Ammar Alshukry – The Oaths of Allah 02 – Al- Nafs The Self from Surah Al-Shams

Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The concept of " swears" in the Quran is discussed, with emphasis on the negative consequences of swearing about shaming. The "will" and "venth gen" types of behavior are discussed, with the "venth gen" being a "people who wants more" and "venth gen" being a "people who wants more." The speaker encourages viewers to use their own experiences to learn from these types of behavior.
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Welcome to today's episode of the things that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada swears by this is a daily series in Ramadan, where we are exploring for those who want to just have a more conscious aspect or a more conscious understanding of a very particular aspect of the Quran and a very interesting aspect, the things that ALLAH SubhanA data swears by and what they entail. Now, today, inshallah Tada we'll be going over the thing that ALLAH SubhanA data swears by the most in the Quran, and by the most I don't mean that he swears about the most, but the thing that Allah Subhana Allah, Allah uses the most oaths to direct our attention to Allah subhanaw taala swears by 11 things in surah the ships

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or ships to Baja will accommodate that. And hurry that Allah lady there shall have been a whole lot of the mantle Ha, ha ha ha for Georgia with Aqua until he says but of lemons, a cow Cobham in the south now

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this notion of swearing about the neffs the soul, you know where in this world for a very specific period of time in which we have the opportunity to exchange this world, this temporary stay in this world within eternity of delight in the Hereafter. And as such, we're responsible for getting to this destination and being aware of obstacles and impediments on the road. And Allah tells us about those impediments. And of course, the greatest enemy that we have is Shavon and Allah subhanaw taala. In many places, he says in the chiffon Alaikum I do or Allah Subhana Allah speaks to the nature of Shavonne being an enemy to us, taking him as a clear enemy. But there is another enemy

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that is a part of us that is if left unbridled, unchecked, untamed, will actually destroy us as well. And that is an enemy that most people don't pay attention to. And that is enough's. It is the evil that is within us, the self and it is of such incredible consequence that Allah subhanaw taala swears by all of those things in the Quran in surah, shrimps and so, the importance of taming the soul, ALLAH SubhanA Dionysus, F lammens, Acha, acha Cobham in the Sangha, that person is successful, who the one who purifies who subdues who teams that soul, and at Harbor they are, they have lost those who do not do so. And the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, he tells us that there are three

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destructive actions and there are three saving actions and of the destructive he says they are stinginess, that is obeyed, and desires that are followed. Any person being oppressed with themselves. When a person simply allows their lower self allows their enough's, to be unbridled, to be untamed. If they don't work and struggle with themselves to challenge it at every turn. Allah Subhana Allah says what a man and half a macabre be when a Hanif sign in our Allah says, and those who feared the station of their Lord, and they prohibited their neffs from following its desires, this beast that lives within us this thing that calls us to every lowly attribute, if we don't

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challenge it, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says that whoever does sofa in the janitorial or whoever challenges that knifes, they will enter into paradise at Paradise will be there about and there are three types of knifes that are mentioned in the Quran.

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That is beyond us describing in detail here but briefly you have enough soil Amara Bisou you have the soul that is completely unbridled, the soul that is untamed and that is the one that is always calling to lowly desires. A person will commit a sin and it will want more it will commit a sin no want more and you've probably you've never seen a person commit a sin and just say oh, okay, well that was nice, right? Unless they simply didn't enjoy it, but if a person enjoys it, the nest never says okay, we've we've done this once we've kind of crossed that off the bucket list. We don't need to go back to it again. No, the nest always wants more, it always wants more and it was always

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calling to sue. And then you have a second type of knifes and that is the nest that is a lawanna and lawanna is the soul that is checking itself is bothered when it commits since is always criticizing itself and that's the soul of the believer, that's the self of the believer and then you have initial multiple inner if none means tranquillity, it is in us that has no turbulence in it, it is a still it is it is not disturbed by anything that happens to it it is reached such a place of stillness with Allah subhanho wa Taala that the decrees of Allah the tests that come from Allah subhanho data do not disturb it. It is it has it nine it has tranquillity with ALLAH SubhanA data

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and this is the third that Allah Subhana Allah mentions and salted vege where he says yeah, yeah to anastomose

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It'll G in Arabic at all the attainment of the return to Allah Subhana Allah Allah returning to paradise in the conclusion of the surah. And so these are the three types. Our job is to struggle with this neffs of ours, to keep it and to prevent it, and to suffocate it from following its desires, from recognizing the evil that lies within before worrying about the evil that lies without. And I want to conclude in sha Allah to Allah with a supplication that the prophets little lie this and then used to make and that we should make and that is Allahumma ITFC Taqwa Zakia entitlement Zakka Antonio hom Allah O Allah. Grant minus its Taqwa because Allah Subhana Allah says,

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Allah Hammonds aka RocketHub him and DISA, Allah Subhana Allah actually right before that, he says when FC Warmaster what have a hammer have would you want to have a Taqwa Allah Subhana Allah is the One who fashions or enough's. Allah is the One who makes us more inclined to some things than others. Allah is the one who made some people more inclined to certain vices over others, we're all different and Allah fashion all of our souls, and all of ourselves differently. And yet he says how Maha foodora How Taqwa Allah is the One who inspires it, whether too bad or too good. And so this prophetic prayer teaches us to say, at the food at info center taqwa, O Allah grant or attina FC

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Taqwa grant myself it's taqwa, Grant, taqwa. Zakia and purify it and the humans that you are the best to purify it until you How am Allah you are it's willing you are to protect her and you are its owner. So we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to purify our hearts and to make us of those who are successful in the dunya and in the hereafter or Salah nice and amendments. Hope you enjoyed and benefited from the video and I'd like to invite you to support a mother in these blessing last nights of Ramadan so that we can create more content like this and further our mission to teach you the Mohamed Salah Leidos in Islam, one student at a time, you can support at a forward

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