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Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the upcoming battle between truth and falsehood in the upcoming video on the Surah and the importance of the message Huck and battle. They also talk about the history of the message Huck and battle, including the heart and purpose of life, the secret of the Bible, and the use of the "from" in Arabic language to mean to follow someone. They emphasize the importance of personal transformation and bringing change into people's lives.
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The next hoorah we on Monday, we talked about SOTL an iron. Today we're talking about sort of our off. And Allah subhana wa Tada and sort of our off the primary theme of sort of our off is the battle between Huck and battle. It is the battle between truth and falsehood. And this is why in the very beginning of the Surah, when it comes to a battle between truth and falsehood, often people may feel a little pressure, they're gonna feel that as if they want to comply with others. They want to make sure that they, you know, make the message appealing to others. And a lot of times when you start to muddle up, when you change the message, then the person in front of the audience, they

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don't get the right message. And that is why in the Quran, Allah subhana wa Tada has made it very clear to the Prophet SAW Salem, that when it comes to speaking of the hug, you will not put you will not make any changes to the hook, the hook has to be spoken at the highest at the highest. Meaning that if you try to add in your few cents, to make it appealing to others, because you're more worried about Will Will they like my message or not, then the right message will not be delivered. And so that is why we find this little arrow of the battle between heart and button. And it is a very first story between Huck Finn battle between Amara his Salam and shaytaan the Allah mentioned

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the surah Allah mentions the battle between Huck and Botha and the very last story that will happen which is where in the Quran where Allah subhanho wa taala. He says that on the day of judgment that people of Jannah will call out to the people of Jahannam, that people of Johanna will call out to the people of Jana. Once again, the people who were on the hook will be in Jana, and the people of Jana will ask these people that what happened to all these promises, you are given in this dunya you are given so many promises, what happened to all these promises? And these people have Jahannam who are in who are the followers of botlane. They will say that we were given promises, but all those

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promises turn out to be false. And then these people of Johanna will reach out to the people of Jana, and they will say and a few do Elena Amina Alma II, Omarosa Kamala, that because of the idea that we are suffering, can you please grant us anything from Jana, and feed to Elena at least give us something from some water and so forth. And Allah subhanho wa Taala was a follow in Allah ha Rama, Huma, I will caffeine Allah has made this haram upon those who are the disbelievers. So there is a constant battle between Huck Finn Barton. And then after that, in the Surah, Allah takes the stories Allah mentioned the stories of those who represented the hug, and they were talking to

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people who were representing the Belton. Allah mentioned the story of Noah either you said, Allah mentioned the story of sure it gets Salam. Allah mentioned the story of who died, he said, Allah mentioned the story of Saudi Arabia, Islam. And once again, from the beginning of the sutra, till the very end of the surah we see the battle between heart and Boulton and then at the end of the Surah, Allah talks about the purpose of mankind. And Allah mentions this very well known if the Euro we have heard so many times, what is a Hadera book? I mean, buddy Adam, I mean the hoodie him the reata, whom I shudder Humala and forcing him unless to be Rob become, when we all were gathered

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before we came into this dunya when all of our Rohan Arwa, we we were in Alamo Urwa at that time, Allah subhanho wa taala. He asked every single rule that will come into this earth that will come into this dunya unless to be robbed become a my not your Lord. And we all said Bala Shahidan. Yes, you are. And you are the witness that we are stating the fact that you are our Rob, this is what's mentioned at the end of the hour off. So we see that the beginning is the heart of the battle between heart and battle. And then at the end, Allah talks about our true purpose of life. And that is why also at the end of the Surah, Allah mentions that there are some people who don't understand

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their true purpose of life, and that is why they have ears but they don't listen to the truth. They have a heart but they cannot understand the truth. They have eyes, but they cannot see the truth. Allah then says Hola, Iike Kalyanaraman bloom argon. They are like animals. In fact, they are worse than animals. Why? Because the animal in itself understands its purpose of life and it

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has a certain purpose of life whereas the human being does not understand their purpose of life. Now, in all this there is a very beautiful passage and where Allah subhanho wa Taala he talks about our state, the state of those who are given the Quran and how they rejected the Quran and then Allah subhanho wa Taala gave them the example of that of a dog. Now what does Allah subhanho wa Taala say in the very beginning, he says, what what can I look at unforseeable Yeah, it will allow him yours your own. Allah subhanho wa Taala says that we have made clear everything, every idea, everything that has come from Allah subhanho wa Taala it is crystal clear, there is no ambiguity there is no

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confusion. There are no complexities in the message of Allah subhanho wa Taala it is very clear, it is very direct. Allah then says to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam what Lou I lay him never a levy, Tina, Tina, that recite on to them. The news the word NABBA. There's a difference between the word number and the word Hubbard they both mean news but number is in reference to something that is greater. I'm Maya Tessa alone. And I need another Isla alim. It's a greater news. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is referring to what here the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah subhanaw taala is telling and also was a while while he was saying Sallam recite the Quran to them. I attina funds Salah Herman have

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the word fun Salah ha means to shed from something to peel something off. So if you know just try to take the example of a human being first of all, that this human being is such that it does not have the Quran. It has a life. It lives his 24 hour life, but in order to improve the state of mankind, going back to all the way the time of the Prophet SAW Salem, where mankind were living in a state of chaos, they have no understanding of who their true creator is. They have no purpose of life. Allah then grants them the Quran and because of the Quran, their life becomes more beautiful. There's a sense of life there's a purpose of life, there is a focus in life and that is Allah subhanho wa

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Taala but Allah is telling us here they are some that the Prophet Allah you some is reciting the idea to them. And instead of absorbing these ayat, Allah says fun Salah caminha, the word in Salah ha as I said, it means to peel something off. Often it is referred to shedding something. When you look at the snake for example, the snake sheds its skin. So three few times a year, the skin is gone, but the skin is lying around, but the snake is somewhere else. Likewise Allah is saying that we are shedding the Quran for many people, meaning that we have slipped out of the Quran. We are living our life. We have a Muslim name, we may have a Muslim family we may do some basic things as

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Muslims do. But the Quran is not in our heart. We are not living our life with the Quran. We have shed and we have gone clear of the Quran. Allah then says when a person has the Quran and they slip out of the Quran mean the Quran is somewhere else in their life is somewhere else. Allah then says for Akbar Allahu shaytaan, then shaytaan begins to follow them very, very carefully. The word Tabby in the Arabic language means to follow something for Atiba at bat Amin's shaytaan is playing a more careful role, and he's following a person 24/7 And as a result of shaytaan following him, what happens for can Amina Laval when he's amongst those who have gone far from ALLAH SubhanA what to

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Allah, Allah then says, well, oh, Sheena, let off that I now will be here. If we wanted, we would have elevated him, meaning the Quran could have taken them to a whole new place on earth couldn't have taken them to could have taken their eemaan to a whole new place. But what did they do? Well, Kidner who either have they begin to live on Earth, as if this this is the place where they will live forever, what Dubba Hawa and they began to follow their desires as a result for Mr. Liu who command saddle club. The example is like that of a dog. Now often when first of all the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave the reference of a dog in itself is very humiliating. See in the Quran,

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you will find that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala gives many examples of animals and so forth, when he talked about the ALMA Bani Israel II, who acquired a lot of knowledge but there was no action. Allah gave them the reference

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have a mouth commercial. Hey Marie. Yeah, me too as far as they are like a bunch of donkeys that are just carrying a lot of books meaning that if you put a lot of books on a donkey, it does not benefit the donkey years and likewise these Alma bunnies, so if there were such, now Allah subhanho wa Taala the fact that he's mentioning here I'll Cal is already humiliating in itself. But what is Allah saying over here, in Doha Milla Ali, he yelled out that ruku yell has the state of the dog, especially not just any dog, these are the straight dogs, a stray dog, if you look at a trained dog, versus a stray dog, there's a difference. The train dog knows how to behave, and so forth. And they

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go through a training process, where as a stray dog, you see a lot of times they do whatever they want to do. And a lot of times while they're walking, their tongues are going to be sticking out and they're panting. Now, often when you when you just read and just learn about this, the dog is usually you know, hits hanging its tongue, because of pressure. Sometimes you put something on the dog, and your cat or the dog is carrying something, or is thirsty, or is overwhelmed or is tired, or is thirsty is hangs out his tongue. Allah subhanaw taala sang about his dog in Tamil Alayhi. If you put some burden on the dog, and it walks, of course is going to be sweating, of course, he's going

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to be out of breath. So the tongue is hanging out OTA to ruku yell has or even if you don't put anything on that dog, that dog is still going to be hanging in, I mean, his tongue is going to be hanging out and is going to be panting. Likewise, Allah subhanho wa Taala saying in the state of this dog, no matter whether you put something on it or you don't put something on it, the reaction of the dog is still the same. Likewise, there are people that even with the Quran or without the Quran, they are still the same. The Quran has absolutely no impact in their life. Islam has no impact on their life. And then Allah says that Iike methylone poem in Medina cos there will be Tina.

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This is the example of those who rejected the message of Allah subhanho wa Taala focus who say Casa La Lomita for Quran that explain or tell the stories to your people, so that they may be able to reflect on the stories and the lessons of the stories. The point is brothers sisters, Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us Ramadan, so we can connect with the Quran. The focus and the test is not a Mullah in itself is easy to read the Quran in Ramadan is easy to come and finish the entire Khartoum Quran in the month of Ramadan is easy to apply the Quran to a certain degree in our life. The test is not now brothers and sisters, the test is after Ramadan. This is why we are giving them a Vaughn to make

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that change in our life. We have the Quran, many people they say I have all these challenges. We look at the Muslim state and so forth or the affairs of the Islamic world and so forth. Why are we in this position and so forth? Well, Allah He the reason why we are in this position is because we neglected the Quran Simple as that. We come up with all these different excuses and so forth, and they're valid to a certain degree. I'm not completely negating them. But the ultimate reason why we are our own ma today is in the state is because Allah gave us the Quran. But what do we do fun Salah ha minha we slipped out of the Quran, we shed the Quran, and we live we are living alive one life

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and the Quran is telling us to live another life. So this is where we need to bring that change into our life. I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala that he makes us from amongst those who read the Quran but then we applied the Quran in our life miserable I mean, what is our common law hi salaam Allegra have to label a cattle

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