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If you do something good, someone approaches you and says, You are wrong. Do you consider this to be a slide to self esteem? If this is the case, then stay tuned.

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All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him, we seek his aid, and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves, and the evils of our actions. home so of Allah guides, non chemists guide and whomsoever llamas, guides, none can guide and I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah alone, who has no partners and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger. JV was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to a new episode of your show. For the sake of Allah, I am your host matassa Mel Hamidi. Today we have with us the brothers, Brother Mohammed, and brother Abdul Rahman, Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi

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Okay, we have today, one etiquette, one of the characteristics of the Muslim character. And it's something that I can say, you can only find in its purest form within a good Muslim character, which is humbleness. humbleness, is something that is Associate associated with Islam, and with the character of the Muslim is part of an Islam toward humbleness. So Islam is against arrogance. Islam is against looking down upon people, because Islam wants the people to be the brother of one another, and to be like one family, and we know that this can be achieved when one has humbleness, and a feeling of humility in himself. So we first humble ourselves to Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah,

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then we humble ourselves in front of the rest of the people, when we deal with them, we are humble and not arrogant.

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What do you think are the aspects that we can see people like Miss Abdul Rahman Have you? Do you see certain aspects or your observation with how people behave? Or some science, some signs of lack of humbleness

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that are common among the people? Yeah, they're usually when there's a lack of humbleness, find people to stubborn, they wish they could refuse advice. They, they may think that other races or other people or are inferior, just because of the way he looks, or his race or his position in the society, then that's usually what will we find in people that has a lack of humbleness? Okay. And it has it? Have you ever come across something? Or have you ever been in a situation where you feel that you are humble, but somebody tells you that? Oh, you are you seem to be arrogant? Have you come across them?

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hamdulillah not yet.

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But you actually

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true about saying that? It is happening? And it exists? people not acting in a humble way

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throughout the Muslim society, which is unfortunately, bad.

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thing to show? Yeah. So

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doing it, I don't know if it's like something within the the nature of the man, the human being or,

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or it isn't, it's like, you know, there is something that might make it easier for us to understand what humbleness is, what is the opposite of humbleness? stubbornness and arrogance.

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Okay, how did the Messenger of Allah define arrogance? It is

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rejecting the truth and looking down upon people, rejecting the truth and looking down upon people. So those who reject the truth, those who reject the religion of Islam when it comes to them, okay, they have kibble in them, they have arrogance. They rejected the truth when it has become clear to them. This condition. Some people say okay, this person leaves a very good life, and he's an honorable person, and he is very humble is very good to the poor.

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And he has good very good manners. And he's leading a good life would he really go to the Hellfire because he didn't believe in Islam and he doesn't worship Allah. When we say he will, you are saying he's humble, that's not the that's not the case, we have to look at things with a holistic perspective.

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A person rejects the truth, you reject the religion, you will, you will reject your Creator, who gave you everything that you enjoy in this life, He created you in the first place he gave you life, he gave you all your senses, your sight, all the systems that you have in your body, he gave you the sense of smell, the sense of taste, he gave you family, he gave you all the wealth that you have. And then you turn away from him. And you say you're a humble person. I don't see any humbleness in that.

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That's it, this is this is what it is. This is why el kebir or arrogance is to reject the truth is to reject the truth. Now we can now I think, now we know what humbleness and Terada is that first of all, you accept the truth, you accept the truth is the first thing in humbleness. So you acknowledge your Creator, you are grateful towards him, and you follow the guidance that he sent to you. If you do that hamdulillah you achieved humbleness?

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all Muslims and hamdulillah inshallah, as they accept this, yeah, I'm doing what remains. And we have a lot of problem. And the other side, which is the and the arrogance is to look down upon people. Well, this is where the arrogance shows more, shows more and mainly those who are not grateful to Allah, they reject the truth. They won't be quick to the people generally, that there has to be some exceptions. But what we mean is that generally, the one who rejects the truth, if he's not acknowledging all the favors that Allah has given him, I wasn't going to be good to the people. Anyway. So So humbleness is recommended in the Quran and the Sunnah Allah subhanaw. taala

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describes the believers in the Quran. And he says, I will let him ultimate meaning as such an L Catherine.

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With the believers, they are humble.

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They have humility when they deal with their fellow Muslims, they respect them. And the law says to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam waffle Jenna hackling momineen be easygoing with the believers show them mercy. This is how we should be so one another. But Allah described them as there is a balance. The other side is what is the total caffeine when it comes to the disbelievers who oppose the religion of Islam. They have honor. And they have I mean, there is a tendency that Allah gave them because of their religion by means of their religion. It is this ascendancy. So this is a balance in the character of the believer. But what do we see today? Do we see this? Oh, we see the opposite

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kind of the opposite. And you see,

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actually, you can say that some people don't tend to follow in Muslim. Because cars because they see that like, it's like, not

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in a certain way. Good mascot to be.

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to that level, yeah.

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kind of

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have to pray in the masjid. That has a nice decoration, nice color windows.

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Nice people's.

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Basically, to contact to, to pray to Allah and to reach Allah. You don't even need something that is prestigious. You could pray anywhere.

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To Allah. You shouldn't be looking at these things. Actually, these are your fellow Muslims. These are your brothers. But we can exclude from that some people come to the message with a very bad smell. Yeah, well, this is not from arrogance, if you don't feel like bringing next to this man because he won't have to shorten your prayer. Yeah, True. True. Yeah. Through Of course, some people come with really a very bad smell. For example, their socks smell really bad. Or you can smell their sweat. We say not only

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will you consume kind of most people that don't mask it, mainly because of that reason.

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Like a bad smell from people yeah, Muslims should observe this. cleanliness and hygiene that a Lost Planet Allah has commanded us when and when you come to the masjid, you should come with a good smell because the prophet SAW Allah said and prevented the one who has eaten garlic or onions from coming to the masjid. Why? Because he would hurt the Muslims and he would hurt the angels as well. So what about the smell is even maybe worse, the smell of sweat or the smell of the shock. So the Muslim is a clean person, and Islam encourages cleanliness. So arrogance is as we see the shear in this aspect. Some people say oh, this mustard is for the poor people. It's not for me, is arrogance.

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The Muslim is not like that.

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Even when we deal with our brothers, what we see today is that everything that comes to us from the west, for example, is superior. And if we see a foreigner, we respect him, we are hospitable towards him. And we deal with him in a very good way. And you can see that but if you see someone from your country, from a Muslim country,

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he really spent away from that person. And if you look down upon him, why is that? I tell you, this is a psychological defeat, this person is defeated from inside, is defeated by the enemies of Islam, he feels they are superior, but a Muslim.

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Well, he is nothing for him is just like an insect.

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Whereas the Muslim he has the honor of Islam, the ascendancy of Allah granted Islam and this high, I mean, self esteem and not in self not in oneself or when one's own merits, but in the religion of Islam and in accepting the truth from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, so we should humble ourselves towards our fellow Muslims, with them with the respect, even if they are poor, the profits are low, and it was seldom, there was a woman with a problem. She wasn't really all right in her mind. She had a psychological problem One day, she said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, well, I need you with something or Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. Imagine she's a woman who can say she was a

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bit mad. Okay, so the prophets of Salaam went along with her. And he said to her, what do you want?

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I'll help you. I was mean, anything you need, I will help you achieve them. This is the messenger sallallahu sallam. This is a woman who can say crazy. Sometimes you see some lunatic person walk in the street, you turn away from that, but the prophet SAW some respected them. So you see how beautiful that character with the profit or loss and

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humbleness but the problem now we look down upon people because of their status, or because of their financial situation. They are poor look down upon them. And the person usually people will even be ashamed to talk or walk with them so that people don't say, Oh, look at him. He's walking was a crazy person. And the prophet SAW Suddenly, he went right away went with the woman.

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Yes, see the humbleness. Sometimes you see this is a poor person. Well, I don't think he's the same level as me. I must be my friend to be my companion with Allah subhanaw taala says in karma and the lion. Well, the most honorable amongst you is the most righteous is the best in terms of this is the criteria for the Muslim. It is not about really money about status or about which family you come from.

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So it is about

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religion and the prophet SAW Selim said, there is no favor or no precedence for the white view of the black or the Arab over the red over the white is not about color. But it is about taqwa. It's about religion, but piety and righteousness. The more righteous the person is, the more he's deserving of our respect, and our love. So, this is what we want to do. And this how we have to understand humbleness, so we shouldn't look down upon people in shallow, shallow we will talk more about this beautiful aspect, it's beautiful epistemic characteristic. So inshallah we'll meet in a few minutes and I say to our viewers, stay with us, we'll meet shortly inshallah.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome back, you're still watching for the sake of Allah. Now, we see that humbleness is a very important aspect of the religion of Islam. And it is a beautiful thing to have in society from individuals and it will increase love. When the brother sees that you are humble You don't look down upon Him, He will appreciate that. No one would like to be looked down upon.

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Because everyone would love to be appreciated. This is human nature. And it is a right for every human being, to be able to to maintain his honor and his dignity and his self esteem is one of the rights that Islam has granted individuals. Now. Let's see how. For example, they have an examples how the companions will are seldom are the companions peace. May the lobby pleased with them, or the Prophet sallallahu Sallam they were humble the word

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They conducted themselves

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to have an aspect of that.

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Maybe about

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Bilal valaria, because

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they had these traditions that black people are,

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are kind of inferior, and they're just to be slaves. And Bilal, when Islam came, it made him one one of the one of the like the Masters in Islam.

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so he was given a high position, actually, Islam is not about racism, there's no place for racism, there's no racism. And there's no stubbornness, because of just the difference in the color.

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That's a very good example. So we see how the companions took blood as one of their brothers. There was nothing about superiority or inferiority, but there was humbleness to one another, because they had real love. So when the brother sees that you are humble, who would appreciate that do you would like to be in your company? You know, because I feel comfortable with you. You don't look down upon others. I feel comfortable. If someone looks down upon others, no one really likes to be with him. So this is a very beautiful aspect. We know the Prophet sallallahu Sallam one day a man said to him, and he said, Yeah, you're all very Yeah. Yeah, Mohammed, you are the best of all, creation. So

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Mohammed Salah, out of humbleness, you see a gentleman he said, that was brought him and he said,

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that was Abraham. He said, he didn't say to the man didn't say this. I didn't say that. No, the man came to me said, Oh, Mohammed, the best of creation, said that was Ibrahim.

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See the humbleness? Well, they could have said, Well, that's true. But he said that was Ibrahim you see the humbleness?

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Because they weren't after status. They went after people's praise. They just wanted the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala. They had love for one another. Everyone was humbled if everyone humbles himself. Can you imagine what society we would have? It's an aspect of accepting Islam. And in Islam, you have to be humble. You have to accept all other people. It's so simple. It doesn't have to be a color race. Anything is accepted. Since you entered Islam. So yeah, you know, what about some people have this aspect.

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When children approach them and they play with him, sometimes you're in your friend's house, your brother's house, children come some people, they consider that they are, no, they're belittling, or they are stooping to a lower level, when they play with children when they, you know, deal with children speak to them. What do you think of this? Have you noticed that that's true, because

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this is part of socializing the kids you have to sometimes get go to the state of mind, now be a baby or something, but go to their state of mind. To to create love, so that afterwards when you tell them, okay, now we play, let's go and pray to listen to like, they will be like, Okay, if you're rude to them, Go play there. And you should the bowl. Come on, just

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so it's really important. So

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teach them some things in Islam to

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play with them and

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kind of be like them in the same time teach them yeah, you know, that. Some people wouldn't. Our days, when they pass by children, they don't give them selam because these are children.

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They don't want to look bad, and I'm giving them to children. Oh,

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well, I'm the same mentality. Some people have this attitude. But the Prophet sallallahu Sallam whenever he passed by some children are young says he would say a Salam Alikum.

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That's humbleness, even join them as low as 11 playing games. I recall an incident that he was passing by two kids, and they were they made themselves two groups, and they were fighting each other with like wooden swords and things like that. And then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam started to play with them. So the other group said, No, we won't play we won't fight against the enemies ourselves. So it's like

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it's from his humbleness. Yes. See how beautiful this character is. And people now? Well, I can say some orientalist. And unfortunately, some people who ascribe themselves to Islam, they attack the personality of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he say he was he was a man after what what did shed blood he was waging war and he was different aspects, social aspects as well. So some kind of love because they don't really realize the beauty of this beautiful personality of this character follows him with all his humbleness and the beautiful character he had. He even won

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One day the sun lamp and subdue Malik the Prophet servant.

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He had a little child, a little brother, a very another child. So the prophet SAW them every time he saw me would say to him, yeah, but Oh my, my father was sort of playing with him, giving him a nickname. My, what did the small bird do? It just playing with him. You see, this guy says this

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is historian, an unbeliever big historian forgot his name. He said that the Prophet sallallahu

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is known as the best leader in the whole history.

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Because he came and he changed a whole nation and he changed the world and Islam to now is the fastest growing religion on earth till now. And even after 911 standard 2 million Americans converted to Islam national. So yeah, you know, the professor Sam directed us to the beauty of humbleness, and to the evil of arrogance when he said that Allah has revealed to me or your Lord has revealed to me that be humble, and do not have pride over one another.

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So Allah subhanaw taala, set to the prophet SAW Selim to tell us that be humble, do not have pride of one another, do not look down upon one another this from the mercy of Allah Islam, and that he revealed no one should oppress,

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oh, you should not oppress one another. These are beautiful, mean beautiful characteristics in the Muslim character. And the prophets. Allah silence was one day that he said that no money will decrease out of charity. When you give charity Some people say, okay, that's some of my money is is taken away. But Allah through his promises, and then in the Hadith makes it clear that no money will decrease out of giving charity alone, increase it, allow us to bless it, and give it more. And he said in the same Hadith, that anyone, anyone who raises himself up and looks down upon the people that Allah would put him down.

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For, for example, if someone

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is butter acts stubborn towards him, or

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he does the cupboard. How would he face this combo? Because also Islam requires that we are strong and we don't we're not weak, if any? Yeah. Do you base stubbornness from towards someone else? Yeah, he is your brother festival? Okay. I mean, is it blood brother, or another brother, Muslim brother, still, you should have love for him. And be easy with him, because he's a Muslim, but he still has some problems. And you can deal with that in sha Allah, through kindness, through sincere advice, through love, through love, but when there is a disbeliever he opposes Islam, the truth has reached him. He rejects that and he wants to destroy this religion. Then you deal there with your pride, the

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pride of the Muslim not arrogance, but it's pride of the Muslim because the truth is, and Abu Jana, one of the companions in the Battle of butter, he was walking in, he was touching actually, and in a very way, in a way showing the pride and strength and the prophet SAW Selim looked at him and he said, Allah hates that way of walking, except in this situation, are you are facing the disbelievers. So we should show our pride our honor that Allah has given us and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam with regards to tomato and humbleness. He said, anyone who humbles himself for the sake of Allah, Allah will elevate him and will raise his position.

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Subhana Allah, you see how a lot of words people, those who want high status, mainly they look down upon others, Allah would give them the opposite, but those who humble themselves, and they respect people, and they humble themselves, they are the ones whom Allah will raise up and give them high position is a beautiful thing. So it's a beautiful thing, and humbleness. It covers all aspects of our lives. You can be humble to your family, to children to your wife, some people are so arrogant, they really deal with their wives in a very bad way.

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You should Humble yourself and respect to your wife. And the best example for us. The way the Prophet sallallahu wasallam dealt with his wives is to respect them and and really give them I mean, give them very good, very good feeling the way he dealt with them. They would feel good about themselves. This is how it should be nowadays. It happens a lot.

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To be like she's a woman. How could you talk to me like that? I'm a man. I'm superior. Yeah, so this mentality is not there in Islam. It's not there in a standard. Although people say that Islam oppresses women and men, they abuse women in Islam, but we know that from reality there's no Islam that this is not true. This is a

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took a verses from his words to

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me just being accepted.

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of Islam, to brainwash,

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the bad. And sometimes it is the culture, people's culture and people, our people think this is Islam but it's people's culture. People call people culture. Yeah. So now we see how this humbleness brings the hearts together, real humble people would, they will like you. But if you're arrogant people turn away from you, as simple as that. So this is why humbleness strengthens this brotherhood. And it brings the mean the members of this great family, the Muslim family all together to love one another. And look after one another. And panel is a beautiful aspect of STEM. And we should have this as the one who deserves to be I mean, to really have all pride is humbled.

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So why is it people he was the most humble of people, and now people come today, and they have all this arrogance, and they have this attitude towards people. And maybe they used to be poor, now they became rich, they look down upon people shouldn't be the way the manners of the Muslim are derived from the Quran and the Sunnah and the example of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So this is what humbleness is, this is what the religion of Islam is. And humbleness as we said, at the very beginning is accept the truth. Humble yourself. accept the truth. Don't be arrogant and stubborn. Don't be adamant is accept the truth and follow the guidance inshallah you will earn the pleasure of

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Allah subhanho wa Taala. So I hope we really benefited from this beautiful trade beautiful characteristic, I will try to implement it and benefit from this why our show has come to existence is to use it and benefit from it and implement it in sha Allah. So I say just for being with us, and May Allah bless us all and they say to our viewers, desire como la hieron Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh