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Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The importance of brotherhood in Islam is highlighted, including the use of caffeine to help people with debt and water use. The speaker emphasizes the importance of truthfulness and patientity in building a peaceful society. The speaker also discusses the importance of maintaining a brotherhood and not criticizing anyone for their opinion. The speaker provides examples of successful actions from the past, including splitting money and giving small amounts of food to guests. The importance of giving money to people in need and not being harsh with them is also emphasized.
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Sincere brotherhood goes beyond the limits of this worldly life. How is that? Stay tuned.

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All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him. We seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evils of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none chemists guide and whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray, non can guide and I bear witness that no one has the right to be worshipped, except Allah alone, who has no partners. And I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger. Dear viewers, I greet you with the greeting of Islam. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh will come to a new episode of your show. For the sake of Allah. I'm your host matassa mad Hamidi. We have the guests with us Brother Mohammed and

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brother Abdul Rahman salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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It has become clear to us how Brotherhood is important in Islam, and that we can find in the Quran and the Sunnah, plenty of rulings and regulations with regard to maintaining brotherhood and making it better, because it is one of the foundations of the Muslim society, actually is the main foundation or one of the main foundations to build a peaceful society that lives in harmony, and peace, and integrity. And now,

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we can see from our lives, what we are observations through that the people with regards to friendship and brotherhood, they are becoming, as we said, more self centered, and it doesn't really have this effect on their lives.

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They care for others, or they are concerned about the tranquility of the others. Life is making us more selfish, we're more self centered. Everyone is minding his own business. Now in the past, we know it wasn't the case. And we came across examples from the Prophet sallahu wa Salaam, his companions, how they dealt with one another, and some of the scholars at our contemporary time.

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We would like to mention more beautiful examples with regards to the etiquettes of brotherhood, how people for example, were truthful to one another, how they helped one another, how they were concerned with one another how they kept the friendship and was one of their main concerns. Now, I recall Hadith from the profits of Lowery within, which mentions a really amazing incident that happened. He said that one day,

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a man asked for his brother some money to lend him some money because he was in need. He said, Give me some money. So I gave him 1000 dinars, 1000 dinars, money, and they set a date where he his brother should pay it back.

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So now he took the money. And the the man who gave him the money in the first place, said to him, I need a witness. I need a witness. So he said, Look, if I believe he either a lot is enough as a witness. So he accepted that. So he said to him, I need a caffeine caffeine means a cosigner, someone. If you feel if you fail to pay off your debt, the caffeine will have to pay that on behalf of you. It's sort of what they call an English cosigner. Now, he said I want like a feed. So he said, What can fabula coffee that was enough as a coffee? So he accepted that you see how it's enough. And now some people when you deal with them, and you say will lie and you are honest, the

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law? Will this is the case they don't accept. But if you say bye, my honor, then okay that they will accept that they will take some solace in the competitive the tambourine about lending money and things like that.

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It's like if you ask the the brother, what do you need the money for? You consider him not

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a good brother like it was put I think, by Ollie signal the lawn that he asked a man asked him if I go and ask a brother for lending me money. So if he tells me what do you need me for? Do I consider him a brother? And he told him man, No, they don't. They had they had a very high level of brotherhood.

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So this now this brother when he this man, he asked his brother for a witness and the caffeine and

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They said, Allah is enough. So he accepted that. And he, they were he went. Now each one of them was living on different side, or different bank of the sea, on different shore. So

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now when the time came for him to pay off his debt, he went to the sea, and he brought the money. And he went to look for a boat, so that it could take him to the other side where he could get to that brother and give him his money. Now we, every day he went, he didn't find any boats. So the time for paying off the debt was imminent. So he didn't find any means to get to him and give him back his money. So he brought a piece of wood, and he made a hole in it. And he put the money there. And he wrote a letter he said to him, You asked me for caffeine. He asked me for a Shaheed and I gave a lot, I said, the last bottle is enough, as a witness, and as a caffeine. And I couldn't get

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any boats. I'm waiting for any boat to come, but I can't find any boats. So I'm, I'm afraid that the date will come and I won't be able to give you the money on that date. So he put the money and he sealed that piece of wood. And he threw it in the sea. And he said, Oh Allah, the man asked me for a witness. And I said, Look, if I believe he didn't, he accepted. And he asked me for caffeine. And I said, Look at fabula he Kafeel, they accepted that. So Allah make this money reaching.

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Now, the other man on the other side, he knew that the time for receiving his money came. So he went out to see if any boats work will come in, and that man was coming on one of them border one of them. So he was waiting, demanded income. So he started getting some food for his house, you know, for the fire,

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some firewood. So he found that piece of wood and he took it with him. At home, he started breaking it. So he found the money and he found the letter, he found a loss who made it goes to him last. But I want you to see that because he gave him a date. He said, I'll pay you the money on that date. He did his best in order to give the money. He was worried concerned about that. And we said this is one of the rights of brotherhood, that you be truthful to your brother. And you you keep your word. When you give him a word, you keep your word.

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Yeah, and this, this is a beautiful example of brotherhood. So he took the money. And he said, I got back my money. Now the other man, he didn't stop at that point. But he kept coming to the sea until he found a boat and he failed to the man again. And he had another 1000 dinars, 1000 dinars. And he said to him, Well, I gave you I mean, he's given Give me my money and this your money, because he thought he didn't get that piece of wood. So he said to him, did you send anything? He said, Yes. He said, Well, I received that what you sent to me, and a lot of autonomy didn't come to me. So does that, go ahead and keep your money for yourself, and Mark along for your honesty, you see, this is a

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good example, for referring back and keeping up the audit. It's really amazing. And we all helped him

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in this miracle way, because he had a pure, pure intention. Does this remind you of something that happened, for example, maybe with one of your friends, how sometimes, for example, I have friends, if you really lent them money, they will give you they'll come back on the same date that you agreed upon, and they will give you the money, they will do anything to get you the money. But some people take that money, and they don't even even show up. And sometimes they see your but they just forget all about it.

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It's not usually the case, but maybe they get a little bit behind in the paying back the money. But still they have to it's an obligation, it's that they have to pay. So it's like, it looks on the face that they're like, maybe they're like having some financial problems. So it shows and you have to be patient with them also the other hand, because that's how it is. But sometimes, like it happened to me once I sold to a brother

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close, and he didn't have that much money. So he didn't like pay the whole price. I didn't mind because he's a brother, and we should be patient on one each other. But he gave me a date. And each time the day comes, He gives me another date. So in the end, it was a little bit annoying, because he wasn't honest. But I there was like a few like

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price, like the price that he had to pay. The rest of the press was like we're getting smaller, so I just forgive him. But it was annoying also. So I we have to be honest with each other. You see a date, even if it's far, no problem to wait. But if we give a word, we respect it. Yeah, we should do that. Because, as you said, it's one of the rights of brotherhood and we should observe this because if I if somebody lends you money and you don't give it back to him, and you you don't keep your word

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It will cause this split between you.

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It will really affect the Brotherhood, because you don't keep your word. That's a big problem. And you will be in destroying your credibility with people. And you will start to have a bad reputation in terms of that some people are really notorious for in terms of borrowing money. So they are known to Oh, people don't lend this person money, because he doesn't give it back. That's a very bad reputation. And the Muslim shouldn't be like that. No, oh, yeah. Because it's other people's right? And if you don't give them back their money, what? What is due to them, then they will take that from you on the Day of Judgment. It's like stealing. Yeah, they will take it, they will take it. And

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a lot of total take from your hessonite. And he will give to them. And if you run out of hazard, it will take off from their sins and put them on you. So it's a serious issue. Isn't that the case? In HUD, you can go to HUD if you have that. It's like, isn't that the basic Well, these collars, they have different regulations with regards to Hajj, if you want to go to Hajj, if you have debt, if you have some kind of arrangement, the scholars say you can go if they say you have to seek the permission of the one who lent you the money, the first please cease has no problem. There's no problem. There are certain regulations or rulings with regards to that we want. We don't want to go

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out of our subjects. But you know, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, that anyone who takes the money of the people who borrows money from people with the intention of not giving it back, then he will come to Allah on the Day of Resurrection as a thief.

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As a thief, you'll reconsider because you take people's money and you don't want to pay back. That's a serious issue. Now,

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we can move to another side or another subject with regards to brotherhood. Another example, as well, is that one day, one of the scholars have the term of a chef and he said, how good a chef he is. how good the character of a chef is. He said, I disagreed with him on on a matter on an issue we had, we didn't really agree on one ruling, because you know, scholars, they have differences sometimes. So after we disagreed on that, he came to me and he took my hand. And he walked me and he said to me,

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Well, we disagreed upon this issue, but can't we be brothers? Can we still be brothers to one another? So it is an important thing. You see, and very good morality. I mean, you disagree with people and this is something we want to learn from, because people today disagree and this causes them enmity. Okay, I follow this ruling, because I'm convinced with the opinion of this scholar, because I see that it is in accordance with the proofs. And another one sees a different opinion. And he has a mean the skills and the knowledge to do that. So it doesn't mean that you have to mean have some kind of enmity or disagreement. Will you disagree, a handle that if it is, it's kind of

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disagreement is accepted? According to the scholars of Islam, it doesn't contradict the Quran and the Sunnah, then this should not break the Brotherhood that we have because we are all upon this path inshallah, leading to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And one of the main things that we need one of the necessary components of our daily life, our law, our way of life as Muslims, is that maintaining this brotherhood and looking after it, and nurturing it. Basically, we take these examples from the early Gianelli generations like what's happened during

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the America time when Yeah, some of the chef students want to pray behind the medic. Can you keep this story because I would like to discuss it. It seems to be

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something that we need to elaborate more on. We'll stop for a few minutes. Come back. Keep your story. inshallah we'll discuss it after we have a short break. I say to our viewers, stay with us. We'll come back shortly.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome back. So Mohammed had a story to tell us

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about the students of the two scholars sheffy and in Melaka. We knew that one group

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says out loud in prayer Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim when they start reading Al Fatiha and during their prayer, and our group. It doesn't it doesn't say the outline, they see they keep it in secret and then they complete the Fatiha. So one group prayed behind the other. The other mm which didn't say Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim up and nothing happened. They accepted it because they respect one another's

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mythology in fact.

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And also, as you mentioned before, the difference between an M batch has been bad and shift abahani. And when they stand up for makua

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one of them puts his hand like this, and the other keeps it on his side. So it's still this differences are accepted the between brothers Yeah, as long as it's away from the presses and our credo for example. hamdulillah Yeah. So So yeah, this kind of difference, as we said, if it's accepted, and the Quran and the Sunnah, and by the scholars of a Sunnah, then we say it shouldn't affect the Brotherhood is still maintained this brotherhood, and we see sometimes some brothers, because they hold on to one opinion, and they consider anyone who opposes them in that opinion, or doesn't agree with them, then he is just they, they cut him off.

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They don't speak to him, and they they perform her job, her job is to cut that person off, will handle what the professor have settled on. And the companions did with the caliber nomadic when he remained behind during the housewife to book. And it has many regulations, many etiquettes and conditions. But these people, especially those who act that way, and they start cutting off brothers, because they disagree with them on one issue. And they make a big thing out of it. These people, they hardly know anything about the etiquettes and the rulings that pertain to,

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to agile or cutting off a brother for some reason. And they cause fitna and they split the brothers and they cause a lot of enmity. So which really weakens the Muslims, yes weakens the Muslims, you can see the Muslims now are busy fighting one another and criticizing one another. Well, if this difference is in terms of al Qaeda, then we have to clarify this because it's the truth. It's about defending the religion. But if, as I said, it's a difference of opinion, and it can be tolerated in the Quran and the Sunnah, and by the scholars of Allison, then we should be tolerant with that, and we should accept our brothers and keep this brotherhood because Brotherhood is part of our

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religions. So we should look after it as well. Yes, it's one of the Yeah, it's an important part of our religion, as I said, of our conduct our character, so it's a very important part of our lives, to keep and maintain this brotherhood as a as part of our religion. So we should observe this inshallah and benefit from these beautiful examples. You know, one beautiful example that I can recall from the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, a man came from the companions, and he was very poor, and he hadn't had food for a few days, he came to the messenger sallallahu sallam, he said to him, on messenger of Allah, I'm poor, and I have no food and I haven't eaten. So the

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messengers will Arsalan asked his wife, do you have any food? And I want you to? I mean, contemplate this point. I mean, the process of them, asked his wife, do you have any food, they said, all of them, they said, We only have water. Imagine the house of the messengers and the law to send them. We only have water, we have no food, nothing to eat, nothing to eat. It's only water that we have. So the professor Sam said to the companions, who can take this guest, and who can entertain him, so and be generous to him? So one of the companions said, I'll do that on messenger of Allah. So he took him to his house, he,

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he said, asked his wife, do we have any food, she said, we only have food for our children. We don't even have food for ourselves, but we have some food for our children. So I said to his wives, look at this brother because they really, they understood the meaning of brotherhood, and that it is a valuable thing in Islam, that when you help you brother, it can imagine the reward you have because they had love for one another. They mean, they cared for one another because they know that if we achieve this love, we will have the love of Allah subhana wa tada and we will be in the shade of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will cause us to enter Paradise. When we achieve this love, we will have

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more a man in our hearts. So he said to his wife, try to make your children sleep. I mean, tell them a story or just keep them busy away from food and make them sleep. And she made them sleep. And they brought he brought the food and he sat down with the guest. And he said to her, turn off the light. There was no light so that he the guests

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think that they are eating with him. They he pretended that he was eating with his guests, but he wasn't. And he kept the food for his guests. You see, this is one of the highest human. It's one of the highest levels of brotherhood, which is to give him precedence over yourself. And ITAR is one of the highest levels of brotherhood. Although you need the food, you had no food for yourself, no food for your wife, and you had the food for your children, but you kept it for you, guests. Imagine if the Muslims behave this way towards one another today, instead of looking down upon others, and mistreating others abusing us, you see, this is why they were the best generation and the best

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nation ever brought forth for mankind. That reminds me also the story of I showed Ilana because we always give examples about companions, the male ones so you should be aware that sisters are watching this. So when the door

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I showed the lighthouse not. And she was asked for food. And there was like, nothing there, but very little food that was going to she was going to break her first whip. And then she was asked,

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there is no there is no other food that you're going to bear breakfast with. So she just automatically just gave the food away to the Oscar. And, and and stayed there home. And a matter of time came. And there was like another sheep coming up the whole door. Whole sheep show. So she gave away a quite a small amount of food. And Allah subhanaw taala returned the whole amount to the Suppan. Yeah, I know, it's good that you mentioned this example because action itself may Allah be pleased with

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one day, some money came to her from her nephew. That was a lot of money, quite a lot of money, big amounts of money. So she called her

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one of her friends, one of her close friends. One of what's called a karumba, her name, maybe another sister, one of her sisters in Islam. So she started splitting the money and giving people as they say, left and right giving people everywhere, send this to that house in this amount of money to that house. And when she was fasting in that day, when matter of time came. Now all the money was given to people she had nothing left. Literally nothing left. So she said to her mate, or to her mate, bring us some food. So I can break my fasts. So she brought her some

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olive oil, and some bread. That was the only thing she had. So her friend said to her, you should have kept some money for yourself to break your fast with just buy it just buy some meat and maybe I mean breaking fossils that said, Well, don't be harsh with me. Don't be harsh with me. If you had told me I would have done that. But hamdulillah keep the money out. You see, I mean, these people they didn't really they didn't pay attention. I mean, they weren't after money, they went off to wealth because it came to them. But imagine if that amount of money came to any one of us, they will stop thinking I would buy this or buy that and have to spend that money. Imagine what that that was

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the reaction.

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straightaway, the natural reaction, just give the money to the poor people start distorting it. So they really achieved and they realized, what isn't what this what the sooner they listen just lies in behavioral reality that was turned into a reality not only in words, because actions speak louder than words. So this is why these are beautiful examples that we can remember. Younger brother always says, If I'm in need of money, I give out money. And then a letter holds me back with more money.

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This is trust in Allah. Yeah. It is out of love that you give to the people give to your fellow Muslims. Man, have you seen any examples? Maybe in our contemporary times? Sometimes still, you have good people, and they really give out of their money of the wealth, even though sometimes they need. Can you recall an example of a brother maybe it's a little thing that he gave maybe just one day, maybe a loaf of bread? That's if that's the only thing you have. This is a precious thing. Can you recall something? examples of brothers or sisters who were really, I mean, in any form of brotherhood, I mean, maybe tolerance, forgiveness,

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giving from themselves for the people. hamdulillah I recall once

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me and my mom and some of my brothers, we were invited at this brother's house and he didn't have that much food, like the food he had.

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Maybe you know for us

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Not for him.

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So, he made us eat. And, and he told us that he ate even though he didn't eat. And I got I knew that from him later on. So Mashallah, that was a really good act to, to how to treat the guests in that way and, and he didn't tell us also so that we don't feel bad we don't be like no you have to eat No, he was like, I just ate Yeah, you just eat Mashallah, so this like the story you tell the truth about food, we have a break about the Sahaba who had the other Sahaba in his house, do not like yeah, so we can still achieve this level inshallah. So we are sincere to Allah, we can still achieve that. And we can realize it really. So we shouldn't belittle ourselves, we can achieve something.

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And if we abide by the Quran and the Sunnah, for the example of all prophets or loans and his companions, we can give good examples to the rest of the people. So sometimes we complain about the state of the Muslims, and all the Muslims, you know, they don't really realize what Brotherhood is, they don't appreciate their religion. So we can actually do that through our example we should give to other people by our through example, for all behavior. So we show them and we make it very clear to everyone that this is the Muslim character, and we can teach the rest of the world about Islam through that, because when was you know how Islam spread? We know our spread in South East Asia.

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Yes. Well, it's spread through traders or businessmen, they went and made business when they saw the honesty, and the truthfulness and the good stomach manners. They came into Islam, no army reached these lands, Indonesia, Malaysia, no Muslim army reach these lands. So it's all through our example. It's reached the minds and the hearts. So inshallah we will we will try to be good examples, like the people who came before us and demonstrate to the people make it clear to them what Islam really is, what is the home for your contributions, and I say to our viewers, to Zack, lock him for being with us, may Allah bless us all and make us benefit from these stories and inshallah we will take

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this example and all these examples and implement them in our daily life, so that we become a good and honorable representation of Islam

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was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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