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The importance of visiting one's brother for a short period of time to strengthen connections with them is emphasized. Visits can be a sign of quality of Muslim culture, where the physical aspect of the relationship is emphasized. Visits with partners in Islam strengthen the love for one another and increase their relationship, while being mindful of others. It is important to visit partners in a short period of time to strengthen connections and strengthen their relationships.

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How can we make a lot of us more? How can we increase the love we have for our brothers and the love they have for us? If you want to know that, stay tuned.

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All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him, we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evils of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides Can, can guide and whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray, non can guide and I bear witness that no one has the right to be worshipped, except Allah alone who has no partners. And I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant, and His Messenger. Devi was Salam. aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome to a new episode of your show. For the sake of Allah I am your host Mata Samad Hamidi. Today we will deal with another etiquette beautiful one that will strengthen brotherhood and it will

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enhance the quality of the Muslim society. We have brothers, Brother Mohammed, Abdul Rahman with a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Today's subject is one that we can implement in our everyday life. It is about visiting your brother. This is a beautiful aspect in Islamic life. And we are not about visiting. But one of the things that strengthen the love that you have for your brother, and the love he has for you, is that you visit him, but there are etiquettes and there are rulings and regulations related to the issue of visiting your brother. inshallah we'll come to know about this from the book of Allah and the Sunnah of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. from us, I start first by asking Mohammed Do you visit your brothers and Islam

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visits for lectures and things like that? pambula but also we make intention that we are going to meet visit brothers in the sake of Allah insha Allah. So it happens regularly hamdulillah Mashallah. And you try to use it for something beneficial to learn or

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Mashallah, what about you, Abdullah? Man, what do you How is it hamdulillah we visit often, and

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we try to learn from each other and benefit hamdulillah

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Mashallah, you know, that visit psychologically, when you come to a person to his house. And you I mean, you enjoy your time together. And maybe, sometimes definitely you have, you will have some food or some drink, you're together, it brings the hearts closer, because you're coming to his house. House is the most private, I mean place and the world for the person, you're coming to that private place. And he allows you in sorts of, I can say it signifies that you are entering his life, or you're entering his heart, that's the most special place for him private place for him. In the world, my house, my property. Of course, this is where I feel at ease. This is why I do whatever I

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want to do. It's my house. So and generally we say feel at home, as if you because you don't behave anywhere else as you behave at home, if you are yourself at home. So now when you visit your brother in his house, you're entering his property, the most private house, a place for him on Earth. So entering that he allows you into his life, it means there's some kind of the hustle close this intimate relationship or sort of a close relationship between you and him. There's mutual love, for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So you see the psychological aspect of it. And when someone allows you in, you appreciate that his house.

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And if someone invites you to his house, and you love that person, you feel some kind of happiness, that you are getting closer to this brother, you I mean, we reach the extent where he allows you inside his house. That's a beautiful thing. That's a new stage in a relationship. You know, if you maybe you have known someone for two years, three, three years, but you haven't been to his house. But when he says to you come to my house, you feel that love is getting greater, closer, you're getting closer.

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So you feel it. Have you come across something like that? Did you feel once when you came to somebody's house that the relationship has become stronger?

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Man, have you felt that? I mean, and usually men, my fans or my brothers that

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we visit shuttin houses

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that feel closer than brothers.

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That we just need outdoors, of course, because like you said,

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somewhere that is really private. Yeah, it is.

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kind of breaks the ice

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between brothels, it helps a lot in breaking the ice.

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It has a lot of positive things. Do we find anything we find anything from Russia, for example about visiting one another? Have you come across any Hadith, or verse about visiting the end that increases love or what virtues are in that

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that the prophets lie Selim narrated that a man went to visit a brother for him in another village. So Allah subhanaw taala sent an angel

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and this angel asked the man, where are you going? So the man replied that he's going to, I'm going for a visit to a brother. So the angel said, you have a cause for the visit? He said, The man said no, I only going for the sake of Allah and you have left.

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So the angel replied that you

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have just said that. Allah subhanaw taala loves you, like you love this man and the sake of Allah. So because of him visiting

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so he set out to travel from one village to another one town to another, yes, just to see his brother and he had nothing else but his love. Mashallah, so beautiful aspects you see, when you set out you pick up the phone and you say to your brother in a different city? Well, I'm coming to visit you because I love you for the sake of Allah. Beautiful aspects of the life of the Muslim Have you traveled ever traveled man to visit a brother? Or maybe usually something if I travel, like I visit family. And even like, even in Islam, the family or the Brotherhood with family is very important. And

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Nakata even, even if they're not in touch with me, I try to go and visit them, even if I don't see them. Mashallah, usually, yeah. And can you imagine the reward that you are getting if you're traveling to visit your brother? So it is, but there are things that are related some people when you open your house for them every day, in the morning, they come and they knock on the door? Every day is just like a job like job employment. So every day they're knocking on your door.

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Okay, laundry, they just come to you how do you think this is the way that visiting should be for the sake of Allah?

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has to be like certain limits for it? Yeah. Like anything has to get an art. Yeah. You don't want the visit of that? Maybe you love them for the sake of Allah. But I mean, you have your own affairs to pursue, you have some work to do. You have your family to stay with every time every day is coming to your house. Can I come in, then? Well, people are busy with different things. So we have to appreciate this. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says

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that when you visit moderately, from time to time, you alone increase you're in love. They'll also have mentors that have been visit from time to time, then moderately, then love will increase. But if you come every day, the person will get weary of you

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get bored every day you come to me, that's really annoying. That's annoying. When you see that moderation in everything in Islam. There is that kind of moderation of the middle course, with everything we do. In moderation, there's a limit. So we don't go beyond bounds. And we don't fall short of the mark. With everything. We are moderate. Now. What etiquettes? Can you

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think of visiting your brother?

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Surely calling him before a visit? Yes, that's a very good thing. Today will everyone almost is very busy. And people have their own commitments. So it's good to pick up the phone speak to your brother say to him, Well, I intend to visit you which time is suitable for you. That's the best thing you say. But what's the time that's suitable for you that I come and pay you a visit? I would like to see and sometimes it happens to me when a brother calls me. He's under my house, like, common laundry house. So it puts me in a situation where I have to say yes, but maybe I'm busy. Maybe I'm doing something. Yeah. It's always better to take an appointment. And you know, this thing that you

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have just mentioned, that

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takes us to another Islamic teaching that has been abandoned by the people.

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One time a young brother, he came in, he said, You know that brother? I don't think that he really loves me. He has something against me. So, I mean, I asked him what was the problem? He said,

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Well, I came to him and

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you know, I pressed the button, and he answered me on the intercom and he said to me, Well, I'm busy now. Sorry, I can't really let you in. So what did you do that? I'm his friend? I'm his close friend. I really love him. What does he do that to me? People don't really realize that Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran, where Allah Kumar geo geo if it's said to you, and go back then you have to go back it's his right yes, this is what you can't really I mean, deny him his rights Allah has given him this right to say no, because you just come to a person's house you knock on the door, and what he's busy he has his own private issues I mean, at home maybe he's doing some work

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it'd be spending time with the family maybe he's waiting for for a guest or another guests or members of the family to come in somewhere else or need some rest maybe he's ill or that like we shouldn't we shouldn't miss judge. Yeah, yeah. So you can't make

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excuses make up excuses. Yeah. So

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with regards to the visit, so it's good that's a good etiquette to pick up the phone say to your brother I would like to visit you which time is suitable for you that's a very good thing can you think of something else? In terms of visit what is what is what might be helpful to your brother? I heard the police also like when I when I when I go there and I rank I should drink three times in a ring the first not not three times in a row the first await the second await the third await if no one answers I just leave. Yeah, very. We shouldn't just go and knock harder. Yeah, or ring really hard like till the till the ringer burns or something. Yeah. Thing dangling? Yeah. You know, there

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was a woman some one day people used to ask a man I didn't know humble because he was a great scholar. People used to come to his house and asked him questions. One day a woman came to his house, and she knocked on the door really hard. So a man may Allah have mercy upon him. He said, this is the way the police knock on the door, police.

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Friends of people will love you knock on the door. So we really when you knock on the door, the professor Sam tells us to knock on the door three times. Three times. If you receive no answer, or the answer that you received was, well, please go back. And you have to go back. No offense. There's no offense. So this is a beautiful etiquette. And when you're knock on the door, you don't look really hard because sometimes women get scared of that. If you're not really hard, will you frighten people, especially children, and children and children? Yeah, so children, sometimes women, so why sometimes people knock on the door really hard at night. It's because the people and the prophets of

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Salaam said it is forbidden for a Muslim to frighten another Muslim.

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So when you knock on the door, we're knocking the way. That is a mild way. So they can hear the that we are knocking, but without causing them to I mean to without frightened frightening them. So these are beautiful etiquettes inshallah we'll carry on but now we have to stop for a few minutes and I say to our viewers, stay with us, we'll come back shortly.

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Love cannot choose whom He wills Subhana Allah for his mercy for his messenger ship for the revelation to be revealed. This is not for the human beings to make that decision. If a person would turn to our last panel, Alison Seeley, truthfully, asking for forgiveness, Allah Subhana Allah promised to forgive, we have as Muslims a duty and that is to recite the book of Allah to ponder over the verses the words of our last panel to Allah and to act according to the the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala encompasses everything. But it who would this mercy wouldn't be for, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was sent to all mankind. So the oma are the people of the prophets of the

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gnarliest all mankind since the time of the prophets or send them till the Day of why waste our life without getting to know every verse in the Quran, what Allah subhanaw taala wants from us

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome back. So we said that when you knock on the door, you don't knock in harsh way so that you frighten the people and it's not permissible in Islam. Another thing when you knock on the door, sometimes the same hammered you knock on somebody's door, and he says, who's that? What would you say?

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Who am I? Okay, you just mentioned your name. What do you think people say?

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Sometimes most people say Anna Anna mee mee. mee doesn't mean anything like that. She said, that

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doesn't mean anything, will the person is asking, Who are you? Because he wants to know your name. Everyone will say no.

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There's no benefit. When you say it's me.

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One day, actually, one of the companions of the prophets allow us to send them jabber, may Allah be pleased with him, said I came to the messengers house and knocked on the door.

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So the messenger saw some said, Who's that? So I said, Anna Smith. So the prophet SAW Selim said, and Me, me me as if he hated that answer. He didn't like that answer. So I mean, I'm asking you who you are, because I want to know who you are not only Anna. Okay.

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I have a friend, whose name was Ennis. And when he was a child every time he knocks on the door, and they would say, who's that he would say Ennis, they thought that he said, Anna.

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So that caused a lot of trouble.

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So now, it's a good etiquette. Who are you? For example, I say my name is not awesome. My name is Mohammed. So the person knows who's knocking on the door. This is why he asked the question the first place.

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Okay, let's say it doesn't open the door for you. And he let you in. You sat down. You had some you had some good time together and a lot. Okay. What some other mistakes do people fall into? Sometimes? I believe it's from the Sunnah. I heard that. You wait till you get seated.

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The owner seats you, but you don't just go in and sit down anywhere. or open the radio or go to the kitchen and yeah, yeah. You just Yeah, exactly. Said word the person tells you to sit, because he knows because sometimes you will sit in place where you will see. I mean, some other parts of the house he doesn't want you to see, maybe you will see a corridor where his wife passes through. So you shouldn't see that. So he knows where to tell you to sit. So you sit where he tells you to sit. Sometimes people stay for hours. What do you think of that? That's like, annoying.

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But you have to be careful about how long you stay. Yeah, maybe it's even happened to me once and

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it kind of put me in a bad situation. Because I kept on even telling him. I'm really asleep right now. Wait, don't don't I sleep in you sleep. He doesn't understand he's still Okay, so what are we gonna do now? Okay, so want to pay pay attention to this because visiting in the first place is an act of worship and visiting your brother and it has strengthens also the love of this why we are visiting one another because of the love that we have. Want to strengthen this love. This thing causes your body to become weary of you, also. So I mean, I have other things to do is you're not the only thing in the world that I'm busy with. So I need to do other things. We have to appreciate

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this. You visit him for a short time. And that's enough that he leave that you after that you leave. Okay what what do you generally do when you sit with your friends? When you spend time you visit a brother What do you do generally?

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Usually, first of all, if it's a brother I didn't see for a long time asked about him about any his news. He updates his news. I see how's he doing? That's about his family. Okay, after that what happens?

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Mostly, it's like

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some knowledge about the dean and things like that. Other than that, it's like a bit of amusement like some video games, or just like that. Okay, the best thing what strength is Brotherhood is that you spend your time

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either remembering Allah subhanaw taala, reminding yourselves reminding one another of things of the religion studying is the best thing to do not waste your time with other things.

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Because this will strengthen the love and the bond that is between you in the first place is the love for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Now the people of the past they have beautiful examples of how they visited one another and they paid a great attention to that. Have you come across some incident? Do you know about something

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further about the story about Mohammed Mohammed when he got out of prison, so he was kind of sure that

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it's half double where a scholar was coming up to visit him. So he wanted to take the first step and go down to his house and visiting. So we went to his town, and it was like almost a rainy night.

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So he stayed in the masjid. For a while to tilt, the rain would stop.

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But they were unfortunately they wanted to close up the masjid. So they asked him out. So he went, and he was like walking the street. And he accidentally passed by the

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soccer ball rolling his house. So he, he let him in without knowing who he was. And he gave him dry clothes, and invited him for dinner. So while they were eating,

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is Hello, mmm.

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Do you know where do you come from? So remember how I said that? So seldom, do you? Did you ever hear about Mr. Mohammed Mohammed? He said, Well, I am the man.

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So he said,

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It's me.

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And I was coming to visit you. So it's like, my mother was sure that a scholar would do the Sunnah. Visit Allah Subhana. Allah. That's, that's really amazing. Do you know, it's half an hour away? He used to live in that right? That's an Iran. That's really far from but it is. So that's really amazing. Both of them want to visit each other. This is how we this is how we know that we strengthen our love when we visit, but in accordance with the Sunnah of the messenger, sallAllahu, Alayhi, wasallam. And the chorus or the son of the Prophet of Islam, we don't really, as you said, it's been a long time with the brother and then waste his time. Maybe he has some other things to

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do. No, we visit moderately,

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moderately, and rock man, have you come across an incident where someone, for example, was really annoying you with staying longtime in your house?

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Yeah, wants to happen, and

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actually have my mom with me. And my mom usually wakes up at Frazier, and she likes praying outside, not in her room. So he wanted he really wants to stay really long, because I didn't see him a long time ago. I told him indirectly you gotta leave because he didn't understand. So that kind of caused the problem. And he made me talk to my mom, even though she's still awake. And I don't like talking to her when she's just, she's just awake cuz you still tired. That's it. But it's hard to be I mean, stuck with someone who's sick.

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Anyway, what we, what we say this is a beautiful aspect of Islamic life, really to visit and we have to, I mean, the wisdom behind it to increase this love, increase this love when it reaches this stage where it will harm that love mutual love that we have for one another, then we know that we have I mean exceeded the limits. And so we have to be moderate. And that and we have to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And a lot.

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I mean, reprimanded some of the believers for spending a long time with the prophets of Allah and he will send them in his house. And he said,

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in a delicate or he will find that this really harms the prophets, Allah, Allah, Allah will send them face that you mean come. So the Prophet, we feel shy to tell you that will I need to be by myself, I have some other issues to look after. So I mean, this really so we should be the Muslim has to be observant and attentive, you could understand the Muslim is sharp. understand where the signs you know, the old insinuation from some brother, he shows to you that well, it's not the right time. But the good thing is to be honest enough and open to our brothers that okay, I would like to visit you today say I'm really busy today. No problem, no hard feelings, no hard feelings. Well,

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this is what how the relationship should be. And we can see how visiting one another really increases that love because as I said, You're coming to my house, the most private place for me on Earth. So means I'm allowing you into my heart into my life. And you're just like part of my family. A part of my family you have this warm feeling when you visit and visit as I said we have has to be done majority and it becomes more recommended and more obligatory upon you is when your brother falls ill for example, or when he needs help, and he needs support. So you go there and support him and when something good happens to him for example, the time of marriage

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You're gonna visit him to congratulate him. Yes, the site, for example, a time of hardship, some they are going through a hardship, he go and visit him to support him and encourage him eyes and raise his morale and all that. So you see how Islam is very much concerned about the way Muslims perceive one another, the way they help one another, they the way they look after one another. It's a beautiful life if you really implemented and, okay, do you think that visiting is something that the Muslims have fallen short into? Or they have really exceeded the limits in that? What do you think today with regards to what actually the, you find these two aspects, you find people becoming

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resilient via like, because they're really so in to their business or into their daily life routine. So they forget about about the brothers and they don't visit at all? Or the opposite? Some they don't have a limit, and they just go and we could even sleep over? Yeah, that's true. That's really true. Some people feel shy to pay a brother a visit. Because they think well, we are imposing ourselves on him. Okay, so they don't pay a visit. So maybe you have this villa for this brother, but he doesn't show up to your house. Even if you have known him for two or three years.

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He doesn't mean that but he's shot to pay a visit. So if you know that your brother's shy, you should try to break that barrier. Until him you invite him to your house. Maybe at the beginning he will say well, I apologize I have more I might be busy. I don't like to

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be imposing. But no, encourage him to pay visit and to implement this beautiful sooner. Speaker for sooner. So that our house is I mean, we receive the good people no houses, we invite them and these are the messengers last time used to be to the Muslim open his house for them. Some brothers are even shy to invite you. Because for example, they they are shy of the house, or they feel like you're kind of richer, and they have a small house so they feel ashamed. They have this kind of problems with this, this shouldn't be the case anyway. So Alhamdulillah Mashallah, today we dealt with a very beautiful subject, and it's good to implement it. You see, we are having piles of things

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to implement, but they are easy, and they are beautiful. They will bring tranquility to us and strengthen the Brotherhood and I hope gela we have benefited from that film for being with us today. I say to our viewers, Baraka loafie, calm and just Aquila him for being with us and for your patience and will hope Allah, Allah will bless us all and I hope shala we will implement these beautiful advice and beautiful aspects of social life. And I say Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh