as well. So he said, Okay, so I read in the Quran, that's the presenter's thing I read in the Quran Allah mentions describes that you guys, like you're gonna have wine, you're gonna have women and all that stuff. And he basically, he makes fun of the Imam, he just says,

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you don't even know how wine tastes like, Oh, it feels like what I know. And so he started basically trying to put down the concept of paradise, that it's all about fruits. It's all about women. It's all about drinks. So it's quite sensual.

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These are physical attractions. And unfortunately, that Imam really missed the point I think, maybe he wasn't given enough opportunity. But Allah subhanaw taala still appealing to our senses, as he describes paradise. But we know that the highest pleasure in Paradise is actually being close to Allah subhanaw taala people in Paradise is the Prophet Solomon describes that Las Panatela will call upon the people in paradise and will say to them

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to men, no.

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Wish, you know, make wishes whatever you want.

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They said it is so they would say

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alimta for Lana Urbana alum to Kendall Jenner.

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Lm to her Ramona Helena.

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You've entered us into protected us from the Hellfire you forgiven our sins, what else do you wish for like, we're in the Ultimate Bliss. So Allah Subhan Allah says in the Quran and Allah Hema where he then you read a noon Gza como. You have an appointment with Allah that He wants to fulfill to you, he wants to fulfill to you. So there will be called there will be brought in one open plane. And then Allah Subhana Allah will reveal himself Allah will remove this screen and they will be able to look at the face of Allah subhanaw taala so the Hadith says from Otto she an optimum indolic They were not given anything better than that. They would forget the beauty in Paradise because of that

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moment, because of that moment. And Allah subhanaw taala describes the people in the hellfire. And actually some of the commentators on these verses some of them for sitting on these verses on sort of morphine or law says killed in the home and robbed him Yama in the module Boone, they actually they will be kept away from Allah they will be screened from Allah from the Lord. They say this is the most difficult part for the people of the Hellfire. This is the most torturing experience for them. It hurts them causes them more pain than the fire

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itself than the torment in the fire itself. So basically, Allah subhanaw taala still appeals to our physical senses when he describes paradise but you need to see that in context. You need to see that in context is the bigger context of that it's the spiritual nature of Paradise and the experience in Paradise and the prophets of salaam describes actually as we're going to, I'm going to make this comment again.

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The prophets of salaam says about the people of paradise that you will have on a test be Hakka, you will have moon and Memphis, they will be inspired to make this be Subhanallah Subhanallah as they are, as they're inspired in this world to breathe. Do you make a conscious effort to breathe? Do you say let me take some air in the air out?

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Are you conscious with every like inhale, exhale, you don't do that? Right? It happens automatically. That's a gift from Allah. That's basically it's an instinct. It's an inspiration from Allah subhanaw taala. So people in Paradise will be just doing to be as you do breathing.

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So effortless, why? Because it's so pleasant is so beautiful to them and so rewarding.

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They will actually be doing it,

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that they will be actually doing it. So the whole experience in Paradise is not, we shouldn't when we read these descriptions, we should shouldn't just compare them to the experience in this world. We shouldn't just compare them to this when Allah Subhan Allah says in Surah Al Baqarah obituary Latina Herman

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Miller, Saudi Arabia and then home Jeanette antigenemia, Tatiana, and how give glad tidings to those who have believed and they do righteous righteousness, they will have gardens and beneath which rivers flow highly the Nephi ha

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ha did interfere.

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Now coulomb Lucia Omen Hammond thermal attended this con Kahlua de la de Rosa Kurama Cabo to behemoth, a Shabbiha. Every time they given something provision from Allah, Samantha like fruits or food or whatever pleasure, they would say, Oh, we were given this before.

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Then Allah says what will to be him what a Shabbiha. And Allah says it only looks similar on the outside, but it's a completely different experience. So the apple that you get in Paradise is not like the Apple, you get just a minute before it's different.

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The food that you eat in Paradise is not like the food you ate.

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Five minutes before in paradise still, it looks the same, but it's completely different experience. Because the pleasures are just so individual that they're not even repeated.

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There's so much variety there. And some of them are facility they said Oh to be auto became watershed, they said oh, we were when they see the fruits and the beauties and products, they say, Oh, we were given something like this in the life of the dunya.

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It's basically no this is just this our looks like but it's a completely different experience. So when we read the description of paradise, don't be trapped completely in a physical world, you need to see the whole context of what it means to be

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in Jannah and in paradise.

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The same applies to the wives of the people and the husbands of the there are people who say Why does Allah talk about wives? Why doesn't he talk about husbands for the women? This is so chauvinistic says this is so sexist. Like some people say, it's not. It's not but generally speaking, the nature of a woman, a woman doesn't like explicit reference to you know, the sexual act of sexual her sexual life. It's more about it's implied that respect. So a woman doesn't like explicit references to these. Whereas with men, you generally speaking they don't mind. They don't mind and this happens by the Creator Allah Allah moment. halacha. Well, luckily for COVID Doesn't

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the One who created Doesn't he know best, he knows. So Allah subhanaw taala dresses, he knows that women would figure out from these descriptions that men are going to have wives, that a woman is going to be given whatever she wants in paradise, but there's no need to talk about that. There's no need to explain that this is this is actually an eloquent style of speaking. This is eloquence. This is purpose speaking you address men in a way that can relate to your dress women in a way that they can relate to as well.

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So Allah is talking about the environment so beautiful Heather echo Anna gardens will cover a bathrobe a spa spouses, they have good company. What cat Cindy ha ha and drinking, they're going to drink, purified beautiful wine.

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These are different types of pleasures than Allah says les is my own. If he had like one, one cadaver they would not here. Okay, never to hear any idle talk or lying they're in. They're not going to hear, you know, words about which there is no benefit. Like just let's just talk

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For the sake of talking, no, and there is no lying. This is a form of an aim. This is a form of joy. Because in an empty speech, idle talk hurts, brings about pain. Lying brings about pain and agony.

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It's really It's very stressful to be in an environment where there's a lot of lying, or people are just talking about everything for the sake of talking. It really hurts. It's such a negative experience. It's such a negative experience because why would the prophets of salaam said and we quoted this hadith many times in Allah carry Halochem Taylor, Waka waka ferrata swirl, Allah hates for you, you know, he said, she said, you know, you keep talking about things, you keep talking about things, you keep talking about things, when there's no need to talk. It's better not to talk, it's more healthy. It's more healthy to your mind is more healthy to your heart. It's more healthy

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to your lifestyle. So speaking is there for a reason. So we have two things here idle talk, which is basically just speaking for the sake of speaking, and we also have languages share.

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It's an evil form of speaking of communication. It hurts, it helps you when you live in an environment where there's lying. There's a lot of trauma around by the way, there's a lot of trauma around.

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So people in Paradise will also you know, not only get physical and social and sensual blessings from Allah azza wa jal, but also the social environment, the personal environment is so pure, that there is no filth in the form of even I will talk online, there's nothing like that. So that the environment is so peaceful and so healthy, emotionally speaking, emotionally speaking, that's an aspect in paradise as well.

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Just a middle of Becca Otto and he said, a fitting reward as a generous gift from your Lord. This is a reward from Allah subhanho wa taala. It's a reward from Allah subhanaw taala as a recompense for how they live their lives. And by the way, it's not our actions that lead us to paradise that our actions don't earn us paradise.

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They never and that's why the Prophet on sentence I Buhari, Lenny Ed. Hola. I don't mean como Jana Tabby, Amelie, none of you will enter Paradise by means of their actions. None of you follow water until your rasool Allah Allah Allah Anna, Ill Anita Hamadani Allahu wa Rahmatullah minha. So the companion said, almost, and you have Alana even you like who you want enter Paradise by means of your actions. He says, not even me, except the Allah shows me with His mercy and bounty, and he allows me to paradise. And the prophets also mentioned the story of one person from previous nations. He said, This man worshipped Allah subhanaw taala, for 60 years of his life, and then he

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passed away after the 60s, what do you do day and night worshipping Allah fasting all days, praying all night, and the only time that he would have basically there was a tree, an apple tree, that he would actually

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leave his prayer area for to go and get some apples and eat and here's how he survived for 60 years do nothing but worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. So the prophets Islam says on the Day of Judgment, this person will be brought before Allah. And Allah would say to him, would you like to enter Paradise by means of your actions, or by my bounty

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is all law 60 years, I've got to enter Paradise by means of my actions, by means of my actions. So Allah says, to the angels,

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bring to the balance to this scale, bring only one gift and that his eyesight, the ability to see one of my blessings upon him, put it on one side, bring all of his good deeds 60 years of complete devotion, bring it and put it aside.

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What happens? Just his eyesight was much more weighty and was heavier than all of his good deeds. When he saw that he said, Yeah.

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Allama biphobic and halogen, oh Allah into paradise, by means of your blessings and your forgiveness. He realizes this, not even one, not even one blessing from Allah. If you spend your whole lifetime worshiping Allah subhanaw taala still would not pay back for what Allah Subhana Allah has given you. So this is basically a recompense from Allah subhanaw taala It's a gift from Allah subhanaw taala. So what's the point? The point is not really about how much you do. It's basically about how sincere you are towards Allah in really obeying Allah subhanaw taala and doing your best. The point is to do your best

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So, really the point is to do your best. Sometimes a person prays more than others, or he fasts more than others, he does more than others, he dresses up. So more so called Islamically than others, right. And he starts looking down upon others who are doing less than him or her.

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In the distance between you and Paradise,

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the gap between you and Paradise cannot be bridged by your actions. It's by the gifts of Allah's power.

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So if someone let's say is, is

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supposedly, in just distances speaking kilometres, someone is 50 kilometres away from Paradise, you are five kilometers away from Paradise, who's going to bridge that gap? Allah subhanaw taala is not you. So the fact that you think you are closer to paradise doesn't really give you any merit over that person. The fact that you do more than other people doesn't give you any merit doesn't give you any merit. So never look down upon people who do less than you do. Never, ever do. Don't know.

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Don't ever feel good about yourself for what you do for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala because really, it's not about what you do. It's not about what you do, it's about the state of your heart, how sincere you are, how humble you are before Allah subhanaw taala it's about

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you realize that it's Allah subhanaw taala who gets you to do the righteous deeds, not yourself. It's a gift from Allah. It's a gift from Allah. So, ALLAH because ALLAH and he says, It's a gift from your Lord or recompense from your Lord, who is generous, who is generous, rugby Samoa, it will be one Nabina Muhammad Rahmani Allah Yum, lacuna, Minho, Fatah, but the Lord of the heavens and the earth, and everything in between the most compassionate basically Allah is in charge of everything because the Lord of the heavens and the earth. There's nothing beyond his dominion. There's nothing beyond his power. Nothing escapes his mind and command.

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Why am I being humble one day Emily Kuhn, I mean, okay, Bob, no one will dare speak to him. Like no one speaks to Allah without the permission of Allah subhanaw taala no one even makes a statement without the permission of Allah subhana wa Tada. You're my role model while Mila eager to soften Dieter kala Mona 11, Edina la hora man Wakarusa. Basically specifically, now on the Day of Judgment, no one is going to speak without is no one is going to open his mouth without the permission of Allah is printed on the day

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which is the Day of Judgment, the spirits and angels will stand in ranks, none will talk except those granted permission by the most compassionate

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and whose words are true

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like on the Day of Judgment, basically no one will open their mouth except when Allah gives them permission or command to speak speak. So they will speak angels humans or creatures no one will open their mouth unless ALLAH Tala gives them permission or a command you speak now. So they will, they will speak they can only speak the truth. They can only speak and say the truth.

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Then he Kellyanne will help over Mencia Attica Illallah Rahim Abba that day is the ultimate truth.

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That days, the ultimate truth. So let whoever wills take the path leading back to their Lord. So that's the real day. That's the real deal. The real deal is on the day of judgment and Subhanallah This is the day before this is the verse before the lust. Allah subhanaw taala concludes the surah with what he started, he started with them disputing about the last day whether it's real nuts, and made us alone and in the battle Allium. Now Allah closes the surah with the fact that he can do more. Now Allah closes the case, after all this long kind of explanation and manifestation. Now that's the real day. If there is a truth, that's it.

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The truth that's it because that's more true than your existence in this world. That's more true that's more evident that you and your own existence in this world that luckily on will help them and show it to her that you not became a hub. That's the truth, that day is truth. So whoever wants they should take a path, a safe path to Allah subhanaw taala you guys want to dispute about it? It's your problem. You don't want to believe in it. You are given that space of choice. You can make the choice you can say I don't want to believe in it. Fine. Say I'm free. I'm a free person. I'm a free thinker. Fine. make that choice. Still, you have you're gonna come face to face with the truth of

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the Day of Judgment, and you have to deal with it.

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So whoever wills takes path to Allah subhanaw taala, then Allah subhanaw taala really seals this verse with the soil with a beautiful verse in Vilna Kamadeva arriba yo miombo will not oh my god dammit yada, we are cool, careful, we are late and equal to talab. Indeed, we have warned you of an imminent punishment. We have warned you, I've given you the news about it, we've told you about that punishment.

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On the day, the day every person will see the consequences of what their hands have done.

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So basically, whatever you do in this world is recorded, and the consequences of everything you've done, you will come face to face with it.

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That's the day of the truth, the Day of Judgment. And what would be the state of the person who denies it? The person who disbelieves I've kept for oil, careful, yeah, late and equal to talaga. A person who has disbelieved rejected faith, what would happen to them, they would say,

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and the disbelievers will cry, I wish I were dust.

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I wish I would ask the wish there were nothing. Why? Because non existence is an escape for them from the punishment of the Hereafter. But the problem is now they're trapped. Now they're stuck on the Day of Judgment, you can't even move in. Like let's say sometimes people get traumatized in this world. So they think death is an escape, they take their own lives, they commit suicide, at least the notion of escape is there, although it's false, but the notion of escape is there not on the Day of Judgment. The notion of escape is not even there, there's no way like you're trapped, you're stuck. You can't even say I give up on this. I want to pull out of that. I want to get out of this

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game. You can't you can't you're stuck there forever. And we spoke about that in the first session. We mentioned the Hadith where

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death will be brought as a Ramana will be slaughtered and there will be no death after that. There will be no death after that. So this is saw that and never saw it and never move on to Surah second surah and the gist and this is sort of a NASA hat

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so again, sort of the NASA ad is saw that was revealed before he's

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gonna read the first section in Arabic inshallah we'll read the translation of the meanings

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of Manuel Haman Nazjatar

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when she Latina Sheila was the head he said to her, for sir because he said the coffin muda Bharati Umrah, l mythology for logic. That's about all her raw diva who bully a woman Ed Jeeva apsidal ha ha Shia all owner in LA Motta do doing I feel half Euro either Hakuna environment, nephila Paulo DeLuca Eden Kirwin ha Sierra in here as a jeweler to Haider for either home beside Hello.

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So, this Meccan Surah

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emphasizes that the day of judgment is inevitable and it's time is known only to Allah the destruction of the Pharaoh is cited as a deterrent to the disbelievers. So that's the general theme in the soil and Nazjatar are the angels that strip out the souls from the body at the moment of death. And as yet, so Allah subhanaw taala is swearing by a Nazjatar Allah says by those angels, stripping out evil souls harshly, and those pulling out good souls gently and those gliding through Heavens swiftly and those taking the lead vigorously and those conducting affairs obediently consider the day when the quaking blast will come to pass,

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followed by a second blast. The deniers hearts on that day will be trembling in horror,

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with their eyes downcast but now, they asked mockingly, meaning in this world now, they asked mockingly will really be restored to our former states,

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even after we have been reduced to decayed bones, they add, then such a return would be a total loss for us, but indeed, it will take only one mighty blast, and at once,

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they will be above ground.

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So Allah subhanaw taala begins or starts the surah by talking about the angels. So he emphasizes the concept of death, that you guys think death is the end. All but there are angels that obey Allah subhanaw taala and death is when the angels come and pull that soul out of the body and Allah

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alludes to the fact that pure souls people have lived their life in obedience to Allah. Their souls will be drawn so nicely as the prophets of salaam says in the hadith of Allah NASM. For total human yesterday he can produce Omen fie Sarkar.

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There's a long Hadith where the prophets of salaam describes how the soul leaves the body. And what happens after that, he says, The soul of the believer, the angel of death will come to it will say to eight come out, and it will come out of the body, just as water comes out from a jug of water. When you pour water from a jug of water, there's no difficulty, right? It just slips out of it, it's poured out of it, there's no difficulty. Whereas

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when the angel of death comes to take the soul away from the heart of someone who disbelieved someone who rejected Allah and rejected the truth, the soul will actually hold on to the buddy because it realizes the horrors that are awaiting it, and it doesn't want to leave.

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So the Angel of Death starts to pull it out of the buddy, each vein at a time. And Allah Spanish, Allah says this is actually extremely painful, as when, because in the past, in Oman, they they had piles of wool, you know, when they shaved sheep, and they took their wool, they needed to straighten the wool and take threads threads out of it. So they would have these spikes, iron spikes, like a piece of iron that has many spikes, and they will insert it in the wall and start pulling it so the threads will come out. So that will take these threads so they can organize it and arrange it and they can sort of soften it and make it more manageable. So he says the angel of death will start

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pulling the soul out of the disbelievers body just the same and it will be the same process as when you pull that the spikes from the you know huge pile of wool, and you pull it How does it come out. So much force takes so much force so much resistance, and it comes out with what comes out with wool on it.

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So this is how it feels for a disbeliever someone who disbelieved in Allah and rejected Allah. So this is how it feels for them this how it feels when the soul is being taken out of their body. So Allah is talking about the angels these are when Nazjatar in as it is to pull something with so much hardship and difficulty, when Nazjatar or orca basically, they will be immersed in the process, the angels will be so much engaged, it's so much work for them to pull the soul out of the body of, of the disbeliever when National Party and Ashta scholars of Tafseer some of them say basically, these are the ACT angels they will come and they will take the soul of the believer from his body with so

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much ease, come up with so much as was said Behat. He said ha these are the angels that basically roam around between heavens and earth. They fulfill the commands of Allah and they convey to Allah, you know, whatever was happening so they carry the deeds of the human beings. So they swim between heavens and earth, they keep going up and down, up and down. Sabbath Addis Ababa for Serbia 47 And these are the angels that basically rush to fulfill the Command of Allah subhanaw taala so quickly.

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For several quarters of our fellow muda Bharati Umrah, the angels that are running different things, you know, because Allah Subhan Allah and trust the angels with certain duties. So there are angels and angels respond responsible for the rain.

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Allah gives them commands and they actually manage the whole rain thing. There are angels for the wind, the wind doesn't blow. By itself. By the way, there are angels doing that? Yes, we don't see it. Science can never figure this out. Science assumes there is gravity, right? Is the atoms that form you know, form this kind of magnet and this power and it creates. Where does this power come from?

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Where do electrons and neutrons and these subatomic particles, where do they get their charge from?

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Physics this tells you these things exist.

00:29:19 --> 00:29:22

But these forces are not inherent.

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There are angels behind everything.

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That's how the world moves. That's how the world moves. So the angels behind everything when the wind blows is not yes, I mean, there are physical aspects did points of low pressure and points of high pressure and that's where the wind moves from one point to the other. That's the physical is what makes all of this happen.

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Okay, there's a reality beyond that reality that we need to pay attention to.

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So there are angels that run the affairs by the command of Allah, they just obey Allah subhanaw taala yo, my total joy for Rajiv

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and that's basically on the day.

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or consider the day when the quaking blast will come to pass and basically the when the when on the hereafter on the day of judgment comes. It's a shocking day so it's a day full of horrors. The earth will shake and we'll crack the skies will crack everything will fall apart. So that's the the quaking or the shaking of the earth and the universe your mythology for Raji for there's a lot of shaking and not only shaking in the in the universe shaking will actually the hearts will start and the souls will start shaking your mythology for Rajiv atta tomorrow Harada then there will be another shaking. And we said the first shaking is when everything dies. Second shaking is when

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everything comes back to life. About worldwide event, Hulu boo Yeoman Eden watch if there will be hearts, the those who disbelieved the hearts will be trembling and in horror, they will be living in fear and because now what they lived in denial of now they see it with their own eyes. Now they are experiencing it firsthand and they realize their disbelief, or where their disbelief is going to lead them to realize that so they are they live in this state of of horror.

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Although we all make the word of a hustler full of horror and fear absorbed Ohashi their eyesight is downcast is full of humiliation. Now they realize you know, when you catch someone in the act of doing a crime with something wrong, you catch them and they feel bad about themselves. That's it.

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That's it, these people realize, I mean, we've made the wrong choices. We've lived we've lived the wrong

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you know, way of life. And now we have to come face to face with the consequences of that.

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Your own in Lemoore doo doo and I will have in this life, they used to say

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are we going to be brought back again to life? Are we going to be restored as we used to be?

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Well, durable analysis and sorted. Yes. You know, a lot of Alana Methoden wanna see Hulka Calama. You hear Obama here? I mean, all your ELD insha. Allah is reported that Abuja has brought

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some bones, decaying bones that was so

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soft. And he came to Muhammad SAW somebody he said, You telling me that Allah will restore this again, and will be a living creature creature living being then he squeezed it with his own hand, and he turned it into dust.

00:32:40 --> 00:33:01

So he's basically saying that's beyond reason that this after be turning into dust is going to come but it's going to be restored to its original shape. Allah Subhan Allah says a lot about a new method. I'm gonna say Coca Cola. You hate Obama here? I mean, who's going to bring it back? After it's become like this? Well, you you have the answer. Well, Mr. Watson will be calling health and hygiene.

00:33:02 --> 00:33:26

So the one who created it in the first place is going to bring it like Allah says, come up with that, and that Oh, well. 192 Why didn't Elena in Canada alien, like, as we created you the first time we're going to create you the second time, like what's the guys that makes? It makes full sense. If you were created the first time what makes it hard for Allah to create you the second time from the same atoms, the same molecules that you're designed off? I was going to bring you back.

00:33:27 --> 00:33:55

And you know, the famous Hadith where the Prophet SAW Selim and this basically this idea shows at the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. There was a man, a rich man and who died before death just as he was dying. He gathers his children he says, well, hola hola in Kadir, Allahu Allah Jana, you were at the bank near Durban. She didn't. He says if Allah is Able to get ahold of me, he's gonna punish me severely. I've left nothing undone. I've done everything.

00:33:56 --> 00:34:10

So if Allah catches me, he's gonna give me a severe punishment. So what I want you to do is when I die, burn my body, turn it into ashes, and spread it around in the ocean and everywhere.

00:34:12 --> 00:34:22

So he died and his children did that. Then Allah subhanaw taala commanded the earth to bring every part of his body together.

00:34:24 --> 00:34:33

And his body was brought together. Allah brought him back to life and he says, Yeah, Budimir Melaka Allah Massenet. Allah says to him, my seven What made you do what you did?

00:34:34 --> 00:34:35

He says yes, he says,

00:34:37 --> 00:34:39

allow for me to have global chaos. Oh, hopefully.

00:34:41 --> 00:34:42

My fear of you.

00:34:43 --> 00:34:44

My fear of you.

00:34:46 --> 00:34:49

So Allah Subhana Allah because of that funeral law, forgive him.

00:34:50 --> 00:34:59

Allah forgive him. Why? You might say he's done so many sins, but he's done an acts of the heart. He feared

00:35:00 --> 00:35:13

The punishment of Allah subhanaw taala he realized the greatness of Allah Subhan Allah Allah is capable of what? Although there is a faulty understanding in him that if I'm turning to dust and I'm spread around, Allah won't be able to bring me back.

00:35:15 --> 00:35:32

And there are people around that if you make one mistake, they make you feel you're doomed. If we got to the software, you pray the prayer, you made a mistake in that prayer. Amen, you're done, you're finished. Subhanallah see what the problem teaches us and what some people teach us. There's a big difference.

00:35:35 --> 00:35:38

So So Allah is going to bring us back to life.

00:35:39 --> 00:35:46

Your inner demons do don't have to have either couldn't evolve and now what if we are turned into decayed bones?

00:35:48 --> 00:36:04

Paulo to get you then cut off faster, they say if this happens, then we're going to be losers. If we're going to be brought back to life. Definitely we will be losers and that will be the case. That will be the case Allah Allah says in NAMA, he has a gelatin Wahida it's

00:36:06 --> 00:36:23

it will take only one mighty blast, which is when the resin when people are resurrected, that's all it takes. Allah brings humanity brings the creation back to life, that's it, conveyor corn beats to letters B. And they will come back to life. That's all it takes from Allah subhanaw taala.

00:36:25 --> 00:36:34

For either home, bissa healer, you will find them on the face of earth, fire them above the Earth, the clear the obvious, they're not hidden anymore.

00:36:36 --> 00:36:41

And then they have to deal with the consequences. So basically, again, sort of

00:36:43 --> 00:37:17

the, the sequence from solid and number two, this surah is actually quite smooth and swift. So it's still talking about the Day of Judgment person, but now making it more personal as a loss, I'm going to talks about death, and Allah who brings the angels into the picture, just to show as well, that there is beyond what you see with your own eyes. This beyond there's more than more than that to reality. There's more than that reality. Inshallah. Tomorrow, we'll try to finish sorta Nazjatar Allah talks about through our own

00:37:18 --> 00:37:38

and give his example with all the power and the might and the influence he had. Yet Allah subhanaw taala shows how his end was, then Allah will give some sort of an description of the day of judgment as well which is profound, which is profound. So we will deal with that in sha Allah to morrow. We can take one or two questions if there is any.

00:37:41 --> 00:37:44

Have any questions, specifically about these?

00:37:52 --> 00:37:53

Shows being Yeah.

00:37:55 --> 00:37:55


00:38:02 --> 00:38:03


00:38:05 --> 00:38:14

Okay. So that's a good question, actually. So the generally speaking, someone who death is painful regardless. So

00:38:15 --> 00:38:43

comparing the death of a believer to the death of a disbeliever there's a huge difference. Extremely painful. This is much easier. Does this mean that this is going to be pain free? No. It's going to be painless. No, still going to be painful. And this is one of them. Okay, ferrets, you know, the pain a person goes through as they are dying is actually one of the explanations of the sins. One of the reasons Allah sheds away the sins from a person. This is why the prophets of salaam says

00:38:45 --> 00:38:51

in the coma you Aquila ethnonym income, I suffered the pains of death as two of you.

00:38:52 --> 00:38:59

Two of you why something special for the prophets, Allah Salah. So I believe it will go through death

00:39:01 --> 00:39:13

much more easier than a disbeliever nonetheless will still be painful to be and people will be different as well. There are people who just die like that you don't even feel it. They don't probably don't even they themselves don't even feel it.

00:39:15 --> 00:39:28

But even though the believer goes through death, through the pains of death, the angels will descend upon them will give them the good news. So there are narrations that indicate that a person as as they are dying, they actually see their place in paradise.

00:39:29 --> 00:39:32

So that also makes it easier. Yeah.

00:39:36 --> 00:39:47

Any more questions? Okay. Philosopher inshallah we'll meet tomorrow because they love the same time at 745 Docomo here. So lots of the messenger Muhammad William Samuelsson.

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