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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of finding a suitable partner for a marriage, including finding someone who is compatible with their characteristics and has good reputation. They also suggest limiting the number of people in the marriage and not using inappropriate language during meetings to avoid inappropriate behavior.
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How can we ask about someone's like acity? character?

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compatibility? And

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how can you know the person that you're interested in marry?

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That's a very good questions. First of all, outside, there's many ways to find find out about the person if he's a suitable match for you or not. And that's a very important thing for married. Make sure that you choose someone who's compatible. Someone who is a good match someone who cares about the thing that you care about someone that possess the quality that you want. Most of marriages fall apart these days. And in my opinion, one of the main reason because people don't know what they want in a woman what they wanted a man and are very ambiguous about that very vague about that. In number two, the did not look for someone that are compatible with them a good match.

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So that's something important to look at how can you do that without allowing dating or relationship? First of all, we don't allow dating but we allowed for the men to talk to a woman, we are allowed to the men to visit to talk to her to with the permission of her family, and if she doesn't have a family, he can talk to her and the condition that are onset Illa Jaco kona mahoba this speak in appropriate manners with each other's you know, so he gets to know if she's the right person or not. That's number one. Number two, even when you talk to the person that will help, but not everything, there is another way to know if this is a suitable match. If this is the right

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person, this is who that person is saying that he is or she is, by one asking about them. Asking the friends asking about the family, their reputation, asking about what they have accomplished in life, what they have done, what kind of hobby that they have, you know, get to know what they do in their free time who are their friends, because you can tell a lot about the person by knowing the person's friend and you know, limiting your family spend time with them. All these things will help you to know a lot about the person beside meeting the person with that. Will he or the family's knowledge and permission as long as the proper etiquette or the etiquette of Islam. Our follow like no halwa

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physical touch no inappropriate words or talk taking place during these meetings. I ask Allah subhana wa tada to bless you with a good marriage and give you success in your life.

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