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you live

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or shadow?

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Why should he

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wash? I don't

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want to sort of Salalah YT he had a he was

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a you Halina law haha. Artie what

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Sleeman? Yeah, Johan

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qumola The

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menacing Wahida

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Well, Beth I mean Homare John and Kathy are on when he says

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What's up hola hola the DIS

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he will

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in a locker not equal Madiba

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a young lady in

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law her work guru Bolin studied us.

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We have come to know back home once a year play while I showed her who

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was an Alima

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about a doctor in Hadith Nikita Allah here as

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well. So y'all had you had Yuna beginner Mohammed in song God law or if he went around, he was saying I wish I was more data to her. According

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to law, Aquila, avala. TV now. All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him. We seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evil consequences of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can lead astray. And whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray, Nan can guide

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I bear witness, that there is none worthy of worship, non worthy of our ultimate love and devotion. But Allah the Almighty alone, and I bear witness that Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him is his servant, and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa when he was

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in a few instances in the Quran, Allah rectifies

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the use of some concepts.

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For example,

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because concept of valuable,

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which is true piety, and belief is that the heart is clean and pure. And that purity reflects in the shape of external actions. That's what it is.

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So some of the

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people have always some of the non Muslims, so to use this word to show that we actually do acts of building acts of piety, so we are people of piety. So Allah explained

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that the reality of Bill is not only the external actions, it's something deeper than that. And it's something that is more profound than this, although it includes the external action. So Allah says, as well as in Bali says the law and to allude to our country better than machinery well, Mother,

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real piety and righteousness is that not that you turn your face to the right to the east or the west, which direction you take in terms of Qibla, although this is part of the instructions and the guidance of Islam,

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but that's not what constitutes the reality of piety, the essence of piety, so you have to hold on to that.

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And then you're facing the Qibla and seeking to face the true direction for Salah. Now it falls in place when it's built on that solid foundation. But if you bring only the external manifestation or the facade, that's an empty shell, it doesn't count. So that's where Allah says, the reality of piety is not that you turn your face to the East or to the west. Well, I can build Rahman am and Abdullah

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will your mood will matter to you? But the reality of piety is that you believe in Allah truly, you believe in, in the Day of Judgment. You believe in the books and the revelations, you believe in the messengers?

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Well, as a man I hope you either will hold back

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and that you spend from the money the wealth that you will love that belongs to you that Allah has given you you spend from that. You put it where it's needed. There are poor people, there is a condition which requires spending what you spend

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You establish the prayer

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and that you are patient of the times of hardship, the times of illness.

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All of those constitute and so when someone has the essence it will reflect itself in these different shapes and forms and different deeds and manifestations. So Allah subhanaw taala. By this draws our attention to the reality that some concepts could be hijacked and that's a common practice of humanity.

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This is one of the most tactful and successful ways of deceiving the masses. You can keep the name but change the content and thus people won't notice what's going on. The prophets of salaam warned against this. The Prophet SAW Selim says in an authentic hadith

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say a call to a one went on Matty

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your cell phone at home will you say Munna? Have you heard this?

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There will be people from my nation towards the end of time, who will drink intoxicants alcohol, but they would give it a name other than its true name, they would name it differently.

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The Arabs, the old Arabs at the time because they were engaged in warring feuds and sometimes

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they faced a roadblock and that would be the sacred months and assure home because you can't fight you can't find in the in the sacred months. That was a tradition of Prophet Ibrahim and Providence manatee himself that the Arabs tried to keep

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secret demands you can't fight in them.

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So the Arabs religiously adhere to that the pagan Arabs, but yet because they were almost on the verge of a victory, and the secret man's man, so right, they had to ceasefire, and I will give an opportunity to their enemy to pull themselves together and strengthen themselves and

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improve their chances in the war.

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So they wanted to find a way around this to bypass it. So they started deferring the sacred month pushing them one month or two months later.

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And this was called an A C and Allah and Allah and solat a Toba refers to this, he says in them in the seat was yelled at infrequently, this kind of month difference is an increase in addition to their disbelief and their acts of, of cover.

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So humans have this capacity to give things, names that are not real, especially with things that people hold sacred, and valuable and important.

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So the content would be changed, but the name would remain the same. And that's where most of us face problems in life. Now, this is not just about a matter of concept that is keeping it intact in that sit, because concepts concepts in the life of a human being have serious consequences. Let's take a modern example. She had

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the hijab origins

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of the Muslim woman.

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Now there are revealing clothes now that are very common, or even called hijab, right?

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So a Muslim woman wears this kind of revealing clothing that is very attractive, that gets people to stare at her and try to

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pray at her beauty.

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And then she feels good, because I'm wearing hijab on the hijab.

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But that doesn't change the fact

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that this is just a title of hijab, but not the reality. So we the law, it does not cut it, it does not count. What counts is the reality. Just like with Alberta, Alberta is not just you turned to the Canada, because of the time the Muslims were praying towards Bates and mark this, the Muslims were praying towards our goods and mistreated outside.

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And the Arab said, we are better than you. We have we take the direction of Canada, the house of Ibrahim, better than you or Muslims, you attend to the same Qibla as the Christians and the Jews.

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So Allah told them, that bill is not about where you turn.

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That's not what the whole thing is about. It's about worshipping Allah, you forgot about everything, and you just held on to this small, tiny detail.

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And you thought Albert is about this, the same thing applies to this concept of hijab. Now, this is not my point. The main point here is that

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culture is probably the most profound way of education and teaching. It has so much authority. And it has the subtlety about it that it shapes us, molds us, washes all brains without even understanding. So we have

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Have many concepts from the past that we borrow from the past. We have the same title for them as the past. But what we have today is completely different from what was then in the past. So we have issues like and that's my point, parenting.

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Parenting in the past, the father, the mother were heavily involved in the right and the life of the child in the development of their child and the education of their child.

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Parenting meant preparing your child to be able to cross the terrain of this life, to make it to Allah, everything that was necessary to help a child make it the agenda was your responsibility, and you are accountable for that. And you had to be heavily involved. Even if you were extremely busy

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earning a living, building a house, traveling for trade and business, you still have had to guarantee that your child get the best of education, the best of cultivation, the best of rearing as a child.

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And now we call it parenting. But it's a completely different thing. Because we live in a different world.

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Most of the fathers are working full time, sometimes even two jobs. And they're not involved in the life of a child.

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The mother is busy with so much stuff, either cooking or style and fashion, or some social endeavors, or any kind of engagement or maybe TV series, stuff online.

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And then for us parenting is sending your kid to school.

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And then when the child comes, you just make sure they do their homework, if there is homework, or you get them to watch some TV or some YouTube stuff, right, I'll play a little bit.

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And then you make sure you put them to bed. And on the weekend, you make sure that you give them some fun, you take them out, picnic, take them on a vacation, you take them to play some sports, right? That's

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the title is the same, or what they had in the past is something that is categorically different than what we have today. And that's the problem that we say, Oh, I'm parenting my child. Now you're not doing what they used to do. So that's a different thing. And you better give it another name, unless you are heavily involved. And somebody might say it's a challenge. How can I get so much involved in the life of my child, when I'm just so busy? Well, in the past, they were extremely busy as well, actually, life was much harder.

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But they just made it a point to get involved in the life of their child.

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And that's one of the reasons because what we deal with when it comes to our youth and our growing generation is is is a very complex matter. There are so many factors

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that are playing a role in this in this very complex picture. But this is one of the most important things is that we are not doing proper parenting.

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And we can't pull as an excuse that this is how the world functions. This is how everyone in the world is going about it. That's not an excuse because that doesn't change anything. The input your child gets from outside sources, external sources that are not verified, that are not trusted, that do not abide by Islam that do not give your child a healthy world view

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and fill their head with so much stuff.

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Their contribution is far bigger than yours. Yours is just a small fraction.

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Then why do we wonder when our youth are having emotional problems, ideological problems, belief problems,

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psychological mental issues,

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they can't they can't find peace being a Muslim and being able to relate to the world today. Why? Because you're not involved in their life.

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You think if you just feed them, clothe them, send them to school, have a house for them to live in, send them to play some sports, and take them on vacation and buy them some some some gadgets and some some devices. And you just talk to them, maybe even take them to the Sunday Islamic school

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and you think you've done your parenting, you're just outsourcing everything about your job.

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And the past they used even to make sure that they would tweak their job to be able to have their child get involved with the minor tasks and the job to train them help them for life.

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And so that they can spend time with their kids. They can educate their kids they can pass on their experience to their kids. Because the kids learn so much from from their parents. They learn how to handle calamity, how to handle hardships how to handle self doubt, how to handle criticism, how to handle downtime

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How to Think for yourself in life. Even how to handle things in the kitchen, how to keep your, your house or your room tidy and clean.

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The pick that up. That's the most profound way of education is that you spend time with a person. And we see from our younger children they pick up. So like so amazingly pick up so much stuff. It's like magic.

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So, and the problem is not when we want to want to teach our kids about truthfulness, about honesty, it's lip service to your child. It's important to be honest and truthful. But the next time someone knocks on the door, you tell your child tell them my dad is not here.

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So apparently, the child is gonna swallow. You know, your actions, they're gonna learn from your actions, because actions have symbolic power. You tell them your religion is the most important thing in your life, right? But they see you busy just working, making as much money as you as you could, in order to buy a house, or to buy a car or to buy another house or to buy a farm or to increase your assets and, and put more money in your bank account. Right? And you're just delaying your Salah

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you're combining your Salah at the end of the day, and you say you John, the most important thing is Salah, now they they know you're not serious about it. Cuz your actions speak obviously, louder than the words that are symbolic power, where you put your attention where you spend your time. Will you ever go, what's the most important things for you that you stress and emphasize the child knows these are the most important things, not the things you tell them are important.

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And that's why we're not really religious. And that's why we are struggling in the workplace, our kids become teenagers, there is respect issues.

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The child, the child does not open up to their parents, they don't tell them what's going on in their life, they do things in the back behind their parents. And some some of these things are very serious.

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And then it grows even worse, sometimes when they get to university, you know, there's a complete disconnect.

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And sometimes it's hard to bring them back. You don't want to lose your child, you don't want your child to go into drugs to go into clubbing and and all the other other other unhealthy practices that are very attractive, that are made to be attracted by this kind of educational machine of society and culture that is just so overwhelming for a child, that they will only see the consequences of that when they have reached their 40s their 50s when it when it when when it would be too late.

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But you haven't built the trust with them.

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So that the teacher seriously. So the reason I'm saying this

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is one thing.

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There's nothing specifically what I'm inviting you to do but one thing contemplate, be conscious of how close you are to your child, how involved you are in their life.

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And are you a true example not by pretending in front of your child to be a good human being, but by truly being a human being truly being an honest person because you believe in honesty. Now because you want to give an impression to your child that doesn't work the child is intelligent and they can see through that.

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That you truly care about Allah Allah and about your relationship with Allah the child will see that they will feel it and they will follow suit they will be inspired by you.

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But if all they get from you is lecturing, theorizing lip service, you will be the last one that they will turn to to learn from.

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And it's serious because this is the the future of our children

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is the future of a Muslim.

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And there are people who are struggling, just remaining

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a Muslim among the youth.

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And we are partly responsible.

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So parenting, we have to give it a real

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I would say time of contemplation. A wee bit involved in the life of a child.

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Are we playing a role? Are we being there for them? are we connecting with them? Are we truly a good example genuine example knowledge show game? Don't be a show for your child.

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Do you truly believe and embrace what you're inviting inviting them to practice? If you don't they want take anything from you.

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Just give it a thought. That's all it requires. Give it a serious thought. This week or this weekend, give it just two hours of serious consideration. Go over your journey of parenting. Are you really a good parent? And don't make your standard what you have today? Because the whole thing of parenting now is just an image compared to something

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that is more authentic. That's about the past. And humanity is going downhill when it comes to being so arrogant that we are giving up on so much wisdom that humanity accumulated over centuries and centuries, we just have this arrogant attitude that we know and everything that is old is outdated and obsolete.

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And that is setting us up.

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And if circumstances change if the some Allah subhanaw taala pulls away some of the blessings that He has given us, humanity will suffer greatly, because we are doing away with a lot of the collective wisdom that humanity has accumulated. And we are living on a very fragile lifestyle, that if something breaks within that system, we'll be completely out of sorts, disconnected from everything unable to grow our food, or raise our children or even survive or even live or do anything for ourselves. We're so dependent on this fragile system of global this global system.

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All Holyhead, that was the frontline even

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handed it at home behind me. So that was synonymous eating in mind at any time hot he was made available. So it's our responsibility to go beyond the titles and the concepts. Otherwise, they become concepts of deception, we need to connect to the reality of parenting, we need to connect to the reality of a hijab, we need to connect to the reality of Taqwa and piety. Because it's easy to wear a nice facade and have a rotten heart. It's easy, it's easy, because there is so much emphasis on image. So everyone is motivated because of this influence, external influence to give a good image, so it's easy, and there are so many ways to do it. And there are so many tools to help us

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perfect this, but no one sees what's in our hearts only Allah and that's where Allah looks. So that's that should be our focus.

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And we should not be Oh God, we should not get completely caught up in the concepts, the empty concepts, otherwise they become concepts of deception. We don't want to live a life of deception because this is extremely painful, the moment a person is to leave this world, the reality of everything will be revealed to them. And if they see that they have wasted their life, building empty concepts, it will be extremely painful because that pain is going to be eternal.

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We need to connect to the reality of things or ask Allah subhanaw taala to show us the reality of these things and to guide us through this these difficult times and help us be good parents, good spouses, and good children and siblings and good Muslims alone my feeling

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was a lot muffled and over and over and myself and FE MD now with a bit

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on so not only caffeine Loma Linda will be worried enough. What do you mean don't help Dana Yeah. I mean, a lot of my content most of life and I mean if you could even account along with him lifelong love almost a lot asked

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me Yeah.

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In a lie

00:23:25--> 00:23:31

anyway, he he didn't worry about when he went okay, well, building your aid will come down to that goal and

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we'll scroll right down. Yeah, I mean, he is also the law. Most of them are very chaotic, awesome. Where he was