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Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The host discusses the negative impact of actions on relationships and acknowledges that selfishity is a core part of healthy relationships. They also discuss the concept of happiness and the importance of giving in giving, as well as the concept of a "harvest" fruit that gives pleasure. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding selfish behavior until individuals reach a point where they find their best life.
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one of your friends is in need of help, and you have saved some money to buy your private car. What would you do? Would you keep it for yourself? Or would you do the sacrifice and give it to him? What you should do? We'll find out shortly. So stay tuned.

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Indeed, All praise is due to Allah. We praise Him, we seek his aid, and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves, and the evils of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, non cannabis guide, and whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray, non can guide, and I bear witness that no one has the right to be worshipped, except a law alone who has no partners. And I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant, and His Messenger. Day viewers, I greet you with the greeting of Al Islam. Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to a new episode of your show. For the sake of Allah. Today, we are dealing with a very important characteristic that may

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bring destruction to that beautiful bond of brotherhood. Now Allah subhanaw taala has warned us against that in the Quran. And the messengers alone. It seldom wonders against the in the Sunnah, and through his conduct, and even naturally through the natural disposition. And through people through reason. People know that this thing destroys any relationship no matter how strong it is. We are dealing today with a disease with a tumor that might destroy the bond of brotherhood, the divine bond that Allah has given us as a gift from himself, as we know that the kind of brotherhood that is existed amongst the Muslims and between one another, it doesn't exist anywhere else, because it is a

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gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala given to them on account of their email. Now today we have our brothers, Brother Mohammed and brother Abdul Rahman. Angela, we will discuss the issue and talk about it in detail and see how this illness or this tumor selfishness how it destroys brotherhood so that we can avoid it and understand its harms. And keep away from that. Now brothers salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa.

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We know that selfishness is something that is deep in the soul of human beings.

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Will Allah subhanaw taala says about human beings, what in the holy

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man, in his love for wealth is very severe in that why because man loves his own benefit. It's all about being self centered. Man, it's natural, Allah created human beings with that tendency to seek their own benefit. And the child, once he is born, he always seeks to have the milk and the food because had it not been for this inclination or this disposition, man would die. So in some instances, or at some stages of life, as long as it is kept moderate, and within the limits, it is okay, it is necessary for survival, we need it, because man always seeks his own benefit Allah, it's a gift from Allah. But if we abuse it, and if we exceed the limit, and that, then it is definitely

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going to destroy our bond of brotherhood, the relationships we have with others, and we can see that a lot of the enmity that happens, it emanates in the first place, from selfishness, selfishness, and anyone since we were young, and in school, and dealing with our colleagues and all that the one who had selfishness, who was self centered, people will turn away from him. And we consider this to be an insult or

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something that are calling people names, when you say are selfish, he's selfish. No one wants to be called selfish. So now, let's see how this can affect the Brotherhood and maybe destroy it. And we all had have experiences where we met people and selfishness really destroyed that kind of beautiful relationship. We had. I would like to start, I would like you to start with your contributions to this subject, because no one in our lives in this world except that he had an experience with selfishness, and we must have suffered from that. Maybe I hope none of us was selfish, but maybe you suffered from that. So do you have any experience with selfishness something that

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left a scar in your heart, something that you still can recall until today and look at an impact in your life. A lot of men have actually

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gotten engaged like two years ago. And the woman I got engaged to, even though she used to pray, she used to have religious beliefs. She was very, very self centered. And even, like, herself centeredness, created jealousy.

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And her jealousy even made her backstab me. So that, of course, destroyed the relationship, and it didn't know marriage occurred. So that was, of course, experience for me. So the relationship between you broke because of that selfish? Exactly.

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This is why Oh, yeah, she used to call me selfish.

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Okay, now, the thing with selfishness, you know, any relationship? What is it built upon? Was it built upon?

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Being a selfish person? No, any relationship between two people has to be based upon certain things? Yeah. I mean, how can you build a relationship with someone

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with like, caring and giving very good. So you have to give something, you have to give something from yourself very good. You have to give something from yourself. So it is about giving and taking, giving, it's taking it is something mutual, it can't be one sided. It can't say, Okay, I have a good relationship with this brother. And all the time you're giving him you're sacrificing and you're compromising. And he takes all everything from you and doesn't give you anything back. It doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense. It's based upon any relation is based upon rights, rights and obligations, obligations, there is a balance, this is state of balance, if the balance is broken.

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That's it, it's over. This is what selfishness does, it comes to the core of the relationship, it breaks that balance, we'll remember,

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a long time ago, I had a brother in law, and he had a little bit of God. And he liked it. And I really liked this book that it was like a small, small in size and handy and things like that, and good Oscar. So I gave it to him that day. And till now, he, when we when we meet, we don't meet, we don't meet, meet often now. He tells me about this booklet. And this brings happiness to me. And it's something that very small, but still I gave it away and I liked it and his benefit is giving me inshallah credit shall not be accepted.

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So the secret to that, that was a very good thing that we can elaborate more on, you know, people think, or people are naturally inclined to think that happiness in getting more, the more you get, the more or the happier you become. People have this kind of understanding, and people have no doubt they have certainty about it. But actually, they are saying to,

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you know, researchers in psychology, they have come to the conclusion, although this is known in Islam 1400 years ago, but people came to know about it now, especially people who deal with psychology, they, they say that happiness is in giving. When you give people you tend to be more, more happy or happier, because and you can experience that yourself. If you see a poor person, and he's in need, go and give him a gift. When you see how happy he is that you have

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made, or you have brought happiness to this sad heart, the sad person, you will feel extremely happy, you will be overwhelmed with the happiness that you have in your heart. When you do something good, you feel happiness. And Allah knows that because He created us, and he directed us to this. Now the prophet SAW love.

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He made clear the importance of

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being a way or not to have this kind of selfishness not being self centered, when he said and we all know the Hadith, like hadoken

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nfca, meaning higher, no one of you will truly believe until he loves for his brother the good things that he loves.

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Subhana Subhan Allah the good things he love for himself. So, this is the attitude of the Muslim. It means that if you have to imagine this will be your natural reaction. You will love for your brother, the good things you have you the good things you love for yourself, the good things you love for yourself. So this is what the man necessitates and entails. When you have a man becomes natural. If a person is selfish, what does it indicate? Because there's something with his email. There is something you

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He hasn't really perfected his Eman. And well we can see that clear in the life of the profits or losses. Can you remind us of any things that happened between the companions at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, how they had no selfishness at all, how they and how they strengthened this relationship the Brotherhood they had and how it helped create a better society

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instance when the muhajir owner went to Medina and

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met them and started to give them like sharing the house Mashallah 1002 giving them a merger in airport and the airport and also it's like, giving them the money so that presents a very good base for Mashallah. Not being selfish.

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Man creates a better generation, those people now the Mahajan as you stated the left all their wealth in mech, and they came to my door and thought to the people of Medina. Now as Mohammed told us, that and the LM fall, they will many of them, they were rich, they split their money, they made it into two halves, and the prophets Allah made Elmo hamaca this kind of brotherhood and we will never ever come across a brotherhood of that level is unsurpassed, and witnessed unknown about unheard of example of brotherhood. They demonstrated their emotion and their love

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actually in their life in a tangible way that I had, I have money I'm from Milan saw, the brother came to me from America, the provinces and and made them all had this brotherhood between me and him. Now what happened? They split their money, and I give him half of it. Who would do that today? Who would do that? And I doubt that will really happen. And even some of them some of them they had two wives. And he said to his brother, you look at my wife, you see which one of them you like, Okay, I will divorce her and after her ID that is over after she finishes you can marry him.

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This demonstrate there is love this Well last time I spoke about them the Quran he said

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you know about the people alongside

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Allah unfussy him, well can it be him kasasa they give others precedence over themselves, even though they are in need, if you don't allow for similar kind of beam kasasa then Allah said about them, when you wash your hands.

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The ones who are protected from being self centered from being stingy. Yeah, these are the ones who are mostly home successful. So if we want success, and we want happiness in this life, we have to get rid of this self centered mentality of selfishness. And when we give our brothers and our brothers feel the love we have for themselves. For them our the love and the concern we have for them as we have ourselves. This will bring the hearts closer to one another will strengthen that bond of brotherhood and a large panel to Allah will bless this society and will bless this nation. So this is a beautiful value. We'll elaborate more on that inshallah. We'll try to drag lessons from

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this beautiful attitude, this beautiful characteristic and inshallah see how we can implement it in our lives. So I say inshallah, we will elaborate more in a few minutes and I say to my to our viewers, stay with us, we'll meet shortly inshallah.

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Your brothers and sisters would come to a new edition of escudo.

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Please go ahead. You can read it in Arabic. You can also understand the meaning in your own language, the different atmosphere and interpretation of the meanings of

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all available. Almost every language that exists on earth by the grace of the water of Zamzam is for whatever intention, you think it was solid from Egypt, his father, as the way that he asked about how can you help very,

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very bad or the act of worship is a part of the unity of worship has to be paid for Allah subhanaw taala and in accordance with the guidance of His Prophet sallallahu

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome back. Now we have come to see how selfishness is very likely or has the potential to destroy any strong relationship. And it is the enemy of brotherhood that is an Islam. And we manage to see how the prophets of Allah loving Selim directed us to avoid that, and to love for our brothers, and our sisters, the good things that we love for ourselves. Now, how,

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throughout the daily life, day to day life, we come across situations, have you come across something or some situation that helps you understand how evil selfishness is, and how its opposite to be generous towards the people? how it might help improve that relationship and strengthen it. For example, brotherhood, maybe among the brothers or brother was need something like that. I have something once.

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We didn't have them. Like, we didn't have that much food to share. There was a butter, he was so selfish, so it was eating it. And yeah, and making noises like that he is enjoying it. And he didn't even share. So that made me feel how selfishness could be. Yeah, when I'm when I'm a victim of it. Okay. Did you? Do you feel that this affected the relationship between you and him?

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Actually, I mean, not really, because these pass on I forgot and handle that's a blessing the us as humans, we forget handling less effective the same day. Yeah. You know what happens with selfishness, the problem with selfishness, that it's not sometimes it is, because it becomes manifest in the minor issues, small things, but the problem selfishness that it rose, and sometimes it might become

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a life or death thing, choice. So some people, they choose to sacrifice the benefit of the interest of their brothers for the sake of them getting something small. Sometimes, for example, we can see how all this happened in one battle from the companions. May Allah be pleased with them, that one day during the battle, there were some of them, three of them were wounded. So one had water and wants to give you know, when the person is wounded, he needs water, because he loses blood. So one of them, another companion came in, he saw, so one of them was asking for water, and he was severely wounded. So now, there was another one. Now the companion heard this one asking for water, he came

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to him, and he wanted to give him water. So when he's in that very moment, he was giving him the water. This one was wounded, he had another one who's asking for water, and he was badly wounded. So he said, Give him the water. He needs it more than I do. You see how he man in the heart. And you see that bond, they cared for one another, they were concerned about one another. So he went to the second one. And he gave him what wants to give him water, he had a third one asked him for water. And that one was really badly wounded. So he said, This man needs water more than I do. Give it to him.

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He went to the third one, once he came to him, he found that he had already died. So he went back to the second one. He had already died. He went the first one he had already died. You see how these beautiful examples are? These This is how the companions were because they had a man in the heart. Who was the teacher?

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Have you ever come across something like that personal experience was so personal, but actually, being selfish is like a disease as he said, it was like isolating himself or herself away from the Muslim community, very good shield of your selfishness that you you naturally reject, reject a person who was being selfish. So so so it's like, going away from the Brotherhood. It's not like being in one group, no, you're isolating yourself.

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Maybe within the group, but the group will interact with you.

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Not always taking and that's a good example that you gave, really, when you have selfishness you are shielding yourself with your that self centered and mentality, you really you block yourself from the others. This is a very good thing. And we we could see that why Allah gave ascendancy to the Muslims at the time of the companions, because they implemented this brotherhood. And you see because they had no selfishness. They loved one another. And the Brotherhood became kept growing and growing and becoming stronger. And they had love for one another. Because they were concerned with it. They would give precedence to their brothers over themselves. They were concerned about

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themselves. So I want you to imagine how would you imagine

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the Muslim society if they really managed to get rid of selfishness? I can't say really

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Got rid of selfishness, but just to control it, control it and implement this the guidance of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. In this regard, how could you imagine people would be, there will be more hair more blessings, to share, just the fact that we sharing and we sacrificed and it will implement more,

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more Baraka and more blessing from Allah in the society, that's a really important value in the Muslim society make people also live in happiness. So, Allah, Allah, a lot of other benefits that I can't even talk about this so much, you know, one of the evil things of selfishness is that when you are selfish, you won't care if you cause other people harm. If you benefit yourself, those who steal, will they cause others harm, and they only cause other people's lives sometimes. So in order to get a small benefit, get some little money, those who back by to the same, they want to enjoy themselves. And you know, I'm using the guests and their friends, enjoy the conversation, what while

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you are eating the meat of your brother,

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the panel, and what selfishness leads to more evil, you sometimes people kill others out of selfishness. Exactly. They do that. So selfishness is at the bottom of a lot of evil, to cause people to more evil, because you are you always care about yourself. So this is why Islam came to realize the people have this sense of selfishness and this tendency, you have to control it, it is necessary to a certain extent in order to survive and satisfy your needs. But when it comes to the benefit of the interest of the whole society, you have to be giving, you have to be generous, you have to compromise your own benefit sometimes, and in Islam, with a last minute Allah saying that

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Jihad has been made obligatory upon you, why do you hate it, and sometimes you dislike something or you hated why it is good for you. And Allah is telling us that to be good to the people, to be generous not to be selfish is good for you. And our main concern is about brotherhood now. So if we do away with selfishness, we can maintain good brotherhood. For example, if I have this brotherhood with Abdullah man, and some, for example, some food comes, and I know, the rough man is hungry. And I myself, I need some food. So for example, I take all this food for myself, and the other man doesn't like that. Definitely. He doesn't like it. Yes, of course, because what he's hungry isn't

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eaten all day long. And he feels hungry. And he's waiting for any food to come. I take all that from him away from him. This is not brotherhood. This person was he man good. He doesn't do that. Isn't that true? So the person if he has a man, he doesn't really take the things that his brothers his brothers need and take keep that for himself. He doesn't care about them. For example, now if I say some food comes, and I'm the rough man is hungry. And I'll take all the food for myself. I need some food, but I can share what man I can share. But I take all the food, and I keep man hungry. How would you feel about that? Man, if I, let's say somebody else got myself some tasty food. You

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haven't eaten all day long now. And you're so tired, and you need that food. Somebody takes all of that How would you feel? Would that really affect the kind of brotherhood you have with that brother? I feel that he kind of committed a crime. Okay, so you will forgive that person? Actually what it is, it really affects brotherhood. If you see that your brother is not concerned for you. And he only cares about himself. You can't it's a mutual thing. Brotherhood is a mutual love. You can't really have the same thing towards him. Except out of generosity, but not sharing the same feeling towards him. Okay, now

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what this is a problem Yes.

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What what the like, someone noticed is he has some selfishness in him. So how can we cure itself? Like?

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What's the like? Very important question. Because we said we're human beings, we have this kind of selfish nature. If I find that I am selfish, how can I deal with this situation?

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Okay, with every problem, we have to look for the solution and the Quran and the Sunnah. Now the Prophet Allah Islam tells us,

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no one will truly believe until he loves her for his brother, the things that are the good things that he loves, for himself. Now,

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we will not achieve Eman until we rid ourselves of this problem selfishness. So how could we do that? We could do that. First of reflecting upon the reality of this life. Allah tells us that this life is only Metallica. And Lao is only enjoyment. This life is only enjoy. It's a passing moment. It's a test not lasting. Yeah. And so it's a test. And this is a trial A lot has put this us and ask this disposition.

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towards being concerned with your own benefits and your own interest. It's natural, and it is a test to control it. Now, how can he control that? First of all, you have a man and Allah, that this life is but a test. So it's not about how much you get in this life. But it's about how much you see for yourself on the Day of Judgment. So it's about how much you you give, but how much you give. And when you read this hadith that no one of you will truly believe until he loves for his brothers, the good things that he loves for himself, then, okay, you realize that I have to deal with this problem. First of all, if you have this intention and this desire to solve this problem, this is the

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first step you take it. The second one is that you bear in mind all the time that this life is but a test. And it's about giving. It's about sacrifice. Allah says it has you been asked what your truck or your

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home life don't do, the people think that they will be left alone to say we believe and why they have not been tested yet. You have to be tested. Second thing is to is to see that Allah subhanaw taala, contemplating the verse in

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the believers are brothers to one another. So brother, that means you we share things, and other things as well to read

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the profits of the loading. He went through a lot of harm, a lot of hardship, why? to convey the message to us to make Islam reach us to save the people from the hellfire. monnalisa promiseland sacrificed a lot and he compromised. And he suffered a lot of pain for the sake of saving the people from the hellfire. So you see this, you follow this example. It's in your heart, it moves it drives you to have love for the others and to do sacrifice, you see, and the more you recite the Quran, the more you understand this life and the more you understand that you have to give in order to analyze pleasure. And the last minute Allah says, All the prophets Allah says Allah says in the Hadith or

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policy, he says, even as an unfair, unfair, unfair colleague, or son of Adam, you pay more, you give more to my servants, I will give you more. So you know, the more you give the people will give you so it's soft, it's done overweight now.

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I've heard that from a brother before that he when he wants money, he gives out money. So it comes back to Panama. So this is from Allah subhanaw taala now so inshallah it has become clear to us how selfishness destroys brotherhood, and so we have to do our best to get rid of it. And think, always think put yourself in other people's shoes. Okay. Put yourself in their position at what they need, how do they feel and try to feel that so that you will be inclined more to learn and remember that if you give people Allah will give you inshallah and we make our hearts attached to a loss penalty alone. So inshallah Allah will help us do away with selfishness and to give more for the sake of

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Allah, Allah will give us more in this life and on the Day of Judgment, I hope we have benefited from that I say design luck for your contribution to this beautiful subject, shall Allah and I say to our viewers, is that Camilla hyaluron for bearing with us and listening to us and taking the pains of benefiting inshallah, from this beautiful prophetic etiquette to do away with selfishness. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to benefit us and to bless us all was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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