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The speaker discusses a new counseling system they implemented to empower the community to deal with problems and avoid them. The system will offer training courses on life and parenting skills, along with professional skills. The training will be offered every month and will be offered by experts in their field. The speaker encourages attendees to attend training sessions and share the news.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, I have some good news for the community of Abu Hurayrah Hamdulillah, we've managed to put together a new system for counseling, and the past, we had a struggle. And it was basically most of the counseling sessions ended up being venting sessions, really, very little people were benefiting from the sessions. And I would say a lot of people were not really in the right state of mind, to solve their own problems. And the fact is, if you don't have if you don't own your, your responsibility and your share in your struggle, you won't be able to change it, no one can really fix any situation for you unless you assume responsibility of the

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situation, and decide to change and to fix the causes that lead to that problem. So we were trying to figure out a way as to empower our community to deal with their problems. And that handled after a lot of consultation and discussion and feedback, we figured out a way, a better way actually to empower our community. And this is by offering some kind of training sessions or training courses, on life skills, marital skills, parenting skills, self care skills, professional skills, in terms of how to develop yourself and how to take care of yourself, and how to deal with problems and avoid them in the first place. And we figured out, the best way to solve the problems that we face in our

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houses in our families in our workplace, is actually to eliminate them, and to learn how to solve them before they take place. So inshallah from now on starting April 2018, we will start every month by having one or two training courses on some of those life skills. And the training will be usually for about three to five hours. And it will be offered by experts in their fields and people with a lot of experience. And the reason I'm addressing you in this video, is actually to call upon you to really pay attention and be on the lookout for such programs, they will be announced Inshallah, on Fridays, and there will be fliers around in the masjid. But I want you to really sort of put in the

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time and the effort and try your best to attend these sessions. And the people who really take part in these sessions, inshallah they will be given priority and the counseling services that we offer. So because people have gotten these key gain these skills, and they have come to know, really, what are how to handle such problems, you know, they will be the ones who are ready to really have counseling sessions, because they already have the basic skills, and they know how to take responsibility for the situation. Basically, when people attend some kind of training like this, they already have about 60 to 70, probably 80% of what it takes to solve the problem. And all they

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need is a little bit of support. And that's what we are willing to offer in counseling sessions. So all of you are invited to be on the lookout for such training sessions, and to make sure that you attend them. Because what I found through my experience is that basically, it's small things very little things that destroy marriages and destroy families and cause problems with kids and parents and so on and so forth. So these small things can be eliminated before they actually exacerbate and create a bigger situation. So my advice to you and my call on you is really to be on the lookout for such training sessions. Try your best to attend them, spread the news, you know, air the news, let

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people know about this and advise them to come over and join those training sessions. And inshallah we have some guarantee to offer you that no session will be a waste of time. As I said professionals, experts in their field will be sharing their knowledge and the information and the expertise. So all of you are invited in to look out for the next or for the upcoming

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advertisements and announcements about such training sessions and hope to see you there. Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh