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The speakers discuss the importance of protecting one another and avoiding evil behavior. They stress the importance of giving advice in a way that is best for everyone and not wasting time. The speakers also emphasize the need to defend one's own property and not let anyone into his brother's life, as it is a situation where his brother's actions cause harm. The importance of protecting one's rights and building a strong community is emphasized.

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You are sitting with your friends and they are speaking ill of another brother who is absent. What would you do? Would you defend him? Or would you take part in that backbiting? What's the right choice to know that stay with us?

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Indeed, All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him, we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves, and the evils of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, non chemists guide and whomsoever a lie leaves to go astray, none can guide and I bear witness that no one has the right to be worshipped except a law alone, who has no partners and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant, and His Messenger j viewers are greet you with the greeting of Al Islam. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to a new episode of your show. For the sake of Allah, we are dealing with the Ways and Means that will help us maintain this

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beautiful treasure that Allah subhanho wa Taala has granted us Allah because of the high position that He has given brotherhood of Islam, brotherhood between the Muslims, Allah has provided us with the means and the ways to maintain this brotherhood and improve it and make it of a better quality so that the Muslims will maintain this mutual love amongst them from the waist to maintain this brotherhood and improve it. And to have more love in the Muslim society and more love amongst the Muslims, more love amongst the members of this great and big family that a last penalty that made us members of is to defend your brother, when your brother is absent and he's being attacked. Somebody

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is has attacked his honor. Somebody has spoken about him. Somebody has said something evil about him as a Muslim who's concerned for his brother, who cares for his fellow Muslim, you should defend your brother and you should always speak the truth. So today in sha Allah, we have our guests Brother Mohammed and brother Abdul Rahman. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. We will discuss this important topic, because today we can see that people have deemed it easy, and they see it as a light thing and as a minor issue, to talk about others and at the time, when backbiting has become the norm. And it's become the thing that people resort to in the settings and in the gatherings. And

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they just talk about other people, this man did this and that and this is the only thing they choose, and they can amuse themselves with what a how La quwata illa. So we will today see insha Allah and try to get the examples and highlight the importance of defending one another. When you are absent, you would like that, if somebody speaks ill about you, that one of your brothers defends you and speaks the truth. So we will say inshallah, from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the high morality and the good character of the Muslim how to behave in situations where people will attack the honor of your fellow Muslim. So now, we know that from Brotherhood is

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to defend your brother when he is around, he's with you. someone tries to oppress him as the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam says, aha, Kabbalah man,

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you champion or you help your brother, whether he's oppressed, or he is an oppressor, he's doing oppression. So the companions when they had this Hadith, they said, okay, we help him when somebody else oppresses him, but how can we help him when he wronged somebody else, but we know that the morality of the Muslim entails that you should, you should not help the one who was doing oppression, but the Prophet sallallahu Sallam clarified the issue. And he said that

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that means if you see him doing wrong, or he's wrong getting somebody else, you prevent him from doing that oppression. So

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when your brother is around, you have to defend him, you have to show him the right way. If he gets off track, you bring him back to the way that Allah subhanaw taala is pleased with. Now, if one of you wants to be in a situation, for example, say Mohammed you are sitting with your friends. And sometimes people have jealousy and they have envy. So they thought, try to back by this person if he's absent. So if you are sitting with your brothers

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And they start talking about somebody else. Maybe this is the truth, maybe it's a lie. So what naturally would would be your your behavior? If this is your brother, your concern for him, I want you to put yourself in that position and tell me what your natural reaction would be in this situation.

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If I see them that they accept advice, it's acceptable by them, I will surely advise them not to go into that issue without the presence of the brother that they want to talk about.

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or also that try to avoid the subject at all and maybe go move on to another topic. But surely, I will go straight into to stopping them from going into an issue of

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saying bad about the brother.

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But biting them. Yes. Okay. What if they carry on? What would you do? Man? Let's say that they're, they're talking about this brother. Okay, he did. He did this and that. And you know, when yesterday when he was in that place, some sometimes people okay, he went to that hotel, and we don't know what things happened there. And you were sitting, and you try to give them advice that brothers This is backbiting we shouldn't be doing that. So they still they carry on doing? What would you? What would be your reaction? For example, if they're my house and they're there for lunch? And they kind of hungry? I'll just bring the food and we'll start start to eat to avoid that. So keep them busy with

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some with Yeah. Okay. What if there's no food anyway? Okay, that's one situation. I mean, how would you behave? Are they still doing the same evil? I'll try to say that he's not he's not present. So better. Stop backstabbing him. Okay, if they carry on doing that, actually, I'll be like, Okay, if it really gets really to the top, I'll just leave. Very good. Bus leave in a nice way. Okay, I gotta go. I have something to do. Very good. You remember when we talked about advice and giving sincere advice. These are brothers. And we are human beings. Sometimes. We have envy, we have jealousy. It's natural. Sometimes we fall into it. Sometimes we bought back by a brother doesn't mean that we are

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evil people. Doesn't mean that someone did something wrong, that he's an evil person. No. means he needs advice. And we should give them advice in a way that is best the way we discussed. When we talked about the advice give it in the way that is best, according to the Sunnah of the prophet SAW love and

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now they refuse and they say, they keep backbiting that brother and speaking ill about him. Allah subhanaw taala describes the believers in social for one, he says, well, leadin Alicia, don't

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worry, the AMA will be lovely maruka Rama, they are the ones who don't witness falsehood. So when it's when something wrong is going on falsehood is being that they don't take part in it. So if you are sitting with a group of people that are backbiting they're speaking ill of another brother who is absent, what you do give them advice in the way that is best. They insist upon that.

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Children brothers, you know, this is a sin, and I fear, the anger of a loss penalty. If I stay with you, I might be included in the punishment if Allah wills to punish you. Um, I feel a loss penalty Allah, so I have to leave. Because this is an evil thing that you are doing. So this is a good thing. Do you know what? Because sometimes people, they don't take lessons from advice if you give it verbally, but if they see that you are getting upset because of that evil, they will rethink, they'll think it over and they will try to rectify the situation. And you shouldn't, at least you shouldn't be there. And I want you to contemplate them. The verse Mohammed, the verse loving Elijah

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do not know why they are not in love with Marvel kerama you know, Maru below? Can you elaborate more on the weather level and how they should do in that verse how they should be kiralama when they do

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love was going away from the right. Right? speech, right conversation, hey, and Mark Roman should be like, going away with pride. And you have to have your head high, and move away from doing something as stray from the path of the sun. Very good. Very good. This gives us

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a new dimension now, Mashallah to this. You see, a level as you said, is to waste your time with speech. That is fruitless. There's no benefit in saying that. For example, you say? And I say, I'll count. Okay, how many flowers around me? Well, that's fruitless. There's nothing, no benefit from this speech. Why do you waste your time usually, it's like you said, Chef, it's, it comes from the desire, or the hate and envy. Usually, that's it but as we said, we have yet we're still human being

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We have just voted that some time or another. Now, this happens, as I said, I level is, is not backbiting backbiting is evil level is less. And it's evil is just speech in which there is no benefit. You're just wasting your time saying nothing, when there's no benefit in this life, and no benefit in the next there's no reward from them. So even this, Allah describes the believers that they turn away from it not at all kerama they go with honor, with an honor and with their pride. We don't we are people of honor and dignity we don't fall into, we don't waste our time with them. So we keep on. So what do you think about backbiting and speaking about your brother? Now,

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if somebody said something evil about you, and you were absent, and you heard that a brother defended you, what would be your reaction Mohammed will actually to be like,

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giving me more confidence in the Brotherhood. And,

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of course, it's something real positive, and it makes my heart feel more love to this brother who will speak the truth about Yeah, and we are discussing the means to strengthen brotherhood. Yes. And it means strengthen brother even happened to me. Yes. Yeah.

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I even misjudged the brother, I thought that he, he will, he will be the backstabber also. But then I heard from people that he also said good about me, and defended me. So that made made us get closer again.

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You see, it strengthens that bond of brotherhood. Yes. Because if I hear, I heard that someone really defended my honor in my absence, I would really appreciate that. And you can feel the honesty from that person. Okay, what makes him defend me? Where does he take part in that backbiting? I can't do that. And so this is some of the fruits that we strengthen this brotherhood, and this is part of our religion. So when you defend your brother,

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and he's absent, and take into consideration that you're doing this for the sake of Allah, not for the sake of him hearing about that. So now he would appreciate me more, some people do that, so that they can add to their credibility, and they can abuse this credibility. No, we're doing it for the sake of Allah. And you don't go next day and go to your brother. Okay. You see, they spoke ill about you, and I defended you. Now, that's not the way that the Muslim should bathe himself. We do this for the sake of Allah, because this is the manners of the Muslim. And you know, Islam and the Muslim character, it builds in the person,

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honesty, the honesty in the person, and it builds in him

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that he doesn't really resort to evil things and the decadent ways of dealing with people, you know, they feel things sometimes, backbiting lying, the Muslim is high above that.

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Islam elevates your character to honorable things and do things and this is why the Muslim naturally defends the honor of his brother. So this is these are some of the benefits that we will get in this life from defending the honor of our brothers, but Allah has prepared great reward for the ones who defend the honor of their brothers we will find out in sha Allah so that we can benefit and our viewers can benefit inshallah, but we will have a short break. So after we will meet inshallah, in a few minutes and I say to my our viewers, stay with us inshallah. After a few minutes, we'll return and see the high merits of defending the honor of our brothers and sisters in Islam. So stay tuned.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome back, you're still watching for the sake of Allah. And we're still discussing the importance of this main principle in Islam defending the honor of your brother, or your sister. Now, we came to know that when ever you defend the honor of your brother, this will cause the Brotherhood to become stronger and better in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. And with regards to the reward that we will get in sha Allah, from Allah, it is immense. But the Prophet sallallahu Sallam warned us against failing to defend your brother, some people think, Okay, I have the choice, either to let the people speaking ill of my brother, or maybe

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some sometimes you have a neighbor, he's your brother. And you see thieves going into his house, they're trying to take his stuff. This is a part of, of defending the honor of your brother or his property. So you have if your brother's absent, it is as if it's your property, it is an obligation that you should defend him, you should protect all his interest as you do to yourself. And we came across the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that no one of you will truly believe, until he loves for his brother, the good things that he loves for himself. So this is how we treat our brothers. The prophet SAW our cell numbers one day, won't the companions against the evil, of

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failing to protect the honor of your brother sometimes, okay, I have some friends, I do some business with them. Now they are speaking ill or they are doing harm to another brother who is absent. Maybe he's present as well. Maybe he's present as well. So, and you say, Okay, if I give them advice, they will give up doing business with me. So this will affect me negatively, this will affect my business. Now you have the choice, either to do the right thing or to do the wrong thing and be inclined more to this life, maintain your your interest or your your benefit in this life, but you sacrifice the Brotherhood. If people do this, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, anyone who

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lets down his brother when his honor on his property is being attacked, he fails to protect him, he lets him down, then Allah will let him down in a time when he needs help. And he needs support.

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We know in Islam I just mentioned Phil Amel. The punishment is in accordance with the evil that you have done. You do evil Allah punishment punish you the same way. And this isn't there this, this also the professor says kemah to Dino to them very What goes around comes around. That's it. That's it, if you do evil, for example, if you deal with rebar, you want money, Allah will take the blessing from your money and you will become a need Subhana Allah. So if you let down your brother, then Allah will let you down. If you want to be safe and the time of hardship, to always defend your brother help him whether he's absent or he is present. And then the profits are low. Selim explained

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the other side, he said and anyone who defends his brother, or the owner of his brother or the the property of his brother when he's in need, then Allah will defend him at a time when he direly needs help and he needs to defend the defense panel. This is from we said it, this thing strengthens brotherhood, and even it helps you at the time of hardship. Furthermore, about that, that one of the great companions narrated from the messengers alone and he said that anyone who defends the honor of his brother, then allow us to save his face from the hellfire. So it's a means to salvation. You see how all the regulations of Islam they protect our life here in this world, and they provide us with

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more credit in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala so brings us closer to paradise brings us closer to the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala. One of the companions when the prophets of Allah said in one day set out to them in the expedition of taboo, he went to find one of the great companions, he remained behind the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he didn't go and he had no excuse Kabak nomadic, His story is well known it was mentioned in salaat October. Now, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was out and he realized that kind of nomadic was missing, he wasn't with him. So he said, What is kind of nomadic? One man said, All messengers will awesome, he's busy with his

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wealth. He's busy with his money. And so he didn't want to come. So out of new job and one of the

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well known companions, he had knowledge. He said, what an evil statement he was saying. He said to that, man, how do you how do you say that about him? You don't know what the situation is.

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He defended his brother at that time, we all must enjoy Villa we only know about cabin, nomadic, all that which is good. So this is the norm. This is the character of the Muslim we defend our brothers, whatever the situation is, they are doing evil. We stop them from that they are being oppressed, then we have to defend them and be on their side. Now, there are many complications to this. But obviously, do you have any questions regarding how to defend your brother sometimes you fall in situations that are tricky actually

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I wanted to ask, sometimes, for example, you can find a brother he's about to get married, and the woman he chooses as his future wife.

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You heard about her stuff. Or you may know bad stuff about her or about her petition. So in this case, is it better? Is it? Is it forbidden? To tell him as to advice? Or, or? Or we shouldn't? That's a very good question. If someone wants to get married, this is something that he This is a person who's taking as a meet as a wife or a husband. And they're supposed to live together for the rest of their lives. So now we we say, now this brother who's getting married, he's your brother, the wife of that the the woman who's taking a marriage is your sister. So now you have brotherhood on both sides. We learned from a previous episode that from the rights of your brothers that you

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give him sincere advice. So now your brother wants to marry a woman or a sister. And we know that the character of that sister, there's something wrong with it. There's something wrong with that sister, she has some bad characteristics, bad traits that will affect the marriage. And that affects her DNA, there is some problem with her Dean, okay, for example, she, she has a problem with establishing the prayer on time, she doesn't pray on time. Or, for example, she doesn't First off, for example, she makes the bottle. Okay, these things now, she's your sister, she has rights upon you, and he's your brother, from the rights upon you to give him sincere advice. So this is not

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backbiting, you have to tell the truth. This is a time when you are considered to be a witness. So you have to tell, but you tell it to the person who's concerned you don't you don't air it, and spread it amongst the people. Now this becomes backbiting. So as becomes can become scandal. So you only give the person who's concerned, if there is something that has to do with marriage, you have to say that it's an obligation. It's not backbiting. And if you are present, then the person actually should tell the person who's concerned. But if you are present, and this advice is being given, then it's not about defending, it's about telling the truth. It's about what about truth,

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like, if it's in the past, and she changed and she became good? Like, in the past? Yeah. And you know that, well, this thing is over with, it has come to an end, she no longer has this problem, then a law in the law, how you and city allies, bashful, and he likes to not to expose the people that sin is between her and Allah. This is our situation is a hammer. Do you have anything to add about this? So I have a question also, what is like, I stand in court. And I was asked about a brother or something like that. So what would be? Now this is the witness in court? Yeah, this is again, on advice, you have to give it you have the rights, because we we said these are rights to

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the general Muslims, all of them are our brothers and sisters, and these are the rights they have upon us. Okay. If the matter is, especially in court, it is a matter of somebody else's right. So you have to give, I have to say the truth, the judge asks you, you have to say that we have to be open about that. It's not backbiting and even if you are sitting in court, you can't say for example, oh, you can't say this, this problem is this and that it is the truth. If it is a lie, then you have to openly declare it and say this person is telling a lie, is my brother we know about him that which is good, just as happened with my dad, when he was with the messengers. That man said to

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him, what he said, Okay, he's busy with his wealth, and he preferred not to come in that expedition. What asset to Him? May Allah be pleased with him, he said, this is an evil statement that he was saying, we know about him to be a righteous person, you know about him to be a righteous person. So now we can see that Islam Mashallah has set the regulations to strengthen this brotherhood. Well, if the people all over the world implements Islam, it would be a completely different world, there will be no oppression, there will be no injustice, be a beautiful world where people love one another. And you can see if you defend, if someone defended me, I would really appreciate that. Because and

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we know this is widespread now among people, and something that as we defend our brothers, something is more deserving of our defense, that we should defend our religion. We can see that Islam is being attacked and opposed. And it's been portrayed as an a religion that incites people or cause people to shedding blood and terrorizing people

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is about fundamentalism. No, we have to defend the religion of Allah subhanaw taala. And the problem now, people are part of it as well. Especially some orientalists they attack the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they said the prophet SAW Selim.

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He had these evil traits and they try to misuse some of the facts. Some of the things that happened the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. It is our obligation to defend the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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He's the one who the most deserves our defense, we should defend them. So we can see that Mashallah Islam is calling us to perfect our brotherhood. And if this really is being this very point is being implemented in our societies, you can imagine that scandal will have no place backbiting will come to a stop, won't be there anymore. And you can imagine such a society where all these high values are widespread, and people acknowledge them. And this causes us as well. When someone is backbiting or speaking ill or attacking the owner of your profit and you defend him. Next time this other brother who was doing that evil who was backbiting the other, he would think it over, he would think

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to himself, why am I doing that evil? Why am I Why don't I take the example of this good brother. And I follow his example. And I, instead of attacking the honor of my brother, I should defend him. You see, this should be the case, have you come across an experience where some of your brothers was attacked, and you saw someone defending him? Or what impact it has on his life, or on their relationally once happened, that I had two brothers, and they both friends of mine, they were even about to fight.

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So I was like, in between of them.

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So hamdulillah and he in the end, I was able to make them get to be friends and get to hamdulillah and they were both backs, stabbing each other. I suppose I was very calm.

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I was trying to listen but at the same time, give advice and hamdulillah you know, you reminded me of a beautiful verse and sort of thought what Allah subhanaw taala says to the prophets of Allah silence will lead a body

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in the shape honor in the Habana home, oh mama say to my servants to say the things that are good. This is why the Muslim should always be good in speech. Because speech is a reflection of what is in his heart. speech is the reflection of our character. So say to my servants to say that which is good. In the shape Bonanza obeyed home. Shaytan is trying his best to create enmity amongst you to destroy this brotherhood. Because it shaytan knows that the strength of the Muslims lies in brotherhood lies in this mutual bond that is firm and strong. And this is the point of strength in the Muslims. shaitaan is trying to break that she is trying to destroy it. So we see when we defend

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our brothers, and we protect their properties and we deal with them. As we deal with ourselves. We like the good things for them as we like for ourselves. This will create a very beautiful society a very strong community, as was at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and we saw what had been done by mail agrees with him did and this is the example we would like to follow. So inshallah we will implement this in our lives and our viewers as well. inshallah, we'll implement that so that we develop a beautiful Muslim society and a strong bond of brotherhood amongst ourselves and inshallah this will lead us to the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala. I have to say to my brothers,

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Jazakallah Hiram, for being with us and for your contributions we say to our viewers, dissolvable O'Hanlon for listening, and May Allah bless us all and make us benefit from the goddess of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I have to say now, Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh