Yaser Birjas – The Obligation Of Charity Upon Every Muslim

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The concept of charity is not just a financial obligation, but also an obligation upon every human being. It is crucial to offer basic and physical help to those in need, avoiding overwhelming expectations and not giving charity to others. The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding overwhelming expectations and not giving charity to others, as it is not just a financial obligation.
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Have you given charity today?

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Not everybody said yes.

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Don't you have to give a charity every single day?

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Say, you have to that means an obligation or you have to that means it's an instruction is an invitation. Obviously, it's an invitation to give, however,

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cannot in the principle of giving every single day that's just like an obligation, and is the evidence for it. But the question What kind of charity should you give? What if I don't have money today? And I didn't have cash. So what do I do in this case?

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Let's see what the professor assumption. And this had and that's the last chapter Ross had it in the chapter of an electron cutter, which means the many ways of doing good deeds calima nagahama, allowed r1 a b musar. The Allahu taala nwaba. And de Sala Allah wa salam o call Allah Kula, Muslim and sadaqa. The Messenger of Allah Salah Sam said here, giving the charity is an obligation upon every Muslim with means in terms of principle, the giving of charity, in terms of principle, is an obligation for every Muslim. But now what kind of clarity? That's when you have the variety? So that no one would say, Sure. I mean, I thought that obligation is Givens.

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Yeah, that's not the financial obligation. But giving in charity is much more than just giving money.

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So in principle, being charitable is an obligation. Did you guys hear that?

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Being charitable is an obligation. So it's kind of charity does it only just involves money and giving cash Not at all. So the messenger Salam says here, Allah Kula Muslim in South Africa, is every single day, it's an obligation upon every Muslim to give something in charity. Kala is a lineage obviously some of the Sahaba they got confused because that's what we understand. When we talk about charity. We think of what money the Prophet salla semi wants to change the people's mindset does. Creating a paradigm shift away.

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He will always think of dichotomy comes to charity I have I don't have so the professor is now making it broader a little bit. So this has gone awry. Tell me. What if he doesn't have anything? Like they don't have money? Now the profit is expanding the meaning of charity for them? For Carlos sallallahu wasallam. Yeah, I'm a big fan. Fair enough. So

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if this is the case, that this person, do a labor job means work with us and

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he benefits Cash Money earning, and part of that money can give for sure. Like we don't have right now. Go find a job.

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Do some, you know, labor work, day work, and then get some cash you can give some of this and charity and others keep it for yourself. Carla right LMS data? Now the obvious question after that someone would say out of sort of law, what if I couldn't do that?

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Like I'm too old and too preoccupied. I'm not for that thing. whatever reasons that people they might give or excuse they give that they can't even work with their hands to give to get money so they can give some charity for Karla salatu salam, your angels, Alhaji Tillman, if you couldn't do it yourself, then you're in with alhaja Tillman Who? Then let him assist the needy. Let him assess the needy and mal hoof which means is the one who's suffering is basically in, in great suffering and need life What?

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Give me an example of someone who has an excessive need that you can have like what

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about someone wants to move their their furniture

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and there's no one around him. So he calls her Hey, guys, do you have some time, you know, you could spare 30 minutes, I'll just move this thing. This Mila I'll do it.

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You're driving on the highway, you see somebody his car just have a flat tire and the guy just kind of like, looks around, doesn't know how to go about it.

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And this case, you stop and see if you can help.

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Someone is in need of finishing certain paperwork, and they have no clue what to do, how to do, how to do it. If you have the skill, you help them with that. So you're not giving money now, but what you're given exactly the value of what time, skill, effort, ideas, suggestions, physical effort, if you can, all of this, that's charity. So now the problem again expanding the concept of charity, someone might say, and as always, there's always someone who would say what if, right? Because Carrara Tell me a certain part of this person doesn't have any of these skills.

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Like nothing, absolutely nothing. They can tell for another they can they can carry anything. But Allah sallallahu wasallam your honorable Morrow I will hide this case that the person invite people to do good

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What kind of hair is original look at this now that the the grades of charity first of all give money

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and if you couldn't, because if you don't have the excess money if you don't have the excess money, what do you do?

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Go and work and get the basic and the good part of it.

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So if you don't have the excess money, gift from your basic if you couldn't do that physically if you couldn't go then help other people that also counts as if you know you you give them money because whatever efforts you make, it's also cost it will cost them money to do it right. So you're saving them money so as to give them charity. If you couldn't do that at all, completely nothing physicals the way you do in this case, just use the higher speak higher

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your mobile Morrow

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speak that which is good. So invite other to Allah subhana wa tada encouraging other people remind people how you know what, just saying good morning to someone saying good morning saying Sara, that would encourage people just brighten their day. That's an act of charity.

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And then some people they say, as always, there's someone who's there like, even that caught our eye, tell me a file, or this person wouldn't do that. Like this person is not the type of person who would speak good or saving. Good morning. And you guys tell me if you find someone to that level? What is the best hire or charity this person can do to people?

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Like someone who's so grumpy? To the extent that it can't even smile or say good morning or Sara? So what do you do in this case to the best charity can do to the world?

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Man their own business, right? Don't hurt anybody else. The professor Sam says when he was asked that Kira Yun, sequana sherfane. NASA in this case, this person should abstain from evil, which means don't hurt anybody. Mind your own business. They'll go after anyone else. Don't cause anybody to go and bad. And then in the day and so on. He said this is the best form of charity they can do.

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I hope none of your social order in this category Gemma.

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I don't want to want to come and say chef, oh, that's me, man. I have no skill, no money, no job. Nothing. I'm just almost grumpy. And when someone talks to me, I make their day *. Yeah, they don't do that.

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So again, the categories, that's the category, the professor Sam says, first of all, that you are responsible if you have charged every single day, which means if you have excess wealth, that means Alhamdulillah you have blessings Anam and hierarchy and so on, give him your extra support every single day. And if you didn't have that gift from the basics, go and work, get some money and get from the basics. If you can't, if you can't do that, then at least help someone save them money.

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Because again, when you sit when you help somebody you segment them spending money on that work. So as if you're giving them that charity, okay, I can't do that either. So what do you do in this case, he said, then just be good. While people kind of furniture, you can say Mashallah, you guys do a great job, but hamdulillah become a cheerleader for them. Do good, help other people was good, or whatever advice, whatever that is. And if you couldn't even speak well, or speak good to people, the last thing you could do your good charity to the world, is just to mind your own business,

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abstained from doing anything wrong? or any kind of injustice, or hurting other people? May Allah Subhana make us among those who listen to the speech and follow the distributor of

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a hater on bucaro. Muslim, any questions?

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It's, of course, obviously the best if you can give charity every single day, that's great, in addition to the help that you make to other people in Charlottetown.

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So basically, if you have the excess wealth, according to the Hadith, you're saying, then this person should give charity in terms of cash charity? Well, it sounds like that. But again, that's not an obligation that sense because a professor Sam says another Hadith that there is no obligation in your money other than soccer.

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There's no obligation. So is there any way we could really give charity every single day without without even having to worry about it? There's so many ways, even technologies, they make it easier for us make a lot of things easy for you to handle a lot of grinding, such as making a direct, you know, drag from your money and your cash. Or every day you come over here, you put you know, $1 every day just $1 you know, what doesn't have to be dollars, whatever, whatever change you have in your pocket, put it in there that will count as a reward, reward influence shallow terracotta and other things. I mean, some software's I think people can, you know, figure it out and shallow data,

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some software's actually can help you direct the extra change that you have and you're spending for certain causes.

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So for example, if you have an investment one of the famous actually investment apps right now, acorn, so acorn basically if you just put your credit card there, whatever that you you purchase and regular purchase, whatever there is change, what did they do? They rounded up to the to the highest dollar.

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So if let's say if you spend something and it's 530 for example $5.30 what do they do, they take the 70 cents

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and they transfer that to the account that you've opened with them so they can invest that for you.

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Imagine if they massage it can have the same software and ask the people trust us with your credit cards, link your credit cards to the masjid account, so that every time you do a purchase, whenever there are excess pennies,

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those excess pennies will be routed to the highest dollar and will be put into that account on your behalf as sadhaka to the masjid. So in a month, you'll be given sometimes $50 $30 $20 without even noticing that.

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So he says there is no intention that's the cause of turmeric right? The intention was when you registered that marriage my intention is to make sure that I don't miss a day without giving in charity.

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So the intention is still there as high as shallow terracotta molana

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when you do it on a recurring basis all the mass and all the charities

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so that they can budget their

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then do DuBose

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make reoccurring payments online and give charity with your hand because when you when you register and make your payments in a recurring payments that's better for the organizations so they could know how much money is coming regularly so they can plan accordingly. But if they're going to wait for you to make the effort you might say tomorrow next year when Ramadan and so on. Nothing's going to be done. So the best is to be more organized and shallow now

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sir again.

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Okay, so what is a charity? If I'm going to be given chair it doesn't have to be for a Muslim cause the answer is no. Because charity can be given to the Muslim or non Muslim as long as the cause is good should be fine in Charlottetown Allah Allah Yes.

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saying good morning to non Muslims that God is charity Gemma,

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say good morning to non Muslims. Does that count as charity? Of course Allah subhana wa tada says to me Yeah, I'm with Carla the rotten Hydra whoever does the you know the good deed the way of an atom they will find good. So saying good monitor somebody Is that good or bad as Mr.

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Mo said depends, right?

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If we say good morning to your boss different than your coworker, right?

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It's all good and shallow tan now. Well on

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parishes panic along behind the

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American clunker. Don't forget that Tamara shallow Tara between Dora NASA as a woman program.

“The Obligation of Charity” from the Chapter: Ways of Doing Good. Teachings from Riyad us Saaliheen. 13:141

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