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In a hamdulillah in Madhu, who want to stay in who want to stop Phil, when are all Googler him in short already and fusina will see it. Lena Mejia de la who Fela mandala Huaming Ube little fella heard the word shadow

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law why the hola Shetty color wash shadow Anna Mohammedan Abdu who are sort of yeah you have leadin double la have got to RT he Walter moved on

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to must be mourn yeah a Johan suitable up back woman lady hierarchical menacing Wahida wahala coming, Soldier ha Well Bethlem in Houma, Reja and Kathy are one is

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what Apple law Halla de lune Abby well are in law haka Anna Lee Komarov Eva. Yeah, you have already in trouble law How are all colons studied? Use the American way of federal law calm dono back home warmer up. How are Sudha Hofer Cardiff Fosun Alima. And

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in US Dhaka Hadith Nikita will law here as

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well. Hyrule had you had your Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa early he was selling them or shovel Amorim of death to her work will definitely work will be at Ambala. All praise is due to Allah we praise Him we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evil consequences of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can lead astray. And whomsoever Allah leaves to go a strain on can guide, I bear witness that Nan has the right to be worshipped. Nan has the right to our ultimate love and devotion, but Allah alone, who has no partners and I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was seldom is His servant

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and His messenger.

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Or you who believe fear Allah as he should be feared and die not except in a state of submission, and Islam to Allah. All mankind be dutiful to your Lord who created you from a single person and from him he created his wife, and from them both he created many men and women, and fear Allah through whom you demand your mutual rights and observe the rights of your kinship. Surely Allah is Ever and all watcher over you, all you who believe keep your duty to Allah fear him and speak the truth. He will direct you to righteous deeds and will forgive you your sins and whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has indeed attained a great achievement. The best speech are the words of Allah.

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And the best guidance and way of life is that of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was salam. And the worst thing in the religion or the newly invented matters for all the newly invented matters and religion are considered to be innovation and bidder and every bidder is misguidance.

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We spoke last week about a beautiful Hadith from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in which he summarizes Islam and we said, the messengers Allah Salam explained Islam in just one word. This word is so profound and so powerful, and it was earnestly her in the Hadith collected by Muslim and reported by the companion to me money Daddy, probably Allahu Anhu Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a dino Naseeha ordinary man Oh Carlo Lehmann Paul and in LA he was Nikita be one euro surely he will he immaterial Muslimeen our Matthew him. The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the religion of Islam the deen of Islam is nasally Ha, is endlessly.

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So the Companions asked about nicely how let's see how to whom who is the object of this nasally Ha, who we directed towards who do we give it to?

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The Messenger of Allah Salam explaining he said first to Allah.

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Secondly said to the book of Allah. And third, he said to the Messenger of Allah,

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and third, to the believers, all of them, all of those who believe in Allah, those in positions of authority and leadership and those who are the general forks of the Muslims, the general masses of the Muslims.

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And we explain that from a linguistic point of view, the word honestly has has two basic meanings.

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Unlike what most people understand of the word not so you have a limited to only a small portion of it.

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meaning of its meaning and they think that nothing is verbal advice. When you give someone a piece of advice for them, that's what that's what nothing is. But in reality nicely how we explained was a way of life is a way of being.

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It's a whole system through which that we can live. And this is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam summarized Islam in this beautiful word nicely it has. So it's not only one action, it's not a single action. It is a way of life that is rich and profound. And we said linguistically, the meaning of earnestly how originally means purity and transparency. So to me, it means that you have a pure hearts, you have a pure inner life, you have a pure chest,

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you have a transparent,

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inner part of who you are. So deep inside, you are clean, you are clear, you are pure.

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And the second meaning of loss that you had that complements the first meaning is that we said it's absolute goodness. It's absolute goodness, that your heart is pure from every evil, from every envy from every hard feelings, from every grudge, from every negativity towards others, whether it's Allah subhanaw taala, or his book, or his creation.

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And the absolute goodness is that not only your heart is pure towards all of those, but your heart also is full of care for the towards Allah subhana, Allah to Allah and His creation, it's full of good intentions. It's full of positivity, it's full of goodness towards Allah towards his book and towards his creation. That's the meaning of Nazi hat. And this is why it's a way of life. One thing here to explain and clarify a bit more nicely, he has an inward side to it, and an outward side to it. It has something that has to do with our inner life, and something to do with our external life. The inner part of it has to do with our hearts.

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So honestly, it has thoughts in the hearts, it starts in the heart.

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That's the inner part of it. And it means you have a pure heart that is clean towards Allah, there is clean towards the book of Allah, that is clean towards the Messenger of Allah. And that is clean to me towards every believer. So it doesn't have any hints, or any impurity of hatred or envy, or jealousy, or grudges, or hard feelings on negativity or anything negative in your heart, towards all of those included in the Hadith.

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And it also means that your heart is full of goodness and concern and caring for others. So you do care about Allah, you do care about the rights of Allah. Your heart is full of feelings of concern and love towards Allah.

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And your heart is full of meanings, true meanings about Allah that He is the one. He is the source of our being. He is the source of the creation. He is the originator of everything. He is the creator of this universe. He is the creator of you and me, he is the one who brought you here into this world. He is the one who brought me here into this world, you recognize this in your heart, and this has translated into feelings of love and concern and quote and care towards Allah subhanho wa Taala This is the inner side or the inner part of advice towards Allah.

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And the outer side of it, the external side of it is that you fulfill your obligations towards Allah so you are being dutiful towards him.

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So you give Allah everything he deserves.

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He deserves your love. So you give it to him. He deserves your attention and your connection, you give it to him. He deserves your prayer, you give it to him. He deserves your remembrance and your tongue and your attention and you give that to Allah. He deserves the fact that you should fast so you fast for the sake of Allah and you abstain from some of your desires for his sake. He deserves that you obey his commandments that we find in the Quran and we find in the authentic sunnah of the Prophet SAW Salem. So you externally engage in that and you abide by that and you live by that.

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That's gonna say how towards Allah in brief, internally and externally, inwardly and outwardly. Now see, say hi to the book of Allah that means you have a heart that is eager to learn the Quran that is eager and keen to learn the words of ALLAH

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You have a heart that has love for the words of Allah.

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So you have this intention. And this keenness and this eagerness to learn the book of Allah and engage in it.

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And externally,

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the book of Allah becomes your companion, you read in it on a daily basis, you engage in it in a daily basis, you recite it out of love and concern and you put your attention, when you are reciting it and reading it, you give it your full attention, you're not just merely reading the words, but you're giving not only your eyes to the words of the Quran, but you're giving your heart in that moment. So you are completely absorbed by the Quran in that moment, and you read it with intention. These are the words of my creator, my ultimate love. These are his words. So I want to know what he is telling me that I want to know what he's advising me. I want to know what he wants from me. So I

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engage in his words with so much love and complete focus and attention. So this is how I engage with the words of Allah.

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So I observe the rights of the Quran, whatever it tells me to do, I do it. What it tells me to abstain from I abstain from and I keep away from it. So I make the Quran the way through which I live my guidance.

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Then advice to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that's internally

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by learning and knowing about Him,

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knowing about his life, knowing about his sacrifice, knowing about his love, for every human being, to come close to Allah to know the truth, and be guided to Allah Subhan Allah to Allah and ultimately to paradise.

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Knowing all of this about the messenger, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then opening your heart, the connection between your heart and the Messenger of Allah of the messengers are Salam. So you will love him for the sake of Allah subhana wa to Allah, you love them because of his concern for you, his care for you, and because of his sacrifice for you,

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and the fact that he was concerned about you, and for your own welfare, even though he lived 1400 years ago, he was so concerned about the guidance of humanity had so much love for humanity

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that's inwardly so you learn more about his life and about his car and about his sunnah and about His guidance and outwardly externally.

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You follow his example, you will follow or you live by His guidance

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by his sunnah you make that your way of life.

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So you follow Him in His mannerism, in His love, in his kindness, in His justice, in his beautiful gestures, in his wonderful character,

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and in his sense of leadership and responsibility and goodness, you follow Him practically externally in all of this, but it has to come from your heart. So it should not be an empty hollow shell, only an external

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following of the Prophet SAW Selim, it has to have a soul has to have a heart that is love for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that's knowledge about the process, and you can't be selective about this. You have to follow Him in everything, in everything that he came that he came with

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his character, his guidance, his sunnah, everything about him, you follow that?

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And then not so you had to go to the Muslims.

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The leaders, the people who are in charge, the people who are in positions of authority and leadership

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and the general masses of the Muslims, the general forks amongst the Muslims.

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Deep inside, you have concern for them.

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You have concern for their guidance, you have concern and you wish that Allah subhanaw taala guides them and you have no sense of competition towards them. No sense of envy towards them. And you love their guidance and you wish that they are guided

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as an imam. Oh as Abdullah Omar bin Abdulaziz, may Allah have mercy upon him? He said, I wish I really wish that my body would be cut into pieces with the pliers

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and that the knowledge and the guidance that I have that the Muslims have it and they follow it he says that what this statement that might seem an extreme thing, but this is an Arabic expression that means that are you love guidance for my fellow Muslims.

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On my, and the all of humanity, I love their guidance, and I wish for the guidance much more than I wished for my own safety.

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That's what he means. He means I prefer that guidance for my personal safety. That's what he's talking about. So he's willing to sacrifice his physical safety and the his body, being in good shape, and being free of pain, he's willing to sacrifice this, if this was the price for people to be guided.

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It's that kind of honestly. That's what we want among ourselves today. That's the kind of life that we want or lifestyle that we want to follow. That's the kind of hearts that we want, that you wish for the guidance of your fellow human beings, you wish for the guidance. It's not that you're happy, happy, someone went astray, or someone lost the plot and they lost the truth. You don't feel happy about this. Feeling good about yourself unguided, they're misguided so I want they lose. That's not Nestle. That selfishness. But the Prophet SAW Allah and Islam the companions of the Prophet SAW Salem, the early generations of the Muslims, the great personalities among the Muslims throughout

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the Muslim history. They were concerned for people's guidance. The Prophet SAW Selim would cry for his OMA and the scholars say this is all metadata. That means all the people that were meant to receive his message, whether they accept it or don't accept it, the Prophet SAW Salem would cry his heart out for their guidance, wishing for their guidance that Allah Subhana Allah guides them. The prophets also am wasn't happy that some people did not receive them that some people did not accept the message. He wasn't happy about that. And it wasn't that he was mad because they rejected him as a person. No, he was concerned for them. Because he knew that path that they have taken and adopted,

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takes them to the hellfire. So he was concerned for them, he was in pain for them for their guidance.

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And that's why Allah subhanaw taala calmed him down a few times in the Quran saying to him, take it easy on yourself, don't take it hard on yourself. You're so much concerned with the fact that there are people who refuse the message, you're so much concerned about this. But you can only do so much you can only convey the message. And the guidance is their own decision. And it's in the hands of Allah subhana wa Tada. So we should have concern for the guidance of everyone, regardless of their position, regard regardless of our connection to them, really our relationship with them. Regardless, imagine if every person you see every person you meet, every person you know exists on

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this earth, you wish them well. You wish them guidance, and you feel bad with the fact that they are unable to see the truth or they decide not to see it and not to follow it and you feel bad about this. If you're concerned about this, and you wish for the guidance for their own sake, not for anything about you. Not for any gain personal gain for yourself. That's honestly how it is.

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That's what it is, is that when you see someone committing a sin, someone falling short, somewhere, it's not that you feel happy, I'm doing better than him now is you feel pain, because you wish good for that person. You feel for them, you care for them authentically from your heart, it's not a fake feeling. It's just because your heart is so pure you feel for them.

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So today Inshallah, in the remaining minutes in this hotbar I will just talk a little bit in more detail about how to make nicely how towards Allah subhanaw taala we said it nicely doesn't mean advice. advices only a small part of the word nicely. But nicely her means having a pure good heart that is full of goodness, and this purity and this goodness is reflected through our attitudes, our intentions and our actions towards Allah towards the book of Allah towards the Messenger of Allah and towards the Muslims and humanity in general Apolo probably had our stuff that Allah

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Nabina Muhammad and while he was in my bed

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there was a righteous man called Carly the grace of one. He said one day the Khalifa of the Muslims Muslim, Abdul Malik called upon him he he wanted him to come to him. So he answered that poll.

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So the Khalifa the Muslims Ameerul Momineen at the time asked him because he used to live in Kufa and this is where it has an ill buslee lived at some like a long part of his life.

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She said what kind of person was a hassle bustling Are you aren't you are Julian Cannell Hasan Basri up come, Kalia Ameerul Momineen

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can ashba Nursey

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Sati Ratan Biala Ania.

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He said, Oh chief of the believers or leader of the believers, and has an in bustling, his inside was like his outside, same thing. His heart was like his actions, inwardly he was exactly like he was outwardly,

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internally. And externally, he was the same. That said his heart was exactly reflected on his actions. So he wasn't outside pretending to be better than who he was. But he was so good inside. Wash by whom I wouldn't be fair and, and he said, There is no one like him, whose actions matched his words.

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So he would say something and his actions would reflect what he said. So he was a truthful, genuine, authentic person.

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Either Imran Khan, Allah, He will either either farmer, either farm in Florida and he will either farmer.

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He says if he engages in something, he doesn't well.

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If he engages in something, if you take something upon himself, he does it well. He doesn't well, he doesn't compromise. He doesn't divide his attention. If he engages in an activity, he does it very well. And he doesn't divide or split his attention. So he does it very well. So he was meticulous and careful about how he did things. So he would reach a level of perfection in everything he did.

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Either ama Robbie Amarin Ken axon NASCI, Farah, Linda, who were either in her and she in Canada or NASA or Canada, who if he commanded people advise people to do something, he would be the first one to do it. And if he advised people against something, he would be the furthest away from it.

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So he was consistent.

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That he said what he was telling me and any nurse when NASA was doing that, I found that he had no need to people because his heart was with Allah. So he had no need from people. He asked nothing from people. He was not in need at all,

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to other people, but people needed him for advice. People needed Him for wisdom. People needed him for knowledge. So people were flooding to him. So the Khalifa at that moment when he heard these statements. He said, Hey, smoker has smoke. He said, That's enough. Okay, for your little Oh, one fi module on Canada? How could the people ever be misguided when they have in their presence or among them? Someone who lives like this?

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So that's exactly what NASA is, is that internally and externally, you are pure and good. You're full of concern. You're full of goodness to everything in existence. That's what NASA means. Now when I say how to Allah, what does it mean? Very simple. The scholars have talked about this. And they said honestly how to Allah simply means that you give Allah subhanaw taala his rights, inwardly and outwardly, you give Allah his rights in your heart, and on your external demeanor and actions. That's what it means to have no say hi to Allah. So what does it mean? To have no say hi to Allah, internally in your heart, so your worship Allah with your heart, and with your body? So you become a

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total servant and slave to Allah subhanho wa, Taala and obedient servants Allah? What does it mean? First, you know, Allah subhanho wa taala, for who He is the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the Sustainer of the heavens and the earth, the provider who provides to every creation, in whose hands is the Dominion and control over everything. That's what NASA is to Allah, you know him for who he is, you will recognize His names, that his attributes, His greatness, his power, his mind, his knowledge, his wisdom, His mercy.

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And you recognize his mind and his punishment and his power.

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You recognize this in your heart, and you live these meanings inside.

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And then that leads you to love Allah subhanaw taala, so that you worship Him, so that you worship Him alone. And that's the right you need to give to Allah that you worship Allah alone in this life. And we explained previously, and I will still say this over and over again. Because it seems sometimes we have taken this older meaning of worship in a very technical fashion, and we have taken the life out of it, or the soul out of it. So it became more of a technical, intellectual kind of idea that we don't know how to engage in and how to live within as an idea, the worship of Allah subhanaw taala as the Muslim scholars have explained, and I will give you some quotes to show you

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how the essence of worship as the scholars say, a slow

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and a bear that in my head. The essence of worship is love of Allah

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is love of Allah. That's what worship is about. So when we say La Ilaha illa Allah, you're saying no one deserves to be worshipped but Allah, I worship none but Allah. And in essence, that means I love none. But Allah

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and everything else that I love, my love to for it stems from my love for Allah. So my ultimate love is for Allah. So when you say that you know how Allah you're saying, I will live my life

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in love, love of Allah and love for Allah. That's what Allah means. Shia Islam is such a powerful and empowering way of life. That's what worship means. So that means your prayer should be done in Love of Allah subhanaw taala Allah for Allah. Your fast should be done in love for Allah. Your recitation of the Quran should be done in love for Allah. Your vicar and remembrance should be done in love for Allah.

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Everything good you do in this life should stem and emanates from your love for Allah subhanho wa Taala so you live your life in love for Allah alone. And that's what he needs. And I will quote to you this, for example, immunity mija may Allah have mercy upon him, to explain to you that the whole world worships Allah subhanaw taala we know that everything in this world worships Allah, the only two creatures who are given choice are humans and the jinn.

00:26:38--> 00:27:24

These are the only ones who are given the choice. Anything else worships Allah and obeys Allah. And it doesn't worship Allah and the technical fashion. It worships Allah in love, in love. And this is why checklist them to me it says El mahabir to us locally habitat infill Ireland, love and he's talking here about love for Allah. Love is the essence of every move everything that happens in this universe. That's even Taymiyah one of the great scholars of Islam, love who Allah is the essence and the origin of every move in this universe. Then he says Al muhabba to us locally and marinum of jeweled love for Allah subhanaw taala is the source and origin of everything in existence.

00:27:25--> 00:27:34

So everything that happens the rain falls out of love for Allah, because it worships Allah that way and it does it in love for Allah. The wind blows because of love for Allah.

00:27:36--> 00:27:40

The sunrises because of its love for Allah and this is how it obeys Allah out of that love.

00:27:42--> 00:28:07

Everything that happens in the universe, the planets, the stars are all in their orbits. They do this and they obey this law by Allah out of love for Allah. So the whole universe praises the love of Allah subhanaw taala This is what Allah Subhana Allah means when he says, we're in ministry in law, you submit will be handed and there is nothing in this universe except that it glorifies the greatness of Allah. So it loves Allah subhanaw taala

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then He says

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I'll head back to one era that was locally Dean and Sawa and Kennedy and I'm sorry the hand of Dean and fasten for in Edina who Amina Manuel biofinity with VA Hara, we'll head back to well era that was slow daddy calculi with Dean who occur to well, a brother. I'll summarize this in English. He's simply saying that love and whatever intention or whatever motivation that stems from Love is the origin of every religion.

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So there is nothing that we do in religion, whether we are following a religion of truth, or religion that's been distorted that we do accept that we do it in love, except that we do it in love. And I will conclude with this from evidence me again, he says, Well, I'm masala foo. Well in Metro, we're in Metro Manila Hadith. We're in Metro Tosa wharf. We're Kathy Roman Lim Kalani will never occur Ruby UNAVCO Allah Allah azza wa jal boo boo only that Billa yes the hippo and you have belly that he in who will have a happy or who he will have the heartache but we'll also hear well who will have the power to miletti Ibrahim, woman lamb you can Robbie Dalek, lamb you for being a

00:29:24--> 00:29:49

Ruby yet you will also hear he's saying as to the companions of the Prophet Solomon, the early generations and all the Imams and the Imams of Hadith. And the Imams of the Sophia, and a lot of the philosopher Muslims, those who went into philosophy, so they are all agreed that Allah is the only one who deserves to be loved for who he is.

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And no one deserves to be loved in that banner except Allah alone. And he says this is the reality of worship the

00:30:00--> 00:30:01

This is the reality of worship.

00:30:02--> 00:30:44

And I will keep talking about this more and more again. But I will now summarize what it means to have mercy towards Allah is that you, as we said, you recognize Allah for who he is. You open up your heart in love for Allah, and you live your life in love for Allah by obeying his commands, whatever he commanded us we obey that whenever He prohibited us we keep away from that. And we do this in Love of Allah subhanaw taala we have the right beliefs about Allah the right I think that about Allah whatever he describes himself in the Quran or in the authentic sunnah of the Prophet SAW Salem, we hold on to that we believe in it, we don't add to it, and we don't some subtract from it,

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we keep it as it is, we keep the religion as it is. And we do that in love for Allah and this is what it means to worship Allah alone. And this is a summary of having Naseeha towards Allah subhanaw taala thus you will have a pure hearts, a pure internal and a pure external towards Allah subhanaw taala that is full of goodness. And this is where Islam brings about peace to the heart, brings about peace to your mind, and brings about so much goodness in your life. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us from those who achieved a free hand to Allah subhanho wa Taala as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam clarified and explained Allahumma fildena Donal Vanna White Salafi mdnr With a bit

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of diamond on sadhana, Khaled, call me Catherine Allahumma corinium Saba fina me and me and if equally McCann olam have been Dima almost on out all the Home Alarm backup of AMD and home Humana home Subhanallah because obesity and mindset one was around when Alamo city and what he did I heard about him and just that very simple word. Whatever you find an end of among the Muslim community even if you disagree with certain people or even sometimes you don't know them personally or you don't get on necessarily get on with them personally, when we have an endeavor that is good. For the Muslims, generally speaking, that's good as well for other people, whatever it is, whether a

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financial or business kind of endeavor, or political kind of endeavor, or a social kind of endeavor, if it comes from a good place, and if it's meant for the welfare of everyone in this society general whether Muslims or non Muslims do you know do support them or whatever you do support them, don't be negative, be a human being engaged in this life and engaging with your surroundings. So this is why this is a call to generally speaking, whatever your endeavor you find among Muslims trying to be active in the community or trying to help out trying to raise you know, the the status of the Muslims and the rights of the Muslims. I would say support them, we work with whatever you can back

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them up. Hopefully Inshallah, you know things will be easier for our younger generations and will be better for them does that Kamala Harris