Mirza Yawar Baig – Lessons from the Anbiya #02 – Adam A.S

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The history and implementation of Islam have been discussed, including the use of the word "arogant," confusion surrounding the use of Allah's name in various media, and the importance of responding to sneeze and giving security to people. The speakers emphasize the need to be mindful of one's actions and avoid sinful behavior. The use of animals as bait and protecting against pathogens is also emphasized.
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Valera haven hamdulillah harrowby alameen wa salatu salam ala

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rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just even considering kasino formado.

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My brothers and sisters, we are on the

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second lesson on a new series called lessons from the vlm salon.

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And we are starting with the first of the year, I am not going to be doing all the ambia in sequence, but we look at most of the all of the ones where Allah subhanaw taala has given us more details about their lives because not all the not the lives of all their lives are given in that much of detail.

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So we will look at those which are given to us in more detail Shall

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we begin with

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the father of them all, our Father,

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the first human being to be created

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and that is otherworldly himself.

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He was the first man

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the first human being and the first Nabhi the first prophet

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of Allah Salaam is obviously very special because that's where the whole story begins.

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We are all the we are all bunny Adam, you all the children of Adam alayhis salaam, and our mother Hawaii Sara.

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Sara is himself one of the major signs of Allah subhanaw taala, one of the major signs of the horror of the power and glory and majesty of Allah subhanaw taala.

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mentioned a very important fact that Allah subhanaw taala created Allah is Salaam with his own hands.

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As I mentioned to you in the last lesson, when we talk about things that relate to Allah subhanaw taala. There are two aspects of them and we are going to see both of them in this story of other Islam.

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That there are things which we say, Allah Subhana

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Allah is hearing Allah See, this is the attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we accept the attributes of Allah subhanaw taala with the understanding that they are attributes in keeping with his glory and majesty.

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Number one, and number two, that about his attributes we do not ask why or how. So when we say when Allah said via de la say that in his hand they say we don't ask what is the hand of Allah look like?

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We do not imagine that Allah has hand has anything, it looks anything like our hand. And we do not try to imagine what Allah hand looks like. If somebody says does Allah have and we say yes. How do you know because Allah said so what does it look like? We don't know. Why don't you know because Allah did tell us as simple as that.

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So even in this case,

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a lot of our data set Haku BIA days. And let's run through that I created him with my hands in the

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eye of Swords Assad, Allah, Allah, ma manaka antas Judah Lima, Allah to be the year as duck Bertha, uncontaminated Lee, Allah said, Oh, goodness, what prevented you from making sujood from prostrating to that, which I created with my hands? Were you arrogant them? Or were you already among the hottie? On the arrogant, so here I'll just rattle as mentioning the issue of having created randomly Salah with his own hands, the hands of Allah subhanaw taala.

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There is another aspect which we will come to in a minute, which is where we ask a lot about that I mentioned something as belonging to him, but not His attributes.

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So we'll come to that. I just want to put a marker there so you can keep this in your mind.

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Now what else did Allah create in the same way with his, with his head

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about me, and others narrated which he is not from Abdullah, Omar Abdullah Juan Omar, that he said that Allah subhanho wa Taala created four things with his hand,

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the throne, the ash, the pen

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column, Jana, and other Melissa

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and then Alice vantara said to the rest of the creation cool, we're cool, Allah said B and it was.

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Now, we come to the second part of what I said about the Salah, when I said that some things are the when something when some things are mentioned as allas with an apostrophe, meaning belonging to Allah, some things are ullas as in belonging to Allah subhanaw taala as his attributes, and there are other things which belong to Allah subhanaw taala as things that he owns, but they are not His attributes, right. So, for example, if you

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if you're listening to me now, and you say, we are listening to this video,

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live in Chevy hours voice, so this voice is my attributes, I am speaking to you and you are listening to that. We listen to my voice, which is my attribute. And then you say this video was recorded on sheffey hours phone. Now the form belongs to me, but it's not my attribute. Right? So if somebody says, Jerry I was voice and gently I was form are both the same thing. They're not one is my attribute, and the other one is not my attribute. It's something other outside of me, but it belongs to me.

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Now this is what we say about the Spirit. And which animal is Allah? Allah subhanaw taala said he fashioned Adam alayhis salam in do proportion. And he blew into him, the soul

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in sort of the sides of that, a lot about Allah

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mentioned this.

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So we say about the spirit that Allah subhanaw taala

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blew into the soul of otherworldly Salaam.

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The same as we say about the house of Allah. In the Quran, Allah mentioned these things by Allah, not Allah, the she camel of

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Allah, the slaves of Allah Rasool Allah, the Messenger of Allah, all of these are created things. And they are mentioned in conjunction with Allah subhanho wa Taala as a way of honoring them, and as a way of showing to whom they belong. Not everything belongs to Allah subhanaw taala. But in certain cases, some things Allah mentioned. And he said, these are mine. And these are that's a way of honoring those things. For example,

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swannanoa z Asara, the Abba de la la mina Merci de la isla Merci de la de Baraka Hola, hola. Norio Minaya Tina inna who was

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the first Ayat of Surah Surah sobre Israel, Abba de Allah said my slave, right his slave Abdi he his slave.

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So a lot of our data is free from all creature attributes. So when we say Allah, Allah subhanaw taala blew into other one is his rule meaning the rule that was created, which belonged as in a position not as in a part

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belongs to Allah subhanaw taala and Allah give this rule and put it into as MLA Salam. And then Alice Rotella also mentioned in the case of Maria when, in the case of Madeira, Salah Krishna, he said he said set up in sort of the meaning of which Allah said the Messiah is the son of Maria was but a messenger of Allah and His word, and his Kalima, which he directed to marry and a rule which was created from him. So the thing is, that is mentioned with Allah's name to honor it, and that does not make it a divine attribute. So otherwise Celebes row is not a part of a life not a diva. It's not a divine attribute of Allah. But it's a divine creation is what Allah created, and blue and

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to admonish Allah. And then, so about albinism zoo, then again, I mentioned as well to the hedger. So when I have fashioned him completely and breathed into him, the soul which I created for him, that is Allah created this whole for other, then fall down prostrating yourselves unto him fall down in such the of dazeem of respect to other Melissa lamb. This was the hokum given to the

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Malaika So as I've, as I mentioned before, my suit, my phone, my car, and so on, it belongs to me, but it's not a part of me. Now other money is another confusion that a lot of others have many of the people of the book, they have this confusion or this alarm. They say that God created man in his own image, meaning in the image of God. So now, they believe that a human being looks like Allah. Now will be like this is the whole confusion and that's why Sistine Chapel for example, you have, of course, we don't accept any of those things. But I'm just just to show you that Michelangelo's famous painting.

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We chose God as a white haired, bearded old man with a big white flowing beard, no, all of this is these are all false imaginations and imaginary things which we do not believe. We believe that Allah subhanaw taala is free from being described by anybody. Allah subhanaw taala has greatness and glory and majesty is such that human human

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faculties cannot encompass that we cannot, we have never seen insha Allah We ask Allah subhanaw taala for his desire for to show us himself when we meet him on the Day of Judgment inshallah. But as of now, we have not seen a lot of anatella nobody has seen a lot of data.

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And that's why I mentioned in the Quran is not for a person to too,

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to see Allah subhanaw taala and a person is like communicates either through ye or from behind the curtain and in other ways that Allah wishes and this communication is not a general communication for everyone. It's only for those who Allah wants to communicate with and those are the animals Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala

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created with someone who say he created other Malays salami in His own image, whose image in the image of other

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other one is around was created in His own image. Now, think about this. Think about it like this. Today at age 64. I look like this, right? So if you say that this is my image, what did I look like when I was born? I look like a piece of meat.

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What did I look like when I was one year old? I was a little one year old, one year old child. What did I look like? When I was 10 years old? What would I look like when I was 15 years old when I was 20 years old. When I was 40 years old. Right?

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Some of you have seen me here in this place when I was 4041. So you saw me in those at that time as well. And I will seek me again. Now when I'm 64.

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There is a change in the way I look. From the day I was born till now. And then will Allah whatever age Allah gives me and whatever I look like that, when I die, I will look different, I will not look the same as I look now with other ones around. This was not the case. Other than his alarm when he was born when he came alive. He looked

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he was in his adult man

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that his image was that of an adult man. Otherwise ROM was never an embryo. He was never a fetus. He was never a child.

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He was never a youth. Otherwise around from day one was an adult. From day one. He was a full made full grown man. Other Melissa was a template of humanity. When I lost my dad I wanted to create human beings. Otherwise, Allah subhanaw taala created every salah and his wife, how are they Salaam and we'll come to that in a minute. Both of them were within course born adults. Neither of them was a baby. Neither of them was an adolescent. Neither one of them was a teenager. Neither of them was you know, 20 and 30. They were they grew the day they were born. They were in their full form,

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fully grown at birth, and doesn't matter I created Adam alayhis salam and his wife, our mother Habana Salam as a template for all of humanity.

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His wife, our mother, hello Ali Salam was created from his rib while he slept. So he was sleeping and Allah

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took a piece of his IP and he created. So now this the creation of these two is also one of the major signs of Allah Spano. Tara's, Allah

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created these two as templates, Allah subhanaw taala created otherwise he said I'm with his own hands. And a lot of shows that in order to create something Allah does not need to follow the rules that he created there after, for example, the rule that he created

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It asked for the rest of humanity after other Melissa Lamanna worry Salah was the rule of procreation of the species, which we know. So you want a child who was getting married and then the your wife gets pregnant and then she has a child. And then Allah subhanaw taala explained to us in the Quran itself, the whole development of the embryo in the

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womb of the mother. And then we are born and then we go through a whole process of growing up and maturing, we get our faculties the faculties mature over time, all of this process happens a lot smarter I created this process. But in the case of actually Sarah showed that he doesn't have to follow this process for Allah tala, whatever he wants, he can create in any way he likes. And in the creation of how is Allah Allah subhanaw taala even remove the necessity of a woman being there in order to give birth. Because who was within courts, the mother of Hawaii, a setup is a man is administer. So when we say Mother is not necessarily in our case, the mother is always a female. But

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in the case of Hawaii, Sarah, and then just using the word mother to illustrate Otherwise, I will not call the mother. I'm just saying that. If the mother is the one that you come out of, then how are they Sam came out of other Melissa lab she didn't God was rumo he didn't know who she came out of his rib, but she came out of his body. So therefore Allah is proving this and that is why when people talked about the creation of Israel is Allah and they said, How is it How can Mariama Salah How can Mary have a baby when she was not married? How can a Salaam have a child when she was not married? And on the basis of this, the some of the evil people of the time they accused her of

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adultery? How do we learn how we learn a lot around that I said that Why are you so amazed that Maria mala Salam had a baby, even though there was no man in Word, because before he said his, Allah had already created otherwordly salaam and Isa is around had no father, Rama no father or mother. So unless vantara is showing us and that is why he said his Salaam is also known as a Ayatollah he's also known as the sign of Allah subhanaw taala because Allah is showing his power and glory and majesty

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otherwise Salaam was created, you know sorcerer Salam said that other one is, was created from

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the soil of every place on Earth. So different places on earth, the last one

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decreed that this soil was brought and it was and that's what Allah made it into clay then he fashioned the body.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala blew the soul into the body. The body is therefore from the earth, it's the materials from the earth and it will return to the earth it will decay and it will become a part of the earth the soul however, does not die the soul is is the secret of life. And the soul is what animates the body it's it what is what gives life to the body

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many of you who have participated participated in

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also have gentle eyes also have dead bodies. And you will will watch for the first time I did that was here in this in is Wm not in SW we did that we did also in the in the funeral by funeral home funeral parlor. But that was the first time I actually built the body. And when I did that, what struck me and the memory of that stays with me is how

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how that person looked? You know, I mean, look as if he was alive. Now he was a person who looked just as he was alive. The only thing was that he was dead because the sun had gone on body. The body was just like that. As it was in his in while he was alive.

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It looked the same it felt the same everything. It's just that the solid beginner so the body now was in what what was was dead. Right? So

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I must therefore say mean that's why about the body Allah said mean hasta la Kanako for free hand or a local woman her no hurry joke on Tara Tanaka. Allah said in toda they're off which means the earth we created you and into it. We shall return

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You and from it we will bring you forth once again. And this is a reminder to us that one day we will meet Allah subhanaw taala We ask Allah to make that the best day of our lives inshallah, when we will meet a lot of adult Allah, other one is alive when the soul was blown into him. So as Sam said anomaly Salam sneezed, and said, Alhamdulillah, Allah subhanaw taala said, yamaka Allah, may Allah have mercy be on you. And so the first thing that was told to other Malays Salaam is that Allah sent His mercy on other ways.

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Now, when he woke up, he sneezed. And he said under a light Allah Allah subhanaw taala inspired him to say that he prays Allah Subhana Allah and Allah subhanaw taala then sent His mercy on him. And this is one of the duties that we as Muslims have on our brothers and sisters, that if somebody says, somebody sneezes, and says, Alhamdulillah we say, your Haleakala and the rule is that if there is a group of us, and if one sneezes, then everyone must say your hakala because that is more mercy that you are sending on that person. On the other hand, if you are a group of people who are sitting and a new person enters and says Salaam Alaikum, it is sufficient for one person to save Arica

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masala, everyone does not have to say that because varrick was Salah is you are giving that person security. And if you are in a group, then one person giving security is tantamount to the whole group giving security to that person. So in terms of

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replying or responding to a sneeze, everyone should respond because that is more RAM as the person is going to get according to the number of people who see amakhala but in terms of giving security, one person security is sufficient because that security implies that this person who's comes in is secure from everyone who is in that group.

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Then a lot of our data set rather than go and greet those angels who are sitting there and say a Salam alikoum to them. So otherwise, he said I went there and he said a Salam allevo and Malika said wailuku Salah, Baraka de la que barakato this also shows us another

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lesson in matters. See this Deen so beautiful. The first thing that otherworldly Salah was taught when he when he gets life is manners is how to greet people. Those are set up set up to Salah. He said spread the Salah. So he goes and says of Salam alikoum to the to the Malaika and the Morocco reply with something which is even better, even more beneficial for him. He said a Salam Arrigo they say wailuku masala, what I heard, he

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said please be on new and safe TV or new and security be on you and a lot of Allah subhanaw taala and his Baraka.

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So it's it's important also that when we respond to salam, we respond to ceram with more than what the person says. And of course I'm the lead those people who are who's who are habituated to starting off itself by saying a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato, then definitely, we must respond with the same which is why it was Sara barra de la vaca. Don't just say welcome, Sarah. That is important. Don't be stingy, with with giving drugs to people that are less right, as a driver, etc. This is your greeting and the greeting of your descendants. May peace be upon you. alayhis salam, right. So this is the

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the story of albinism as he was created. And then a lot in sort of the Baccarat there's a whole series of is where our last one that I mentioned, what happened thereafter,

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I am not reciting the I will just tell you the translation of them.

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Allah subhanaw taala said which means and remember when you're upset to the Malaika to angels, verily I'm going to place

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generation upon generation on earth of mankind. And they said, will you please there in those who will make mischief and who will shed blood while we glorify you with praise and thanks and we sanctify you.

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And last rather as it I know that which you do not know. And then he Allah subhanaw taala taught otherwise he set up all the names of everything. And then he showed them to the angels and he said, Tell me the names of these if you are truthful. There's all Glory to you. We have no knowledge except what You have taught.

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very late is you the all Knower and the all wise, Allahu Allah Al Mallanna Illa Montana, in the gander Aziz Rocky.

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And ultramar does it or Adam, inform them of their names Salas, Rotella give knowledge relevant his era. And then he told him, he then showed some things to the Malaika. And he said, Tell me what these are Malika said we don't know, we only know what You have taught us. And then he told otherwise, I don't know, you tell them, what are these things. And then he informed them of the exam, you know, told us told America what those things were. And Allah then said, Did I not tell you that I know the high in the heavens and the earth, and I know what you reveal and what you have been concealing.

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And then Allah said, and remember when we said to the angels,

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prostrate yourselves make Sousou before Adam, and they made salute except a police. He refused and was proud and was one of the disbelievers and we said oh other dwell you and your wife in Jannah. And both of you eat freely with pleasure and delight of the things they're in as wherever you will, but do not come near this tree and he was shown a tree or you both will be of dissolvable. Now,

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several things to see here. One is the importance of obedience to Allah subhanaw taala. So here is a lot of manual data, telling them I got to make some sort of dazeem to something that Allah had created. Now, before this Malaika we're not told to make sudo of dazeem to anyone or anything in creation, this is the first and only time that they were told to make such draft as he says the of respect to a creator thing. And that created a thing whether the militia, despite the fact that they were never they have never been given this kind of instruction, the malapa immediately followed and obeyed the instruction, whereas a blaze, what did he do? He believes used within courts his logic.

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Now, this is a very important principle that we understand in terms of our religion, which is that in the presence of a text, there is no logic with that does not mean that the text is illogical.

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It means that we give precedence to the text

00:27:41 --> 00:28:07

rather than giving precedence to our logic and our understanding or our conjecture, right, this is the important very important lesson to learn. So when people sometimes you find people with this kind of contrary mentality where they like to argue, and even when they are faced with the ayat of the Quran, or with the say, howdy cirrhosis, Allah is all about you see,

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I don't understand this. And I need to understand before I can accept it, and I will not do this because it doesn't make sense to me. All of these are the actions that shattered it, that abused it, please understand that when you saying something, think about this and say, am I following in the footsteps of Sarah? Or am I following the footsteps of a breeze? So very important for us to do that? So first thing we understand from this word Angel by

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Allah said makes me excited. The mixer they didn't think and they didn't say why is that no no, unless the mixer the mixer

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is on the other hand, he said he did not make sense then I was rather asking why did you not make it he said you can you created it from clay You created me from via an IM Supriya de la Hola Hola. So here is a lesion who is using his own deductive reasoning out of context and that is why please understand Islam does not stop us from using deductive reasoning. Allah does not stop a and Islam does not stop us from using logic. Islam is extremely logical. Islam teaches us teaches us to use logic. But Allah has given us a certain framework for logic Allah has given us a certain format. logic is to be used within that framework. Everything is to be used within a certain framework. And

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Islam teaches us boundaries. For example, expression of love is a good thing, but expression of love out of context, without the boundary can be destructive or harmful. expression of anger is natural and where appropriate, it should be done. But if it is expressed without boundaries, then it causes damage. So therefore, anything that is done without boundaries, Islam is against that Islam says do it or do it

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Given within the boundaries of what has been given to you, and so, therefore Iblees used his logic outside the boundary. So he became a disbeliever.

00:30:13 --> 00:30:38

Then Allah subhanaw taala showed us also the whole issue of otherworldly salovaara Salah, again boundaries, unlike send them into general, enjoy, go live happily, right as long as long as it was the mercy of Allah, Allah eat and drink and you know, be happy in one thing which is that tree, do not go near that tree.

00:30:40 --> 00:31:20

Now again, this is a test of Allah subhanaw taala. Allah did not tell them why they should not go near the tree. I learned in order to explain that to them. And that is why we have to understand this, that this is also part of his lab, which is Savanna water, we hear and we obey, we don't say we hear and if we understand, then we will obey. Take for example, the the hokum that has been given with regard to the prohibition of interest based earnings and businesses. What is the reason that Allah gave for prohibiting it for a private reading and we know the we know the leaves we know all the logic dead, but did Allah subhanaw taala mentioned that in the Quran know, Allah subhanaw taala

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said hello lawful Bear River. Allah says Allah has made trade halal. And Allah has been interest Haram. Why? Because, why? Because why? Because Allah is Allah. Allah can decree whatever he likes, and Allah does not have to explain to you why he decreed that why do we still obey? Do we obey blindly? No, we don't. blindly we obey with logic with reason, what is our logic, our logic is I obey because Allah said, so that is logic.

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That is logic, I have believed in Allah, I believe he is my Creator, my sustainer

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and the one who will take my life and I have to return to Him and I will be held accountable to him, this is my belief. And therefore if he tells me, I believe, and that is the correct logic, there is no logic beyond this logic. And there is not blind belief that is belief with complete and total understanding of who allies. So Allah here is saying, Don't go near that tree. Allah didn't say, Don't go near a tree because of this or that and don't go near that tree because you know, the tree is harmful. Allah say, don't go directly. That's because what must you do?

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Now, this is where Allah said, If you do that, you will be among desirable if you do that, you will be that among the transgressors, because you would have gone against the hokum of Allah subhanaw taala. Now this is the beauty of it, where Allah subhanaw taala is teaching us how we must approach the role of this Dean how it must approach the principle of Islam, which is complete and total obedience to Allah Subhana, Allah subhana wa, tada, I hear and I will be.

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Now we know therefore what happened, which is that after some time, and of course, different people have different different things. Somebody said Rama, Rama lived in China for 100 years and so on, we don't have to go into all the details on that. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter how many years he lived there, whether it was 100 years, 100 seconds, it doesn't matter to us. In any case, please understand that time is a concept of this earth, which depends on the rotation of this earth.

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Where this earth was not there, then applying the concept of time that makes sense to us today, it sort of makes sense. So one at best one can say that when the sorcerer Salaam said or whatever said the other one is Salam stayed there for 100 years he's talking, he is relating it to our time in order to give us some kind of understanding of the duration. But we don't have to go into all that. The basic principle understanding is that we don't ask needless, unnecessary questions, especially we don't ask questions, which have no value or benefit life. If some if you got the exact, absolutely, you can't possibly get it, because what he has ended but if you were able to get the

00:34:19 --> 00:34:29

exact duration of time for which other monies that have stayed in Java, what will you do with it? What what of what uses that? So let's not go into

00:34:30 --> 00:34:34

areas where I always waste time in asking useless questions.

00:34:37 --> 00:34:40

But during that time, why are well Islam was saying that

00:34:42 --> 00:35:00

he believes came to them to animalism arisa and tempted them and he persuaded them to go and eat a fruit of the tree that they had been prohibited from eating evil. He said to them that you know, if you eat that you will become angels and this will happen to them in January.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:03

You will have eternal life and so on so forth. Well,

00:35:04 --> 00:35:29

as a result, I've already had it in life for me, the Lord intended that he's gonna die. Second thing is that, you know, you want to be like an angel, Allah, how long did you want to be like an angel? Allah subhanaw taala created him with his own hands. Allah did not create the angels of his own hands, why would I want to be something which is, you know, not as beautiful and as glorified as something created by Amazon hands. So therefore,

00:35:31 --> 00:35:40

whatever be the reasons, I was there to listen to what the police was telling them, but anyway, please, told them and he tempted them and they ate from that tree.

00:35:42 --> 00:35:55

They ate the fruit of the tree, and that immediately, they became conscious of that, immediately they felt the pain of having disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala. All that happened with it.

00:35:57 --> 00:36:15

We know all of that, but see the response. Now, before this happened, we have seen one way of dealing with disobedience, which is at the time of the creation of Allah, when Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:36:16 --> 00:37:01

gave put the soul into him. And he gave this Hong Kong this order for the Malacca to make such that when a blaze was there and he pleases not among the Molokai breezes a jinn, but at least was there in that congregation of Moloch of angels and the hokum when Allah said make such that Allah did not say only the melodica makes Allah. He said to the Malaika, meaning that whole congregation has emerged. And everybody should have done that he didn't do it. And his reaction was to justify his actions. He did not he did not express regret. He didn't say I'm sorry, I made a mistake. He justified it. He said, No, I am the one who was right meaning now as well as Allah was wrong. He

00:37:01 --> 00:37:20

said, I am the one who was right because I You created me superior and you are asking me to make sense out of something which is inferior meaning what meaning that he's criticizing Allah subhanaw taala the order itself that I request to look at think about our attitude towards the orders of Wallace wattles or

00:37:21 --> 00:38:08

do we accept those orders with complete and total submission as we have been told to do? Or do we take those orders and we try to analyze them and we try to reject them and we try to oppose them which one do we do? Because if we are doing the latter, if you are doing the second one which is trying to justify our disobedience and we are following in the footsteps of shaitan footsteps, we please see what are the Elisa Lam in Hawaii Salaam did they sir Carla? They said robina Salam nanfu sana, we love the hula, our daughter hamdullah learn akuna Minal Casa de they said our up. We have wronged ourselves. They didn't say no, no, no, this was this order of years. They said we have done

00:38:08 --> 00:38:23

our mistake. We have done we have wronged ourselves. And if you don't forgive us, and if you do not best show your mercy on us. We will certainly we mean aloha city, we will certainly be among the losers. My brothers and sisters.

00:38:26 --> 00:38:35

A lot of I know that as mushiya Allah subhanaw taala. The other one is Salam. in Jannah, and Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:38:36 --> 00:38:54

put a lease there. Also Allah allowed him to wait to Jenna. And Allah allowed him to tempt other families, Allah, Allah gave a solemn free will to accept what he believes was telling him or to reject it. Otherwise Salam accepted it, hawala Salam accepted.

00:38:55 --> 00:39:23

So they paid the price of that and therefore this was the training of other Marines Salaam because remember, Allah subhanaw taala did not create otherwise he said, I'm gonna keep you in general Allah, Allah is Allah with the intention of sending you into dunya. And in dunya, Emily's was going to be there, and Allah subhanaw taala wanted to pray, this was like an inoculation. It was like a like a vaccine. So in a vaccine, how does the vaccine work, the vaccine takes the same,

00:39:25 --> 00:39:59

the same djerassi it takes the same pathogen, which gives you the illness, but gives the vaccine gives you that pathogen in a weakened form, so that your body develops resistance to that your body develops antibodies to fight that pathogen. So when you now encounter the pathogen, in full force, your body is already strong and is able to resist that and this is what happened with the police. Allah gave a little inoculation. So animal is a lot more understand them. Understand the reality that he believes is our greatest enemy.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:21

And that we need to fight a police from he was our greatest enemy from day one and therefore we need to fight a police or we would be lost. The second thing is unless Mandela also taught other militia what to do if you make a mistake if you if you commit a sin What must you do? Make is the far Robert has an analysis on our on our tarhana

00:40:23 --> 00:40:28

mega with the complete and total certainty and the courage and

00:40:30 --> 00:40:36

belief in your heart, that Allah subhanaw taala forgives all sins because this is what Allah subhanaw taala said he will do.

00:40:37 --> 00:41:10

Now see this thing as I mentioned before, the difference of the way immediately stefarr is the way of actually Salah when you do that Allah subhanaw taala forgives you. But in the case of English, he said Carla hamanaka Allah does Judah is Mr. Took a loss and asked him what prevented you obese? Why did you not trust it? Carla, Anna Hiraman who helped me Noreen Holloman, he said that I am better than him. You created me from fire. And you created him from

00:41:11 --> 00:41:42

from clay. So insisting on the sin is rar lol Massey. to insist on sin is a reason for through all Fatima in reason for a bad ending. When we die is God's word Allah forgive us who's not Fatima shala. Now, we need to remember that our covenant with Allah Subhana our covenant with the last model data is Allah subhanaw taala asked us this question. So they are seen Allah Maha de la comida Bernice la isla

00:41:44 --> 00:42:22

de lluvia Vani Adama, Allah Buddha shaitan in the whole Acoma do movie, what Annie Rooney has a lot of stuff a lot smarter said design our audience for you. Is that not a promise that was taken from you, that you that you promised or children of other that you should not worship? shatta Verily, He is a plain enemy to you, and that you should worship me and that is a straight path. Shalala Allah, Allah, we bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah, and that we worship only Allah and that we do not worship that we do not disobey Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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00:42:26 --> 00:42:30

I lost my son told us that other ways around

00:42:31 --> 00:42:33

when the time came for him to die.

00:42:35 --> 00:42:57

Other one is that I had given 40 years of his life to go The reason this is a different story. When we come to that adolescent I'm gay 40 years of his life 2008 number when Mullah Omar came to take his life. I don't want to sit on life. Either one is an upset, no, this is not time, you have come too early. I still have 40 years, Malema said you forgot that you gave 40 years

00:42:58 --> 00:43:33

and said Adam, for what so his progeny for it have denied so his progeny tonight. So this is just an interesting fact of harmony surrounded. And then other ways alum soul was taken, he died, the melodica performed the hustle of other research lab. And he's janazah. And he was buried. And this was done by the Malaika. And this will also a lesson for all his family who were there on his children and grandchildren, others whoever were all the descendants of how to deal with

00:43:34 --> 00:43:53

how to deal with that. What are the ways in which what are the last rites they agonized over not enough eternia Hashanah Tavella aka Dr. sardo, can Allah not make this dry receive Allah, grant us good in this world and good in the life to come and keep us safe from suffering in the fire.

00:43:54 --> 00:43:57

Come to the final of our

00:43:58 --> 00:44:40

final point of our lecture and understanding which is the action plan for this and you will see that you have this kind of action sheet in sha Allah. So you have this action sheet, which is just start, stop and continue. So what we must do with this is to reflect and say, What are the actions that I want to start doing? What are the actions that I need to stop doing? And what are the actions that I must continue to do? And that's the purpose of this.

00:44:41 --> 00:44:48

of all these lessons that we remind ourselves of, of what we are

00:44:49 --> 00:45:00

what we are what we have been created for, that we were created in order to obey Allah subhanaw taala we were created in order to live our lives in a way which is

00:45:00 --> 00:45:08

goodwill for us by being obedient to Allah subhanaw taala we learn this from the lives of all the available Salaam but from the life of a salon these are the

00:45:09 --> 00:45:12

these are some of the lessons that we can learn from life.

00:45:13 --> 00:45:20

ask Allah tala to make all of this beneficial for us in order to enable us to live our lives in a way that is pleasing to Allah.

00:45:22 --> 00:45:29

And which is in keeping with the Sunnah of His Habib Muhammad Salallahu alaihe salam, wa salam ala nabina Karim Allah He was a member of

00:45:30 --> 00:45:34

Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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